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05 May 2015 14:17:22
Lal trade 27th and nick young to phi for wroten and 2nd

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05 May 2015 15:03:03
That's essentially Swaggy P for Tony Wroten.

Swaggy does not fit into Sixers plans. He's 29 already and doesn't fit the Sixers culture. By the time the Sixers are good, he'll be retired, whereas Wroten will be in his prime.

Also, Swaggy has another $5mil per year for 3 years then becomes an UFA while Wroten is still on his rookie deal for two more years then become a RFA.

Sixers say NO. Lakers are stuck with an older player on a bad contract.

Maybe the Sixers would take Swaggy and the 27th pick for a 2nd rounder since they have to absorb the bad contract.

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05 May 2015 14:06:16
Managing bad contracts

Philly Boston 76ers

Philly gets Boston and Indiana 2nd and gerald Wallace
Get veteran support and second rounders that they love. They have tons of cap space no problem for them

Indiana gets Brandon bass s&t
Indy want to play some small ball and a combination of West and bass with George at four is adequate. Plus they save 7 mil to boost bench

Celtics get Roy Hibbert
They get rid of Wallace contract and add a starter who offers much needed rim protection. If they get a center via trade they can include Hibbert in the deal

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05 May 2015 14:21:35
Sixers will want a first to take on a bad contract. We have too many 2nd rounders as it is.

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05 May 2015 15:10:18
Tre is correct. They took on McGee and his $12m for next year and got a protected 1st rounder from OKC. Wallace is at $10mil for next year so they'll want another protected 1st rounder for that.

Sixers I think will be less willing to take these contracts. Last year they took them because they were not at the cap floor. That won't be an issue moving forward. So it becomes more painful to take on other team's mistakes.

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04 May 2015 23:59:37
Just trying a MIN-PHI trade

MIN get Nerlens Noel (PF of the future) and Tony Wroten


PHI get 1st round pick and Zach LaVine

draft Karl Towns and D'Angelo Russell


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05 May 2015 08:58:40
Minnesota doesn't get nearly enough.

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05 May 2015 13:10:58
Sixers say NO.

There's more to trading than just matching assets up. The Sixers and the fan base really like Noel. If they trade him, the fans that have been patient for two years will completely turn on the franchise.

In addition, Noel completely fits the Sixers' culture. That's very important here.

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05 May 2015 13:30:53
I'm from Philly, what culture? The culture built over the better part of the past decade is endless losing. Including this year. So what culture does Noel fit? He isn't a fixture in the city. Actually never seen around here.

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05 May 2015 14:24:35
Ugh. As a Sixers fan is consider that deal for Noel and wroten. We'd draft towns most likely and Russell to play the two. That trade for us is basically trading one starter for two starters hopefully. I still have my doubt on Lavine but if he is a good as some think he is then I'd do this trade.

Really tough to lose Noel. Noel looks like a absolute freak on defense and he would definately win us game just from playing defense alone.

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04 May 2015 23:51:11
OKC offseason


OKC get Danny Green (3 and D player they need) and Corey Joseph (PG depth)

SAS get Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones and 2nd round picks

- SAS can develop these guys in Popovich system

OKC resign Enes Kanter and DJ Augustine

- draft Devin Booker


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05 May 2015 12:28:49
If Duncan comes back next year, and with Parker's declining health, Spurs don't have the time to develop younger players. Also, Joseph and Green are considerably better than what Lamb and Jones are or can be.

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04 May 2015 23:45:11
Spurs retool

Duncan for 1 more year $5M
pay Kawhi Leonard of course
resign Danny Green 3yr/18mil

trade Tiago Splitter and their future 1st to Celtics for Gerald Wallace (waive) and Tyler Zeller

sign Robin Lopez 3yr/20mil
sign Paul Millsap 4yr/50mil

- for now, with 1 year left, let Duncan start together with Millsap, for some games, can start Lopez


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05 May 2015 14:26:32
Not going to resign ginolbili??

Green can get more elsewhere.

And spur notoriously don't go over the cap. I can't see them signing Leonard to a max deal if they don't have any room under the cap with the Duncan and other signings.

