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23 Apr 2014 08:52:46
Another piston dream
Draft day trade
Det Pick 8 & 38 to chi for pick 16 & 19
Draft A. payne & best sharpshooting /3D sf left
Retire CB
Sign Lance Stephenson 4yr 40-44mil
S&t Monroe for Bledsoe
Trade smith for KG/stat/barg
Trade Jennings for Nelson/expiring

2015 around 20+ mil cap sign Love+ sf or bench depth
#s work but it's not going to happen but what a squad if it did.

Suns won't trade Bledsoe





23 Apr 2014 04:08:44
Bulls monroe 4y 50m

Det butler Gibson 1st dp

Amenstie boozer sign melo trade dunlevey


Bulls are not giving up that much for Monroe.





22 Apr 2014 22:38:34


BULLS get Thabo, Jackson, Lamb and Dallas pick
OKC get Jimmy and DJ Augustin


Amnesty Boozer
Sign Melo (4 yrs, 86 mil)

BULLS Lineup:

G- Rose/Jackson/Hinrich
G- Thabo/Lamb
F- Dunleavy/Snell
F- Melo/Gibson
C- Noah/Nazi


Amnesty Perkins
Sign Pau Gasol (3yrs, 33 mil)

OKC Lineup:

G- Westbrook/Augustin
G- Jimmy/Fisher
F- Durant/Butler/Roberson
F- Ibaka/Collison/Jones
C- Gasol/Adams/Thabeet

Best defensive team in the NBA.

Okc will be over the cap, so, they cannot offer gasol that much. Only MLE (5m) is the way.



22 Apr 2014 20:32:35
Bulls and Magic

Bulls get Affalo and Nicholson

Magic get Boozer and both bulls picks

Bulls do it to get rid of boozer move Gibson over as he's proven to be productive and they get a good scoring backup pf in Nicholson whose not being used in orlando he's got a post up game with hook shots and a mid to 3 point range jumper also try get mirotic over. Affalo applies defense and shooting which fits thibs style, he can defend upto 3 positions and has a nice outside shooting percentage.

Magic do it so they can draft:
Orl- Exum
Den- Saric
Cha- Hood
Chi- Capela
Boozer is expiring and can help mentor a few Orlando's forwards like Harris, Capela etc. With their draft picks I have them draft Exum to will their need at pg and form a nice backcourt with Oladipo. Then Saric whose a 6'10 point forward and total mismatch at sf but as he made spend two years in the euro league I have them take hood who has fallen down the draft boards but is a good shooter from all over and outside defender. Then Capela who needs work but has promise as defender I see a lot of Serge Ibaka to his game which would help alongside Vucevic whose not much of a defensive player and Magic need some rim protection.

Rose, Augustine, Fredette
Affalo, Dunleavy
Butler, Snell
Gibson, Mirotic, Nicholson
Noah, Smith

Exum, Nelson
Oladipo, Moore
Saric/Hood, Harkless
Boozer, Harris, Capela
Vucevic, O'quinn

Pretty believable and fair trade

Good luck getting both picks cause that is a steal
magic fan btw

Good but boozer and vucevic playing at same time will be some horrid defense

Steal for the Bulls - they'd have to give at least one first to unload Boozer - Afflalo and Nicholson are gravy. xxx



22 Apr 2014 17:40:45
Bulls love

Wolves gibson mirotic butler 1st dp

Amensty boozer

Sign melo



22 Apr 2014 17:33:35
Chicago Bulls Trade 19th and 41st Picks in 2014 Draft and Carlos Boozer to New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

Chicago: Add Carmelo Anthony and 16th Pick
Knicks: Add Carlos Boozer 19th and 41st Picks

16th pick?



22 Apr 2014 12:19:26
Bulls - knicks

Bulls gets melo (5-year, 118m)
Knicks gets boozer, 16th&18th pick

Draft gentile (48th pick)
Resign hinrich (2-year, 5m), mohammed (min. )
Sign j. o'neill (2-year, 5m), mack (min. ), l. allen (min. )

Rose - hinrich - mack
Butler - dunleavy
Melo - snell - gentile
Gibson - allen
Noah - oneill - mohammed

- after adding melo to the roster, bulls are a real contender.

