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30 Sep 2014 16:40:41

MIN get Larry Sanders , Greak Freak and Khris Middleton

MIL get Nikola Pekovic , Zach Lavine and Anthony Bennett



MIN get Tayshaun Prince exp , 1st rd pick
MEM get Kevin Martin


MIN trade Chase Budinger anywhere

MIN sign Greg Monroe next season

Roster 2015

R. Rubio / M. Williams / pick
A. Wiggins / S. Muhammad / G. Robinson III
G. Freak / C. Brewer / K. Middleton
G. Monroe / T. Young
L. Sanders / G. Dieng







30 Sep 2014 15:53:32

BOS trade Jeff Green , Brandon Bass , Vitor Faverani , 1st round pick
BOS get JaVale McGee , Greg Monroe

M. Smart / P. Pressey / R. Rondo
A. Bradley / J. Young
E. Turner / G. Wallace / C. Babb
G. Monroe / J. Sullinger
J. McGee / K. Olynyk / J. Anthony

DEN trade Danilo Gallinari , JaVale McGee
DEN get Jeff Green , Brandon Bass , Will Bynum

T. Lawson / N. Robinson / W. Bynum
A. Afflalo / R. Foye / G. Harris
J. Green / W. Chandler / Q. Miller
K. Faried / B. Bass / D. Arthur
T. Mozgov / J. Hickson / J. Nurkic

DET trade Greg Monroe , Will Bynum
DET get Danilo Gallinari , Vitor Faverani , 1st from Boston

B. Jennings / D. Augustine / S. Dinwiddie
K. Caldwell-Pope / J. Meeks / K. Singler
D. Gallinari / C. Butler / C. Martin
J. Smith / J. Jerebko / T. Mitchell
A. Drummond / A. Gray / V. Faverani



This is horrible for Denver



Denver gets boned





30 Sep 2014 15:44:35

DEN get Greg Monroe , Brandon Jennings , Kendrick Perkins (exp) , P. Jones III

trade Kendrick Perkins , Quincy Miller and a 1st rd pick to Boston for Jeff Green

T. Lawson / N. Robinson / E. Green
B. Jennings / G. Harris / R. Foye
J. Green / W. Chandler / P. Jones III
K. Faried / J. Hickson / D. Arthur
G. Monroe / J. McGee / J. Nurkic

DET get Danilo Gallinari , Reggie Jackson , 1st from OKC

waive Datome

R. Jackson / D. Augustine / W. Bynum
K. Caldwell-Pope / J. Meeks / K. Singler
D. Gallinari / C. Butler / C. Martin
J. Smith / J. Jerebko / T. Mitchell
A. Drummond / A. Gray

OKC get Aaron Afflalo , Timofey Mozgov

R. Westbrook / S. Telfair / S. Christon
A. Afflalo / J. Lamb / A. Roberson
K. Durant / A. Morrow
S. Ibaka / M. McGary / N. Collison
T. Mozgov / S. Adams





30 Sep 2014 06:27:25
Pistons get Goran Dragic and Patrick Beverley

Houston gets Brandon Jennings

Suns get Greg Monroe wit extension and Jason Terry expiring

Pf. J. Smith/ J. Jerebko/ T. Mitchell
Sf. K. Singler/ C. Butler/ G. Datome
C. A. Drummond/ A. Gray/ H. Thabeet
Sg. J. Meeks/ KCP/ W. Bynum
Pg. G. Dragic/ P. Beverley/ D. Augustine

Pf. T. Jones/ D. Montajunas/ J. Adrian
Sf. T. Ariza/ F. Garcia/ D. Papanikolaou
C. D. Howard/ J. Powell/ J. Dorsey
Sg. J. Harden/ T. Daniels/ N. Johnson
Pg. B. Jennings/ I. Canaan/ I. Smith

Pf. G. Monroe/ M. Morris/ A. Tolliver
Sf. M. Morris/ P. Tucker/ T. Warren
C. M. Plumlee/ A. Len/ E. Barron
Sg. G. Green/ A. Goodwin/ J. Terry
Pg. E. Bledsoe/ I. Thomas/ T. Ennis



First off KCP is your starter going into camp according to SVG and his news conference yesterday and all summer. Second why does Detroit need two point guards? They don't that's the answer. They need a SF, Dragic is good pick up for a PG not a SG, Beverly is not a need, SF is. So without a SF this trade will not happen.



