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19 Apr 2014 14:22:37
Bulls offseason plan

-I think Melo will not play anymore to the knicks and interested to play with the bull squad so Knicks will not let him walk without anything in return so they will sign and trade Melo for Bulls.

Bulls - NYK
Boozer, Projected 19th pick, Dj Augustine, Mike dunleavy for Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin

draft projected 16th pick Dario saric

resign jimmer and nazr mohammad

sign a 6th man CJ miles






18 Apr 2014 19:45:37
Bulls melo


Butler will be able to stay in chicago until his rookie deal runs out, the bulls will not be able to match an offer for him. And there's no way Gibson can be on the roster, they will have to trade Gibson and Boozer to be able to make room for Melo





18 Apr 2014 19:23:03
Pelicans - Pistons - Celtics - Bulls

Pelicans get C Boozer (exp)
Pistons get E Gordon
Celtics get J Smith
Bulls get B Bass (exp), K Bogans (non guarantee salary next year, waived)

Pelicans get expiring contract for Gordon
Pistons get 3point shooting for Smith with Gordon
Celtics get Smith to make Rondo happy
Bulls waive Bogans non guaranteed salary and use Bass to backup Gibson, saving 10 million in the process

Bulls has to take back more money

For deal to work or for deal to be believable?
Works on trade machine

^bulls can have Bynum from pistons



18 Apr 2014 17:45:09
Chicago Bulls offseason moves

Amnesty Carlos Boozer - clears 13 million in cap space

Bulls sign nikola mirotic 4 year 30 million contract starting at $6M/year
Resign D. J. Augustin 2 year 8 million
Resign Kirk Hinrich 1 year 3 million

Draft day trade w/ Milwaukee Bucks:

Bulls trade: #19 pick via charlotte, #49 pick and Tony Snell

Bulls receive: John Henson and #31 pick

Bulls draft Zach Lavine with #16 pick, Glenn Robinson III with #31 pick

PG: Rose/Augustin/Hinrich
SG: Butler/ Lavine
SF: Dunleavy/RobinsonIII
PF: Gibson/Mirotic/Smith
C: Noah/Henson

Bucks draft Andrew Wiggins #1 pick, Adrien Payne #19 pick, Semaj Christon #36 pick via lakers, Jabari Brown with #49 pick, and James McAdoo with #50 pick

PG: Knight/Wolters /Christon
SG: Wiggins/ Mayo/ Brown
SF: Antetokounmpo/Delfino/Middleton
PF: Ilyasova/Payne / McAdoo
C: Sanders/Pachulia/Raduljica



18 Apr 2014 08:32:56
With things uncertain and a mess in New York. I think this will be their best approach to Free Agency this year

-Try and do a Sign and Trade for Carmelo Anthony, get some talent in return

-Tank upcoming season in order to get a high draft pick in 2015

Heres what they do


New York Gets: G/F Jimmy Butler, PF Taj Gibson, PF Carlos Boozer (Contract expires next year), 2014 16th pick

Chicago gets: SF Carmelo Anthony S&T, SG J. R Smith

New York gets: C JaVale McGee, SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

New Orleans gets: C Tyson Chandler, PG Jeremy Pargo

Denver gets: SG Eric Gordon

Charlotte gets: SF Wilson Chandler

Pelicans get the Center they need to put next to Davis, Denver gets a great wing scorer for their up-tempo offense and will have Galinari back, and the Bobcats get a go to scorer at the 3 to help take pressure off Jefferson and Walker

The knicks overall get what they need done. As fun as the Anthony era was in New York, the Knicks must move on to the future. They need to tank this year and let the young talent they aquired show what they are capable of. Then once next off-season comes, they will have close to $50m coming off the books and they can go out and try and get two great players to add to their team plus a top 10 pick in next years draft (possibly Jahil Okafor, Kelly Oubre, or Emanuel Mudiay). But heres what this team will look like this upcoming season
(with 19th pick, the Knicks draft PG Shabaz Napier)

2014-2015 New York Knicks team
PG: Shabaz Napier
SG: Tim Hardaway JR
SF: Michael Gilchrist
PF: Taj Gibson
C: JaVale McGee

