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23 Jul 2016 16:50:56
Bucks rest of offseason

Bucks and Pelicans

Monroe for pondexter and 2 future 2nd rd picks

Bucks and Hornets

Henson and Vaughn for Kaminsky and Lamb

Bucks and Kings

Mcw for Mclemore

Sign Mario Chalmers

Antetokounmpo, Chalmers, Ennis
Delly, Mclemore
Middleton, Lamb, Pondexter
Parker, Telly
Plumlee, Kaminsky.

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23 Jul 2016 17:08:51
I'm the one who came up with the Monroe-Pondexter deal

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23 Jul 2016 17:43:10
Yeah ik I love the trade I should've gave you credit for it.

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23 Jul 2016 18:31:24
No from hornets.

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23 Jul 2016 19:27:46
Nah don't give him credit.

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23 Jul 2016 21:03:25
Thanks NBA16, you just made my day

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23 Jul 2016 14:28:53
Boston Gets: Jahlil Okafor

*Boston gets their young star and still has a ton of assets

76ers Get: Goran Dragic, RJ Hunter, Boston 2017 1st rd pick, Detroit 2019 second round pick

*Sixers get real guard play (apologies to jared bayless) under control for the next 4 years

Miami: Amir Johnson, Marcus Smart

*Miami gets a closer/ scorer in Marcus Smart, adds some Bosh insurance with Johnson, who is also another one year deal. The type of contract that Riley has been targeting to perhaps make a splash in next years FA class with a core of:
Smart, Johnson, Winslow, Richardson, Whiteside and potentially Chris Bosh.

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23 Jul 2016 15:33:33
Joke right? C's give up Smart, Johnson, Hunter and the 17 Nets Pick ( They have just this Pick, because the Celtics Pick goes to BKN) for Okafor? Danny Ainge can't stop to laugh whenhe reads this.

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23 Jul 2016 15:38:06
How does Philly get all of that for Okafor, and that's far too much for the C's to give up.

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23 Jul 2016 16:22:22
I didn't realize that the pick would be Brooklyn's as well. I will take my ball and go home now.

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23 Jul 2016 13:56:59
3 Team Trade Kings-Bucks-Celtics

Kings trade Gay, WCS
Kings receive Rozier, MCW, Hunter, 2017 1st from Bucks (top 8 protected),
Bucks trade Monroe, MCW, 1st Rd 17
Bucks receive WCS, Gay
Celtics trade Rozier, Hunter
Celtics receive Monroe

Celtics roster
Thomas/ Smart
Bradley/ Young
Crowder/ Brown
Horford/ Johnson/ Jerebko
Monroe/ Olynyk/ Zizic

Bucks Roster- resign Novak
Giannis/ Delly
Middleton/ Vaughn/ Brogdon
Gay/ Novak
Parker/ Maker
WCS/ Henson/ Plumlee.

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23 Jul 2016 15:59:55
Doesn't work cap wise, Boston would have to move out 12+ million in salary. I know Bucks want to move Munroe but think they would hold out for more than Rozier/ Hunter.

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23 Jul 2016 13:37:08
76ers / Celtics

Simple trade.

sixers get: Bradley

Celtics get: Noel.

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23 Jul 2016 14:35:18
Quality for quality, it makes sense.
But Boston's problem is on the offensive end. Trading Bradley for a non-scoring big man makes things worse, because none of the players who would replace Bradley (Smart, Rozier, Hunter) have shown they can score consistently.
I would prefer Okafor, whose low-post scoring can take pressure off Thomas and Horford, especially when the 3-balls aren't falling.
Not sure that Ainge is going to pay heavily for Okafor, though, given the myriad off-the-court issues.

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23 Jul 2016 15:16:21
I don't think the sixers would trade okafor for Bradley. Noel is a Massachusetts kid and would pair up nicely with Horford. And you have to start giving some responsibility to all you #1 picks to produce (young, hunter, rozier, smart) . That's 4 #1 picks all at the guard position. Time to can Ainge if he struck out on all these guys. They aren't replacing MJ, it's avery friggin Bradely.

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23 Jul 2016 15:26:52
Young was a flat-out mistake.
Hunter was late first round.
Rozier looks like a solid rotation player.
Smart doesn't start only because IT and Bradley are better.
And Avery Freaking Bradley is a first-team all-defense player who can also score.
Noel being a Mass. native is irrelevant. Celtics sell out just about every game without him.

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23 Jul 2016 15:35:14
I like Noel, but i won't give up Avery for him. I would give Smart, Young and a couple 2nd Rounders.

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23 Jul 2016 15:39:16
I don't give up Bradley for Noel.