And that's the bottom line because totellthetruth said so





30 Sep 2014 06:09:32
Knicks get Goran Dragic with extension

Suns get Tim Hardaway Jr, Cleanthony Early, and Samuel Dalembert





30 Sep 2014 01:13:47

To NYK - Danny Green

To SAS - Iman Shumpert, Jeremy Tyler

Knicks have shooters, buy they're all high volume lower percentage guys. Green gives them a more responsible three point threat, and as he can't create shots for himself, the ball movement of the triangle will still allow him the open looks he needs. Though he's not Shump at the defensive end, he's a better defender than he's given credit for.

Shump needs a change of scenery. For whatever the reason, things have just not gone smoothly for him in NYC. If he has a few maturity issues as speculated, Pops the perfect coach for him. The Spurs have shooters, adding another wing stopper improves this team.

Tyler's added to get the total salaries to 90% needed for league approval. All three are FA's at seasons end, and Tyler's contract is not guaranteed, so both teams keep future flexibility.

SAS Champs 2014




29 Sep 2014 21:58:28
Pacers get Jennings
Knicks get G.Hill
Pistons get Calderon

NY don't need a distributor in the triangle offense which perfect for Hill. Hill is descent 3 point shooter. But his defense is more needed in NY than ind Indy.

Pistons need a scoring PG, but one who can attack from the perimeter allowing post to scorers to get their touches 1st

Pacers need a scorer mostly and PG who can attack basket before the defense set up to get easier basket for himself Scola West Hibbert.



Pistons don't want Calderon. Better to go into the season with Jennings and trade him at the deadline if they want.





29 Sep 2014 20:55:29

Knicks get Perkins, Jackson,

Thunder get Shumpert, Calderon





29 Sep 2014 16:10:57

MIL get David West , Goran Dragic

G. Dragic / K. Marshall / N. Wolters
O. Mayo / J. Bayless
J. Parker / J. Dudley / D. Inglis
D. West / J. Henson / K. Middleton
L. Sanders / Z. Pachulia
bucks suddenly become a playoff team

IND get Ersan Ilyasova , Brandon Knight , 2nd from Bucks

B. Knight / C. Watson
G. Hill / R. Stuckey
C. Miles / C. Copeland / C. Singleton
E. Ilyasova / L. Scola / D. Rudez
R. Hibbert / I. Mahinmi

PHX get Giannis Antetokounmpo

I. Thomas / T. Ennis / A. Goodwin
E. Bledsoe / G. Green / Z. Dragic
G. Antetokounmpo / P. Tucker / T. Warren
M. Morris / M. Morris / A. Tolliver
M. Plumlee / A. Len / S. Randolph





29 Sep 2014 06:02:58
Thunder get Goran Dragic, Taj Gibson, and Mike Dunleavy

Suns get Serge Ibaka

Bulls get Marcus Morris, Reggie Jackson, and Perry Jones

Pf. T. Gibson/ N. Collison/ G. Jarrett
Sf. K. Durant/ M. Dunleavy/ A. Roberson
C. S. Adams/ K. Perkins/ M. Mcgary
Sg. R. Westbrook/ J. Lamb/ A. Morrow
Pg. G. Dragic/ S. Telfair/ S. Christion

Pf. S. Ibaka/ A. Tolliver/ S. Randolph
Sf. M. Morris/ P. Tucker/ T. Warren
C. M. Plumlee/ A. Len/ E. Barron
Sg. G. Green/ A. Goodwin/ C. Prather
Pg. E. Bledsoe/ I. Thomas/ T. Ennis

Pf. P. Gasol/ M. Morris/ N. Merotic
Sf. T. Snell/ D. Mcdermott/P. Jones
C. J. Noah/ N. Mohammed/ S. Jones
Sg. J. Butler/ K. Hinrich/ M. Dunleavy
Pg. D. Rose/ R. Jackson/ A. Brooks



Again Ibaka is going nowhere. He is an elite player and part of the three the Thunder need to win it all.



^totellthetruth; I think the Thunder would trade ibaka for gibson and dragic, how could u turn that down? suns & bulls would probably pass though.



Dragic with extension. No use renting him for a year and then he opts out.



