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25 Feb 2015 22:12:59
Bulls get Okafor-1st Z.Randle Conley
Grizzlies get Pau Gasol
Knicks get Noah Gibson Rose Bulls 1st

Conley Butler Mirotic Randle Okafor

Calderon Allen Green PauG. MarcG.

Rose Hardaway Melo Gibson Noah

Of course this won't happen, it is a fair trade. Grizzlies get better chemistry- 3 players playing over decade with eachother. Bulls get healthier and younger. Okafor replaces Rose as new home product kid. Knicks are the risk takers bc Phil Jackson has to prevent another terrible season. Rose more protected in triangle offense less transition.all 3 teams get better. If he Retires/ injuries Gibson Noah > Okafor Calderon during the 2 yrs which Melo window to win.


Why would anyone do this horrific trade. I think that this is probably one of the worst trades ever on this site. Not even close to a fair trade.

go 76ers

27 Feb 2015 14:54:35
you just had doctor J turn in his grave with your dramatic comments


Isnt Dr J still alive?






25 Feb 2015 17:46:46

Alright this is unrealistic

Chicago gets- Lawson, Faried and, Hickson.

Denver- Rose, Gibson, and pick top 5 protected in 2017 and 2018. (Both are unprotected the next)

Chicago is tired of Rose always getting hurt and is trying to win now so this helps them a lot although they need to need to trade Hickson for a small forward.

Denver gets a superstar core (if he is healthy) and two picks that help them rebuild.


Dunleavy not Gibson My bad


I think you are suggesting CHI gives DEN their 2017 and 2018 1st rd picks right? You can't trade back to back 1st rd picks.


O well then 16 and 18


Who is disagreeing with me? It's an nba rule not an opinion.




25 Feb 2015 17:14:45

Bulls get- Chalmers and Ennis

Heat get- Hinrich, Moore, and a 2nd

Bulls need a point guard with Rose out and chalmers may not be the best point guard but he is a solid one. Hinrich is having by far the worst season of his career.

The heat need to develop Napier so getting Hinrich is good as he can be used as either a mentor or a trade asset to get a backup big with Bosh out. The 2nd is a nice sweetener as well.






25 Feb 2015 16:29:14
Bulls offseason:
Minnesota gets: taj Gibson, Doug mcdermot

Chicago gets: buddinger, shabaz Mohammed

Minnesota gets their PF and a future floor spacer (mcdermot) for wiggins and Martin allowing them to get more touches

-let dunleyvey, nazr Mohamed, brooks walk
-pay jimmy butler
-sign Rondo (a pg thibs trusts)

Bobby Portis #17 pick



27 Feb 2015 15:54:17
Chicago says hell no. Gibson alone is worth a lot more then two bench players.




25 Feb 2015 13:28:42
Chicago Bulls sign Nate Robinson as Derrick Rose replacement.




23 Feb 2015 21:42:44
Knicks - Bulls

Knicks get Taj

Bulls get Jose Calderon, Jason Smith, and a 2nd




18 Feb 2015 19:12:04
Bulls - Nuggets

Bulls trade McDermott, Snell, Moore, Bairstow, 2015 first round pick

Nuggets trade Afflalo, Gee

Bulls add defense, shooting, and athleticism to the wing.

Nuggets get two young players and a draft pick.


I think it looks great maybe through in a 2nd rounder from bulls and its perfect




17 Feb 2015 18:26:25
Celtics - Kings - Nuggets

Celtics trade Cavs 2016 first round pick
Celtics get McLemore

Kings trade McLemore, Stauskas, Williams, future unprotected first round pick (two years after Kings send first round pick to Bulls)
Kings get Lawson, Foye

Nuggets trade Lawson, Foye
Nuggets get Williams, Stauskas, Cavs 2016 first round pick (from Celtics), future Kings first round pick

Celtics use one of their many first round picks to acquire a player they were high on since the draft and almost acquired him in a Rondo deal a while back.