6th: SF Jimmy Butler
7th: SG Iman Shumpert
8th: PG Raymond Felton
9th: PF/C Andrea Bargnani
10th: PF Jeremy Tyler
11th: PF Kenyon Martin
12th: PG Pablo Prigioni
res: PF Carlos Boozer
res: PF/C Amare Stoudemire

Butler starts over MKG

I like both trades, only thing I would change is in the second one I would add Iman Shumpert and send him to either the Nuggets or Bobcats. They aren't getting screwed, but another player would be needed to make a trade more likely



18 Apr 2014 03:17:53
Chicago -Minnesota

Chicago gets; 13th pick and 43rd pick plus Chase Budinger

Minnesota gets; 16th and 19th picks



17 Apr 2014 20:20:35
Bulls offseason moves

Bulls sign nikola mirotic 4 year 30 million contract starting at $6M/year
Resign D. J. Augustin 2 year 8 million
Resign Kirk Hinrich 1 year 3 million

Draft day trade w/ Knicks:

Bulls trade: #16 pick via charlotte, Sacremento's top 10 protected pick (after 2 years becomes 2 2nd rounders), Carlos Boozer, Jimmy Butler, and Taj Gibson

Bulls receive: Carmelo Anthony (S&T 4 year 72 million) and Iman Shumpert

Bulls draft Adrien Payne with #19 pick and Patric Young with #49 pick

PG: Rose/Augustin/Hinrich
SG: Shumpert/Snell
SF: Melo/Dunleavy
PF: Mirotic/Payne/Smith
C: Noah/Young

Young as backup Center? U r in trouble on bench

Exellent but no1 needs kurt hinrich

Kirk* hinrich is a great defender and can play sparing minutes at the 1 and 2. Look at the Bulls back up center now. they run those guys all game. Young > old nazr mohmamad. plus payne can play some center - he's a good defender



17 Apr 2014 12:03:47
Knicks rebuilding case

Knicks don't have 2014 and 2016 first round pick

2015 draft class will be one of the best in last years (especially many big men)
2015 FA will be one of the best in years

trade Anthony, Chandler and Felton before 2014/15 season

Knicks get Boozer (16.8m), Snell (1.5m), Augustin (s&t, 1y 3m), Brewer (1.2m), Frye, Bobcats 2014 first round pick, Kings 2015 first round pick, Pacers 2014 first round pick

Bulls get Anthony (s&t, 4y 70m), Felton

Suns get Chandler

Roster 2014/15:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Boozer/Stoudemire/Frye/Draft 2014
- top5 pick 2015
- release Brewer
- add 2 x 2014 first round picks (Bobcats&Pacers), maybe they can draft up with adding Snell or Frye to add froncourt talent (PF/C)
- add Kings 2015 first round pick
- in 2015 let Bargnani, Stoudemire, Boozer walk
- in FA sign: Love and Rondo (also avaible Lebron!)
- with own and Kings pick 2015 draft best possible C (trade up in draft) in loaded big men class
- resign Shumpert and Augustin

Roster 2015/16:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Love/FA/Draft 2014
top5pick 2015/Aldrich


Butler/Hinrich/Draft 2014
- bring Mirotic over
- resign Hinrich vet min
- resign Butler 4y 30m
- with own 2014 pick draft best avaible SG/PG

Why would the Suns facilitate that? Chandler is not that good (for what he is getting paid) that the Knicks want to dump him.

So why would the Suns take his contract and have to give a pick?

Suns don't want Chandler. Suns are not making a trade for a one year rental. Actually they can do better with the Pacers draft pick and GMs Ryan skill in the draft.

Keep Suns out of this mess!


Chandler better than any suns big.

Chandler may be better but he has injuries problem and he is not a youngster. So he will be just getting worse.

Yes, Chandler is better, but he makes 4 times more and he is not that much better. That why New York payroll is 35 mil more then the Suns and 11 games worst in a week eastern conference.

Come on Suns fans. Name one player who is better than Chandler with the Pacers pick. You are not getting Durant or LeBron or Love. Chandler is the best you could do or draft with that pick. Get off your high horse. Or maybe you are all just high.