No way the Suns pass. They basically give up 2 unneeded players for Ibaka. Bulls might pass if anyone does. depends on how confident they are in Roses health



Uneeded? dragic is the face of the suns, they're not trading him for ibaka



He became unneeded when they maxed out Bledsoe



Totellthetruth your like a broken record

Celtics 4 life


To Tell The Truth is actually Serge Ibaka



Yep I am because I actually follow the NBA and know he is not going anywhere. IF you would like to make a bet I am very gald to cover all bets that Ibaka is going to stay with the Thunder. Just look at the Record with him vs. without him that would actually require you to do some research before you react.





28 Sep 2014 22:42:39
Magic - Suns

Suns get N Vucevic

Magic get A Len, T Ennis



Magic do need rim protection and a backup pg but Len hasn't shown he can start and Vucevic is a double-double machine who has one of the best free throw percentages for a Center and with the East being weak and the nba weak at Center theirs a good chance he could crack into the Allstar running.
So trading for two backups isn't worth it plus Vucevic is one of lebrons targets to add to the Cavs if magic can't cut a deal.

Galaxy Gordon


I missed that he's one of LeBron's targets. Wouldn't lebron want a center with rim protection skills or floor stretching skills in Cleveland?

Instead of just a young A Varejo?





28 Sep 2014 22:30:50

Boston get Ersan Ilyasova , 1st from IND
Milwaukee get Chris Copeland (exp) , Brandon Bass , 2nd from Pacers
Pacers get Jeff Green , OJ Mayo







28 Sep 2014 21:53:50
Spurs - Bulls trade

Spurs acquire Tony Snell and 1st round pick

Bulls acquire Danny Green



No deal .





28 Sep 2014 21:46:04
Pacers - Thunder - Bulls

Pacers trade David West , Luis Scola , CJ Watson
Pacers get Taj Gibson , Reggie Jackson
- start rebuilding

Reggie Jackson-George Hill
CJ Miles-Rodney Stuckey
Paul George-Damjan Rudez-Solomon Hill
Taj Gibson-Chris Copeland
Roy Hibbert-Lavoy Allen-Ian Mahinmi

Thunder trade Jeremy Lamb , Reggie Jackson , Kendrick Perkins , 1st round pick
Thunder get David West , CJ Watson , 2nd rd pick from
- sign Ray Allen
- solid championship line up

Russell Westbrook-CJ Watson-Sebastian Telfair
Ray Allen-Anthony Morrow-Andre Roberson
Kevin Durant-Perry Jones III
David West-Mitch McGary-Nick Collison
Serge Ibaka-Steven Adams

Bulls trade Taj Gibson , 2nd round pick
Bulls get Jeremy Lamb , 1st round pick from Thunder , Luis Scola , Kendrick Perkins (exp)
- get role players in exchange for Gibson , get a little solid depth

Derrick Rose-Kirk Hinrich-Aaron Brooks
Jimmy Butler-Jeremy Lamb-Etwann Moore
Mike Dunleavy-Doug McDermott-Tony Snell
Pau Gasol-Nikola Mirotic-Luis Scola
Joakim Noah-Kendrick Perkins-Nazr Mohammed



Too good for pacers



The Bulls say no. They are a much better team with Gibson then without.





28 Sep 2014 21:18:29

Pelicans receive Tobias Harris , Landry Fields (exp)
- get an expiring deal and a starting young SF

Jrue Holiday/Austin Rivers
Eric Gordon/Tyreke Evans/Jimmer Freddete
Tobias Harris/Landry Fields/John Salmons
Anthony Davis/Tobias Harris/Jeff Whittey
Omer Asik/Alexis Ajinca

Raptors receive Ryan Anderson
- get stretch PF to start

Kyle Lowry/Greivis Vasquez
Demar Derozan/Lou Williams
Terrence Ross/James Johnson
Ryan Anderson/Patrick Patterson/Tyler Hansbrough
Jonas Valanciunas/Amir Johnson/Chuck Hayes

Magic receive 1st round pick from Raptors , Bruno Caboclo , Russ Smith

Elfrid Payton/Luke Ridnour/Russ Smith
Victor Oladipo/Ben Gordon/Evan Fournier
Mo Harkless/Bruno Caboclo
Channing Frye/Aaron Gordon/Kyle Oquinn
Nikola Vucevic/Andrew Nicholson/Dewayne Dedmon





28 Sep 2014 16:38:34
Boston Celtics trade with Cleveland and Oklahoma City

Celtics trade Avery Bradley , Brandon Bass , Joel Anthony
Celtics receive Dion Waiters , 1st round pick from Okc Kendrick Perkins

