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19 Aug 2017 06:56:38

OKC get Kevin Love & Tyson Chandler

Pg Westbrook/Felton/Christon
Sg Roberson/McDermott/Ferguson
Sf George/Abrines
Pf Love/Patterson/Grant
Ce Chandler/Johnson

CLE get Eric Bledsoe , Dwayne Wade , 1st round pick OKC , 1st round pick PHX (unprotected) , protected 2019 1st CHI , Dragan Bender & Steven Adams

Pg Bledsoe/Rose/Calderon
Sg Wade/Smith/Korver
Sf James/Shumpert
Pf Bender/Green/Frye
Ce Adams/Tavares

PHX get Kyrie Irving , Robin Lopez & Enes Kanter

Pg Irving/Ulis
Sg Booker/Dudley
Sf Jackson/Warren
Pf Chriss/Williams
Ce Lopez/Kanter

CHI get Tristan Thompson & Brandon Knight (hurt)

Pg Dunn/Payne/Knight
Sg LaVine/Valentine
Sf Zipser/Holiday
Pf Portis/Markannen
Ce Thompson/Felicio

19 Aug 2017 14:47:05
Again this is terrible for phoenix, this is a loaded draft, and phoenix will most likely have a top 3 pick. Why trade for a franchise player with only 2 years left on his contract. When you can draft a younger cheaper one, and keep all your assets for other trades. I don't see phoenix giving up anything other then a Miami pick as far as draft picks go.

19 Aug 2017 15:08:51
I don't think it's terrible for Phoenix, but I think they would atleast want top 5 protection on the pick.
I'm not a fan of this for the Cavs or Chicago. Wade looks like he's going to be bought out and Adams is a significant upgrade over Thompson. Bender has nice upside, but he's not even close to being a starter and that starting lineup doesn't have nearly enough shooting in it.
The Bulls are better off with their pick than paying two role players a fairly significant amout of money.4.

19 Aug 2017 18:36:49
Isn't *.

19 Aug 2017 03:02:41
- bucks get D.Wade

- bulls get Kris Middleton, Teletovic, and 2018 2nd rd pick.

MIL: Monroe/Maker/Greek/Wade/Brogdon
B: Henson/Wilson/Parker/Snell/Dele


19 Aug 2017 04:28:30
Maybe 3 years ago this made sense.

19 Aug 2017 06:07:18
You don't give up Middleton for Wade, especially as it sounds like him and the Bulls will work out a buyout and he could be had for cash.

17 Aug 2017 02:51:02
MIL Bucks X CHI Bulls X CLE Cavs

MIL take Irving , Smith & Lopez

G Irving-Payton
G Brogdon-Smith-Vaughn
F Giannis-Snell
F Teletovic-Wilson
C Lopez-Maker

CHI take Parker , Henson & Frye

G Dunn-Payne
G LaVine-Valentine-Holiday
F Parker-Zipser
F Portis-Frye
C Markannen-Henson-Felicio

CLE take Dellavedova , Wade , Middleton , Monroe & 1st from MIL

G Rose-Delly-Calderon
G Middleton-Wade
F James-Shumpert-Korver
F Love-Green
C Thompson-Monroe-Tavares

17 Aug 2017 01:38:41
76ers Get: Enes Kanter, 2018 Bulls 2nd, 2018 OKC 2nd

OKC Get: Jahlil Okafor

76ers finally move Okafor and acquire a player that's far more suited to coming off of the bench.

OKC escape the luxury tax and free up a lot of money for the extensions of Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

17 Aug 2017 18:03:00
love it but take away one or two seconds because okafor is injury prone.

15 Aug 2017 07:20:44

Thunder get Mirotic st 3yr/21mil

Chicago get Jerami Grant, Singler & 2nd rd pick

Bulls unite Grants and get some help at wings

Thunder get a stretch 4 to start with Adams

15 Aug 2017 09:50:53
Would rather have JaMychal Green than Mirotic. Can't believe both are still unsigned though. I see Mirotic signing with the rockets after a Melo trade. Take Anderson's spot.

15 Aug 2017 07:14:18
CHI Bulls X CLE Cavaliers X PHX Suns

CHI : K.Irving & T.Chandler

CLE : E.Bledsoe , D.Wade , N.Mirotic & 1st from CHI

PHX : K.Dunn & R.Lopez

16 Aug 2017 06:32:26
If I'm phoenix I'm seriously considering this. Dunn struggled last season, but does ha e a lot of potential.