Jealousy ( Suns having cap space and draft picks) doesn't become you, NY fan. Why does a solid, up and coming team. an up temp team need a plodder like Chandler? Let him stasy in NY. Suns will do fine without him.

Lol can't you read? We don't want Chandler because he's overpaid, injuring prone, and he's 31. And he's definitely not pushing our team to the top. And we have a guy already who plays D, rebounds, 7 years younger, makes 5x less than chandler. Plumlee 8pts 8rbs 25mpg. Chandler 9pts 9. 5rbs 30mpg. So ya, keep laughing at why we don't want Chandler. LOL

There no high horse here. It just factual. Chandler is over the hill and injury prone. He to slow for the Suns. Why trade him. You want to trade him because the Knicks can not win with their team. They are losers and part of that is Chandler and the other is Melo which are the two players you want to trade.

It really does not make any difference what you or I want to do, because it not going to happen. Suns GM is too smart and he would say hell no.

Chandler is over paid and that the fact jack! Suns say hell no!

The Bulls say no! Hell no!

Why trade for Chandler! suns can get him next year for free.



16 Apr 2014 03:51:16
Bulls trade magic

Bulls get affalo

Magic gets boozer, pick #16 and kings protected top 10 pick next 2 years or turns into 2 2nd rounders

Bulls then can bring over mirotic
Draft # 19 early
#49 alec brown

Orlando makes trade so they can package #15 & #16 to move up in the draft. Thet also have the option to maybe buy out boozer since he's in last year of contract

Bulls can amnesty Boozer.

Im a bulls fan I kno they can amnesty him but if u were the owner would u do it pay a guy 16 mil to sit out. Its not that easy I bet anyone if the bulls can't get another alstar on the team and bulls can't trade him I garauntee u boozer will play next year for the bulls



15 Apr 2014 05:55:21
Detroit offseason
Trade pick #8 to chi for #19 & #19
Draft Tyler ennis or either Rodney hood or Kyle Anderson #16
Draft Adrian Payne 19
Retire Billups
Sign lance Stephenson 4years 44mil
Trade smith to sac for Carl Landry & Jason terry
Or smith, Datome & #38 for Wallace 
Or for any expiring (bargnani)?



15 Apr 2014 00:21:45
Boozer cats & bulls 1ST 2015 Kings 1st for melo

Sixers get JrSmith Felton
Knicks get J-Rich Wroten Sims 39th pick

Buyout Bargnani
Odom and MWP sign vet min
Gasol 1 yr 5 mil MLE

A. Payton-18th/S. Christon-39th/Prigioni

With 60 mil coming the books. Knicks can sign Marc and love LeBron - example of 3 maxed out contracts

Love/king pick/knicks pick

Why would the sixers want two problem players

Because compared to sixers talent, their talent alone excede their troubles. JRSmith troubles are behind him. Felton game has been solid since getting arrested. He actually defenses now!



14 Apr 2014 20:33:55
Bulls - Celtics - Rockets

Bulls get Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass

Celtics get Bulls pick #19, Omer Asik

Rockets get Carlos Boozer (expiring), Phil Pressey

Celtics say yes. No one else does

Celtics say no as well, unless Harrison's declare, no Pgs available at 19 = pressey



13 Apr 2014 23:46:29
Pau Gasol Leaves: Scenario 2: Lakers Plan

If Pau Gasol and the Lakers mutually part ways, and Pau goes to the Bulls to play alongside his other good friend Derrick Rose, then the Bulls will possibly amnesty Boozer. Lakers should pick up Boozer on a 1 year 6 million deal. No smart team will sign Boozer for more, and the Lakers offer more than money, they offer the opportunity. Boozer is amongst the few PFs who can replace Pau's 18&10 with 14&9 (career: 17&10).