Trade felton, jrsmith, prigioni and 2 future 2nd rounders for nelson
Draft hood (16th pick), napier (18th pick)

Napier - nelson
Shumpert - hardaway - murry
Hood - w. johnson
Amare - boozer - tyler
Chandler - bargnani

- knicks have their 2015's 1st rounder, so, it would be a short rebuilding for NY.

Knicks in 2015

Dragic - napier
Shumpert - hardaway - murry
Hood - johnson
Love - bass - tyler
Jordan - koufos




Knicks won't trade with conference without getting 2015 Kings pick also.

with Afflalo and Oladipo why orlando add a 3rd SG JRSmith, and the 2nd worst starting in NBA behind Lin-coward make 15 mil next yr accept backup role Beverly

How does Dragic end up with Knicks? And how do people think this is believable? Lol



22 Apr 2014 10:25:51
Bulls should select a shooting guard and a back-up center in the draft

Amnesty Boozer then sign C. Anthony
Resign DJ Augustine
Sign Nikola Mirotic

trade Mike Dunleavy for a 2nd round pick

Rose / Augustine
Butler / pick
Anthony / Snell
Gibson / Mirotic
Noah / pick

- Anthony will be convinced here, this is a very competetive team.

- should sign cheap back-ups also

Knicks fans sorry.

Bulls do not have the cap space to sign Melo outright.

The bulls will have the cap space to sign melo if they amnesty boozer and trade dunleavy and they extra 5 mil the league is giving to all teams. The bulls just are not going to be able to bring over mirotic this year



22 Apr 2014 05:22:08
3 team trade
Bulls, buck, bulls

Bucks get green, #5 pick and bulls #16 pick and clippers 1rst round pick 2015 from celtics

Celtics get bucks #1pick 2014 and dunleavey

Bulls get nets 1rst round pick 2016 from celtics
Bucks make trade to get extra picks they need a lot of help
Celtics have a chance to get the best player they want
Bulls do it to free up a lil money bit more money after amenesty boozer to sign melo



22 Apr 2014 05:19:50
Carmelo situation

S&T to the bulls for Boozer, jimmy Butler and a pick

S&T to the wizards for ariza, nene

S&T, felton to the pistons for Monroe and Jennings

Or stay ny for money better situation with guy in charge knows basketball better most ppl

Only decent trade is the first one, the Knicks get screwed in the other two.



22 Apr 2014 04:54:03
Bulls trade warriors
Warriors get dunleavy and #19th pick
Bulls get h. barnes
Bulls amnesty boozer
Bulls sign melo
Im sure people are going to say well new york aren't just going to let him walk but its melos choice to leave he just can't sign a max deal but can come close. Also why would he do a sign and trade to a team that's going to have to give up too much for him lessing his chance to win. So face it knicks he's going to walk.



22 Apr 2014 03:07:48
celtics get: joaquim noah and #49 pick in 2014 draft
bulls get: gerald wallace, vitor faverani, #5 pick in 2014 draft, 2016 1st rd pick (better of nets/celtics) and 2015 1st rd pick via sixers (likely to become 2 2nd rd picks)



21 Apr 2014 21:16:34
Bulls trade Boozer, Snell, Brewer, Bobcats 1st 2014, own 1st 2014
Bulls get Love, Budinger

Wolves trade Love, Budinger
Wolves get Monroe, Snell, Bobcats 1st 2014, Bulls 1st 2014, R. Brewer (not guaranteed)

Pistons trade Monroe, own 2014 first round pick, Jennings
Pistons get Rondo, Green

Celtics trade Rondo, Green
Celtics get Boozer, Jennings, Pistons 2014 first (about pick #8)

- championship contender for years

C. Brewer/Mbah/Muhammad
- add 2 x 2014 1st round picks to trade up in draft
- Monroe has All-Star potential, Snell can have a solid NBA career

- more balanced and more athletic roster
- add needed floor general
- at least playoff contender

- try to land Wiggins or Parker with own pick
- try to land Smart or Exum (or Ennis) with Pistons' pick
- in 2015 Boozer's and Bass' contract end = resign a PF or C to pair with Sullinger long-term

Bulls need to give more

Swap bringer and wallace

Pistons will not give up their first round pick they can't unless its no lower then 8th. Smith and Jennings are as good as gone from the Pistons.

