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30 Mar 2015 13:27:45

Kings trade Cousins, Collison, Thompson
Kings get Lawson, Faried, Gibson

Nuggets trade Lawson, Faried, Hickson
Nuggets get Barnes, Lee, Collison, Thompson, Bulls 1st round pick 2015, Warriors 1st round pick 2015 (#30)

Warriors trade Lee, Barnes, 1st round pick 2015 (#30)
Warriors get Gasol, McDermott

Bulls trade Gasol, Gibson, McDermott, 1st round pick 2015
Bulls get Cousins, Hickson

- draft Cauley-Stein
- roster gives franchise a complete new face. perfect for coach Karl's system
- still a young team with room to develop (McLemore, Stauskas, Faried, Cauley-Stein), and if you add Lawson, Gay, Gibson, Landry and Miller to that core, you have an immediat playoff contender for years to come

- complete rebuild: Barnes, own pick #6-8, Bulls pick #20-22, Warriors #30 + all their future picks
- Lee is on an expiring contract, he will help Nurkic's development. Thompson's contract is not fully guaranteed for 2016/17
- trade W.Chandler in seperate trade for a future pick
+ 3 x 1st round pick 2015
- will get another high lottery pick 2016 to build a contender again within a few years

- Warriors' get championship experienced Gasol who is an upgrade over Lee, add another sharpshooter with McDermott who will just enter his 2nd year of his rookie contract.
- better cap situation in order to keep Green
- in 2017 Bogut, Iggy, Gasol and Curry will be off the books, sign another major FA at SF/PF and C and resign Curry. (Curry/Thompson/Green + 2 FA)

- resign Butler long-term, so he and Cousins can build the future of the Bulls (If Rose is healthy and more important can stay healthy, this would be an insane big 4! Rose-Butler-Cousins-Noah)
- still an immediat championship team with this starting 5 and a bench mob Mirotic, Brooks, Hinrich, Hickson and Snell

31 Mar 2015 02:32:08
Its a fair trade for kings but they won't do it. If they trade cousins then it would be for young players and for some picks.

28 Mar 2015 23:39:21
Bulls get Melo R.Jackson Early
Pistons get Rose McDermott
Knicks get P.Gasol Gibson 7th 21st



Knicks sign Draymond Green & Marc Gasol
Hardaway for Frank Kaminsky-18th


29 Mar 2015 18:53:40
The knicks may have the least athletic front court in the history of the NBA with green, Pau, Marc and Kaminsky. Knicks wouldn't have interest in doing this.

Still think if the balls fall correctly, knicks get Okafor, sign Monroe, perhaps rondo. And they have a rather solid lineup. Rondo(or jackson or dragic), hardaway/galloway, melo, monroe, okafor. Okafor will be solid for years to come.

31 Mar 2015 15:06:05
So let me get this right Detroit gets a player who has not played a full season in four years and a big contract, and a tweeter who can't play defense for Reggie Jackson. Detroit says no

27 Mar 2015 20:12:46
Min- Chi

Min gets Gasol and Mirotic

Rubio/ Lavine
Martin/ Neal
Wiggins/ Muhammad
Mirotic/ Payne/ KG
Gasol/ Pekovic

Chicago gets D'Angelo Russel and Gorgui Dieng

Resign Butler and Sign Brandon Bass

Rose/ Brooks
Russel/ Hinrich
Butler/ Dunlevey/ McDermott
Gibson/ Bass
Noah/ Dieng

Fair value?

27 Mar 2015 20:59:26
Bulls get wayyyy too much

27 Mar 2015 23:07:22
It would be fair if it was Marc Gasol not Pau

27 Mar 2015 23:08:23
minny say no

28 Mar 2015 00:52:41
How bout D'Angelo and Pek??

28 Mar 2015 13:36:40
How about the first is worth more. Gasol is an expiring contract at that point and mirotic, while not bad, he isn't really the most accurate shooter ever. He's shooting under 40% and not positive but isn't he older than most rookies? No reason to trade that top pick for any of that.

