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23 Apr 2014 18:41:25
Magic plans

Orlando gets s&t Greg Monroe 5yrs $60million
Detroit gets Aaron Afflalo and Moe Harkless

Orlando gets Reggie Jackson, Thabo Sefalosha s&t 3 yrs $7.5 million, and Kendrick Perkins (expiring)
OKC gets #13 pick (Zack Lavine), Andrew Nicholson, and Jameer Nelson

Drafts Jabari Parker (or Andrew Wiggins if Parker gone)

Pf. G. Monroe/ K. OQuinn/ J. Maxiell
Sf. J. Parker/ T. Harris
C. N. Vucevic/ K. Perkins
Sg. V. Oladipo/ T. Sefalosha/ D. Lamb
Pg. R. Jackson/ E. Moore/ R. Price


Thats a good team


This team has no rim protection.




23 Apr 2014 18:28:06
IF the Lakers don't receive a top 3 pick and they trade it, they should send it to Chicago for Taj Gibson and the 16th pick.

-16th pick, draft Tyler Ennis

Trade Kendall Marshall to Spurs for 60th pick

-60th pick, draft Thanasis Antetokounmpo (brother of Giannis): 6'7 with 6'8 wingspand, athletic, quick and is considered one of the best defensive prospects in the entire draft. He's a 2nd rounder cause his low basketball IQ and inconsistent scoring.

Cheap Signings
-Chris Kaman
-Nick Young (not so cheap)
-Kent Bazemore
-Jordan Farmar
-Ryan Kelly

Big Signings:
-Loul Deng
-Greg Monroe

-Lionel Hollins

PG: Tyler Ennis/Jordan Farmar/Steve Nash
SG: Kobe Bryant/Kent Bazemore
SF: Loul Deng/Nick Young/Anteokounmpo
PF: Taj Gibson/Ryan Kelly
C: Greg Monroe/Chris Kaman/Robert Sacre


Are u saying Trade #4 pick for Taj Gibson and #16?!. no thanks. I'll take Dante Exum, Marcus Smart, or Julius Randle




23 Apr 2014 18:11:47
Wizards dream

- trade nene, porter, 2016 and 2018 1st round picks for love and turiaf
- resign ariza (4-year, 32m)
- resign gortat (4-year, 36m)
- resign booker (3-year, 9m)
- sign meeks (3-year, 15m) - MLE
- sign harrington, temple and gooden for minimum

Wall / miller / temple
Beal / meeks
Ariza / webster / robinson
Love / harrington
Gortat / booker / gooden


Key word. Dream




23 Apr 2014 17:20:50

CLE get- Monroe & Green

pg. irving/jack
sg. miles/delladova
sf. green/bennet
pf. thompson/varejao
c. monroe/hawes

DET get- Deng (s&t) J. Anthony, Zeller, & BOS (via BKN) 1st Dp & 2015 1st (via PHI)

Draft Vonleh

pg. jennings/bynum
sg. kcp/stuckey
sf. deng/singler
pf. vonleh/zeller
c. drummond/anthony

BOS get- J. Smith & Dion Waiters

Draft: Parker

pg. rondo/bradley
sg. waiters/bogans
sf. parker/wallace
pf. smith/bass
c. sullinger/olynyk/faverini


Too much for j. smith. Take out nets' pick






23 Apr 2014 16:21:30
Hawks' offseason

- draft lavine (15th pick)
- trade l. williams, jenkins and 43th pick for highly protected (31-55) future 2nd round pick of 76ers

cap space: 62, 1-43, 6= 18, 5m

- sign stephenson (4-year, 42m)
- sign ariza (4-year, 32m)
- sign j. hill (3-year, 15m) by using MLE
- resign c. martin (min. )

13-man roster:
teague - schroeder - lavine
stephenson - korver
ariza - carroll - martin
millshap - hill
horford - antic - muscala





23 Apr 2014 13:42:44
Bucks Off-Season

Knight/Wolters/Sessions (UFA)
- have plenty of salary
- have additional picks
- have young talents
- have trade baits

Bucks trade Sanders, Ilyasova, Raptors 2nd round pick 2014 (pick #48)
Heat trade Bosh
- get defense, toughness and ball-handling with Stephenson (who is UFA and also could be signed straight up)