Maybe they can sign and trade Leonard for big assets.

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04 May 2015 23:37:08
TOR-CLE sign and trade

TOR get Tristan Thompson 4yr/40mil and Matthew Dellavedova


CLE get Greivis Vasquez and Pattrick Patterson


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05 May 2015 05:09:56
Raptors sign Thompson without needing to make this deal.

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04 May 2015 23:32:39

LAL get Jeff Green

MEM get Nick Young, Jordan Hill and 27th pick

LAL sign Rajon Rondo and Robin Lopez


MEM sign DeMarre Carroll


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04 May 2015 23:27:22

OKC get NY 1st round pick, Jose Calderon and Tim Hardaway Jr

Roberson/Hardaway Jr/Lamb
Durant/Jones III

NY get Serge Ibaka and Dion Waiters
- sign Greg Monroe and Mo Williams


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05 May 2015 09:00:31
I wonder how fast Phil Jackson is fired after this trade lol

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05 May 2015 14:27:48
It's at the very least somewhat realistic. I think the first and Calderon is enough for them to get ibaka and waiters. Save thj as development piece.

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04 May 2015 23:23:44

PHX get Rudy Gay and Darren Collison
- sign Wesley Matthews


SAC get Brandon Knight, PJ Tucker and future 1st round pick

- sign Tobias Harris


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04 May 2015 22:18:01

Thunder get a 76ers 2nd rd pick 31-55 protected
Save money

76ers get Novak and PJ3
Novak is waived and PJ3 is kept and finally gets his chance

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05 May 2015 13:32:01
I think you have it backwards. The Thunder have real luxory tax problems. The trade would be:

Sixers get 2nd round pick, Novak and Perry Jones
Sixers waive Novak

OKC gets mystery foreign player and/or bag of used balls.

As for Jones getting a chance, the Sixers front court will probably be: Noel, Embiid, T. Robinson, Sims maybe. Jones might not get more minutes in Philly than the 14/night he got in OKC.

Personally, I don't think the Sixers play this game with OKC again unless they get a real player or a 1st rounder. Mix in Dione Waters or Jeremy Lamb, and then give me a call.

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05 May 2015 14:28:45
I agree with philly rich. Sixers might waive both those players in that trade. What value is there for them.

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04 May 2015 21:27:37

ORL get DeMar Derozan and Lakers pick 2016


TOR get Tobias Harris, Tony Wroten, Philly's 1st via Miami


PHI get Victor Oladipo an Raptors 2nd


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04 May 2015 22:02:51
Toronto might need more. But the others are good.

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04 May 2015 23:57:05
Orlando say no thanks

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04 May 2015 23:59:41
USA. Great trade. Love it as a sixer fan, and seems fair all around

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05 May 2015 09:01:42
USA only a sixers fan would love this. Fair only to them. Well done!

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05 May 2015 13:39:33
Why would the Sixers trade the Lakers essentially unprotected pick plus the Miami pick plus Wroten for Oladipo?

First, I think people undervalue Wroten. Oladipo's stats are better than Wroten's, but barely.

Second, I"m not trading TWO first rounders for that differential.

Third, the Lakers pick is a much sought after commodity in the league.

I'd rather go with Russell and Wroten and have my two first rounders to use as chips in the 2016 draft to move up and get the player I want.

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04 May 2015 20:09:06

MIN get: MIL 2015 1st DP & Jabari Parker

Draft: Kaminsky

pg. rubio
sg. martin
sf. wiggins
pf. parker
c. dieng/kaminsky

MIL get: MIN 2015 1st DP & Nikola Pekovic

Draft: Towns

pg. mcw
sg. middleton
sf. giannis
pf. towns
c. pekovic

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04 May 2015 23:53:34
Bucks say no because Parker and Towns might just be equal in talent just Towns have the size but I think Bucks do have enough length to cover it up. They will not take on that Pekovic contract with that case.