27 Mar 2015 11:33:59

CHI get: Lance Stephenson, Gorgui Dieng, & Noah Vonleh

Build for the future without giving up too much of the present.

pg. rose
sg. Stephenson
sf. butler
pf. gasol/vonleh
c. noah/dieng

MIN get: Mirotic, MKG, & CHI 2015 1st

Draft: Okafor or Towns

pg. Rubio
sg. wiggins
sf. mkg
pf. mirotic
c. okafor or towns

CHA get: Gibson, Martin, & McDermott

win now mode

pg. knight
sg. martin
sf. McDermott
pf. Gibson
c. jefferson

27 Mar 2015 12:47:11
Chicago not giving up much?? Mirotic is a ROY candidate who's double doubled since the AS break. Their 1st is going to be in the 20 range. Gibson is still a valuable trade piece, and while McDermott has not had a great first season, he'll still have some trade value. And all for the overpaid underperforming Stephenson, Dieng who wouldn't be a starter on this team, and the seldom seen Vonleh.

Bulls say no!

27 Mar 2015 13:31:46
I do like the trade as a Wolves fan, but Triangle O is right, Bulls are giving up a lot of valuable pieces for not much return

27 Mar 2015 13:46:49
i viewed it as Dieng would be Noahs eventual succesor, Vonleh would replace Gasol and Stephenson could run the point if rose doesn't return to form, and then they have money to max out Butler and sign another piece.

Future line up of:

pg. stephenson
sg. butler
sf. FA
pf. vonleh
c. dieng

27 Mar 2015 15:54:04
Dieng will be an All-Star in 2 years

27 Mar 2015 17:00:52
yea right dieng is just a ok player. I don't see any flashes of him becoming an all star.

27 Mar 2015 19:59:56

You don't watch the wolves then. Dieng has been playing very solid and it is just like the fourth year he has been playing 19p-11r-6b in one game is pretty good

27 Mar 2015 23:24:12
U act like i'm sayin he sucks when i'm not. i'm just sayin I don't see him competing with other players that play the same position for an all star spot.

27 Mar 2015 08:49:14
Chicago Okc Toronto

Chi get kevin durant

Okc get jimmy butler and terrence ross and raptors future pick

Tor get jeremy lamb and taj gibson

27 Mar 2015 11:11:26
Totally one sided for the Bulls

27 Mar 2015 11:52:52
That is a giid trade. I would love Jimmy Butler be Westbrook's partner when Durant leave and they also get a young athletic sf

23 Mar 2015 14:36:05
Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago bulls

What would you all think if Sixers bought Low on Derrick rose??

rose coming of yet another injury to a knee makes his value dimish considerably. Add in the fact that his contract is a ton of money and with jimmy butler becoming a free agent rose may become tradable. Sixers however have a ton of assets to get a deal done.

Sixers trade first pick this year
Chicago trade rose

Sixers have the cap and have shown willingness to take injured guys and rehab them.

Chicago now has enough cap to sign butler and another freeagent possibly. Plus a high pick in his years draft to build with.

23 Mar 2015 14:56:08
it just won't happen. he's just getting injured toooooo much and its really hurting his value. he's just way too fragile for sixers to expect that he will not get serioudly injured again. Really upsetting because he would've been probably Theeee best point guard in the league hands down if he never got injured. So sixers hold on to their pick.

23 Mar 2015 15:35:00
Go Sixers. Ok. I completely get his injury worries.

What would be fair value for a rose? Sixers have picks everywhere. Would the Miami pick be enough?okc pick?

23 Mar 2015 16:41:31
Don't think either of those picks would be enough. I think the magic number is pick #5 through 8.

23 Mar 2015 17:04:58
maybe wroten, cannan, lakers 1st. The reason why I said lakers 1st is because we may never get it and we r going to suck next year too so we will have our own high lotto pick and I really don't think that we will really need lakers pick to be good team and its not like that person with lakers pick is going to start. sixers already have a great bench and let's say the additions in this years draft would be Russell, hunter, marshall plumlee from duke, Christmas from Syracuse, and aarron Harrison. if we can trade those 3 pieces for him then it would be fair and rose can take a whole year off and rehab and be a mentor to Russell, ish, and hunter. but the sixers r going to focus on drafting their own players to create a franchise and hinkie has the picks to do it and all he needs to do now is draft the right players. when I look at rose I only see possibly a couple years left in him.