Bucks trade Mayo, Session (s&t, 2y10m), 2015 1st round pick (top10 protected)
Pacers trade Stephenson (s&t, 4y 42m)
- get championship experience and mentor for Embiid with Bosh

Draft 2014:
- #1 pick: Embiid
- #31 pick: SF
- #36 pick: PF

- immediat playoff contender for years to come
- very special team with young talents (Giannis, Embiid, Henson, Stephenson, Knight) and veterans (Bosh, Delfino, Pachulia)


I love trade 1 but trade 2 is not good. They could just sign Stephenson without trading Mayo and the Pick. I would do trade 1 and sign Thabo Sefalosha. He is a player that has started on a championship calibur team for about 5 years.

Pf. Bosh
Sf. Freak
C. Embiid
Sg. Sefalosha
Pg. Knight
6m. Mayo




23 Apr 2014 13:22:09
Pistons trade Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Smith, Jerebko
Pistons get Deng, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Bucks pick 2015 (top6 protected)

Cavs trade Deng (s&t, 3y 36m)
Cavs get Sanders, Jerebbko (expiring)

Bucks trade Sanders, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36), own pick 2016 (top5 protected)
Bucks get Rondo, Smith

Celtics trade Rondo
Celtics get Monroe, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36)

- in draft go after PF Randle/Vonleh or after SG Exum/Smart
- add Bucks 2015 pick in deep 2015 draft
- in 2016 let Jennings, Mayo and Pachulia walk and sign major FA at PG and resign Drummond

- trade Hawes in s&t for future 2nd round pick
- get have enough cap space for FA 2015
- have a couple of picks for 2014 and 2015 draft

- draft Embiid with own pick
- have enough cap space to sign another FA at SF (or SG, Giannis can play both)
- Knight and Henson 6th man

- draft Smart or Exum at PG
- resign Bradley (4y 24m) and Bayless (2y 8m)


Bucks say no.

Smith is future Amare contract. Probably cost a second round pick to get just so Det has the money to keep Monroe


Boston says. um no




23 Apr 2014 08:52:46
Another piston dream
Draft day trade
Det Pick 8 & 38 to chi for pick 16 & 19
Draft A. payne & best sharpshooting /3D sf left
Retire CB
Sign Lance Stephenson 4yr 40-44mil
S&t Monroe for Bledsoe
Trade smith for KG/stat/barg
Trade Jennings for Nelson/expiring

2015 around 20+ mil cap sign Love+ sf or bench depth
#s work but it's not going to happen but what a squad if it did.


Suns won't trade Bledsoe


Bledsoe far more value than Monroe atleast to the SUNS as Monroe does not fit in the Suns scheme.


^why not? A center like Monroe would be awesome on suns.


I didn't think I put anything to crazy in this post.


I admit, suns do need a low-post presence like Monroe who can score with his back to the basket. Just not for the asking price of Bledsoe. He's the future of our team. Just make Monroe an offer in FA and if pistons match, work a s&t built around our draft picks, not Bledsoe




23 Apr 2014 04:08:44
Bulls monroe 4y 50m

Det butler Gibson 1st dp

Amenstie boozer sign melo trade dunlevey



Bulls are not giving up that much for Monroe.




23 Apr 2014 03:59:09
Pistons - Pelicans - Pacers

Pistons trade G Monroe (s&t)
Pistons get E Gordon, Pelicans future 1st round pick

Pelicans trade E Gordon, Pelicans future 1st round pick
Pelicans get R Hibbert

Pacers trade R Hibbert
Pacers get G Monroe (s&t)


Must be a Pelicans fan - Pistons and Pacers get hosed. No way can you parlay a bad contract player (Gordon) into Hibbert, or even Monroe. xxx




23 Apr 2014 03:02:10
Knicks Trade: Amare Staudemire & Iman Shumpert
Milwaukee Bucks: OJ Mayo, Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Carlos Delfino

Knicks start their rebuild with Mayo & Sanders & lower their cap slightly. Additionally they add mid-level contracts which they currently lack and which will allow them more flexibility in future trades.