15 Aug 2017 01:40:17
CHI Bulls X NY Knicks X HOU Rockets

CHI - R.Anderson + C.Capela + 1st from HOU 2018

NY - N.Mirotic + T.Ariza

HOU - C.Anthony + R.Lopez

14 Aug 2017 15:34:56

CLE get: Dwayne Wade, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Frank Ntilinka, Cameron Payne and Clint Capela

pg. Rose/ Payne/ Ntilinka
sg. Wade/ Korver
sf. James/ Ariza
pf. Love/ Anderson
c. Thompson/ Capela

NYK get: Kyrie Irving, Robin Lopez, and Channing Frye (exp)

pg. Irving/ Sessions
sg. Lee/ Baker
sf. THJ/ Beasley
pf. Porzingis/ Kuzminskas
c. Lopez/ Hernangomez

CHI get: Joakim Noah, Eric Gordon, Iman Shumpert, 2018 1st DP NYK (top 3 protected), and 2020 HOU 1st DP

pg. Dunn/ LaVine
sg. Gordon/ Holiday
sf. Mirotic/ Shumpert
pf. Markkanen/ Feleicio
c. Portis/ Noah

HOU get: Caremlo Anthony, JR Smith, and Kyle OQuinn

pg. Paul/ Brown
sg. Harden/ Smith
sf. Anthony/ Tucker
pf. OQuinn/ LMAM
c. Nene/ Qi

13 Aug 2017 13:15:54
bucks: R Lopez

Houston: c anthony

NY: D wade+ T Ariza+ Monroe

Bulls: J Noah+ R Anderson+ 1rnd pick Houston 2020 and 2022+ 1rnd pick NY 2019 and 2021

13 Aug 2017 16:06:16
No way Knicks get to dump both Anthony and Noah with Porzingis also in the deal. Wade for Anthony would be close.

13 Aug 2017 18:07:46
I don't think bucks do this that's a lot if money coming off the books for bucks next year.

14 Aug 2017 04:57:41
Bulls don't want those crap contracts going into free agency next summer.

13 Aug 2017 07:11:15
Sixers-raptors-bulls trade

Bulls get jahlil okafor
Raptors gets cameron payne, nik stauskas and 2nd rd pick (phil)
Sixers gets og anunoby and fred vanvleet (waive)

13 Aug 2017 19:16:07
No from raptors.

12 Aug 2017 05:22:22
Okc: will Barton, mudiay,faried
Denver: Kyrie, kanter Chi 2nd round pick via okc
Cle: Wilson Chandler, doug McDermott, gary harris, grant 2018 first rounder via denver

Okc gets a third scoring option
Denver gets a star player
Cleveland gets a solid haul
and a first round pick

12 Aug 2017 05:48:19
I'm not sure why OKC is in this. They get solid young players and give up little of value.

11 Aug 2017 14:04:18
Bulls - Magic

Bulls gets: Evan Fournier, Bismack Biyombo

Magic gets: Dwyane Wade, Robin Lopez.

11 Aug 2017 14:33:32
Elfrid payton and dwade in the backcourt is a bad fit.

11 Aug 2017 16:24:07
Orlando would have to be pretty motivated to open up cap space for them to do this. Fournier is arguably better than Wade and is significantly younger. Outside of Lopez and Biyombos contracts, I don't see a big gap in value between them. Lopez is probably a little better player, but Biyombo is younger.

12 Aug 2017 00:32:11
Hmm does Evan have multiple nba rings awards.

12 Aug 2017 03:48:43
No, but he's also not going to be 36 in a few months.

13 Aug 2017 13:06:46
no idea why Orlando would do this.
Even no idea why Chicago would do this. They should trade for draft picks and young talents, not for players with bigg contracts that will make them win 35 games and give them a bad lottery pick.

10 Aug 2017 17:16:34
Spurs: D Wade+ 2rnd pick Bulls And Charlotte

Charlotte: LM aldridge

Bulls: M Williams+ Lamb+ 1rnd pick Charlotte

The Spurs receive capspace so they can go after a free agents in 2018 (P George, Durant, Westbrook, Cousins,...)
And D Wade could be a great sixth man in that team.

Charlotte would have a good team in a weak eastern conference.

And the rebuilding Bulls get a draft pick for Wade's big contract. And Lamp still has some potentiall.

10 Aug 2017 16:31:01
4 team trade:

1. Kyrie to Knicks
2. Melo and Jefferson to Rockets
3. Anderson and Ariza to Bulls
4. Wade and Ntilikina plus 2 1st rd picks from Knicks and Rockets and possibly 2nd rd pick from bulls

1. Kyrie coming home to Knicks (one of his prefered destination) Kyrie & Porzingis tandem

2. Melo gets his wish coming to Houston with Paul and Harden

3. Anderson and Ariza > Wade and 2nd rd pick.. Dunn-LaVine-Ariza-Anderson-Lopez lineup

4. Cavs want veteran, young prospect and 1st rd pick.. Wade (veteran & reunion with LeBron), Ntilikina (young prospect) and picks

10 Aug 2017 16:43:45
Give the bulls Eric Gordon instead Anderson contract is bad.

10 Aug 2017 16:51:13
I don't see the upside of this for the Bulls. They would be better off just letting Wade walk and either go after some younger players in free agency or using their cap space to take on bad contracts and add picks.