Why trade for boozer? He's most likely getting amnestied



21 Apr 2014 11:48:07
Bulls - Magic

Bulls get Andrew Nicholson, Aaron Afflalo
Magic get Carlos Boozer (expiring), 16th pick, future 1st

sign mirotic
resign augustine hinrich jimmer
draft payne


Bulls are not dumping Boozer on the Magic while taking Afflalo and Nicolson. Maybe Gibson, but not Boozer. Bulls would have to give more for this deal to happen.

The reality is the bulls really aren't dumping boozer on the magic when u guys can buy him out and free up money towards the cap because u couldn't do that with affalo plus u get a pick giving the magic 3 1rst rounders



21 Apr 2014 10:36:37
Suns off-season

assuming they get 14th, 17th and 27th pick

Suns get Carlos Boozer (expiring)
Bulls get Emeka Okafor (s&t) + 27th pick (whoever Suns selects)

-Boozer has a mammoth contract that makes him look bad, but Boozer can still play. A lot of energy scoring and rebounding, that expiring deal of him could help also. Suns need a Boozer type of player.

-resign Eric Bledsoe (match any offer from other teams)

-sign Greg Monroe

-select Doug McDermott and TJ Warren

Dragic - Smith - Goodwin
Bledsoe - Green - Tucker
McDermott - Warren - Morris
Boozer - Frye - Plumlee
Monroe - Morris - Len

Suns can not trade Okafor because he is a unrestricted free agent. They would have to sign him and then trade hin which is not going to happen.

No on boozer

Suns would get a draft pick for taking Boozer's horrendous contract AND NOT pay with a 1st round pick.

Boozer is a amnesty candidate this year and CHI would be very happy if any team took him in a trade. So, don't expect Suns to give a draft pick.

Crazy Bull fan wants a draft pick for a player the Bulls are wanting to get rid of to save money.

Does anyone propose a fair trade.

Suns wouldn't be able to sign Bledsoe and Monroe after taking on boozer's contract. keep that trash



21 Apr 2014 10:28:27

Bulls get Suns Wizards pick and Len
Suns get Gibson Snell

Surely you mean Suns get a top ten draft pick and Snell for Len. What a dumb trade. Suns GM hangs up after saying hell no! What a joke!

Can anyone propose a fair trade?

I am surprised your not asking for Goodwin and the Suns pick too. LOL! LOL! Crazy Bulls fan.



19 Apr 2014 16:57:14
76ers - Bulls

76ers get C Boozer, #19 pick
Bulls get T Young

This deal could happen of the Sixers have a guy they want at that pick.



19 Apr 2014 14:22:37
Bulls offseason plan

-I think Melo will not play anymore to the knicks and interested to play with the bull squad so Knicks will not let him walk without anything in return so they will sign and trade Melo for Bulls.

Bulls - NYK
Boozer, Projected 19th pick, Dj Augustine, Mike dunleavy for Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin

draft projected 16th pick Dario saric

resign jimmer and nazr mohammad

sign a 6th man CJ miles


Rose = Amare Never be the same. Melo has that in the back his mind.

Boozer Augustin 16th, 19th 2014 & kings 2015
Melo felton

If you want Melo



18 Apr 2014 19:45:37
Bulls melo


Butler will be able to stay in chicago until his rookie deal runs out, the bulls will not be able to match an offer for him. And there's no way Gibson can be on the roster, they will have to trade Gibson and Boozer to be able to make room for Melo



18 Apr 2014 19:23:03
Pelicans - Pistons - Celtics - Bulls

Pelicans get C Boozer (exp)
Pistons get E Gordon
Celtics get J Smith
Bulls get B Bass (exp), K Bogans (non guarantee salary next year, waived)