Milwaukee gets out from under two disappointing contracts in Mayo & Sanders, while adding STAT, who is a veteran with an expiring contract who can mentor guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo & potentially Joel Embiid. Milwaukee also gets Shumpert, who in a different environment, could have a lot of potential.


Start a rebuild with JR Smi. sorry, OJ Mayo?

Terrible for both teams.




23 Apr 2014 02:49:04
Knicks - Portland - Atlanta Trade

Knicks Trade: Tyson Chandler
Portland Trades: Wes Matthews & Robin Lopez
Atlanta Trades: Dennis Schroder

Knicks Receive: Dennis Schroder & Wes Matthews
Portland Receives: Tyson Chandler
Atlanta Receives: Robin Lopez

Knicks: Get a highly regarded young point guard of the future & a solid wing, allowing them to trade JR Smith (if anyone would take him) or Shumpert
Portland: Gets a defensive anchor to put next to Aldridge
Atlanta: Gets a starting quality center with size who is consistently healthy

If this happens during the offseason the salaries work.


You're right, Knicks get a promising PG and a solid wing. In return they give up a broken down declining talent. Hmmm.


Portland already has a defensive anchor, there's no way chandler is worth that much at this point in his career with how much he makes. I actually think Lopez is a lot like a young chandler. Both late bloomers, both worth way more than their stats show.


Wilt Chamberlain would break down protecting felton apposing pg off the penetration. Felton and Lin elite status when it comes to being the worst defensive pg in the NBA




23 Apr 2014 01:34:13
Pacers - Pistons - Celtics

Pacers trade R Hibbert
Pacers get G Monroe (s&t)

Pistons trade G Monroe (s&t)
Pistons get J Green, Celtics 1st round pick (via Nets)

Celtics trade J Green, 1st round pick (via Nets)
Celtics get R Hibbert


Nice deal.


Pacers need to give up more, hibberts been exposed.


Playing with Rondo, Hibbert should drastically improve


Not even remotely close pacer fan.




22 Apr 2014 23:19:59
Pistons: Melo and Lawson

Nuggets: Monroe, felton and Caldwell pope

Knicks: Gallinari and Jennings


Knicks say hell no!


Enjoy galinaris knees nuggets fans. No one else will


Knicks had enough of these defenseless players like felton melo Hardaway Amare. Jennings and rooster will do the same. I want an defensive team win ugly basketball rooster who keep opponents in 80's and 90's. Ny style b-ball




22 Apr 2014 22:38:34


BULLS get Thabo, Jackson, Lamb and Dallas pick
OKC get Jimmy and DJ Augustin


Amnesty Boozer
Sign Melo (4 yrs, 86 mil)

BULLS Lineup:

G- Rose/Jackson/Hinrich
G- Thabo/Lamb
F- Dunleavy/Snell
F- Melo/Gibson
C- Noah/Nazi


Amnesty Perkins
Sign Pau Gasol (3yrs, 33 mil)

OKC Lineup:

G- Westbrook/Augustin
G- Jimmy/Fisher
F- Durant/Butler/Roberson
F- Ibaka/Collison/Jones
C- Gasol/Adams/Thabeet

Best defensive team in the NBA.


Okc will be over the cap, so, they cannot offer gasol that much. Only MLE (5m) is the way.




22 Apr 2014 21:22:08
Celtics s&t

Cs get melo
Knicks get Brooklyn pick

Celtics combine trade exception with humphries contract coming off the books and they have the equivalent (aproximatly 20 million) to the needed cap space to sign a max deal player (melo)


Not enough for Melo


The knicks will trade mello to celtics for their highest pick in 2014 draft along with a future first round pick, sullinger, Gerald Wallace, Avery Bradley.


Really? Top 10 player for a 20something pick? Ok celtics fan.


No one is trading for Wallace. It's not a positive to take his lack of talent and massive contract. Get real.