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04 May 2015 16:02:16

MIL get: Demarcus Cousins

pg. mcw
sg. middleton
sf. giannis
pf. illaysova
c. cousins

SAC get: Jabari Parker, Jon Henson, Ty Lawson, & OJ Mayo

Draft: Willie Cauley Stein

pg. lawson
sg. mayo
sf. gay
pf. parker
c. wcs/henson

DEN get: MIL 1st DP 2015 & Nik Stauskus

Draft: Hezonja & Jerian Grant

pg. nelson/grant
sg. hezonja/stauskus
sf. chandler
pf. faried
c. nurkic

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04 May 2015 23:54:18
Good value for Cousins

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04 May 2015 13:17:44
Let walk
Johnson.A, Fields.L, Hayes.C, Williams.L, Hansbrough.T
$28 million

Val 4 yrs $28 mil

Offer Sheet
Thompson.T 5 yrs $40 mil
Cle will have tough time matching offer with their big 3 and Varejao taking up $53 milof cap space

Belinelli.M 3 yrs $10 mil



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04 May 2015 15:16:07
Very reasonable, but I think Thompson is going to get closer to $10-$12M/yr. Raps still have the money to do that and Belinelli, so you're all good.

I think you need to look at another Centre to back up Val though, having just Nogueira there is going to leave you very thin. Maybe Jordan Hill if the Lakers don't pick up his option, I think he would be a great fit at MLE money.

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04 May 2015 12:59:06
Sixers- Oklahoma City Thunder

Sixers Get: Steve Novak, Perry Jones, Jeremy Lamb, OKC 1st Rounder this year, right to flip 2020 1st Rounders

OKC Gets: Their own 2016 pick back owed to the Sixers, Miscellaneous 2nd Rounder and/or mystery foreign player.

Sixers waive Novak and Jones, keep Jeremy Lamb.

Why? OKC is in NBA tax hell. In order to keep Enes Kantor and have any hope of keeping Durant, they need to dump contracts that aren't contributing to the team. This is the same situation that caused the Harden trade from OKC.

The real value in this trade is the 2020 pick since by then the Thunder will be old and outside of their winning window and the Sixers should be right in the middle of theirs.

The idea of the Sixers absorbing contracts from OKC has been recently reported in the news. One such trade included Dionne Waiters instead Perry Jones.

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04 May 2015 22:04:07
Reasonable for both teams.

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04 May 2015 03:33:40
Cleveland Cavs

Mike Miller And Tristan Thompson For Tayshaun Prince #CavsDan

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04 May 2015 13:00:52
I accidentally clicked believable. Its not.

Mike Miller is not going anywhere unless Lebron is there first. Miller's his wingman. He only came to the Cavs to hang with Lebron just like they did in Miami.

So there's no way he's moving in a trade. He'd retire first.

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04 May 2015 13:20:22
Are you kidding?

Thompson is a good young PF, Prince is an over the hill hack.

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04 May 2015 17:55:00
Thompson and Prince are both free agents.

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04 May 2015 19:35:08
Besides Thompson and Prince being free agents and Miller not going anywhere without 'bron James, I really like this trade.

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03 May 2015 22:21:02

Rockets gets: Calderon

Bucks gets: Papanikolaou, Prigioni

Knicks gets: Pachulia

If Beverly and Terry leaves, Rockets will need a new starting PG. Calderon fits well with Harden having the ball in his hands and kicking it out for threes.

Bucks gets Papanikolaou to pair with his national teammate Antetokounmpo. Prigioni will bring some veteran leadership.

Knicks gets rid o Calderons contract and get a very underrated center in Pachulia. He is a good passer, strong defender down low and will bring some much needed thoghness.

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03 May 2015 21:38:03
Suns get Melo Hardaway Frye Larkin O'Quinn 5th
Magic get Warren Calderon 13st
Knicks get Bledsoe Tucker 51st


Magic resign Harris

Jimmy Butler 4yr 68mil Marc Gasol 4yr 92mil

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03 May 2015 21:24:42
Golden State / Lakers Trade

Lakers receive: David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Golden State '16 1st round pick.

Golden State receives: Jordan Hill and Lakers '16 or 17 2nd round pick.