Oklahoma trade Kendrick Perkins , Jeremy Lamb , 1st rd pick
Oklahoma receive Avery Bradley , Joel Anthony

Durant-Jones III

Cleveland trade Dion Waiters
Cleveland get Brandon Bass , Jeremy Lamb






28 Sep 2014 16:33:13

Toronto get Courtney Lee , Taj Gibson , Jimmy Butler

Pg Kyle Lowry , Greivis Vasquez
Sg Jimmy Butler , Courtney Lee , Lou Williams
Sf Terrence Ross , Bruno Caboclo , James Johnson
Pf Taj Gibson , Amir Johnson
Ce Jonas Valanciunas , Chuck Hayes

Memphis get Tyler Hansbrough , Landry Fields

Pg Mike Conley , Beno Udrih , Nick Calathes
Sg Tony Allen , Vince Carter , Jordan Adams
Sf Michael Beasley , Quincy Pondexter , Landry Fields
Pf Zach Randolph , Tyler Hansbrough , Jarnell Stokes
Ce Marc Gasol , Kosta Koufos , Jon Leuer

Bulls get Demar Derozan , Tayshaun Prince

Pg Derrick Rose , Kirk Hinrich , Aaron Brooks
Sg Demar Derozan , Mike Dunleavy , Etwann Moore
Sf Tayshaun Prince , Doug McDermott , Tony Snell
Pf Pau Gasol , Nikola Mirotic , Cameron Bairstow
Ce Joakim Noah , Nazr Mohammed





28 Sep 2014 15:52:37
Three Team Deal between Boston, Detroit and Toronto/

Celtics recieve:
-Amir Johnson
-Luigi Datome
-Future 1st round pick(from Toronto; lottery protected through 2018 or else 2nd round picks in 2018 and 2020)

Pistons recieve:
-Jeff Green
-Tyler Hansbrough
-Chuck Hayes

Raptors recieve:
-Josh Smith
-Kyle Singler
-Vitor Faverani

For Boston.
1) With the signing of Evan Turner, Green now becomes expendable at small forward
2) Johnson provides much needed shot-blocking and defense along their frontline and he might end up fighting Jared Sullinger for their starting power forward spot
3) This deal - should Green use his player option - will save Boston $9.2 million in cap room next season as both Johnson and swingman Datome have expiring contracts
4) Boston acquires yet another (potential) 1st round pick for the future

For Detroit.
1) Green provides them with a starting quality small forward
2) Detroit saves cap room for possibly re-signing Monroe, Green's new contract and Drummond's extension
3) Hansbrough and Hayes provide blue-collar hustle up front
4) (follow me here) By making this deal, they can cut their roster down from 16 players to 15 by simply waiving the $816,482 1-year remaining on sophomore forward Tony Mitchell and, even after the waiving, STILL be three players deep at every position (as opposed to - as the roster is now - having to waive, say, Luigi Datome and eat the 1-year $1,750,000 left on his deal.) Hope that made sense to everyone.

For Toronto.
1) Smith is a major upgrade over Johnson at power forward, which is Smith's more natural position which should lead to more consistent production
2) Smith's defense and scoring should compliment developing center Jonas Valanciunas very well
3) Smith's athleticism will fit in nicely with their young wings in shooting guard Terrence Ross and small forward DeMar Derozan
4) Kyle Singler and Vitor Faverani - particularly Singler and his 10ppg over his first two seasons - provide valuble backups at small forward and center
5) Both Singler and Faverani have expiring contracts and, for relatively cheaper deals, could be brought back next year just in case rookies Lucas Nogueira (center) and Bruno Caboclo (small forward) don't develop as quickly as planned
6) In addition to Singler and Faverani - even after this deal - Toronto will have the deals of Louis Williams, Landry Fields, James Johnson, Patrick Patterson and Greivis Vasquez coming of their books in the next two years which means they'll still have more than enough salary flexibility to work extensions for Ross and Valanciunas by 2016 when salary (max and cap) is expected to go up

Boston's new lineup for 2014-2015:
CE: K. Olynyk/T. Zeller/J. Anthony
PF: J. Sullinger/A. Johnson/B. Bass
SF: E. Turner/G. Wallace/J. Young
SG: A. Bradley/M. Thornton/L. Datome
PG: R. Rondo/M. Smart/P. Pressey