Pelicans get expiring contract for Gordon
Pistons get 3point shooting for Smith with Gordon
Celtics get Smith to make Rondo happy
Bulls waive Bogans non guaranteed salary and use Bass to backup Gibson, saving 10 million in the process

Bulls has to take back more money

For deal to work or for deal to be believable?
Works on trade machine

^bulls can have Bynum from pistons



18 Apr 2014 17:45:09
Chicago Bulls offseason moves

Amnesty Carlos Boozer - clears 13 million in cap space

Bulls sign nikola mirotic 4 year 30 million contract starting at $6M/year
Resign D. J. Augustin 2 year 8 million
Resign Kirk Hinrich 1 year 3 million

Draft day trade w/ Milwaukee Bucks:

Bulls trade: #19 pick via charlotte, #49 pick and Tony Snell

Bulls receive: John Henson and #31 pick

Bulls draft Zach Lavine with #16 pick, Glenn Robinson III with #31 pick

PG: Rose/Augustin/Hinrich
SG: Butler/ Lavine
SF: Dunleavy/RobinsonIII
PF: Gibson/Mirotic/Smith
C: Noah/Henson

Bucks draft Andrew Wiggins #1 pick, Adrien Payne #19 pick, Semaj Christon #36 pick via lakers, Jabari Brown with #49 pick, and James McAdoo with #50 pick

PG: Knight/Wolters /Christon
SG: Wiggins/ Mayo/ Brown
SF: Antetokounmpo/Delfino/Middleton
PF: Ilyasova/Payne / McAdoo
C: Sanders/Pachulia/Raduljica



18 Apr 2014 08:32:56
With things uncertain and a mess in New York. I think this will be their best approach to Free Agency this year

-Try and do a Sign and Trade for Carmelo Anthony, get some talent in return

-Tank upcoming season in order to get a high draft pick in 2015

Heres what they do


New York Gets: G/F Jimmy Butler, PF Taj Gibson, PF Carlos Boozer (Contract expires next year), 2014 16th pick

Chicago gets: SF Carmelo Anthony S&T, SG J. R Smith

New York gets: C JaVale McGee, SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

New Orleans gets: C Tyson Chandler, PG Jeremy Pargo

Denver gets: SG Eric Gordon

Charlotte gets: SF Wilson Chandler

Pelicans get the Center they need to put next to Davis, Denver gets a great wing scorer for their up-tempo offense and will have Galinari back, and the Bobcats get a go to scorer at the 3 to help take pressure off Jefferson and Walker

The knicks overall get what they need done. As fun as the Anthony era was in New York, the Knicks must move on to the future. They need to tank this year and let the young talent they aquired show what they are capable of. Then once next off-season comes, they will have close to $50m coming off the books and they can go out and try and get two great players to add to their team plus a top 10 pick in next years draft (possibly Jahil Okafor, Kelly Oubre, or Emanuel Mudiay). But heres what this team will look like this upcoming season
(with 19th pick, the Knicks draft PG Shabaz Napier)

2014-2015 New York Knicks team
PG: Shabaz Napier
SG: Tim Hardaway JR
SF: Michael Gilchrist
PF: Taj Gibson
C: JaVale McGee

6th: SF Jimmy Butler
7th: SG Iman Shumpert
8th: PG Raymond Felton
9th: PF/C Andrea Bargnani
10th: PF Jeremy Tyler
11th: PF Kenyon Martin
12th: PG Pablo Prigioni
res: PF Carlos Boozer
res: PF/C Amare Stoudemire

Butler starts over MKG

I like both trades, only thing I would change is in the second one I would add Iman Shumpert and send him to either the Nuggets or Bobcats. They aren't getting screwed, but another player would be needed to make a trade more likely



18 Apr 2014 03:17:53
Chicago -Minnesota

Chicago gets; 13th pick and 43rd pick plus Chase Budinger

Minnesota gets; 16th and 19th picks



17 Apr 2014 20:20:35
Bulls offseason moves

Bulls sign nikola mirotic 4 year 30 million contract starting at $6M/year
Resign D. J. Augustin 2 year 8 million
Resign Kirk Hinrich 1 year 3 million