Why for the Lakers?

They get Harrison Barnes who's an athletic wing that is an above average defender who is a solid shooter. David Lee is a willing PF that can score, but his main value is his expiring contract. Lakers in addition can get a late 1st round pick for next year considering they wouldn't have a pick for next yr due to the Dwight trade.

Why for the Warriors?

Able to clear playing time and cap space in order to give Draymond Green the money he wants and more minutes. In addition they get Jordan Hill who could potentially thrive in Kerr's system as a PF or even C in a small ball lineup that can shoot the mid-range jumper and is improving his shot. They also get a future 2nd as a sweetener.

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04 May 2015 15:58:24
Laker fans are Delusional

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04 May 2015 22:48:34
Lol, what is delusional about the trade? The Lakers are essentially helping out the Warriors by taking on Lee's expiring.

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03 May 2015 20:04:44
76ers blockbuster
76ers trade next years own #1, Lakers #1, Miami's #1 and Dario Saric to OKC for Durant.

OKC is now Westbrooks team. Don't know how KD is going to like being the #2 guy. OKC gets a huge return, 2 number ones most likely in the top 8, and another in the top 14. Potentially 3 lottery picks next year and Saric.
Sixers get the superstar they need, bring Durant an hour and a half up interstate 95 from his home town, and have what it takes to make a move in the east very soon. A frontcourt of Embiid, Noel, and Durant is scary good.
I realize this is far fetched, and the only reason KD might say yes is because he's close to home, but could it happen?

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04 May 2015 13:03:18
Too much to send to OKC for an injury problem. Jeff Ruland anyone? Andrew Bynum maybe?

OKC does have tax problems though. So maybe they decide to move Durant in order to keep Kantor and get some young guys to extend their window. But I think the Sixers aren't ready to take on that player just yet.

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04 May 2015 22:05:47
Posted something similar a lil while back. I think it good value for both teams. But only if durant signs long term before the trade.

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03 May 2015 18:16:12

Thunder get Al Farouq Aminu and a future 2nd rd pick

Mavs get PJ3 and #14 pick

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03 May 2015 21:25:39
Can't trade a free agent (Aminu).

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04 May 2015 00:46:28
Amina is not worth a lottery pick lol

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03 May 2015 18:14:11

Thunder get Antetokounmpo and a future 2nd rd pick

Bucks get Lamb and #14 pick

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03 May 2015 23:13:13
Lol funny.

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03 May 2015 23:17:43
Bucks aren't giving up one of their core future pieces. Thunder should be targeting vets to help them get to the finals next season or even jus the playoffs.

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04 May 2015 00:46:50
Bucks laugh

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03 May 2015 18:04:57

Celtics get Cousins

Kings get Sullinger, #16 pick, Brooklyns 2016 1st rd pick, Minnesotas 2016 and 2017 2nd rd pick

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03 May 2015 11:26:18
Suns have to build new and need shooting. Bledsoe needs a good team around to become a superstar and Hornets do build around as well. Mavs need a playmaker and defense.



Suns (resign Knight):

Mavs sign Aldridge max with the option to opt out starting the forth year, so he is flexible to get more money with new CAP rules.


Harris, Aminu, Nowitzki

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03 May 2015 14:22:48
Lol so I take it you're a Mavs fan?

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03 May 2015 15:17:23
Rondo is a free agent, and what does Charlotte want with both him and Kemba?

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03 May 2015 15:54:49
Y I am . it is a possibility, not sure if it works.

The trade have to be end of june, before next season, so Rondo is still on Mavs salary. It depends, if Charlott wanna move Stephenson from their grid, because it doesn't work for the Hornets and they can use the CAP elsewhere. With Powell they get a prospect. Instead of Zeller, Powell can shoot midrange as well as behind the arc. Could work better with AJ and Powell. No clue if Charlott is interested, but I think so, they are not in winning mode and Stephenson will not become the scoring guard they need. But for Dallas, with Bledsoe in the backcourt, he can be an allrounder, defender and close open shoots from everywhere - think that would be a better role for Stephenson.

