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23 Jan 2018 04:47:21

Grizz : Isaiah Thomas (exp), Channing Frye (exp) Iman Shumpert, Gorgui Dieng, Shabbaz Muhammad, Brooklyn 1st & Wolves 1st

Cavs : Marc Gasol & Mike Conley

Wolves : Kevin Love

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23 Jan 2018 03:50:46

Cavaliers : Avery Bradley, Nic Batum, Dwight Howard, Tobias Harris & Pistons 1st round pick


Pistons : Kevin Love, Jae Crowder, Iman Shumpert & Kemba Walker


Hornets : Tristan Thompson, Reggie Jackson, Stanley Johnson, Brooklyn 1st round pick & Cavaliers 2nd round pick, Pistons 2nd round pick


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23 Jan 2018 04:32:34
CLE can keep their 2nd, and that DET 1st go to CHA. They're getting hosed with Thompson, and so far S. Johnson. Upside for Johnson still, just haven't seen it.

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23 Jan 2018 03:47:01

Cavs get
Joe J

Jazz get

Hornets get
Jazz 1st
Nets 1st

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23 Jan 2018 04:36:57
Jazz getting short end of the stick taking on M. Williams. They should be getting a pick, not giving one away.

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23 Jan 2018 03:21:59
Cavs trade out Isiah Thomas before they get stuck hating ever excepting the package from Boston..

Isiah Thomas-PG
2nd round pick
Jamal Murray/E.Mudiay or something?

Prefer Murray if possible,but if Cavs could get gasol and Evans from Memphis,they'd have way better defender at PG,and Murray can just play his role with Cleveland,learn the game from all time players on that roster,and still potentially be a nice player to have if LeBron leaves,Isiah Thomas won't get resigned by Cavs if they keep him past the deadline either way, nuggets get scorer, potentially a star,in I.T,and if he doesn't fit for Denver,then they could let him walk after the season

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23 Jan 2018 03:50:27
Mudiay, for Thomas and a second rounder is fair. Some fodder to complete trade. Wouldn't be a defensive upgrade though. Evans maybe, Gasol how? Trade Love, Thomas, and nets pick? Doubt MEM is interested. Maybe.

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23 Jan 2018 02:50:28
Bulls trade hornets

Hornets get mirotic

Bulls get batum

Straight swap different scenes

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23 Jan 2018 03:40:40
Why would a rebuilding Bulls team want to take on Batum's contract. He's a good player, but he's to old
and expensive for a rebuild.

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23 Jan 2018 03:51:52
I agree the rkenne. What else is CHA offering to CHI to make them want to do this trade?

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23 Jan 2018 02:45:05




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23 Jan 2018 03:45:24
The Cavs aren't giving up the Nets pick for role players. Especially someone like Bazemoore, who is a solid role player, but is on a fairly bad contract.

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23 Jan 2018 01:53:43
Bulls receive-Nicolas Batum, Dwayne Bacon, 2019 first round lottery protected pick

Although the Bulls are forced to take on Batum's massive contract, they have loads of cap space and they are also receiving a young wing in Dwayne Bacon and a future pick to help the Bulls in the rebuilding stage.

Bulls Starting Lineup:
1-Kris Dunn
2-Zach Lavine
3-Nicolas Batum
4-Lauri Markkanen
5-Cristiano Felicio

Hornets receive-Robin Lopez, Denzel Valentine

This is a great salary dump for the Hornets. They get Batum's bad contract off the books in exchange for Robin Lopez for just to years. They do also get Denzel Valentine who is still a young wing to fill the whole they will have at the wing spot due to Batum and Bacon being gone.

Hornets Starting Lineup:
1-Kemba Walker
2-Jeremy Lamb
3-Denzel Valentine
4-Marvin Williams
5-Dwight Howard

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23 Jan 2018 03:57:27
R. Lopez, and pick straight up for Batum given length of contract is probably fair. Lottery protected of course. R. Lopez would make a good back up for this season, got to do something with him in summertime though. Waive, trade, buy out.

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23 Jan 2018 05:09:08
Pick to CHI. Not Lopez and pick to CHA. 2nd rounder seems more fair, but Batums contract is Huge!

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22 Jan 2018 22:04:11
Trailblazers receive- Deandre Jordan, Lou Williams

The Trailblazers could some scoring off the bench; Lou Williams is probably the best sixth man in the league right now. Him and Shabazz Napier would be a nice complement to the Damian Lillard C.J. McCollum duo. They would receive the ultimate rim protector/rebounder in Deandre Jordan. Him and Al-Farouq Aminu would be a defensive force in the front court.

Trailblazers Lineup.
1-Damian Lillard/Shabazz Napier
2-C.J. McCollum/Lou Williams
3-Evan Turner/Mo Harkless
4-Al-Farouq Aminu/Ed Davis
5-Deandre Jordan/Meyers Leonard

Clippers receive- Jusuf Nurkic, Zach Collins, 2020 lottery protected 1st round pick

The Clippers would get an offensive beast in Jusuf Nurkic and a 2017 lottery pick in Zach Collins. Two young bigmen that are perfect for the beginning of a rebuild. A future pick in 2020 is also a good asset that could be used in a future trade.

Clippers Lineup
1-Milos Teodosic/Patrick Beverly
2-Austin Rivers/Sindarius Thornwell
3-Danilo Gallinari/Wesley Johnson
4-Blake Griffin/Montrezl Harrell
5-Jusuf Nurkic/Willie Reed

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22 Jan 2018 22:21:14
Learn how salaries work.

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22 Jan 2018 22:26:14
There is no way that anyone can think that this is a logical trade. It doesn't work $ wise or talent wise.

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22 Jan 2018 23:06:38
Portland would have to include two of their bigger contracts (Leonard, Turner, Harkless, Davis, Aminu) for money to work.

Value wise, this isn’t that far off. Jordan and Williams are talented, but also on expiring deals. Nurkic is a solid piece to build around if the Clippers are starting over. Collins is an improving rookie with elite defensive potential. And a future first always has decent value.

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23 Jan 2018 00:50:55
If Turner is involved, then I see Lou, Jordan. If not what's the point? Trade 2 - 1st picks essentially, and Nurkic, and still be stuck with a 17 mil a year 10th man off the bench? Maybe a Jordan deal, but look like rentals to me. Jordan I don't see staying, and Lou is a maybe. If Jordan deal, make it this years pick, won't be lottery with Jordan.

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23 Jan 2018 01:54:54
Yeah for some reason I thought the Blazers had cap.

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23 Jan 2018 03:58:42
Yep, they're nipping at the luxury line.

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22 Jan 2018 22:02:23
What about some kind of trade between Cavs and Memphis

Gasol and tyreke Evans
To cavs for
Thompson,shumpert,Osman,nets pick..

Or some other pieces to fill out...or even find a 3rd team to help move around more pieces to move around....

I'd rather try and get that before DeAndre Jordan,or anybody else,asides from Anthony Davis

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22 Jan 2018 21:57:14
Cavs - Knicks

Cavs gets:

Knicks gets:
2018 Cavs 1st (Top 20 protected)

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