23 Mar 2015 17:35:11
Sixers would have no use for Rose. He's hurt more than he plays and he's aging. He won;t be good (if he's healthy) when the you Sixers are ready. It's a no.

23 Mar 2015 17:56:28
rose is 26 years old and apparently should be healthy come the playoffs. So his knee is semi corrected. His contract is a big issue for me as he's making 20 mil the next two seasons following this one. That's through 2016. If I was doing the trade I don't think I'd give up much to get him.

However I do like the idea o saying I trade Mcw for Derrick rose. And that's baiscially what we would be doing if we traded the Lakers pick for him. That seems pretty fair to me.

That give us a lineup of

First round draft pick

Assuming healthy that's actually a nice core.

23 Mar 2015 18:22:06
I think its really a waste of time talkin bout sixers trading for rose and a better conversation for a guy coming off a serious injury that sixers can trade for would be pg13.

23 Mar 2015 18:53:57
Maybe the Sixers would offer the Miami and OKC picks for Rose, not the top pick.

I just had an Andrew Bynum flash back. And a Jeff Ruland.

23 Mar 2015 19:52:03
I hear you on andrew Bynum for sure. We don't need that again. What makes you think pg13 would be traded btw?? I see no signs of that.

23 Mar 2015 21:13:43
Cuz we have the picks to get him and pacers can use more assets. Even with a healthy pg13 the pacers still were just contenders that will always fall short of winning it all.

23 Mar 2015 21:42:07
Go Sixers. I could see that. I think Sixers have the assets to get anyone on a none super team. But why would the pacer give up on their mvp potential guy. Those are rare. It's not surprising the team has dissapeared since he got hurt.

Plus I hear at the deadline they could of traded hibbert and west but chose to keep them for a chance to have them with pg13. So that seems like a long term thing. Sixer like to buy low not buy high. And pg13 value is valued highly by the pacers. got to look for undervalued guys.

23 Mar 2015 21:57:14
gosixers is possibly the worst commentor. Just contenders that will always fall short? By that you mean young, potential mvp and a bright future? I have issues taking sixers fans as great judges of potential seeing that they all claim embiid is the second coming of wilt chamberlain. gosixers has now said that paul george and the pacers weren't really good the last coupel years. immediately after saying plumlee is a legit starter in the nba based off all the games he watched in which he averages 2pts and 2boards. why don't you read up and come up with intelligent comments prior to throwing nonsensical junk out there like this. paul george for a future pick and 2 garbage players. suuuuuuure

24 Mar 2015 13:15:03
Pizza. I don't liek comment to often about other people posts but as far as the sixers fans go I can tell you why they're excited about Embiid. Unlike other areas outside of philly you really don't see anything on Embiid. But we've seen him in warm ups. Yes there just warm ups but they actually better then the games themselves!!

First off he's gained about 25 pounds of muscle. Is crazy how much bigger this guy is without looking out of shape at all. Second he's probably our second best shooter next to covington and that's a huge compliment. The other day they said he hit 23 or so threes in a row and instead of continuing to fire away he just said he's done for the day and went on to another activity. Then you see him dunk and you realize how ferocious this guy could be in the post. Got the talent for sure. Idk about wilt but definately could be a dominate center in the league. Health is the key for his career.

Hope that helps.

24 Mar 2015 16:42:04
The Sixers and fans have done the hard part- waited for two guys that were considered the #1 picks in the draft to get healthy. Will they be the second coming of Robinson and Duncan? I have no idea. But we've waited, patiently.

Although the Sixers record is pretty awful, they now have strenghts-
1. Noel and Embiid
2. An inexpensive future bench
3. The top international player on the way
4. A top 5 pick in a draft with the smalls they need
5. Two other picks in the teens, where they can get a PG
6. The Lakers pick, which in two years becomes completely unprotected.
7. A knowledgeable fan base that likes to see the young talent come together like the Phillies of the late 70s- early 80s.
8. Cap space.
9. A new, fresh culture of college level on-court defensive intensity.
10. A front office with an actual plan. Good or bad, its a plan that they're sticking to.