22 Apr 2014 21:13:23
Pacers may trade hibbert if they exit early

Celtics trade: Philly pick, use trade exception
And vitor favorani (better on offense and rebounding)
Celtics get: hibbert

If pacers really worried
Celtics trade pick this year, philly pick, vitor, Jeff green, Anthony, top 15 protected 2016 first round pick

Celtics get: hibbert, george




22 Apr 2014 20:52:51
Pistons' offseason moves

- draft vonleh (8th pick)
- trade monroe (4 years-58m), jerebko and 2017&19 1st rounders for shumpert and c. anthony (5 years-129m) via sign&trade
- sign j. hill (3 years-13, 5m) - MLE

Pg. Jennings (8m) - bynum (2, 9m) - siva (0, 8m)
Sg. Shumpert (2, 7m) - caldwellpope (2, 8m)
Sf. Anthony (20.8m) - singler (1.1m) - datome (1, 7m)
Pf. Smith (14m) - vonleh (2, 7m)
C. Drummond (2, 6m) - hill (4, 5m) - mitchell (0, 8m)
Total salary: 65, 4m

I think pistons can convince melo (max contract future and superstar drummond) to play in detroit, same way that houston did it for howard. Also, NY gets good return for melo.



Melo/Smith/Jennings on the same team?

There is only one ball in the game. All you need is Gay and you have the ultimate train wreck.


Can't give that much money to Melo


I have a lot of issues with this trade:

we need 1st rounders (ours next year is most likely gone, so with your trade, we would have 3 of the next 5 years of 1st rounders gone, can't DO THAT)

we can afford anthony

we don't want anthony

we don't need anthony

having anthony and smith on the same team means 25 shots a piece with a chance of 30% shooting and a lot of missed shots

paying him little over $25 million a year is ridiculous

he has high stats because he is one the worst ball hogs in the game


i give you credit but its unlikely




22 Apr 2014 20:43:51
Trade greg monroe s&t to nuggets for ty lawson

Draft noah vonleh #8

Trade jennings for sf like harkless and sign ariza



Dout magic would go for Jennings


No way nuggets Ty Lawson


Why draft Vonleh? Are you not moving Monroe to make room in the front court.




22 Apr 2014 20:32:35
Bulls and Magic

Bulls get Affalo and Nicholson

Magic get Boozer and both bulls picks

Bulls do it to get rid of boozer move Gibson over as he's proven to be productive and they get a good scoring backup pf in Nicholson whose not being used in orlando he's got a post up game with hook shots and a mid to 3 point range jumper also try get mirotic over. Affalo applies defense and shooting which fits thibs style, he can defend upto 3 positions and has a nice outside shooting percentage.

Magic do it so they can draft:
Orl- Exum
Den- Saric
Cha- Hood
Chi- Capela
Boozer is expiring and can help mentor a few Orlando's forwards like Harris, Capela etc. With their draft picks I have them draft Exum to will their need at pg and form a nice backcourt with Oladipo. Then Saric whose a 6'10 point forward and total mismatch at sf but as he made spend two years in the euro league I have them take hood who has fallen down the draft boards but is a good shooter from all over and outside defender. Then Capela who needs work but has promise as defender I see a lot of Serge Ibaka to his game which would help alongside Vucevic whose not much of a defensive player and Magic need some rim protection.

Rose, Augustine, Fredette
Affalo, Dunleavy
Butler, Snell
Gibson, Mirotic, Nicholson
Noah, Smith

Exum, Nelson
Oladipo, Moore
Saric/Hood, Harkless
Boozer, Harris, Capela
Vucevic, O'quinn


Pretty believable and fair trade


Good luck getting both picks cause that is a steal
magic fan btw


Good but boozer and vucevic playing at same time will be some horrid defense


Steal for the Bulls - they'd have to give at least one first to unload Boozer - Afflalo and Nicholson are gravy. xxx


If use boozer to mentor Capela and boozer is an expiring bad contract so magic should get more from this deal




22 Apr 2014 18:19:54

sign and trade melo with JR and felton to Pistons for Monroe and Jennings

2015 Sign Hibbert, Dragic and Jeff Green


Green-W. Johnson


Poser pistons fan you want melo, give Bynum Mornoe Josh Smith 8th pick for Felton Melo & Bargnani




22 Apr 2014 17:45:42
Magic need a point guard so olodipo can move to shooting guard.

Sixers trade Michael carter Williams and Thad young for magics first pick in this years draft and Arron afflalo.