**I am not saying the Lakers will get the 2nd overall pick, however all I did was click on the ESPN Mock Draft Lottery and it randomized all the picks. If you haven't heard of it, google it, and try it out. Again, I clicked on it one time and the results were Lakers get the 2nd pick and get Jabari Parker. The rest of this is going to be based off of that. (2nd overall pick = 3 year 3rd year team option, 11M with 3M the first year)**

-Nick Young (3 year, 12 million)
-Jordan Farmar (2 year, 6 million)
-Ryan Kelly (2 year, 2 million)
-Jordan Hill (3 years, 12 million)
-Chris Kaman (2 year, 6 million)
-Kent Bazemore (2 year, 4 million)

Steve Nash retires. (-9 million)

-Isaiah Thomas (if Kings want to keep Gay and the outbreak of McCallum, they shouldn't match any offers) - (3 year, 27 million)
-Emeka Okafor (a redemption deal, his stock is down and shouldn't be worth too much) - (2 year 2nd year player option, 16 million)
-Al-Farouq Aminu (defensive player/good rebounder) - (1 year, 4 million)

New Coach: Lionel Hollins (5 year contract) + Derek Fisher as head assistant

PG: Isaiah Thomas-Jordan Farmar-Kendall Marshall
SG: Kobe Bryant-Nick Young-Kent Bazemore
SF: Jabari Parker-Al-Farouq Aminu
PF: Carlos Boozer-Jordan Hill-Ryan Kelly
C: Emeka Okafor-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

Approx. 69 million for the 2014-15 season
Approx. 51million (if Okafor doesn't pick up option) for the 2015-16 season (Kevin Love = 4 year, 80 million = 71 million for the 15-16 season, which is the Lakers current salary)

@Lakers should pick up Boozer on a 1 year 6 million deal. No smart team will sign Boozer for more

If Boozer is amnestied, the teams with cap space will have to bid on him. Expect that a few teams will do get him at a discount. So don't expect Lakers to get him easy.



13 Apr 2014 17:58:09
Chicago gets Jeremy Lamb and 2014 okc pick #29

Okc gets 2014 Cha pick #16 and 2014 chi 2nd rd pick #48.

Okc drafts Zach Lavine. making a scary back court of him and Westbrook



12 Apr 2014 18:18:52
Magic offseason

3 team trade

Magic trade - Afflalo, Harris, Harkless, Maxiell and Nicholson

Magic receive- Josh Smith, Boozer, Detroits #8 and Bulls #16 and #19

Bulls trade Boozer and 2 first rounders
Receive Nelson and Afflalo

Pistons trade Josh Smith and 1st rounder
Receive- Harris, Nicholson, Maxiell, Harkless

Magic pick #3 Parker or Wiggins
#8 Smart
#12 Hood
#16 Stauskas
#19 Kyle Anderson

Smart / Anderson
Oladipo / Stauskas
Parker / Hood
Smith / Boozer
Vucevic / MLE

The team itself has plenty of potential with solid defence with Smart and Dipo. Smith would provide a presence in the paint alongside Vooch. Anderson could play the point and create miss matches. The team is still shy of win now which could help them be in the Lotto for the last time which they could pick up another cog for a long championship run as this team would be ready to compete 1-2 years. Boozers contract would be expiring to flip or sign someone



12 Apr 2014 14:22:37
Vasquez, 37th pick
11th pick-Denver

59th pick, 20th pick,
16th pick-Chicago

Hayes, Salmons


C- Val-Olynyk



12 Apr 2014 12:02:25
Bobcats offseason

Trade #9, #23 to Bulls for #16, #19, future 2nd rd pick
16-Adreian Payne
19-Shabazz Napier

Sign Trevor Ariza 4yr 23m

Sign Pau Gasol 2yr 18m

Sign Jermaine O'Neal 1yr 1m

Trade MKG and Cody Zeller for 2 future 2nd rd picks each

Re-sign Josh McRoberts 3yr 9m

Re-sign Luke Ridnour 2yr 5m




12 Apr 2014 03:37:21
Not believable just for fun (only if rose is back to normal)

Chi trade Rose Boozer Gibson and latest first rounder
Chi get Wade West Chalmers Hill and Mia first

Mia trade Wade Chalmers and 14 first rounder
Mia gets George and boozer

Ind trade West George and hill
Ind get Rose Gibson and chi first

Chi (Can also be in contention)
Wade/Young (Rook)/Dunleavy
West/Payne (Rook)/Amundson

Mia (Can win multiple titles now)
Bosh/Birdman (Oden when active h

Ind (Contender only if rose if healthy)
Stephenson/Lavine (Rook)/Butler

So Indiana goes from Contenders right now to contenders only if Rose is healthy. Yah, that makes sense.