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23 Jul 2016 15:54:28
supercollider. I have been posting on this site for about 2 years, and I have never came across a celtic fan that is as ridiculous as you are.
1. I never said Noel being a mass kid would help sell tickets. It was in response to you posting the immaturity issues surrounding okafor in Boston.
2. I never said avery Bradley wasn't good, I said he wasn't MJ.
3. If you think ainge did a good job on those 4 picks, it's useless for me to try to reason with you. If you can't trust them to replace Bradley, then you made some poor choices.
4. In a trade you have to give up something to get something. By improving the interior with Noel, a 22 year old center with defensive numbers that haven't been matched by many, you give up some by trading Bradley and replacing him with maybe one of the fantastic guards Ainge has chosen in the past 3 years.

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23 Jul 2016 16:20:12
5. Celtics just signed Gerald green. Maybe they too are realizing the mistakes they made. Green helps out whoever steps in for Bradley. Makes the trade even more sensible now.

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23 Jul 2016 17:56:42
JV -
1. How is being a Mass. kid help with maturity? Hanging in the hood is a bad thing.
2. Saying Avery Freaking Bradley indicates to me that you don't think he's all that good. No one compares well to MJ
3. Smart was an OK pick, Bradley a steal, Young a mistake and Hunter about what you can expect for a late first-rounder.
4. Okafor, yes. Noel no. Celtics have problem scoring in the half-court as it is now.

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23 Jul 2016 23:05:14
Supercollider is actually spot on. I'm not a Celtics fan but his response was absolutely on point. Sorry jvoug, he is about as spot on with everything he's said as anyone has been on here.

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23 Jul 2016 11:41:40

Sixers trade okafor covington
Mavs trade harrison barnes.

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23 Jul 2016 09:47:21
76ers trade - Okafor and protected 17 1st from another team

Celtics trade - Brooklyns 17 1st and Zizic

76ers now have a chance for 3 top 10 maybe top 5 picks
(76ers Lakers Nets)

76ers pick take Josh Jackson
Nets pick take De'Aron Fox
Lakers pick take Jayson Tatum

6th Tatum
7th Saric
8th Bayless
9th Convington
10th Grant
11th Zizic
12 Luwawu
Reserves - Korkmaz Holmes.

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23 Jul 2016 10:30:22
The thing ishow long are the sixers going to tank?
I'm not sure they want more draft picks. They want to win.

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23 Jul 2016 11:46:13
3 top 5-10 picks in this upcoming draft will be the last step of their long process imo.

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23 Jul 2016 11:49:47
They for sure want to win, but this is going to be a lot of the guys expected to be thier main guys going forwards 1st or second years for various reasons. They'll still most likely be in the lottery with a higher likelihood of them have a top 10 pick.

Thier pick could also be swapped with the kings which looks like it could be top 5.

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23 Jul 2016 12:35:32
Given Okafor's bad knee and off-the-court issues, there's very little chance that Boston gives up one of the Brooklyn picks for him. Best Philly could do is a non-lottery first and Hunter or Young. Or perhaps Rozier for Okafor straight up.
Best time to trade Okafor is right now. His value drops as soon as training camp starts, drops again when the season starts and falls even more at the trade deadline.

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23 Jul 2016 13:22:20
I would do it if the Sixers pick was lottery protected and you replace Zizic with a wing/guard role player

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23 Jul 2016 13:23:10
Also Okafor for Rozier straight up? Are you crazy Super?

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23 Jul 2016 14:37:38
I said that's probably the best Philly can do. And it probably is, given Boston's concern about Okafor's off-the-court problems and bad knee.

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23 Jul 2016 14:55:53
Stop calling him Convington. If you don't know a name, look it up f'chrissakes.

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23 Jul 2016 23:07:18
Go away boy howdie. Most are on cell phones with auto correct.

You never post on here. Except to say that. One letter off ruined the experience. Great input.

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23 Jul 2016 09:11:45
Cavs Houston Denver

Houston receives

Denver receives

Cavs receive
W. Chandler

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23 Jul 2016 10:31:36
The Cavs are giving up to much.
But i like the Love for W Chandler+ Gallinari trade.

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23 Jul 2016 15:42:17
This would leave the Cavs with a roster full of guards and SF's, but absolutely no 4's or 5's. No from Cavs.

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23 Jul 2016 08:45:53
Lakers trade - Ingram, Randle, Williams, and future 1st
Gets - Cousins

Kings trade - Cousins and Gay
Gets - Holiday Ingram Randle Asik future 1st

Pels trade - Holiday and Asik
Gets - Gay and Williams

Lakers sign Westbrook



Evans/ Galloway

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23 Jul 2016 10:33:29
LA should keep Ingram and built on young pieces.
The next two or three years, golden State, Spurs and Cleveland are going to win. so they have time to rebuilt.

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23 Jul 2016 07:38:39
If Sacramento got rid of Rudy Gay, can you see them entertaining trading Demarcus Cousins to the Hornets?
A package of MKG, Jemery Lamb, Cody Zeller, a few picks for DC and Ben Mclemore? It would be ideal for Sacromento to get rid of Koufus before this deal to bring in Zeller. Since they are alreading loaded with bigs.