Sixers draft exum to replace mcw with there's or magic pick.
With other pick Sixers either draft Embidd Parker or Randel depending on draft position. This varies based on how the lottery pans out.
With pelicans pick Sixers draft best player available at position that is missing in starting five after first two picks

Magic get a solid young point guard who proven in the nba
And Thad young who is a solid veteran who is younger then afflalo by three years to guide the team

Sixers get a solid young starting five. Afflalo acts as veteran leader until Sixers find a replacement.

Magic starting five

Harkless/Tobias Harris
Draft pick from ny

Sixers starting five if flexible due to draft position but they would have two top 5 picks ( one used on exum) and the tenth pick



Adjustment to magics starting five

Thad young at power forward.


Whats the point in this trade exum and mcw are pretty much a like but exum probs a better scorer and little more athletic and exum is friends with oladipo and said he'd like to play for magic or lakers. More chance with exum signing long term as well for future deals as foreign players tend to stay at their drafted clubs. thad doesn't really add anything that harkless and harris don't already do. Don't see this working


You're kidding right? Orlando would never give up their top pick unless it was for a superstar


I don't see it working because it's a dumb trade. It would be more realistic if it was magics 2nd first round pick. But I don't think that would ever happen either


Mcw is rookie of the year! Pairing him with olodipo the runner up for rookie of the year would be a crazy back court. Plus there friends.




22 Apr 2014 17:44:48
Step 1:
With the 2nd Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the 76ers select Andrew Wiggins 6'8" SG/SF.
With the 10th Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the 76ers select Gary Harris 6'4" SG

Step 2:
Trade the 32nd and 51st picks to Houston for their sole 2014 pick at 25
With the 25th Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the 76ers select PJ Hairston 6'6" SG
Trade the 38th and 55th picks to Phoenix for their 3rd 1st rd pick at 27
With the 27th Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the 76ers select Isaiah Austin 7'1" C
With the 48th Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the 76ers select Thanasis Antetokounmpo 6'7" SF

Step 3:
Philadelphia 76ers trade Thaddeus Young to Houston Rockets for Omer Asik

Step 4:
Hire Mike Woodson as Assistant Head Coach (adding depth and experience to coaching staff)

*New Philadelphia 76ers Starting 5 Roster 2014-2015 entering training camp:
PG Michael Carter-Williams/Tony Wroten
SG Gary Harris/PJ Hairston/Hollis Thompson
SF Andrew Wiggins/James Anderson/Thanasis Antetokounmpo
PF Nerlens Noel/Arnett Moultrie/Byron Mullens
C Omer Asik/Henry Sims/Isaiah Austin
*Jason Richardson - SG/SF - Possible use of Exemption


Idk about the asik deal but I like it otherwise. Brings in a lot of talent.


Why would PHX want the 38th and 55th picks for a first rounder? Lol, ridiculous. Keep dreaming. This isn't the NFL, 2nd round picks are worthless


Suns are not trading the 27th pick for two bad 2nd round picks. Maybe a future first round and a second will get the 27th.


It look like as of today, Austin is not in this draft.


^So you would accept the 38th pick and 55th pick for a pick somewhere between 25-29? Lol


Sixers will not trade for Asik, because he is an unrestricted free agent next year and they will not keep him.


I think the Suns will make a push to get Young. Maybe the 18 and 27 for Young.


Houston is not trading there first round pick for that


Sixers did not get one 1st round pick for Young at the deadline and now you want two?




22 Apr 2014 17:40:45
Bulls love

Wolves gibson mirotic butler 1st dp

Amensty boozer

Sign melo




22 Apr 2014 17:33:35
Chicago Bulls Trade 19th and 41st Picks in 2014 Draft and Carlos Boozer to New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

Chicago: Add Carmelo Anthony and 16th Pick
Knicks: Add Carlos Boozer 19th and 41st Picks


16th pick?