11 Apr 2014 20:16:35

CHI trade #19 pick, Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich via sign and trade, 2 future 2nd round picks
CHI get Tony Allen, Kosta Koufos, Tayshaun Prince

MEM trade Tony Allen, Tayshaun Prince, Kosta Koufos and 1st round pick
MEM get Aaron Afflalo, Kirk Hinrich, Kyle Oquinn, Bulls future 2nd round pick

ORL trade Aaron Afflalo, Kyle Oquinn
ORL get Carlos Boozer (exp), #19 pick from CHI, Mem 1st round pick, Bulls 2nd round pick (future)

D. Rose / D. Augustine
T. Allen / T. Snell/ M. Dunleavy
J. Butler / T. Prince
T. Gibson / N. Mirotic / M. Harrell
J. Noah / K. Koufos

M. Conley / K. Hinrich / N. Calathes
A. Afflalo / C. Lee / M. Miller
J. Johnson / Q. Pondexter
Z. Randolph / E. Davis / J. Leuer
M. Gasol / K. Oquinn

T. Ennis / J. Nelson / E. Moore
V. Oladipo / D. Lamb
T. Harris / M. Harkless / T. Warren
N. Vucevic / C. Boozer / A. Nicholson
J. Embiid / J. Nurkic / J. Maxiell
T. Ennis / J. Nelson / E. Moore
V. Oladipo / J. Young / D. Lamb
A. Wiggins or J. Parker / M. Harkless
T. Harris / C. Boozer / A. Nicholson
N. Vucevic / A. Payne / J. Maxiell



11 Apr 2014 18:13:31
Hello everyone,
I am going to do a summary + explanation of moves I would like to see from the Lakers and moves that are possible/reasonable. It may be lengthy but these are all reasonable. Please tell me why it's unbelievable if you disagree.

1. Draft Day:
76ers have 5 second round picks, and I'm sure giving away one wouldn't hurt + they have 2 early first round picks (1 projected top 3). So-
Lakers send Kendall Marshall + 3. 4M (max a team can send in money) to 76ers (+1 win) for their 52nd pick (2nd lowest) via Grizzlies. If they cannot trade the pick, they should draft Semaj Christon for the Lakers and then trade.

With their projected 6th pick, the Lakers should draft:
Aaron Gordon (18 years old)
-He is a 6'9 SF/PF, with tremendous athleticism, great rebounding/defensive abilities-on the ball defense + help defense is outstanding especially for a freshman-he has great ball handling skills, he can shoot from mid to long range and is considered a "glue guy" via scouts. His weakness is consistency on offense and low free throw shots. As a one and done freshman, he has a lot to learn, but is a high ceiling player. IF Lakers and Pau part ways, Aaron Gordon is a good replacement.

With the 52nd pick via 76ers, Lakers should draft:
Semaj Christon (21 years old)
-A 6'3 point guard, who can finish/attack the paint, drive and kick, facilitate the offense, and is a very aggressive defender. He is very passionate on the defensive end and his on the ball defense and speed is something that the Lakers should benefit from, with this being a quick point guard oriented league. He can also create his own shot. His weaknesses are free throw shooting (for a PG), turnovers (low ball IQ)