Detroit's new lineup for 2014-2015:
CE: A. Drummond/A. Gray/C. Hayes
PF: G. Monroe/J. Jerebko/T. Hansbrough
SF: J. Green/C. Butler/C. Martin
SG: J. Meeks/K. Caldwell-Pope/S. Dinwiddie
PG: B. Jennings/D. Augustin/W. Bynum

Toronto's new lineup for 2014-2015:
CE: J. Valanciunas/V. Faverani/L. Nogueira
PF: J. Smith/P. Patterson/J. Johnson
SF: D. Derozan/K. Singler/B. Caboclo
SG: T. Ross/L. Williams/L. Fields
PG: K. Lowry/G. Vasquez/W. Cherry





28 Sep 2014 15:47:05

Celtics trade B. Bass , J. Green
Celtics get T. Harris , K. Perkins , 1st from OKC

OKC trade 1st round pick , K. Perkins
OKC get B. Bass

Magic trade T. Harris
Magic get J. Green



No from the Magic.

Galaxy Gordon




28 Sep 2014 15:44:03

GS trade Nemanja Nedovic and a 2nd rd pick

BOS trade Brandon Bass





28 Sep 2014 15:38:17
Orlando Magic
- Al Horford
- George Hill

Atlanta Hawks
- Roy Hibbert
- Elfrid Payton
- 1st from Pacers
- 2nd from Magic
- Tobias Harris

Indiana Pacers
- Jeff Teague
- Demarre Caroll



Magic can't take almost 20 million in salary for only like 5 million in return





28 Sep 2014 15:31:05

Suns get Nikola Vucevic , George Hill

Magic get Roy Hibbert , Goran Dragic , 2nd from Pacers

Pacers get Elfrid Payton , Tobias Harris





28 Sep 2014 15:22:51

Pelicans trade E.Gordon , 2nd rd pick
Pelicans get E.Ilyasova , G.Hill


Pacers trade G.Hill
Pacers get B.Knight , 2nd from NOLA


Bucks trade E.Ilyasova , B.Knight
Bucks get E.Gordon






28 Sep 2014 15:09:02

BOS get 2nd rd pick and Ish Smith

HOU get Brandon Bass





28 Sep 2014 15:00:28

PHX get Josh McRoberts and Shabbaz Napier + future 1st round pick

MIA get Goran Dragic



Not even close enough for Goran.





28 Sep 2014 14:55:24

CLE get Mayo , Pachulia , 2nd rd pick


MIL get Waiters , Haywood






28 Sep 2014 14:06:46
Trade to be completed as soon as possible due to restrictions from signing contracts a short time ago.

3 Teams -> Mavs, Clippers, Celtics

Mavs Get: Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, James Young

Clippers Get: Jeff Green

Celtics Get: Raymond Felton, Devin Harris, Ivan Johnson, Brandan Wright, Ricky Ledo, Charles Villenuava, '15, '17, '19 Round 1 Picks from Mavs, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Joe Ingles, '17 Round 2 Pick from Clippers


PG: R.Rondo - J.Nelson - G.Makal
SG: M.Ellis - J.Young - D.Lamb
SF: C.Parsons - R.Jefferson - J.Crowder
PF: D.Nowitzki - A.Aminu - G.Smith
C: T.Chandler - J.Sullinger - B.James

PG: C.Paul - J.Farmar
SG: J.Redick - J.Crawford - C.Wilcox
SF: J.Green - M.Barnes - R.Bullock
PF: B.Griffin - G.Davis - E.Udoh
C: D.Jordan - S.Hawes

Celtics: (Waive - Turkoglu, Johnson, Villenuava, Ledo, Ingles)
PG: M.Smart - R.Felton - P.Pressey
SG: A.Bradley - D.Harris - Marcus Thornton
SF: E.Turner - G.Wallace - C.Douglas-Roberts
PF: B.Bass - K.Olynyk - B.Wright
C: T.Zeller - V.Faverani



Is this d drainr or what?