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03 May 2015 15:59:30
Trade have to be this season, till end of june, and Hornets can offload Stephenson, Zeller if they want. Powell is a better shooter and could work better with AJ - if Hornets want.

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03 May 2015 18:49:16
PHX needs to make deals. it's a fact. but getting Ellis? No thanks. Suns have enough headaches 9see Morr-on Bros) as it is don't need another one. They'd rather keep Bledsoe.

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04 May 2015 13:56:52
sometimes d_drainer has the power to make happen some wierd trades. Lol

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03 May 2015 10:08:14
Suns offseason:

Suns trade: Bledsoe, 2015 first round (13th) and another 2 future 1st round picks

Knicks trade: Bargnani and 2015 1st round pick (3rd)

Suns draft Russell or Mudiay.

Free agency:

Suns s&t: Morris twins and PJ Tucker for LaMarcus Aldridge.

Re-Sign Knight for a reasonable price.

Re.Sign Wright

Sign Young

Sing Mo Williams

Suns lineup:

PG Mudiay/Russell, Williams
SG Knight, Goodwin, Bullock
SF Warren, Granger
PF Aldridge, Young
C Len, Wright

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03 May 2015 18:52:14
Did you write Young. as in Swaggy P Young? No way. double no way! Aldridge will not go to PHX. he'll either stay in Port. or end up in Texas somewhere.

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04 May 2015 08:22:21
Nope the Young i'm talking about is Thaddeus Young

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04 May 2015 16:04:36
Whew. that's a relief. but. I've read Thad. Young wants to stay on the East Coast. Think the primary deal PHX would like to get done is to get the Morris Bros outta town. uh. legalities pending ,of course.

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02 May 2015 21:21:17
detroit get: channing frye
orlando get: #38 pick and future second

channing frye would fit in well into SVG system alongside drummond, detroit draft sam dekker at #8

orlando draft winslow at #5, petteway at #38 and rakeem chrismas #51

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03 May 2015 06:02:59
Frye is a liability on that contract.

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03 May 2015 16:52:13
Frye has an awful contract and is not a starter in the NBA. Bench player yes, been with about 7 teams it seems like. U cna tell this is a Magic fan because its all about the Magic at the expense of the Pistons. The Pistons are not going to take on the contract and hamstring themselves from offering max contracts to a couple of FA.

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03 May 2015 23:28:45
There are no max players interested in Detroit, except perhaps Green, and the Warriors will match.

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04 May 2015 16:03:55
I would tend to agree with you in the past that is true and they still have to build through the draft but their are players who are interested Thad Young has relatives living in the area and spends a lot of his summers here so I would think he is also a potential FA. Not many FA that are available that Detroit would want, other then Green and Young. Still Frye is not worth his contract and not someone Detroit would want at this point.

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02 May 2015 21:19:48

Bucks get Demarcus Cousins and Nik Stauskas

Kings get Miles Plumlee, Dante Exum, Derrick Favors, Jazz 1st round pick and Bucks 1st round pick

Jazz get Jabari Parker and OJ Mayo

Bucks will become a prime eastern contender


Kings has 3 picks
6th Kristaps Porzingis
12th Myles Turner
17th Devon Booker


Utah get what would be their franchise player


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03 May 2015 06:05:19
Jazz aren't giving up all that for Parker.

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03 May 2015 15:20:16
Jazz could get D Jordan

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02 May 2015 21:07:18
if minnesota draft towns or okafor:

minnesota get: gerald wallace and #28 pick
boston get: nikola pekovic

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03 May 2015 06:06:08
Minny has to give, not get, a first to dump Pek.

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02 May 2015 20:58:49
magic get: hardaway jr and 2018 first rd pick (lottery protected)
knicks get: tobias harris (3yr 27m) and channing frye

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03 May 2015 01:20:21
Knicks don't want frye. Harris will get more.

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02 May 2015 20:56:06

Chi get Wesley Matthews

Por get Taj Gibson

- Blazers need some insurance in case LMA leaves

- Bulls need a wing player

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