24 Mar 2015 16:55:50
I live in philly. What does his warm ups mean? You claim his shoot around is more important than real games? He got injured in shoot around. Injuries throughout his short career. Inability at both levels to stay in court. And his body broke down when he was 250. Now he is lazy and not a fan of conditioning. Gained 50lb after refusing to work with the conditioning trainers. None of his projects him to have a long healthy career. Hardly information to be banking on him being an elite center as most believe he will be in Philly. All signs point to him being injured continuously. Especially feet and back issues when you get and lighter. Those only get worse with age and his clear ability to slack in conditioning. That post doesn't help at all. Get him on the court. Then talk about how he is an elite nba player.

24 Mar 2015 16:57:23
Simply the issue is health. And all signs point to an injury prone lazy guy. Gained 50lb. Fights with conditioning coaches. Has feet problems. Back problems. And they will only get worse as he gets older and bigger.

24 Mar 2015 19:24:23
It's definately possible that he could have a injury plagued career. But using this same logic I guess we should give up on Durant as well since he has a almost identical injury? And also had a set back.

Warm ups are not more important then the game games. Never said that. But warm up can show you that this Guy can shoot. Which I think is true. He's got a consistent stroke and most important it goes in.

I don't think he ever gained 50 pounds. I think that was a false report. He never looked 300 poinds! He's a solid 270 though. Which is good I think. Need the weight to bang down low.

Truth is he looks like a beast. Has the tools of a beast. hasn't used any of those tool yet but the fact that he has them is encouraging. Truth is, if you don't like Embiid its solely on the injury potential not his basketball potential. We can agree to that.

26 Mar 2015 12:34:42
Why does everyone act like pg13 injury was like nothing. His leg freakin snapped.I doubt he will be the same player especially not a potential mvp anymore. I would love for him to prove me wrong though.

22 Mar 2015 03:46:05

Min gets Taj Gibson

Chicago gets Nikola Pekovic

*min would do this if towns was takin before them. The position that they need the most help in is Pf and Taj can start and produce.

*chicago is piled up at the PF position. They have Pau who is definitely a starter and Mirotic is getting very good. Nazr Mohammad is a vet but isn't the best backup center. Pekovic would be a huge upgrade at backup Center.

Chicago resign Jimmy Butler

Rose/ Brooks
Butler/ Hinrich
Dunlevey/ McDermott
Gasol/ Mirotic
Noah/ Pekovic

Min (has money to resign someone but they aren't a big market) Draft: D'angelo Russel

Rubio/ Lavine
Russel/ Martin
Wiggins/ Muhammad
Gibson/ Garnett
Dieng/ Payne

22 Mar 2015 17:21:18
Awful for Chicago. Pek is a bad contract and will likely never be healthy again.

22 Mar 2015 21:51:41
Yes Pek is a bad contract I agree but he is a solid STARTER and he is getting a lot of rest and is still young. He can average 18 as a starter for sure and is a big presence on the offensive end

20 Mar 2015 23:10:13
Knicks off season

Buyout : Jose Calderon

Sign : Brandon Knight, Arron Afflalo, Tobias Harris for between 10 and 15 millions each

Draft ; D'angelo Russel and trade him to Chicago for Pau Gasol

Resign : Jason Smith and Lou Admunson

Active options on : Langston Galloway, Alexei Shved and Quincy Acy

Knight - Galloway
Afflalo - Shved - Hardaway
Anthony - Early
Harris - Acy - Admunson
Gasol - Smith

16 Mar 2015 01:12:21
Min offseason

Resign: Robbie Hummel, Chase Budinger for cheap

Trade Kevin Martin for OKC 1st round pick (17)

Trade Nikola Pekovic for CHI 1st round pick (26)

Frees up 17 mil

Trade pick 17 and 26 for pick #14

Sign: Paul Milsap (4Y, 55mil), KJ mcdaniels (3Y, 14 mil), Jameer Nelson(1Y, 3m)

Draft (#1) Jahil Okafor and (#14) Devin Booker

Rubio/ Lavine/ Nelson
Wiggins/ Mcdaniels/ Booker
Muhammad/ Budinger
Milsap/ Garnett/ Bennett
Okafor/ Dieng/ Payne

