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30 Nov 2015 16:27:56

Suns gets E. Fournier / A. Gordon / C. Frye

Magic gets M. Morris / P. J. Tucker / D. Booker.

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30 Nov 2015 07:00:43
Celtics finally gets Boogie in this Trade.

Celtics trade: Lee, Zeller + Nets 2016 Pick and Celtics 2016 Pick

Kings trade: Cousins and Acy

It works for both. Kings are far away from the play offs and need a new start.

Celtics need a star - BOOGIE. And Brad Stevens will make him a better player. and person.

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30 Nov 2015 10:01:06
I think the Celtics will wait until draft night to trade for boogie. If the pick is 1-2, they'll keep it, if 3-5 they'll package it with their own and some young talent (rozier, smart, olynyk etc) for him.

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30 Nov 2015 14:30:52
Yeah, the celtics can wait all they want, the kings aren't going to sit there and go ok, make sure that we aren't getting a really good deal for the top center in the leauge. We'll wait around, reject other offers, just to make sure that this works out best for you, not for us. News flash to celtics fans, there are many many other teams that want Cousins. Obviously most can't offer the same type of package, BUT, that doesn't mean they have the leverage to force the kings to wait. Come on now.

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30 Nov 2015 16:04:10
Agreed pizza, but I think the Celtics would rather miss cousins than give up the #1 pick for him. And honestly, how many teams are lining up to give up he premium price the Kings want for cousins (and have the assets)? I see maybe a hand full.

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30 Nov 2015 18:19:36
@BenMiller No team in the NBA would rather "miss Cousins".

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30 Nov 2015 04:39:46
Mega deal (LAC/Phx/NYK)

Clips gets Morris and Melo

Phx get Griffin
- Knight, Lance, Tucker, Griffin, Chandler

Knicks get Bledsoe and Warren
Bledsoe, Affalo, Warren, Porzingus, Lopez.

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30 Nov 2015 05:13:34
Suns need to give more.

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30 Nov 2015 05:16:17
Phx get Griffin and Lance*.

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30 Nov 2015 15:16:34
Thanks for clarifying that Succeed. We thought that Phoenix was getting way too much to begin with. It's nice to know they also get a starting 2 guard. Phew.

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30 Nov 2015 03:08:33
Orlando gets Nerlens Noel and A. Payne

Philadelphia gets Shabbaz Muhammad and A. Nicholson

Minnesota gets Victor Oladipo.

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30 Nov 2015 05:28:10
MIN sucks way too much value from the deal.

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30 Nov 2015 12:46:33
Not giving up Oladipo for Noel when I already have a better Center than Nerlens (Vucevic) in my lineup.

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30 Nov 2015 14:38:54
Sixers pass on giving up Noel for nothing. They'd rather watch him deveop.

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30 Nov 2015 01:31:31

Bucks need to switch their offense and start having Moose/Parker/Giannis taking shots.

Memphis needs more outside shooting if they want to make a push this year. With Conley entering FA, Memphis needs to make it very clear they have enough pieces to keep him here long term.

Mayo and Plumlee for Adams and Wright.

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29 Nov 2015 21:38:41
I'm curious as too when the Bucks will realize that Jabari Parker is not a power forward? They have no room for him at the sf spot. So I'm interested in some trade ideas between bucks and Sixers. Sixers would love Jabari at the sf spot.

Sixers have a lot of assets to get a deal done. Only untouchable I think on their end is okafor who they love. That leaves Noel, the Sixers four first rounders this year ( lakers are top three protection this year and none next year), Embiid and saric as tradable prieces that might interest the Bucks.

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29 Nov 2015 22:06:49
Why would sixers love Parker?

Sixers are obviously tryna tank every year untill they find a one of a kind franchise player okafor, embiid, jabari paker aren't special franchies players

So sixers are giving away all players with talent

If bucks want noel they can probably get him for a 1st round draft pick
Because sixers don't want any talented players in return.

Noel is going to get traded close to deadline to a lottery team

I don't think sixers are going to win 5 games this year.

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29 Nov 2015 22:40:28
Bucks won't trade Parker but what about
Covington and sixers first for
Parker and a second.

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30 Nov 2015 01:29:36
I think a trade would be something like Noel and Miami or Okc pick for Parker. I think that's close to max the Sixers might give. Not a bad return as Noel would really help the Bucks starting five. He'll finally be able to play center which really would help and with Monroe next to him it could be a nice mix.