10 Aug 2017 18:38:10
Bulls owner is cheap asf won't pay him 23m to leave.

10 Aug 2017 18:49:59
I don't think the knicks are looking to give up essentially 3 firsts and melo for Irving. An argument could be made for it, but I just think that may be too costly for them.

10 Aug 2017 19:26:49
Hamburger, I think it all depends on if they can find a trade getting decent value back for Melo. If they couldn't, I think a trade like this would be worth it.

13 Aug 2017 13:03:48
I like this trade

Only not sure the Bulls would do this.

NY should be able to dump Noah's contract if they trow in 3 picks.

10 Aug 2017 16:18:42
Bulls moves

•Trade Robin Lopez and Nikola Mirotic (3yr 30m) to Milwaukee for Greg Monroe, Mirza Teletovic, John Henson, and 2018 1st (top 12 protected)

2017/ 18 Lineup:
PG: Dunn, Payne, Grant
SG: LaVine, Holiday, Nwaba
SF: Wade, Valentine, Zipser
PF: Portis, Markannen, Teletovic
C: Monroe, Felicio, Henson


•#3 (own pick) - DeAndre Ayton (Arizona)
•#23 (Bucks pick) - Mikal Bridges (Villanova)

- Decline Jerian Grant team option

Free Agency:
-Sign Patrick McCaw 4yr 52m
-Re-sign Zach LaVine 4yr 80m
-Sign Devin Harris 1yr 4m

2018/ 19 Lineup:
PG: Dunn, Payne, Harris
SG: LaVine, Holiday, Bridges
SF: McCaw, Valentine, Zipser
PF: Portis, Markannen, Teletovic
C: Ayton, Felicio, Henson.

10 Aug 2017 15:11:03
Bulls trade wade and Lopez to Orlando for Bismac and Evan Fournie

Bulls trade Jerian grant for Delon Wright

Cam Payne to sas for Kyle Anderson.

10 Aug 2017 04:53:04
Cavs - Bulls

Bulls get Irving, Schumpert, Frye

Cavs get Wade, Lopez, Markannen, 2018 1st, 2020 1st

10 Aug 2017 05:41:29
LaVine instead of Markannen.

10 Aug 2017 06:50:01
Lavine is future for the bulls art of the jimmy butler trade.

09 Aug 2017 04:49:49

•Hawks get Bismack Biyombo
PG: Schroeder, Delaney
SG: Bellinelli, Bazemore, Dorsey
SF: Prince, Bembry, Brussino
PF: Ilyasova, Collins, Babbitt
C: Dedmon, Biyombo, Muscala

•Bulls get Miles Plumlee and a 2nd rd pick from Hawks and Magic
-Sign Nerlens Noel 4yr 80m
-Sign Derrick Williams 1yr minimum
PG: Dunn, Payne, Grant
SG: LaVine, Holiday, Nwaba
SF: Wade, Valentine, Zipser
PF: Portis, Markannen, Williams
C: Noel, Felicio, Plumlee

•Magic get Robin Lopez
PG: Payton, Mack, Augustin
SG: Fournier, Afflalo, Hezonja
SF: Ross, Simmons, Iwundu
PF: Gordon, Isaac, Speights
C: Lopez, Vucevic, Birch.

08 Aug 2017 23:31:57
Bulls trade wade to bucks for kris midlelton and Greg Monroe with robin lopez.

09 Aug 2017 00:20:54
No they don't

09 Aug 2017 00:43:17
Wade isn't worth any where near what you think he is.

09 Aug 2017 03:44:58
Bulls fan?

09 Aug 2017 03:46:19
middleton is more more valiable than wade he 10yrs younger.

09 Aug 2017 16:27:05
Um they get cap space for 2018 bucks get wade expiring deal.

09 Aug 2017 18:56:02
City slicker, Monroe is an expiring as well at 18 million a year and Middleton is probably their 2nd best player. They don't have a ton of shooting outside of him, he's a good defender, and he's still young. If they were looking to move him they could get a much better deal else where. They're already a good defensive team, so I think Monroe's ability to score is probably more valuable to them this year than what Lopez brings.

08 Aug 2017 15:20:59

Detroit gets- Robin Lopez, Kenneth Faried, Lauri Markkanen, Emmanuel Mudiay, Cam Payne, Denzel Valetine, Paul Zipser

Chicago gets- Andre Drummond

Denver gets- Reggie Jackson

08 Aug 2017 21:09:01
What the heck? Must be missing something. April fools day passed.

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