Kings want to upgrade at point guard and while Lawson and Cousins style of play is different I believe Coach Karl would be able to get it to work.

Nuggets will only trade Lawson if they offer blows them away. Well two first round picks and a former lottery pick (yes Stausaks is playing terrible but he's been a rookie for 4 months, it's too soon to call him a bust) and Williams expiring contract. Not a bad return for a PG who never made an all star team.




15 Feb 2015 18:57:58
76ers plan:
76ers / Cavs
Orlandos #2(pick #35), and Sims for Cleveland #1(25-30). Sixers may take back some salary as well to relieve Cleveland(Hayward).
Cavs are one of 5 teams that are over 5 million above the maximum payroll. And they still need Center help(no depth) with only Mozgov. Sixers can take back some salary and trade sims(only 900k salary) back to Clev, along with orlandos #2 this year(pick #35). Cleveland will have the lower of there's and chicagos #1(both should be between 22-30).

Then: Draft DeAngelo Russell. A Russell-Embiid pick and roll would be awesome!! Keep Noel, Draft Kaminsky (with miamis pick) for a big who can shoot in the front court rotation. Russell is just too perfect of a fit. Can help mcw with ball handling duties(cut down on turnovers), and would have 2 excellent passers in the backcourt both 6'5". And Russell is the dead eye shooter philly needs to open up the paint for embiid to work. Then with the Cleveland pick, take take best player available(Portis, lavert, Wood, lyles, grant, maybe booker if he slides)
PG: MCW, Wroten, Russell, P.Jackson
SG: Russell, Wroten, McRae, McDaniels
SF: Covington, Saric, McDaniels, Grant
PF: Noel, Saric, Kaminsky, (Portis or Lyles)
C: Embiid, Noel, Kaminsky


Cavs r the team that traded sims to us. Why would they want him back

go 76ers

Cavs can't trade their first round pick as their 2016 first round pick belongs to Boston.


Wizfan2. didn't know that about the Celtics owning cavs pick next year, guess that kills this thought. go 76ers. what difference does that make. think philly would want vukevic back? we were the team that traded him, right? your logic is illogical.


So scrap the sims to cavs idea, but stick with the rest of the plan. just no portis or lyles, sims and the #35 pick instead. plan still works


Sims for a second round pick I like


Illogical really. Cavs littery dumped sims to us because it didn't pan out for sims in cleveland. So if he goes back then the same thing will happen just like before.

go 76ers

And the vucivic thing has no comparisons to sims. At the time the sixers had to choose from hawes and nikola. And it bit them in their ass. Sims is nowhere as close to nikola as an nba player. Sims is a great backup center not starter.

go 76ers



15 Feb 2015 16:44:32
Nets get Taj Gibson

Bulls get Boran Bogdanovic and Mirza Telatovic


Gibson is going nowhere affordable contract and the main player off their bench.




15 Feb 2015 16:40:23
Suns get Taj Gibson

Bulls get Goran Dragic


So you r sayin that dragic is going to replace rose. Hell no

go 76ers

I'm saying Rose becomes SG and Dragic PG


So you are saying get rid of one of the best 6th men of the year and have your best player change positions so dragic can walk by the time that the chemistry actually gels? i'm okay.


Sorry bud. Rose is a straight up point guard and will not be replaced by dragic. Tell me when dragic wins an mvp.

go 76ers

You would put Dragic at SG and arose at PG




15 Feb 2015 01:02:57
Bulls - Suns - Nuggets

Bulls trade Hinrich, McDermott, Moore, 2018 second round pick
Bulls get Thomas, Bullock

Suns trade Thomas, Bullock
Suns get Hinrich, Arthur, Grizzlies 2015 first round pick (from Nuggets) Bulls 2018 second round pick

Nuggets trade Arthur, Grizzlies 2015 second round pick
Nuggets get McDermott, Moore

Bulls get a scoring punch off their bench who can score in bunches and provides insurance incase Rose gets hurt again.