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23 Jul 2016 07:45:33
Sacramento would get young talent back, CHA would compete in the east. I can see it being possible, and ideal.

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23 Jul 2016 10:34:21
this is an interesting idea.

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23 Jul 2016 16:12:43
I've always thought about this as a hornets fan but I still just don't know.

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23 Jul 2016 16:51:14
I think kings would want Kaminsky instead of Zeller though.

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23 Jul 2016 07:16:52
Hawks trade - Korver and Muscala

Bulls trade - Gibson and Snell

Rondo - Grant
Wade - Korver
Butler - McDermott
Portis - Mirotic
Lopez - Muscala

Schredor - Jack
Sefolosha - Bembry - Snell
Bazemore - Prince
Milsap - Gibson
Howard - Splitter.

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23 Jul 2016 07:31:40
Makes some sense, Bulls 2nd unit is horrible at defense though.

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23 Jul 2016 08:39:41
Yeah I know but hopefully the whole 2nd unit won't be on the floor at the same time something like


I also forgot to add Valentine.

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23 Jul 2016 10:35:45
Love this one for the Bulls, not sure about Atlanta.

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23 Jul 2016 14:05:18
Bulls would have to throw in a second rounder or two.

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23 Jul 2016 06:42:33
PHX: Brandon Knight
Alex Len
2018 1st Round Pick (Top 5 Protected)

ATL: Paul Milsap.

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23 Jul 2016 10:37:26
Atlanta doesn't nee a pointguard, they give Teague away, because they believe in schroder.
Millsap is great, old for the Suns, they should give those young talents playing time. No use for Bender and Chriss to sit on the bench.

Agree5 Disagree2

23 Jul 2016 15:45:44
They gave away Teague so that Dennis could start, but now they need a backup. Knight would give them that.

Suns say no as they give up a lot of assets for a guy who won't re-sign in PHX a year from now, and the team is not going to contend this year.

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23 Jul 2016 16:24:39
Knight is to good to play backup.

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23 Jul 2016 16:55:46
Millsap makes no sense in PHX with an expiring contract and them spending two lotto picks on guys that play the same position. Also, they are giving up a fair bit of young value. Len showed promising flashes and will make a bunch of money next summer and Knight is one of better young pgs in the league and locked into a now cheap contract.

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23 Jul 2016 06:36:38
Bucks get WCS Mclemore Casspi

Sac gets Danny green patty mills

Sad get Monroe couple of 2nds from bucks.

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23 Jul 2016 06:49:48
Bucks don't give nearly enough.

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23 Jul 2016 06:53:38
Mature a future first.

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23 Jul 2016 06:53:44

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23 Jul 2016 07:02:39
Why would the Kings trade a big for a big? They need guards and wings!

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23 Jul 2016 07:32:03
Kings need a point guard, no more wings.

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23 Jul 2016 10:40:06
This is not a bad trade
Monroe isn't that bad. He can be a 20-10 guy.

P Mills is a good pg for sacramento. Not an all star, but i think he can still improve.

The ony thin is, do the Spurs want a player who can't defend. LMA likes a good rim protector.

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23 Jul 2016 04:47:12
Bucks rest of offseason

Milwaukee, Sacramento, Brooklyn

Milwaukee gets Cousins and Casspi
Sacramento gets Monroe, Henson, Bognovic, Ennis and 2 future draft picks 1st and a 2nd
Brooklyn gets Rudy Gay and Koufus

Sign Shane Larkin
Resign Novak

Antetokounmpo, Mcw, Larkin
Delly, Brogdon
Middleton, Casspi, Novak
Parker, Telly
Cousins, Plumlee.

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23 Jul 2016 05:19:24
Kings say hell no.

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23 Jul 2016 06:23:39
You're a bucks fan do you really want cousins.

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23 Jul 2016 06:37:53
Willie Cauley-Stein would be perfect for bucks.

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23 Jul 2016 04:33:08
Boston trades: Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder
Jazz trade: Gordon Hawyard.

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23 Jul 2016 10:43:36
Hayward is a great fit for Boston, but i think they say no.
Crowder is on a reasonable contract and J Brown is a young talent.
Hayward is going to ask a max contract next year, so that will lock Boston.
So they better keep Crowder and brown an go after another free agent next year or sign Hayward in free agency.

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23 Jul 2016 18:59:46
No Crowder for Haywood. Brown, 2 2nd rd picks, Young and Hunter.

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23 Jul 2016 03:44:19

Den - D. Favors

Utah - D. Gallinari.

Believable1 Unbelievable18

23 Jul 2016 04:54:59
Jazz pass. Gallo is hurt too often.

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23 Jul 2016 11:46:16
Even if Gallo want injury prone, he alone isn't nearly enough for a really young, good two way big.

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