16 Mar 2015 12:55:32
Okc pick goes to philly if it's above 18. Just FYI.

16 Mar 2015 21:27:53
I'm pretty sure I said 17

11 Mar 2015 22:09:22
Calderon Cash to Sixers 34th 44th
Larkin for Corey Joseph 4yr 16mil
Beverly 4yr 32mil
Early Hardaway for Terrence Ross
sign Crowder and Rasual Butler 2yr 5mil each
buy 2nd
big trade-Okafor for Noah and Gasol
sign Thanasis, Galloway Amundson Thomas league min

Beverly/Joseph/Galloway 13 mil
Ross/Butler/Thanasis 6 mil
Melo/Crowder/Thomas 26 mil
Gasol/R.Christmas-34/Amundson 10mil
Noah/Upshaw-44th/Diagne-56th 14mil
payroll 69 mil 8 mil picks, FAs, RFAs are sign

Bulls might need to turn the chapter with Rose. Butler and Okafor can be corner stone with another Chicago product in front the crowd.

Sixers need vet PG who can bring some leadership to young team and very low cost to get him.

Larkin is going cost Spurs less than Joseph. Larkin quicker, Joseph is better, but than again who is better under Pop.

Raptors need resign Johnson and Valanciunas
They lack offense and Hardaway is better offensive player than Ross and Ross overall game is better.

12 Mar 2015 01:12:00
I like it all except for trading okafor, if anything try to trade him some how for cousins or not at all and start melo at PF

12 Mar 2015 02:04:07
Sixers say hell no

12 Mar 2015 13:10:19
Sixers don't wnat Calderon. You keep him ny!

12 Mar 2015 14:25:21
wait. okafor for noah AND gasol? LOL

12 Mar 2015 21:32:00
Bulls owner is cheap. not only he saves in the trade. Okafor the home town kid jersey sell will be crazy in Chicago Similar to Rose. free money to sign Jimmy and still space to bring quality defensive player(chandler/Marc Gasol) next to Okafor.

Okafor/Gibson/Damian Jones

08 Mar 2015 14:25:00
Update on JaVale McGee sweepstakes:

Its down to six teams

Golden State Warriors
Chicago Bulls
Miami Heat
Dallas Mavericks
Toronto Raptors
San Antonio Spurs

08 Mar 2015 15:41:56
Who cares? McGee isn't a game changer. He's a role player that was paid way too much.

07 Mar 2015 21:28:11

DAL get Lance Stephenson and Bismack Biyombo


CHA get Taj Gibson and 2nd rd pick from Chi and Mike Dunleavy


CHI get Monta Ellis


06 Mar 2015 16:51:10
JaVale Mcgee sweepstakes:
Which team will fit him most?

Warriors, Bulls, Raptors, Spurs, Clippers, Mavs, Nets and Heat.

My pick would be Bulls (doesnt have a backup center)
2nd place Clippers (he'll fit well in the LOB city)
3rd place Heat (they're catching up and could snag Whiteside starting position)
4th place Spurs (could learn from one of the best bigman Tim Ducan and starts)
5th place Nets (need a backup big so they could start Plumlee and Lopez)

Spurs would be my choice. no big backup behind splitter

He wouldn't start over Whiteside

06 Mar 2015 03:11:59
Bulls get Melo Okafor Pacers 2nd
Knicks get P.George Noah Hibbert
Pacers get Calderon P.Gasol

Pacers Roster max out Marc Gasol 55 win

Bulls Roster Bull 21st kings 2016 McDermott to Pistons for Butler 8th-Cauley-Stein 58 win

Cauley Stein/Mirotic/Barlow

Knicks R Early for M.Jeitah Larkin for Andrew Harrison
Hardaway for 2 Sixers 2nd Upshaw RJ Hunter
Sign R.Jackson 4 50 mil Mathews 4 28 mil everybody else vet min


This knicks team is awful. Slow. And based entirely on George returning. Rather keep okafor and melo if you get the 1st. Also. No one wants Matthews now.

How in the world do the Bulls get melo okafor and a pick for Noah and gasol?

06 Mar 2015 13:55:48
Pizza you obviously like stats over winning and see defense monster like that as awful team. we asses talent differently. Fantasy team you right. Reality team I am right, so load up an all offensive team and I will load up an all defenisve team we will see in reality who wins when it comes playoff basketball. Knicks execute a successful type of offense. THe success of the offense is based on slowing it down and over sizing and over powering your opponents. you want stats higher offensively FG % and league best defense. JVG might beg for job back after leaving for 13 years

06 Mar 2015 13:58:17
what pick are you talking about? the 50th lol

Bulls got 50th pick in the draft.

they trade Their own pick and Kings unprotected from 2016 McDermott for 8th Butler.