Suns are looking at moving Thomas and to net themselves a veteran combo guard like Hinrich, and two future picks is a solid return for a guy they gave nothing up for.

Nuggets have no future on the wing as Gallinari and Chandler are set to be free agents after the 2015-2016 season. McDermott hasn't gotten much PT in Chicago but with the Nuggets in rebuild mode he will get plenty. Giving up what is likely to be a late first round pick for the former lottery scorer is a solid investment.




14 Feb 2015 22:33:38

Bulls get Martin

TWolves get Dunleavy and McDermott




14 Feb 2015 20:35:47

sac gets: Taj and Kirk
Bulls get: Young and Williams
min gets: McBuckets and Nik

Sac gets their PF
Bulls get an upgrade at the 3 and with Williams contract exp, they open up cap to sign Butler long term
Min: two more young players

succeed and proceed



13 Feb 2015 03:16:39
Bulls PF spot is jammed up while they only have 1 legit center


Min trades Pekovic and Hummel

Chi trades mirotic, dunlevey, and Mohammad (maybe a first? Maybe second?)

Chicago wins championship with this roster
Butler/ Hinrich
Mcbuckets/ Snell
Gasol/ Gibson
Pek/ Noah


Gasol, Noah, and Gibson all can play center pending on lineups and match ups. Bulls don't need Pek and his long term contract with his injury history, nor would they give up assets like Mirotic and a draft pick for him. And above all why would Pek start over Noah?!


Wait Noah (the reigning defensive player of the year) isn't a legit center?


If the Bulls make any moves it's to provide another shooter on the team since Dunleavy is injury prone.

A Kevin Martin for McBuckets, Snell, Moore, and first round pick would be ideal


13 Feb 2015 21:28:01
First of all Gibson is no Center and second of all I said they have 1 legit center, I was saying Noah is a legit center and Mohammad sucks so they need a backup
2good centers and 2 good PF> 3good pf and 1good center


Gasol can't play center now? Like at all?




13 Feb 2015 02:55:13
Suns - Kings

Suns trade Dragic, Plumlee

Kings trade Williams, Stauskas, Sessions, future first round pick unprotected (two years after Kings send a first round pick to the Bulls)

Kings have made dumb move and dumb move all year long, finally they added Karl as head coach and that's good move now it's time to make a dumb one again. So the Kings mortgage more of there future to add Dragic in so crazy hope of making the playoffs this year. Dragic will likely leave as a free agent as the Kings will be screwed again, but hey it's the Kings so smart moves don't make sense to them.

Suns are reportedly willing to move Dragic for a first round pick. So getting what will be a likely lottery pick for Dragic plus a young shooter prospect like Stauskas is a smart move.


How is the Kings making another dumb move unbelievable?


The "reportedly" didn't come from the Suns. it's a media thing. started by the Bucks beat reporter. PHX doesn't want to move Dragic. they'd like to move Thomas. tough time, understandably, finding takers.


And your know this came from the Bucks how? Are you the teams owner?


Gary Wuerrfil is the beat writer in Racine, Wisc. for the Bucks. that's how & that's where it started.


I may as well be a 'team owner' compared to all the 1/2 baked deals you propose out here. if yer a Wizfan. why don't you worry about them?


Hey do me a favor ask the Suns how does it feel to have the #14 pick two years in a row will ya?




13 Feb 2015 02:51:46
Bulls get luc, ak47, thompson

Sixers get mcbuckets

go 76ers

Sixers say yes, not so sure the bulls give up on mcbuckets so fast though


They would if sixers offer that to them

go 76ers

1) salaries don't match up
2) Bulls won't trade their lottery pick for three washed up veterans

Sixers can keep their trash


That seems like the Bulls are giving up a shooter. For luc. Luc is a tough defensive guy and probably would be a great bench guy for the Bulls as well. But would the Bulls give up mc buckets so quickly??