22 Apr 2014 16:56:35
Boston & Orlando

Boston get Affalo and Orlando 2015 pick
Boston draft Nurkic
Try and sign Melo who wants to play with Rondo

Orlando get Wallace and Boston 2014 pick
Orlando draft Embiid, Exum and Saric

Boston have already said they don't this draft as anything special so they get Affalo whose cheap at 7 million who plays good defence and has that nice outside game and get rid of Wallace bad contract and with the contracts coming off the books they made a fair bit of room to make a play for Melo or another free agent and I have them draft Nurkic as he's the best center available at their pick and they need a center or they could use their pick and other players like green bass etc to do a sign and trade for melo and chandler. They have Orlando pick 2015 which will be a lottery pick no dout so they can add to this lineup should be back in the playoffs next year.

Orlando take on Wallace bad contract but get another lottery pick for their rebuild draft Embiid and moving Vucevic to pf could be an interesting lineup with both at 7 foot. Not mention a 6'10 saric at sf who plays a point forward style. Then a backcourt of exum and oladipo that's a large lineup with tons of potential and their 2nd unit it's look good to Nelson, Moore, harkless, Harris, o'quinn.


Im still confused as to how you get Embiid and Exum? Not going to happen. Believe it or not The Top 6 picks are all worth much more than Afflalo.


Melo only reason to want to play with Rondo was because he was the only marquee PG that might be available for right price thru trade. Melo would never go to Boston. Rondo has shown without other marquee players around him, he not an elite PG. C's record showed. In fact Boston got worst as team when he came back. Crawford seemed like he did more for less of the cost. Celtics need a scorers for Melo and won't sign their. their are more pieces in place in NY and the only missing piece was a PG better than Felton Felton and Lin are these worst defensive starting PG in the league. thank god for Beverly. Or else Rockets would not be much better NY


^reply to first comment Affalo is better then Wallace and is cheaper saving cap space. Boston get a pick next year from orlando which will probs be a lottery considering how young their team is and the development they will need so the deal balances out the deal isn't affalo for a first rounder.

^ reply to the second comment melo has openly said he's not happy and he wants to win and by doing this he can either walk to Boston or I left it open for a sign and trade involving green bass etc and possible picks say bostons pick this year and orlando one next year Boston would get from the deal. That way Knicks don't get as screwed if melo wanted out. Knicks have injury prone shumpert & stadomire, aged chandler, felony Felton, bad bargiani. So why would he wanna stay their. Least this way Knicks it's open so the Knicks get picks and good players once stadomire expires they can make plays for future free agents say love etc but this is a different deal entirely.

To help those who can't handle the melo idea they could go after deng or Hayward and maybe have cash left for a big say Monroe. Or trade bass, green for s&t or say for Asik. But the main idea is to get rid of Wallace 10 mil a year contract.


I do like this deal as a Boston fan the idea of giving up a lottery pick does raise questions but losing Wallace to go with Humphries who expires gives us some cash to spend and affalo isn't a a star player but he's like 6-7 million and ranked as one the better sg's currently which isn't hard but still he's productive. We could also make a trade for josh smith whose friends with rondo and his stock is at its lowest so maybe able to get a good deal for him and play him where he's productive at pf playing defence and that mid range to paint game.


I would actually like that as a magic fan. I like wiggins/parker over embiid though. But that's just my opinion. I also think the 2015 pick should be somewhat protected




22 Apr 2014 15:01:31
If Pacers lose in the first round, post 2014 draft trade

Pacers - Timberwolves - Pelicans

Pacers trade R Hibbert, L Stephenson (s&t)
Pacers get N Pekovic, E Gordon, Pelicans 2015 1st round pick

Timberwolves trade N Pekovic
Timberwolves get R Hibbert

Pelicans trade E Gordon, 2015 1st round pick
Pelicans get L Stephenson


Pelicans cannot trade their 2015's 1st round pick.


After the 2014 draft, why not?


This would help the Wolves a lot. They need rim protection.


You aren't getting Hibbert for Pek.