06 Mar 2015 14:01:29
Mathews >>> any knicks guard right now. Thanasis potential as two player. Hardaway Okafor Melo not might type of players because they can't defend against quality oppenents. melo is best of one out of all of them and lol

06 Mar 2015 14:08:12
sub Jamal Crawford for Mathews

05 Mar 2015 16:13:23
Magic get Larkin Early Hibbert
Bulls get Frye Melo
Pacers get Hardaway (s&t) T.Harris Bulls Knicks 1st
Knicks get P.Gasol Gibson P.George Pacers 1st

Magic Roster

Pacers Roster buy 2nd from phillies

Bulls Roster trade 21st 3 sixers 4th

Knicks Roster sign Marc Gasol & Mathews

04 Mar 2015 14:22:40
upgrade on the bulls knicks idea from before

Melo Hardaway Early for Pau Gibson Bulls 1st

Bulls keep your coach, he is not running triangle offense. This will give great chance of landing Marc Gasol. Forgot Okafor. THe east best players play SF center PG. We need shut down defender in Stanley Johnson and package Bobby Portis Bulls 1st Marcus Camby / Tyson Chandler package. sign Mathews and Gerald Green at SG 4yr 28mil everyone else vet min


Bulls strengthen their defense
Hardaway for 2 Rockets 2nd
Early for 2 Hawks 2nd


Bulls can't resign butler, keep rose and add melo. And bulls aren't starting mirotic yet. He's too much of a liability defensively if they still have tibs.

This is easily the worst trade I have ever seen for the knicks on here. So, get rid of your star and your 2 young prospects. ignore the clear number 1 Okafor. pick a number 5-8 prospect instead to replace melo. and you have nothing else. this is terrible.

This is so bad

04 Mar 2015 17:38:37
if you sign Marc Gasol and trade for gibson and Pau Pizza why do need Okafor. instead get the best perimeter defensive coming out of college since Tony Allen or Artest. If you want to beat Lebron you need stop him. Johnson is that player without being offensive liability. Okafor could be the next shaq or Eddie Curry. Johnson represents defenense and that is what wins in this league.

04 Mar 2015 17:43:59
young generation who wants players who can't defend never scene or never will see NY win anything. Melo and Hardaway are not NY type players. wait to Thanasis join this team. landing Pau is secure landing the best center in the league. accept for Cauley Stein none of the tops pick at center can defend avg centers in the nba.

04 Mar 2015 17:48:04
Bulls can resign Butler their own player. they will pay a huge tax penalty but Bulls can afford their cheap owner might not do it but certainly can be done. Melo and Rose Butler Noah and stretch 4 Mirotic compliments Melo game inside with spacing. if he does not get it done trade Frye for Mirotic as T.Harris replacement at starting SF.

04 Mar 2015 17:49:26
when ever your best players is avg defender you will win a championship

04 Mar 2015 17:51:56
Mirotic McDermott for A.Gordon Frye


Do you have tourettes @ shizzee

Why do we need okafor who is 19 and costs 5 mil a year instead of taj and pau who are old, past their prime and cost 4 times as much? I'm confused of that was a real question. Knicks aren't looking for a temp fix. The Bulls can keep their role player and an old pau. Much rather have a beast center prospect.

03 Mar 2015 21:38:17

Knicks get:
Tom thibeadou, pau gasol

Bulls get:
Carmelo Anthony

Why bulls do it:
I'm a huge D-rose fan but the bulls need a player who can carry the team if Rose gets hurt. They can let butler walk and still have a great starting 5.


Why Knicks do it:
The triangle experiment is clearly not working. Trading melo frees up cap space. They'll have a top 5 coach and a better shot at landing Marc Gasol to go along with a top 5 pick.

