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08 Dec 2016 21:21:07
Ind - Was - Nop

Ind gets - Wall and Oubre

- Gets another star to put w George

Was gets - Teague, Evans, Turner, Ind first

- Can restart w 2 expiring deals, young center, + pick

Nop gets - Gortat

- finally gets a decent big to compliment AD

Wall - Ellis - George - Thad - Jefferson
Stuckey - Miles - Oubre - Allen - Seraphin

Teague - Beal - Porter - Morris - Turner
Burke - Thornton - Evans - Nicholson - Mahinimi

Holiday - Hield - Hill - Davis - Gortat
Galloway - Moore - Pondexter - Cunningham - Asik.

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08 Dec 2016 20:53:03
Raptors complete rebuild

Raptors/ wolves/ hornets

trade Lowry, DeRozan, Ross and jv
Get Wiggins, kemba Walker and Pekovic

Wolves trade Wiggins and pekovic
Wolves get lowry and ross first round pick from hornets

Hornets trade kemba, and first round pick
Hornets get DeRozan, JV.

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08 Dec 2016 21:01:06
Raptord are the only team that says yes.

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08 Dec 2016 21:16:50
Why? It really isn't that bad of a trade the only thing I cam see wrong is hornets lose a pg add Rubio and a first round pick from the raptors.

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08 Dec 2016 21:17:36
It would never happen tho.

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08 Dec 2016 11:51:35

Sacramento get Vucevic (Orl), Randle (LaL), Shabazz (Min) second draft pick Minnesota and Orlando

Minnesota get Deng (LaL)

Orlando get Williams (LaL), Young (LaL) and Mozgov (LaL)

Lakers get Cousins (Sac) and McLemore (Sac)

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08 Dec 2016 12:45:28
Other than Randle, the Lakers get to drop all of their dead weight contracts and pick up DMC? Not likely.

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08 Dec 2016 15:05:46
So sacramento trades a center and an SG for two more biggs?

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08 Dec 2016 16:45:33
Every team gets worse except the Lakers who some how get Cousins by only giving up Randle. Russell or Ingram would definitely need to be included too especially with all the bad contracts they're offloading in this deal too.

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08 Dec 2016 08:23:29
Bucks Pacers

Pacers receive
2017 first round pick
2019 first round pick

Bucks receive

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08 Dec 2016 12:11:36
I like Parker, but we want Giannis if we trade PG13.

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08 Dec 2016 12:46:19
You want Giannis, but you won't get him, so this is a no deal from Indiana.

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08 Dec 2016 15:01:00
Here's the thing. in a trade like this draft picks are pretty useless. The bucks get George in his prime. That team will be a lot better for getting him so the draft picks are late first rounders. So no value there.

Maker is so raw I don't see much value there especially with turner already in Indy.

Henson is similar to maker as again turner is already there in Indy.

The thing of value here for the pacers is Parker. But he is an under performing former second overall pick. Now I love Parker but no way am I giving up Paul George for Parker and some weak players and late draft picks.

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08 Dec 2016 15:42:37
A 21 year old averaging 21 and 6 is underperforming?!? With a PER of 19? Man, I wish my team had more underperforming players.

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08 Dec 2016 16:19:11
Underperforming? A guy averaging 20 and 6, 20 games into his second full season. Yeah I don't think so, is the package enough value for George, probably, does either team actually do this, no

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08 Dec 2016 18:30:48
Parker a averaging 20 and 6? I had no idea! What's his per.18.8. That's solid. You could make and argument he's better then Wiggins at this point since his per has declined to 15.3. Wow actually I'm impressed.

Does Parker play sf or pf This year?

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08 Dec 2016 21:22:44
Both most Pf Wiggins is amuch better player but need time and a winning team.

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08 Dec 2016 08:07:37

PHX get Paul George

IND get Dragan Bender, Brandon Knight (salary) , unprotected 1st round pick 2017, protected 1st 2019 and TJ Warren.

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08 Dec 2016 12:15:37
I like Bender, but that's not enough

Indy should consider:
Bender+ Warren+ 1rnd pick Phoe 17+ 1rnd pick Miami 18+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021
and a thirteam should be involved to take B Knight (Philly or Sacramento)

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08 Dec 2016 07:45:28

SAC get Paul George

Pg Lawson
Sg Afflalo
Sf George
Pf Casspi

IND get Demarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay

Pg Teague
Sg Ellis
Sf Gay
Pf Turner
Ce Cousins.

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08 Dec 2016 12:15:58
No we keep PG13 :-) :-)

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08 Dec 2016 13:54:38
Poor PG13 your sending him to the kings let the guy go for a championship contender, Boston, OKC, Bucks, Portland,

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08 Dec 2016 15:01:40
Pacers keep pg13.

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08 Dec 2016 07:44:01

DET get Paul George and Nerlens Noel

Pg Smith
Sf George
Pf Harris
Ce Noel

PHI get Reggie Jackson

Pg Jackson
Sg Henderson
Sf Simmons
Pf Okafor
Ce Embiid

IND get Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson and protected 1st round pick from PHI

Pg Teague
Sg Ellis
Sf Miles/ Johnson
Pf Turner
Ce Drummond.

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08 Dec 2016 12:17:06
We rather keep George :-)

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08 Dec 2016 15:02:18
Naaa pacers pass. Sixers refuse to give up first rounder.

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08 Dec 2016 06:27:51
Denver Cavs

Cavs receives

Denver receives
2020 first round pick.

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08 Dec 2016 12:48:34
No from Cavs. Thompson has been playing the five, a position that neither Love nor Faried can play. Leaves Cavs with no depth at the C.

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08 Dec 2016 20:23:18
That's barely an upgrade for CLE. other than Gallo. That's NOTHING for Denver. Thompson is unneeded, Frye Shumpert worthless for DEN. Another First round? no! Now Love for Fareid, Gallo, two firsts, even Jokic? YES for both clubs would make big sense.

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08 Dec 2016 06:22:10
Cavs Utah

Utah receives

Cavs receive
Exum Or Mack.

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08 Dec 2016 16:52:48
Not nearly enough value for Jazz. Thompson is a downgrade from Favors and neither fit well alongside Gobert. Not sure how many minutes Shumpert would get with Burkes, Hood, Johnson and Hayward at sg/ sf. Also, Exum and Macks values are quite different and should be considered replacements for each other in a trade.

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08 Dec 2016 18:11:27
Replace Thompson with Kevin Love, and remove Diaw and Exum and add Mack/ Neto and Alec Burks and Warriors and Thunder 1st. Only way to get that deal done.

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08 Dec 2016 04:05:50
Thunder get Rudy Gay and Willie Cauley Stein

Kings get Harrison Barnes, Enes Kanter, Alex Abrines, 2017 DAL 1st, and 2017 OKC 1st

Mavs get Demarcus Cousins.

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08 Dec 2016 17:01:29
I think its a big win for OKC.

If I'm Kings its alright but I'd want Payne instead of Abrines in order to take on Kanter and his contract who I don't really need but could be helpful. Barnes is young, signed long-term and has played well thus far.

For the Mavs I don't really like it. Cousins is a clear upgrade on Barnes but I don't think either can lead that roster out of the bottom 5 so that pick is going to be pretty valuable so I'd want top 5 protection but even then its a little rich for my taste. Mavs don't have much young talent or talent in general so I think it would be tough for them to deal their best two assets for one guy who could leave in two years and has proven he can't lead a bad team and has attitude issues.

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