So Sixers get Parker

Bucks get Noel and two late first rounders.

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30 Nov 2015 10:03:04
I don't see Noel and Monroe being a "nice mix"

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30 Nov 2015 14:40:13
I think Noel would balance monroes lack of defense at the rim. All Monroe would have to do is play close to his man and put a hand up. If his man goes by him noels waiting at the rim as a stopper. He's proven to be a great help defender.

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30 Nov 2015 15:20:02
Noel and Monroe would be an absolute dead zone offensively. The Pistons were terrible down low with the combo of Monroe and Drummond because neither have range and it's just a big space filler. Noel is as limited, if not more so, than Drummond. Sure, he can help defensively, but his benefits defensively will be completely wiped out by his non-existent offensive game/range. It would be a bad mix, especially with what the Bucks ultimately want as their offensive plans.

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29 Nov 2015 19:52:07

Hornets get Humphries and Oubre jr

Wizards get Zeller and Hairiston.

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29 Nov 2015 19:51:39

Hornets get Kaman and Connaughton/Crabbe and a 2nd rd pick

Blazers get Zeller and Hairiston.

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29 Nov 2015 19:36:49

Wizards get Ed Davis and Crabbe

Blazers get Dudley and Oubre jr.

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29 Nov 2015 20:28:25
wiz are giving up a starter for no one

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29 Nov 2015 08:10:03
Celtics - Clippers - Sixers

After the Clippers project did not work-the must make some changes

The trade:

Celtics get: Deandre Jordan, Covington

Clippers get: Noel, Sullinger, Lee ( (exp. -waive) + 2016 Mavs Pick

Sixers get: Josh Smith, Lance Stephenson, Marcus Smart + 2 2nd Rounders

There is no loser in this trade.

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29 Nov 2015 08:43:47
Celtics are the loser lol why would they want an idiot like deandre.

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29 Nov 2015 14:38:37
Divers are losers. They get what, 3 players known for awful attitudes and immaturity? Only one is young enough of a prospect to be somewhat excused, smart. So the sixers give up their best defender and a role player wing for lots of salary, crappy players, one prospect and even more seconds. Pass.

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29 Nov 2015 18:31:03
Sixers lose. And Sixers pass. Smart isn't worth Covington and Noel. He's more of a defense player but not as good as Noel is on defense. So what's the point.

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29 Nov 2015 19:07:10
Smart is a better prospect than Noel is. Smart's upside is Westbrook; Noel's is Dalembert.

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29 Nov 2015 20:58:56
Ha! Smarts upside is Westbrook. Where in the world have you seen Westbrook production from smart. He's purely a defensive player. Can't shoot. Thai is why the Celtics rarely can score. Westbrook is a superstar. Smart doesn't even beat him in any single category.

Noel I think would be loved on the Celtics. He's from Boston. He loves Boston. But unfortunately in this trade they're sending him to the clippers. Him and Blake griffin could work together but still. He's not deandre Jordan. I don't see how this helps them.

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30 Nov 2015 15:26:26
BHC, smart's upside is closer to kobe bryant/michael jordan. Well, that if you can infuse Jerry west into it. He clearly is projected to be the best in the history of the world.

So now, speaking in reality. that is such a ridiculous talent evaluation. Smart, perhaps he could develop into a fringe all star pg, but most likely, nope. I would guess his BEST could be like the impact of george hill/mike conley, which is great, but absolutely NOT an MVP candidate.

Noel, his prospects are Dalembert? Seriously? Dalemberts best year was 10 points, 10 boards, 1.9 blocks. with the sixers. Noel, in his second year, is already at that. You seriously look absurd with that post. I am not sold on Noel being a franchise cornerstone, but I would say his game is more along the lines of Deandre Jordan. Rebounding/defensive/dunking specialist. Great player to build around, potential all star, not a franchise cornerstone.

Westbrook? Dalembert? Ridiculous.

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30 Nov 2015 18:22:14
Marcus Smart's peak will never amount to Westbrook's rookie year.

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29 Nov 2015 04:16:10
Bulls receive
Victor Oladipo and two seconds

Magic receive
Joakim Noah (exp) and Kirk Hinrich (exp)

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29 Nov 2015 05:00:28
Magic say heck no.