Knicks get a 34 yr pau and a coach who will be out of a job at the end of the season for the arguably the one redeemable part of their team. bad deal

Im a knicks fan. why would we want that? So we have NO one that can play the 1, 2 or 3. but we have a pf and 2 centers and 15 mill owed to derek fisher? Still thinking if the knicks land okafor, they can snag monroe or harris for the 4, keep thj at the 2 or get iman back. and possibly a 1 of rondo (if cheap enough) or reggie jackson. hell, knicks could also make a run for butler, who knows if the bulls REEEALLY will match all offers. basically, no chance they would do this

Thibs is on contract past this year so he wouldn't be "out of a job". He's the best coach in the east. Good players win games. Good organizations win championships. That starts with a good coach. And the Knicks wanted pau this offseason. Not to mention trading melo would give them room to add a guard via free agency. News flash: unless they get the #1 pick the Knicks aren't getting okafor. And even if they do, he's not tim Duncan.

How are you saying championships win with coaches and then offering up a coach that hasn't won or been to a championship? The Knicks aren't mailing in on fisher and melo for a disgruntled coach and an old pf. Knicks are far better off getting a young prospect like okafor. Getting Monroe who wants to go to ny. Than trying to get a solid pg like rondo or Reggie Jackson. This trade makes zero sense for the Knicks.

All of the reports are that bulls management will do its best to oust thibs after this season. And he is a great coach no doubt about it.

If you really don't think coaching helps winning your insane. Tibs is in the top 5 winning pcts if all time for coaches with 5 years or more. How's Derek fisher doing?

01 Mar 2015 21:02:24
I made a Lakers offseason scenario a few weeks back (different account), and I don't quite remember all of the details-however I do remember I received a lot of positive feedback from not just my fellow Lakers fans, but from NBA fans as well. So here is another Lakers offseason scenario, more detailed with cap and contract notes. Enjoy

1. Draft day

IF and only IF the Lakers are able to keep their top 5 pick, let's say based off of mock drafts, they get pick #4; I think they should make this trade:
Lakers receive: Trey Burke (2.6M in 2016), Jazz possible 8th pick
Jazz receive: Lakers possible 4th pick

-Jazz already benched Burke in favors of Dante Exum. Next season, they will be getting back Alec Burks, who was seen to be the 6th man of the Jazz, a role and the position Burke is in. With the 4th pick, they have the possibility to get better by drafting D'Angelo Russell or Mudiay to be their future PG, and have the interchangeable back court.

Lakers Draft: Willy Cauley-Stein

2. Free Agency (available 30M)

Lakers have 30M available to spend BEFORE picking up the options of Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black, Jordan Hill and the trade I mentioned above however the Lakers have trade exceptions worth nearly 3M (possibly expired).

Weaknesses: defense, wing scoring

well, offer:
-Jimmy Butler (4y, 80m)
*Before Bulls fans start to say "He's staying" "Chicago is offering him the max" "He wants to stay in Chicago". Look at what's unfolding in your franchise. Your MVP point guard injures his knee EVERY season for the past 3-4 years! In other words, you guys are in a grey state: not a contending team and not a bad team. The Clippers of the East. You guys have a 61M payroll next season, the cap is expected to jump to 67M. The 61M payroll does not include the contracts of Kirk Hinrich (PO) and Aron Brooks (UFA) meaning you must either re-sign them or replace them. Even if you trade away Gibson (8.5M), that would place you guys at 53M, matching any max contract would place the Bulls salary above 75M. The expected luxury line is 77M. Is he worth limiting your movement or should you guys just try to go after Wes Mathews and develop Snell/Doug? It's just a scenario so don't panic.

-Rajon Rondo (3y, 33m - 1m less than current contract)
*Very possible, Kobe plans to recruit him heavily, and that spat with Carlisle isn't helping anything. I'm sure that wouldn't be the sole reason he leaves, but like I said, it surely doesn't help. Scott would give him freedom on offense as long as he defends because Scott has horrible offense strategy

3. Re-sign

-Ed Davis (2y, 8m)

Pick up TOs

-Jordan Clarkson
-Tarik Black

*Sadly, Robert Sacre would have to be let go (money, his contract steadily increases) and Jordan Hill would cost too much to keep--Lakers would have less money to spend

PG: Rajon Rondo/Trey Burke
SG: Kobe Bryant/Jordan Clarkson/(Rockets pick)
SF: Jimmy Butler/Nick Young/(Rockets pick)
PF: Julius Randle/Ryan Kelly/Tarik Black
C: Willy Cauley-Stein/Ed Davis

-Rajon Rondo can make Cauley-Stein look like gold. a lot of lobs and easy baskets around the rim
-Trey Burke can be what Reggie Jackson was for OKC, except no one will blame him (maybe Kobe, jk)
-Lakers get a shot blocker, which is what they desperately needed.
-Front court chemistry with Randle and Cauley-Stein
-Good all around balance of defense/offense

I said the Lakers had 30M to spend, with all additions, they would have spent nearly 36M, Meaning they are 6M over but not entirely over the luxury line.

