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22 Jul 2017 00:27:34
The Cavs receive Batum, Green, Chandler, and a 1st from Denver

The Hornets recieve Irving, Shumpert, and Jefferson

The Spurs recieve Frye, a Hornets 2nd and Mudiay

The Nuggets recieve Walker

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22 Jul 2017 00:25:29
Cavs three next moves :

Trade Irving to NY for Melo and Ntilikina

Trade Love and Shumpert to Bulls for Wade and Lopez

Sign Derrick Rose

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22 Jul 2017 00:01:00
The Cavs get Beverly, Williams, Jordan, and a 2021 1st

The Clippers get Kyrie and Thompson.

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21 Jul 2017 23:51:47
The Grizzlies get Kyrie, Thompson, and Shumpert

The Cavs get Gasol and Conley

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21 Jul 2017 23:29:01
NYK: K Irving, C Frye (exp)

CLE: C Anthony, F Ntilikina, '18 1st (top 3 protected).

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22 Jul 2017 00:32:31
Not a chance cleveland does this. Dan Gilbert couldn't give two craps about Irvings " preferred list" of teams. Irving has zero say as to where cleveland trades him. And they will get a much better offer then this.

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21 Jul 2017 23:08:14
cavs : dragic, tj, okaro white
heat : irving

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22 Jul 2017 00:46:59
I know Kyrie listed the Heat as one of his preferred destinations but that means nothing since Kyrie doesn't have a no-trade clause and has 2 years and a player option left on his contract so other teams won't be discouraged. Cavs are going to do what is best for them and the direction they want to go. In fact, after Kyrie kinda screwed the Cavs over I could see them being petty and intentionally not dealing him to any of the teams he wanted them to.

Realistically tho I don't believe Heat have the assets necessary even if they included Adebayo, Winslow and other pieces to this offer. If I'm Heat I'd try my best since Kyrie is a true superstar and at 25 young enough to truly build around and attract other FA.

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21 Jul 2017 22:11:05
Cavs - Knicks - Thunder

Cavs gets:
2019 1st rd pick Knicks (Top 3 protected)
2022 1st rd pick Thunder (Top 5 protected)

Knicks gets:
Future 2nd rd pick Thunder

Thunder gets:

Cavs move on from Irving and Love and replace them with some solid veterans and a star in Melo. They are doing this trade knowing Derrick Rose will sign with them. They are also bringing back Williams as their backup PG.

Knicks make this move to get a star in Irving that can help them make the playoffs. Sure they lose some bench depth but they take that risk for a player of Kyries caliber.

Thunder go in full win now mode and get Love as a stretch 4. They are not as deep at the center position any longer but get on of the best starting fives in the league.

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21 Jul 2017 23:09:18
It's hard to explain how absolutely horrendous that is for Cleveland. Maybe the worst trade in NBA history.

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22 Jul 2017 00:49:25
Knicks would have to include Ntilikina, their 2018 1st with little protection (like top 3 only), melo and other pieces to have a shot at Kyrie but I'm not certain they'd be able to make an attractive offer to Cleveland without including Porzingis.

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21 Jul 2017 22:14:58
Cavs Receive:
Matthew Delladova
Jabari Parker
Mirza Teletovic
Jordan Clarkson
Julius Randle
Corey Brewer
Larry Nance
Greg Monroe
Bucks 1st Rounder 2018

Bucks Receive:
Kyrie Irving
JR Smith

Lakers Receive:
Lebron James
Bucks 2019 1st Rounder

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21 Jul 2017 22:30:08
So the Cavs receive 8 players for 3 so that means that they will then have 19 players under contract after this trade. Seems logical.

Oh and you also trade back to back picks. Makes total sense and is legal in the collective bargaining agreement.

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21 Jul 2017 23:34:20
A lot of players getting received. Who getting cut?

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22 Jul 2017 00:52:50
I think Bucks would need to include better pieces alongside Parker like Maker or Brogdon or someone to make it work for Cavs. No idea what Lebrons value is on a 1 year rental but I'm sure most teams in the NBA would be willing to give up more than the Lakers are here for just a year of Lebron. I think Ingram or Ball would need to be included in order to start the convo.

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21 Jul 2017 22:14:17
Before I get lost in the sea of Kyrie Irving trade scenarios...

The most simple idea would basically be Kyrie for Melo and Porzingis. It doesn't work salary wise though.

So. We either need more players and/or more teams. Let the scenarios commence!

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21 Jul 2017 23:03:02
Yeah, I think if NY wanted Kyrie, it's the only thing that makes sense. Though it would probably be Irving and love for Melo and porzingis (with other contracts thrown in to balance it out) .

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21 Jul 2017 23:11:07
Porzingis is more valuable than Irving straight up.

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22 Jul 2017 00:55:48
Ya I think realistically Porzingis would have to be involved in a Kyrie trade since I don't think Ntilikina and their 2018 1st is enough. If Cavs were willing to take Melo back I'd assume they wouldn't be having a fire sale with their remaining players and would try to compete for a year and convince lebron to resign. If this was the case they'd need to acquire a starting caliber point guard (I guess Rose is an option but not too attractive of one) so I think a 3rd team would need to be involved.

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21 Jul 2017 21:18:40
Cavs Thomas Crowder 2018 nets pick

Celtics Kyrie Irving

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22 Jul 2017 01:06:15
Value is solid and would be a great move that would set Cavs up decently for the short term and long term (if Lebron leaves don't have to resign Thomas) . However, I think the fact that Boston and Cleveland are rivals complicates this trade since even if Cavs are taking the long route and want a complete rebuild the Celtics with Kyrie who is only 25, Smart, Tatum, Brown and their other draft picks are a team that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

This trade may make Celtics slightly worse in the short term and possibly even in the long term but it could make sense because it would save Celtics a lot of money in not having to resign Thomas (Kyrie signed 2 more years with 3rd year player option), Kyrie is younger, bigger (although not a great defender isn't as much of a liability as 5ft 9 IT) and proven (unlike Nets pick) and opens up more minutes for young guys on the wing.

Personally if I were Celtics I'd try and lowball to start but I wouldn't be upset giving this up for Kyrie who is a proven playoff performer that is young enough to grow with the team and helps out a ton financially. I'd prefer giving up Tatum or Brown and one of their future picks instead of Crowder and Nets pick due to Crowder's cheap contract and the upside of the Nets pick which is likely to provide a young big man (things are kinda crowded on the wing already) .

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