Maybe his twin @sunset



Impossible to happen they will not approve on a trade that is unequal to be fair and maintain the balance in each team involve in the trade and this became one sided trade



Celtics trade their future for bench warmers and last first rounders

Celtics 4 life




28 Sep 2014 11:50:53
Memphis- Minnesota

memphis trade: prince (expiring), courtney lee, 2017 top 5 protected 1st round pick

minny trade: kevin martin

grizz become even deeper and add a true scorer off the bench with carter

minny get a good expiring deal and a great veteran leader to an extremely young team







28 Sep 2014 09:29:48
Magic get Reggie Jackson, Steven Adams, and 2015 1st

Thunder get Nikola Vucevic

Pf. S. Ibaka/ N. Collison/ G. Jarrett
Sf. K. Durant/ P. Jones/ A. Roberson
C. N. Vucevic/ K. Perkins/ M. Mcgary
Sg. J. Lamb/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ S. Telfair/ S. Christion



They already have a pg of the future in Payton and Adams hasn't shown the potential Vucevic has and a pick Magic would only trade Vucevic and other bits to get a bonfide star. Otherwise not worth given up a double double machine like Vucevic

Galaxy Gordon




27 Sep 2014 21:03:01

Orlando get Roy Hibbert , Reggie Jackson

R. Jackson / L. Ridnour
V. Oladipo / B. Gordon / E. Fournier
T. Harris / M. Harkless
C. Frye / A. Gordon / A. Nicholson
R. Hibbert / D. Dedmon
- Vuc and Frye in front is weak defensively so trade away their young guys and get very good return

Thunder get Nikola Vucevic , George Hill

R. Westbrook / G. Hill / S. Telfair
J. Lamb / A. Morrow
K. Durant / P. Jones III / A. Roberson
S. Ibaka / M. McGary / N. Collison
N. Vucevic / S. Adams
- Hill and Vucevic will be the key pieces for them to complete a championship run complimenting Ibaka and Westbrook at each position

Pacers get Kendrick Perkins (exp) , Elfrid Payton and 1st round pick from OKC , Semaj Christon , 2nd from Orlando

E. Payton / D. Sloan / C. Watson
R. Stuckey / C. Fair
C. Miles / C. Singleton / D. Rudez
D. West / L. Scola / S. Hill
K. Perkins / I. Mahinmi / L. Allen

- select a good pick maybe PG or PF back-up

2015 sign Wesley Matthews as FA (3yrs 8mil/yr)
sign Greg Monroe as FA (4yr/60mil)
resign Stuckey and Perkins at a reasonable price
trade Ian Mahinmi to Toronto for

Paul George is back

E. Payton / S. Christon / pick
W. Matthews / R. Stuckey
P. George / C. Miles / S. Hill
D. West / D. Rudez / pick
G. Monroe / K. Perkins / S. Witthington



Magic say no. I love it as an Okc fan



Vucevic has progressed Hibbert degressed and Payton has shown tons of potential I'd rather keep him then have jackson magic say no.

Galaxy Gordon




27 Sep 2014 20:11:26

Bulls get Goran Dragic and 2nd round pick

Suns get Taj Gibson and Etwann Moore

Suns - Magic

Suns get Nikola Vucevic and Moe Harkless

Magic get Tyler Ennis , Alex Len and pick?

-sign J. Oneal

- next season sign Greg Monroe




Adik. u are undervalueing Vucevic



Vucevic is double-double > Len has proven nothing.
Harkless is a good/not great all round player who plays both ends> So far Ennis is on the bust radar.
Why would the Magic give up two of their starters for two backups.

Galaxy Gordon


Are u kidding me orlando says no





27 Sep 2014 18:55:02

Nuggets get Nerlens Noel

Sixers get Julius Randle , 1st round pick from LAL via Houston 2015 , 2nd round pick from LAL 2016

Lakers get Kenneth Faried and Quincy Miller


Lin / Nash / Clarkson
Bryant / Young / Ellington
Johnson / Henry / Miller
Faried / Kelly
Boozer / Hill / Sacre

- next season could sign Greg Monroe , he will be a good fit with Faried offense + defense



Lakers say NO



Boozer was a nice pickup for the LAL because of how cheap they got him for. He still can't play D though and in no way is he a center.



Sixers are not giving up Noel for Randle and a 1st that will be in the high teens to low twenties.