The Bulls shouldn't give up McBuckets for that trash. If giving up Buckets provides a veteran scorer off the bench then yes.


By the way isn't mirotic starting over him. So yea the bulls would do it

go 76ers



12 Feb 2015 22:48:42

Bulls get Afflalo and Gee

Nuggets get McDermott, Hinrich, and 2 2nd rd picks




12 Feb 2015 15:15:54
Bulls get: gerald green

Suns get:Doug McDermott




11 Feb 2015 20:44:25
Bulls & Nuggets

Bulls get A.Afflalo, A.Gee and 2017 2nd round pick
Nuggets get M.Dunleavy, E.Moore, N.Mohammed, C.Bairstow (waived) and 2015 1st round pick

- sign S.Dalembert and R.Lewis (min.)

Rose - Hinrich - Brooks
Afflalo - Snell - Gee
Butler - McDermott - Lewis
Gasol - Gibson - Mirotic
Noah - Dalembert

Lawson - Nelson - Green
Foye - Harris - Moore
Chandler - Gallinari - Dunleavy
Faried - Hickson - Arthur
Nurkic - McGee - Mohammed



I posted something like this a few weeks back. Honestly I don't see why it hasn't happened yet. Bulls get another three point shooter and wing defender, which will allow Butler to save more energy on defense too use on offense. Nuggets get some expiring contracts and a first round pick. So win-win


Other thing I had different was instead of Dunleavy you put McDermott and Snell isn't. The Nuggets might want young prospects back and this way the Bulls can keep a consistent three point shooter to go with Afflalo.




11 Feb 2015 15:50:36
Bulls get Aaron Afflalo

Nuggets get Nikola Mirotic and Mike Dunleavy expiring

PF. P. Gasol/ T. Gibson/ C. Bairstow
Sf. J. Butler/ D. McDermott/ T. Snell
C. J. Noah/ N. Mohammed
SG. A. Afflalo/ K. Hinrich
Pg. D. Rose/ A. Brooks/ E. Moore


If you can slide a 1st rounder with protections this works


Bulls won't trade Mirotic for a rental of Afflalo


Why would it be a rental? Chicago is the perfect place for Afflalo


No guarantee Afflalo resigns long term, considering Butler is going to get a max offer the Bulls won't have the money to pay Afflalo too. Mirotic would win rookie of the year if Wiggins wasn't getting all the shots in Minnesota. If Afflalo has 2-3 year more years on his contract at $7.5M then good deal, but with a rental status no way. The rental status is why the Nuggets likely won't get a first round pick for Afflalo.




11 Feb 2015 13:33:06

Den get Ben McLemore , Bulls 1st via Kings , 1st from Kings (future)

Sac get Kenneth Faried and Mike Dunleavy

Chi get Aaron Afflalo


Salaries don't match up and Kings owe the Bulls a first round pick not the other way around.




11 Feb 2015 13:22:47

Nuggets get Bulls 1st 2015 , Matt Barnes and Etwann Moore

Bulls get Jamaal Crawford

Clippers get Aaron Afflalo and Wilson Chandler

Nuggets get an expiring deal and a 1st for Chandler and Afflalo
Bulls get an explosive off the bench scorer to add wing depth
Clippers get 2 defensive and energetic wing guys to change some scenery




Who do the Bulls send out in this trade? They can't just add Crawford without sending out salary since they are over the cap.


Play the salary doesn't work for the Clippers either. Here try using this before you post trades




10 Feb 2015 22:53:09
Kings get Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, and Kendrick Perkins

Bulls get Ben McLemore and Derrick Williams

Thunder get Taj Gibson and Kirk Hinrich




10 Feb 2015 18:15:33
bulls- kings
bulls trade tony snell and 2nd rounder for nik stauskas




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