2. Resignings:
-NICK YOUNG: will make for a high energy performer off the bench, brings scoring and life to the Lakers
-KENT BAZEMORE: has a high upside and an even higher energy level (like Nick Young), and can play defense. He brings the energy on both ends and can turn into a 6'5 point guard with his ball handling skills and playmaking.
-JORDAN HILL: a rebounding machine that D'Antoni has buried under the bench because of his lack of perimeter shooting. Hill brings energy (see the pattern) and some defense off the bench. He is very coachable and can produce 8-10 points off the bench + 7-8 rebounds.
-CHRIS KAMAN: a victim of D'Antoni (maybe personal reasons?) but he can score, rebound, and block a shot off the bench. He is valuable, and gives the bench unit veteranship and awareness on the court. Not to mention, his foot-work around the basket is incredible.
-WESLEY JOHNSON: he wants to stay with the Lakers, but he should not be a go to guy off the bench. He brings defense, but like I said, he should be a "emergency" player off the bench.
-JORDAN FARMAR: wants to be a Laker next season too, and has had the best season of his career. He has been great for the team, and can score/pass and run the offense, and brings defense off the bench as well.
-RYAN KELLY: remember, this kid did not play in the summer league or preseason due to injury. He was basically thrown into the water and told to swim. He is playing great for a rookie and should be kept in the long run. He is good for a second round rookie.

3. The Steve Nash problem:
-Nash knows his window is closing, which is the only reason he is playing as much as he can. He may retire next season, with him even saying his career is in "flux" and telling D'Antoni "this might be my last time if I don't go back in" (look it up). Assuming he retires, it clears up a roster spot + 9M. If he doesn't, the stretch provision should be used and a little 2M-3M a year should not hurt a team with a 3 Billion dollar TWC contract and a 24M contract with Kobe.

4. Signings:
-Emeka Okafor: a 12-10 center who can give 1. 7 (2) blocks a game. His career averages are 10 and 10 and 2 (I think) and he has managed to stay healthy a majority of his career before this season where he hasn't played at all (low contract-who knows how much he is capable of?) But after a full season off and an entire summer to recuperate, he should be 100% at the start of the season. He is a great defensive center and if healthy, he's right behind Noah, Howard, and Chandler (?). He can finish/attack the rim + hit a mid range jumper. He also has some good post moves that he can go to. Bad thing? He's 31 years old.

-Loul Deng: Defensive go to guy. Kobe can sit out a game and Deng can lead the team. He's 28 and athletic still, and can score and rebound. He will easily be the second best on the team and can guard the likes of Lebron or Durant or any SF. He shouldn't be hard to get because rumor has it that there is interest from the Lakers who have space and can form a good team + Kobe wanted to be traded to the Bulls before to play with him/chemistry = +10 ;)

-Grevis Vasquez: bound to be another crowd favorite, Vasquez can be a top 3 leader in assist and is a pass first point guard. He can knock down a 3 or jumper with consistency as well. He is a RFA, but the Toronto Raptors would want to keep Lowry, who has helped them get their first playoff birth since 06-07. If they sign Lowry to a huge contract, they wouldn't want to match anything from Vasquez. His problem is defense, but he is young and can work on that. He is coachable and can interchangeable (him and Jordan Farmar can switch starting positions off the bench). Also, he can be a good locker room guy too.

5. Jeff Van Gundy:
-He wants to coach in this league, and he will stick up for his players as well. He has had a winning season 9/10 times as a head coach and has a winning percentage over. 500. He believes in defense and preaches defense and knows the game so well (if you listen to him announce). With this team, he can get a lot out of them from both ends. He should keep Kurt Rambis on the staff though.

PG: Grevis Vasquez-Jordan Farmar-Semaj Christon
SG: Kobe Bryant-Kent Bazemore-Wesley Johnson
SF: Loul Deng-Nick Young- (Wesley Johnson)
PF: Aaron Gordon-Jordan Hill-Ryan Kelly
C: Emeka Okafor-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

(1) Hill, Kaman should be signed to 1 year-4 million deals, if they want more, give them 2 year-8million
(2) Bazemore, Johnson, Vasquez should be signed to 1 year-2 million deals. Vasquez seems like he would ask for more, if so 1 year 3.4 million.
(3) Deng should be on a 3-4 year contract
(4) Okafor should be on a 2 year contract (2nd year player option)
(5) If the Lakers get Kevin Love in 2015, Gordon will have to play backup SF or PF, and Young back up Kobe.
I say the Lakers go after Kyrie instead, and then they will have Irving-Kobe-Deng-Gordon-Al Jefferson (maybe?). Love isn't the only 2015 free agent (remember that players can either increase or decrease their value each year/Love hasn't even lead a team to the playoffs). Roy Hibbert, Rajon Rondo, Chandler Parsons, Deandre Jordan, Klay Thompson, Al Jefferson, Kawhi Leonard, Brandon Knight.