SAS Champs 2014




27 Sep 2014 18:24:40
Phoenix Suns

trade Tyler Ennis , TJ Warren and st Emeka Okafor to Indiana for Roy Hibbert and a future 1st round pick which they will send to Atlanta for Al Horford and Lamar Patterson , Hawks also receive Chris Copeland from Indiana

- Indiana get young talents to complete a rebuild when PG is back

- Horford could live the Hawks so Hibbert and a 1st will be a good return for him

- so the Suns get Al Horford and has a good chance to resign with them , Horford is a very good fit in their system

Indiana(when PG is back)
T. Ennis - G. Hill - C. Watson
C. Miles - R. Stuckey
P. George - T. Warren - S. Hill
D. West - D. Rudez - L. Scola
pick? or E. Okafor - I. Mahinmi

J. Teague - D. Shroeder - S. Mack
K. Korver - K. Bazemore - J. Jenkins
T. Sefolosha - D. Caroll - C. Copeland
P. Milsap - A. Payne - M. Scott
R. Hibbert - P. Antic - E. Brand

E. Bledsoe - I. Thomas - A. Goodwin
G. Dragic - Z. Dragic - G. Green
P. Tucker - M. Morris - L. Patterson
A. Horford - M. Morris - A. Tolliver
M. Plumlee - A. Len

next season st Morris twins to DET for Greg Monroe and Kyle Singler





27 Sep 2014 17:25:38
Sixer's get LaVine and budinger or barrea(whichever contract Woles want to dump)

Wolves get Grant,next year #1(Miami's),Moultrie

Sixer's get young wing player with high upside. Wolves get 2 young frontcourt guys with potential, a #1 for next year, and dump salary. Wolves jammed at wing(Wiggins, brewer, lavine)



Good trade.

SAS Champs 2014


Wolves say no



Instead of moultrie, Sixer's send grant, Miami's #1 next year, and Orlando's #2 next year(Sixer's have orlandoes, golden states, and nolas#2s next year) for LaVnie and either Barrera or budinger



Actually not a terrible trade for either team. I don't see the wolves trading Levine though. Even if they have a log jam at that spot.





27 Sep 2014 16:56:34
BOS - Jordan Hill

PHX - 1st pick from BOS (LAC or PHI) + HOU 1st pick from LAL

LAL - Joel Anthony + LAL 1st pick from PHX



Why do LAL do this? They get rid of a 1st and Hill for another 1st?

I think they should trade Hill for Perkins & a 1st from OKC. they get an expiring deal in Perkins and pickup another 1st rd pick.



Lakers have to act like a playoff team til they are too far out of the playoff race for PR and Kobe reasons.

Jordan Hill gets traded mid season for first if/when they tank





27 Sep 2014 16:46:36
Heat should cut: Brown, Dawkins, T. Johnson, Jones and Birch

Wade/R. Williams/Ennis
Deng/Granger/S. Williams
Bosh/C. Johnson/Hamilton

Deep team. Still good without James. May not be a contender but still a team which is strong.



Why cut brown? he could be a decent wade back-up and has championship experience





27 Sep 2014 16:39:34

DEN trade K Faried , J McGee
DEN get R Hibbert , L. Scola , 1st round pick from PHX

T. Lawson / N. Robinson
A. Afflalo / R. Foye / G. Harris
D. Gallinari / W. Chandler
J. Hickson / L. Scola / D. Arthur
R. Hibbert / T. Mozgov / J. Nurkic

PHX trade G Dragic , 1st round pick
PHX get K Faried , G Hill

I. Thomas / T. Ennis / G. Hill
E. Bledsoe / Z. Dragic / G. Green / A. Goodwin
P. Tucker / T. Warren / M. Morris
K. Faried / M. Morris / A. Tolliver
M. Plumlee / A. Len

IND trade R Hibbert , G Hill , L Scola
IND get G Dragic , J McGee

G. Dragic / C. Watson
R. Stuckey / C. Singleton / A. Thomas
C. Miles / C. Copeland / S. Hill / P. George
D. West / D. Rudez / S. Witthington
J. Mcgee / I. Mahinmi / L. Allen



Suns say hell no





27 Sep 2014 16:39:06
Det Rondo green

Boston Jennings Monroe 4y 60m 1st dp





Det can do trade but they will not use their draft pick for trade



Detroit will not trade their draft pick since they didn't have one this year. In addition they are not in a position that one rental player Rondo will put them over the top and noway is Green worth Monroe Jennings and a first round pick. Rediculous post.





27 Sep 2014 16:16:22

Phoenix get Aaron Gordon , Andrew Nicholson
Orlando get Goran Dragic , 2nd round pick





27 Sep 2014 16:04:13
New Orleans - LaClippers - Boston

New Orleans get Matt Barnes , Joel Anthony


La Clippers get Jeff Green , Russ Smith


Boston get 2nd rd pick from Nola , CJ Wilcox
- tank and get young player






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