Rondo isn't going to play for lakers. He might sign with rockets. he's much older now and he wants to win not rebuild

Its funny that you mention look at what is happening with the bulls. yeah, without rose they are in the top 3. Even when the lakers had Kobe, they were in the bottom. i'd EASILY choose to stay with the bulls if I was butler.

Rondo. he's on an old contract. And now in his prime you want to offer him less. Or he can go to any of the 5-10 teams that would be willing to be more like 15 mill per year which hell get and have a supporting cast besides kobe throwing up 25 shots a game at 35%.

The jazz will not give up trey burke AND the 8th for the 4th. Its always amazing how lakers fans thinking works. Just because its la means nothing. The major markets are chicago, new york and la. The lakers have so little upside because of kobe holding everything down. Chicago is going strong and at least new york has phil jackson, a top scorer in his prime AND tons of cap space. This is a miserable post.

I do however love how you claim to have gotten so much love for a prior post with a different name for which you can't find now.

02 Mar 2015 01:44:32
Jimmy Butler is not worth 20 million a year

Harris more realistic then Butler

Everything is reasonable, and in the case of the draft day trade, creative and fair.

That said, and no matter how much you try to ration it, the Bulls will keep Butler. Yes, Rose is out of the lineup more than in, but that's why they need to hold on to a rising star like Butler. Yes, their cap situation is not favourable, but it wouldn't be with or without Butler.

For the team options of players, teams have to decide it whatever they will pick up or not, before June 30, 2015. Also, Lakers is going to have $22-23M cap space. If they would trade for T.Burke, it would be about $21M.

Possible max contract for Butler won't be more than 4-year, $72M. Anyway, we know Bulls will match any offer for Jimmy.

1) got to commend you simply for having the contrasting qualities of being a lakers fan in 2015 and being realistic in the moves potentially made.

2) as a bulls fan, IF lakers offer butler 18-20 mil a year, bulls say no and probably blow it up or give snell a larger role

3) I think davis starts over caulie-stien

25 Feb 2015 22:12:59
Bulls get Okafor-1st Z.Randle Conley
Grizzlies get Pau Gasol
Knicks get Noah Gibson Rose Bulls 1st

Conley Butler Mirotic Randle Okafor

Calderon Allen Green PauG. MarcG.

Rose Hardaway Melo Gibson Noah

Of course this won't happen, it is a fair trade. Grizzlies get better chemistry- 3 players playing over decade with eachother. Bulls get healthier and younger. Okafor replaces Rose as new home product kid. Knicks are the risk takers bc Phil Jackson has to prevent another terrible season. Rose more protected in triangle offense less transition.all 3 teams get better. If he Retires/ injuries Gibson Noah > Okafor Calderon during the 2 yrs which Melo window to win.

Why would anyone do this horrific trade. I think that this is probably one of the worst trades ever on this site. Not even close to a fair trade.

27 Feb 2015 14:54:35
you just had doctor J turn in his grave with your dramatic comments

Isnt Dr J still alive?

25 Feb 2015 17:46:46

Alright this is unrealistic

Chicago gets- Lawson, Faried and, Hickson.

Denver- Rose, Gibson, and pick top 5 protected in 2017 and 2018. (Both are unprotected the next)

Chicago is tired of Rose always getting hurt and is trying to win now so this helps them a lot although they need to need to trade Hickson for a small forward.

Denver gets a superstar core (if he is healthy) and two picks that help them rebuild.

Dunleavy not Gibson My bad

I think you are suggesting CHI gives DEN their 2017 and 2018 1st rd picks right? You can't trade back to back 1st rd picks.

O well then 16 and 18

Who is disagreeing with me? It's an nba rule not an opinion.

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