The Lakers would be dumb to take Gordon at 6 when either Randle Smart or Exum will be on the board (assuming wiggins parker and embiid go top 3)

I would like Pau to stay, he is a big part of the Lakers family no matter what

Lakers will have a top 3 pick

Too much for 52th pick



11 Apr 2014 16:36:20
Bulls Offseason:

Amnesty: Carlos Boozer

FA: Kris Kaman (Vet Minimum), Resign Captain Kirk

Draft: #16 Aaron Gordon, #19 Cleanthony Early

Magic Get: Timberwolves protected lottery pick, 2016 2nd Rd Pick, Rights to Mirotic

Bulls Get: Aaron Afallo


Gordon won't be at 16

Way too much for Afflalo



11 Apr 2014 04:02:52
Next NBA super team

2014 draft day trade
Bulls - Knicks
Bulls get C Anthony (s&t with 4 year max)
Knicks get C Boozer, R Brewer, J Butler, 2014 #16 & #19 draft picks

2014-2015 season - Timberwolves still suck, Love demands trade
Bulls get K Love
Timberwolves get T Gibson, M Dunleavy, T Snell, 2015 1st round pick (via Kings), Bulls 2015 1st round pick (with rights to swap with Cavs), Bulls 2017 1st round pick

Knicks say no, wolves say no, and the CBA salary cap says hell no

Minnesota passes.

As a bulls fan I don't want to be the Lakers. Sorry not trading everyone but Noah and rose for 2 players



10 Apr 2014 18:49:59
Minnesota - Chicago - Philadelphia
Based on current standings for projected picks; Player efficiency rating = {PER}

Minnesota trades: K. Love {27. 1), C. Brewer {12), and 40th pick

Minnesota gets: T. Young {16. 7}, T. Gibson {16. 5}, J. Butler {13. 6}, 17th pick, Sac. 1st round pick (top 10 protected), and 32nd pick

Chicago trades: C. Boozer {14. 2}, T. Gibson {16. 5}, J. Butler {13. 6}, T. Snell {7. 9}, 17th pick, 19th pick, 48th pick, Sac. 1st round pick (top 10 protected), and 2016 1st rd. pick (top 10 protected)

Chicago gets: K. Love {27. 1}, C. Brewer {12}, 39th pick, and 40th pick

Philadelphia trades: T. Young {16. 7}, 32nd pick, and 39th pick

Philadelphia gets: C. Boozer {14. 2}, T. Snell {7. 9}, 19th pick, 2016 bulls 1st rd. pick (top 10 protected), and 48th pick

13 - Clint Capela (PF) - given the trade which features a strong front court it allows the T-wolves to go for a high upside draft and stash prospect.

17 - Z. Lavine (SG) - Another high upside player who can wait in the wings behind Martin and Butler and develop more. Could be a Russell Westbrook esque athlete

32 - G. Robinson III (SF) - versatile SF, help fill a role which has been plagued by injuries. Could develop into a nice player in time.

43 - Samaj Christon (PG) - Back up PG to potentially replace Barea and Sheved, whom were reportedly on the trade block this year.

53 - Ilimane Diop (C) - 18 year old 7 footer who could be a nice prospect. A draft and stash potential. Also allows T-wolves to pursue trading Pekovic and developing the young players like Dieng and Diop.

39 - C. J. Wilcox (SG) - One of best shooters in class could help spread the floor for the bulls.

40 - Walter Tavares (C) - very rawr prospect with huge size 7'2". Very mobile but has a very weak muscular frame and limited offensive skills. Could be stashed or play minimal minutes as a backup

2 - Jabari Parker (SF) - Top nba-ready prospect. Questions about defense and athleticism but can score. Very high IQ. can't miss prospect.