T-wolves add J. J. Barea or A. Shved




22 Apr 2014 13:51:49
Celtics trade Rondo, Green, Bradley (s&t, 3y 20m)
Celtics get Monroe, Hayward, Jennings

Pistons trade Monroe (s&t 4y 48m), Jennings
Pistons get Thomas, Green, Evans

Kings trade Thomas (s&t, 3y 24m), Williams, Evans, 1st round pick 2016, 2nd round pick 2014
Kings get Rondo

Jazz trade Hayward (s&t, 4y 42m)
Jazz get Bradley, Williams (expiring), Kings 1st round pick 2016, Kings 2nd round pick 2014

- draft Wiggins/Parker with own pick, otherwise go after Exum/Smart at PG
- select best SG with Nets' pick

- try to land Smart or Harris at SG and C backup like Nurkic. can add KCP or Singler to trade up in draft
- playoff contender

- draft Randle or Vonleh at PF
- playoff contender from day 1
- in 2015 let Outlaw and Terry walk in order to resign Rondo (4y 60m) and Gay (3y 24m)

- need to land top3 pick to select SF Wiggins/Parker or C Embiid
- also have Warriors 1st, own 2nd rounder and Kings 2nd rounder to add either SF or PF/C
- get defensiv backcourt stopper Bradley to pair with Burke + former #2 pick D. Williams at SF/PF


Rondo has already said that he won't play in Sacramento.


Pistons will not make that trade unless they can unload Smith as well. In addition, Smart is not a better player the KCP. The Pistons will take the best PG or SF available. U have to be a Celtics fan as they get everything and everybody else gets screwed.


Celtics need picks in that deal


That was a smoke screen on Boston's part. OF COURSE they like the draft, but you don't say that out loud and loose negotiating leverage




22 Apr 2014 12:21:18
Celtics - Pistons - Magic

Celtics get Smith, Monroe s&t, affalo
Sign a sf free agent melo, deng or Hayward

Pistons get Bass, Green, Boston pick
Draft exum

Magic get Wallace and piston pick
Draft embiid, smart and saric

This is based on mocks if Parker falls to the magic and wiggins and embiid go 1 & 2



Celtics build round rondo they get two productive bigs one being rondos friend. Then add affalo whose defense and outside shot partners up nice next to rondo. They lose Wallace crap contract. With a few contracts coming off the books this year and next they can sign a free agent sf, some will say they can't afford melo but if they is contract is less the first year and high the rest they can afford him if not deng and Hayward are good fits.

Pistons get rid of the smith project get two product forwards to surround Drummond and draft the combo guard exum who gives them a second ball handler and figure out if they wanna keep Jennings.

Magic get Wallace but another top 10 pick they draft embiid whose got all star potential move vucevic to the pf position Pau gasol type also take saric whose an all round player but his size at 6'10 at sf will give him an advantage over some. Drafting smart to go alongside oladipo gives orlando a great defensive backcourt. Also makes orlando one of the largest lineups to face.


No sense for Orlando, the 8th pick is not worth giving Afflalo, while taking Wallace.


Im a magic fan and I would do that


The Pistons do not want a scrub like Bass and they will be trying toget rid of jennings and smith. KCP is thier starting SG next year. I take Exum as my PG but not my SG.




22 Apr 2014 12:19:26
Bulls - knicks

Bulls gets melo (5-year, 118m)
Knicks gets boozer, 16th&18th pick

Draft gentile (48th pick)
Resign hinrich (2-year, 5m), mohammed (min. )
Sign j. o'neill (2-year, 5m), mack (min. ), l. allen (min. )

Rose - hinrich - mack
Butler - dunleavy
Melo - snell - gentile
Gibson - allen
Noah - oneill - mohammed

- after adding melo to the roster, bulls are a real contender.

Trade felton, jrsmith, prigioni and 2 future 2nd rounders for nelson
Draft hood (16th pick), napier (18th pick)

Napier - nelson
Shumpert - hardaway - murry
Hood - w. johnson
Amare - boozer - tyler
Chandler - bargnani

- knicks have their 2015's 1st rounder, so, it would be a short rebuilding for NY.

Knicks in 2015

Dragic - napier
Shumpert - hardaway - murry
Hood - johnson
Love - bass - tyler
Jordan - koufos






Knicks won't trade with conference without getting 2015 Kings pick also.

with Afflalo and Oladipo why orlando add a 3rd SG JRSmith, and the 2nd worst starting in NBA behind Lin-coward make 15 mil next yr accept backup role Beverly


How does Dragic end up with Knicks? And how do people think this is believable? Lol




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