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29 Nov 2015 04:10:02
Lakers 2016

Draft Ben Simmons

Sign a vet sg that plays defense

Lakers Cousins

Kings Russell Hibbert sign and trade 4y 52m

SG vet

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29 Nov 2015 05:01:10
Dude Russell and Hibbert won't be enough to get cousins. It would take at least Russell and Randle.

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29 Nov 2015 14:39:55
Especially a sign and trade. If the Kings wanted hibbert they would just sign him to that contract with the salary cap boom. This is essentially Russell for cousins straight up. Which is hysterical.

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29 Nov 2015 14:40:34
It'll take Russell. Randle. And clarkson. At least. Like it, don't like it, that's what the going rate will be. Sorry.

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28 Nov 2015 23:07:34
Melo Seraphin Early Galloway
Morris Tucker Bledsoe Warren


Knicks sign Boozer

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29 Nov 2015 05:19:58
You adjusted the rosters all messed up.

Suns get melo

Knicks get Bledsoe, len, warren,2 1st round draft picks 2016,2017

Knicks will accept this offer

Morris has no trade value he's going to be miserable anywhere he goes. morris only wants to play with his brother. which is going to end his career short

Tucker has NO trade value (zero)

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29 Nov 2015 15:39:20
That's too much for Melo. Take out a first and it's a bit more reasonable.

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29 Nov 2015 19:55:59
A PHX perspective. You can keep Melo in NY. So, that ends most of the trade right there. & you're also not getting Bledsoe. Wanna revise the deal to have Morris and/or Tucker from the Suns? Don't think NY has much to interest the Suns. so, no deal.

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28 Nov 2015 20:57:03
Another trade that the Cavs' could do via the 10.5 million Trade exception

Pelicans get
2018 first round pick
Trade exception

Cavs get
Ryan Anderson

This would provide quality shooting behind Kevin Love in the second unit and create an opportunity to trade T. Thompson in a separate deal with Memphis.

Memphis gets
T. Thompson

Cavs get
Courtney Lee
Jeff Green

Cavs 2015-2016 NBA champs!

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29 Nov 2015 03:38:35
You guys can keep Thompson. He isn't going to be traded. I can't see who else would have given A deal like that!

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29 Nov 2015 05:23:50
Thompson is not on the trade block.
Cavs want him in case k. love gets injured again.

And is way overpaid, nobody wants to take on that contract for a person who is only good at getting offense rebounds.

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29 Nov 2015 15:40:08
Anderson trade good, Thompson trade bad.

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28 Nov 2015 19:11:25
Another trade that can bolster the Cavs bench

Timberwolves get:
2018 first round pick
Joe Harris and
partial trade exception (to make salaries work)

Cavs get
G Kevin Martin.

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28 Nov 2015 19:24:20
Can't trade the exception with a player.

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28 Nov 2015 19:39:18
The CBA does not allow an exception to be added to another exception or a player to match a higher salary. However, since both teams carry exceptions, this trade can still be done legally:

CLE absorbs Martin with the $10.5 mil Haywood exception (leaves $3.5 mil TPE)
MIN absorbs Harris with the Brewer TPE

For value, Martin has been pretty bad this year, so I can understand if people say they wouldn't give up a late first for him. I expect him to return to form though, with his personal strengths and weaknesses, and for CLE, increasing their chance to win games probably trumps any bench rookie they'd draft in the 25-30 range.

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28 Nov 2015 20:02:03
Kevin Martin has been awful this year, like you just said. You can expect him to return to his old form, but GMs don't. He is a jump shooter, who is coming over an injury riddled year, which ended in a broken wrist. He is turning 33, in his 12th year. His career is riddled with injuries, there is no reason to believe he finds some magic potient and returns to his prime form. He just isn't valuable. Absolutely not worth a 1st.

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28 Nov 2015 20:39:27
Kevin Martin would not be asked to play more than 15-20 mins a game to provide much needed shooting/offense off the bench.

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29 Nov 2015 02:03:28
This is true. But you realize he's shooting like 33% fg and 25% from 3. What's the point of having him, let alone for a 1st?!?

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29 Nov 2015 05:29:43
So your willing to trade a late 1st round pick for a player who's only going to play 15-20mins?

Iman shumpert is still injured, kyrie is still injured give cavs untill February to panic and give their draft picks away

Cavs are just fined. Wait untill kyrie returns.

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29 Nov 2015 15:32:34
When's shump coming back? Every time I see something on him it's him remixing rap songs.

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