10 - Gary Harris (SG) - High motor and great defender. Only knock is he was a streaky shooter this year, still a top 10 prospect with good upside

19 - Adrien Payne (PF) - Stretch 4 who can hit 3's as well as lock down defenders. Very athletic, if it wasn't for his age he would be a lottery pick for sure.

44 - Bogdan Bogdanovic (SG/SF) - draft and stash player. Good ball handling and court vision as he was forced to play point for his team. Slashing style of game forces contact. Lacks elite explosiveness and creating his own shot.

48 - Spencer Dinwiddie (SG) - good first step and is overall good size and athleticism. Good mechanics for shot and shoots well on the move. 41% from 3. Does a good job getting to the free throw line. Has issues with turnovers

55 - Branden Dawson (SF) - athletic with good size and is a good defender. Needs to work on jumper

PG: R. Rubio/J. Barea/ A. Shved/ S. Christon (43)
SG: K. Martin/J. Butler/ Z. Lavine (17th)
SF: T. Young/ S. Muhammad/ G. Robinson III (32)/ C. Budinger
PF: T. Gibson/ C. Capela (13)/ LMaM/
C: N. Pekovic/ G. Dieng/ I. Diop (53)/ R. Turiaf

Cuts will have to be made and/or trades, as well as stashing players overseas or in D-league. Trade allows Minnesota to still be competitive while having a great pool of young players to develop. Good amount of future aspects await this team.

PG: D. Rose/ D. J. Augustin/ K. Hinrich
SG: T. Sefolosha (FA) /C. J. Wilcox (39)/ J. Fredette
SF: C. Brewer/ M. Dunleavy
PF: K. Love / N. Mirotic
C: J. Noah / N. Mohammed / W. Tavares (40)

In Win - now mode Chicago will have a good chance at a title.

PG: MCW/ T. Wroten / C. Ware
SG: G. Harris (10)/ T. Snell/ J. Anderson/ S. Dinwiddie (48)
SF: J. Parker (2)/ H. Thompson/ B. Dawson (55)/ J. Richardson
PF: C. Boozer/ A. Payne (19)/ A. Moultrie
C: N. Noel/ H. Sims/ B. Mullens

Cuts/additional trades to be made. C. Boozer on an expiring contract at the deadline could be a beneficial piece as well. Philadelphia focuses on rebuilding another year. Allowing young players to get plenty of minutes. Still plenty of players and assets for the future.

Let me know what you think

Minnesota passes.

Someone likes Michigan State


Not enough for Love. 2 players that will never be all stars and a couple late round picks not going to cut it. not to mention they lose Brewer too

Check recent trade history, Denver only got 2 firsts mad 2 second round picks. Plus these guys are better. Best package they could get for him. Per and rpm say this is fair.

Bulls are not giving up their entire team and future for love. He's 2nd Tier star in the leauge



10 Apr 2014 17:31:24

Chicago trades Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich, Mike Dunleavy, 2014 CHI 1st Rounder, 2014 CHA 1st Rounder

Chicago gets Kevin Love, Ish Smith, Ronny Turiaf

Minnesota trades Kevin Love, Ronny Turiaf, Corey Brewer, J. J. Barea

Minnesota gets 2014 CHA 1st Rounder, 2014 CHI 1st Rounder, 2014 IND 1st Rounder, Emeka Okafor, Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson, Archie Goodwin

Phoenix trades Archie Goodwin, Ish Smith, Emeka Okafor, 2014 IND 1st Rounder

Phoenix gets Mike Dunleavy, J. J. Barea, Corey Brewer

Why would PHX do this? Terrible trade

What a joke! Suns say hell no!

Why in hell would the Suns do this.

Okafor can not be traded. He is a unrestricted free agent.

Suns does not get anything out of this trade. Keep them out.

Suns don't get anything but Twolves get to loot the Suns. Twolves fans think Suns GM is stupid.

It's amazing how many trades are just looting the Suns. Suns get nothing and the other team get quality players or draft picks. LOL! What a joke!



10 Apr 2014 16:10:12

Cleveland get Carlos Boozer, 19th pick

Chicago get Dion Waiters, Andrea Barnagni and 32nd pick

New York get Anderson Varejao

*cavs say no



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