Draft day trade w/ Knicks:

Bulls trade: #16 pick via charlotte, Sacremento's top 10 protected pick (after 2 years becomes 2 2nd rounders), Carlos Boozer, Jimmy Butler, and Taj Gibson

Bulls receive: Carmelo Anthony (S&T 4 year 72 million) and Iman Shumpert

Bulls draft Adrien Payne with #19 pick and Patric Young with #49 pick

PG: Rose/Augustin/Hinrich
SG: Shumpert/Snell
SF: Melo/Dunleavy
PF: Mirotic/Payne/Smith
C: Noah/Young

Young as backup Center? U r in trouble on bench

Exellent but no1 needs kurt hinrich

Kirk* hinrich is a great defender and can play sparing minutes at the 1 and 2. Look at the Bulls back up center now. they run those guys all game. Young > old nazr mohmamad. plus payne can play some center - he's a good defender



17 Apr 2014 12:03:47
Knicks rebuilding case

Knicks don't have 2014 and 2016 first round pick

2015 draft class will be one of the best in last years (especially many big men)
2015 FA will be one of the best in years

trade Anthony, Chandler and Felton before 2014/15 season

Knicks get Boozer (16.8m), Snell (1.5m), Augustin (s&t, 1y 3m), Brewer (1.2m), Frye, Bobcats 2014 first round pick, Kings 2015 first round pick, Pacers 2014 first round pick

Bulls get Anthony (s&t, 4y 70m), Felton

Suns get Chandler

Roster 2014/15:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Boozer/Stoudemire/Frye/Draft 2014
- top5 pick 2015
- release Brewer
- add 2 x 2014 first round picks (Bobcats&Pacers), maybe they can draft up with adding Snell or Frye to add froncourt talent (PF/C)
- add Kings 2015 first round pick
- in 2015 let Bargnani, Stoudemire, Boozer walk
- in FA sign: Love and Rondo (also avaible Lebron!)
- with own and Kings pick 2015 draft best possible C (trade up in draft) in loaded big men class
- resign Shumpert and Augustin

Roster 2015/16:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Love/FA/Draft 2014
top5pick 2015/Aldrich


Butler/Hinrich/Draft 2014
- bring Mirotic over
- resign Hinrich vet min
- resign Butler 4y 30m
- with own 2014 pick draft best avaible SG/PG

Why would the Suns facilitate that? Chandler is not that good (for what he is getting paid) that the Knicks want to dump him.

So why would the Suns take his contract and have to give a pick?

Suns don't want Chandler. Suns are not making a trade for a one year rental. Actually they can do better with the Pacers draft pick and GMs Ryan skill in the draft.

Keep Suns out of this mess!


Chandler better than any suns big.

Chandler may be better but he has injuries problem and he is not a youngster. So he will be just getting worse.

Yes, Chandler is better, but he makes 4 times more and he is not that much better. That why New York payroll is 35 mil more then the Suns and 11 games worst in a week eastern conference.

Come on Suns fans. Name one player who is better than Chandler with the Pacers pick. You are not getting Durant or LeBron or Love. Chandler is the best you could do or draft with that pick. Get off your high horse. Or maybe you are all just high.

Jealousy ( Suns having cap space and draft picks) doesn't become you, NY fan. Why does a solid, up and coming team. an up temp team need a plodder like Chandler? Let him stasy in NY. Suns will do fine without him.

Lol can't you read? We don't want Chandler because he's overpaid, injuring prone, and he's 31. And he's definitely not pushing our team to the top. And we have a guy already who plays D, rebounds, 7 years younger, makes 5x less than chandler. Plumlee 8pts 8rbs 25mpg. Chandler 9pts 9. 5rbs 30mpg. So ya, keep laughing at why we don't want Chandler. LOL

There no high horse here. It just factual. Chandler is over the hill and injury prone. He to slow for the Suns. Why trade him. You want to trade him because the Knicks can not win with their team. They are losers and part of that is Chandler and the other is Melo which are the two players you want to trade.

It really does not make any difference what you or I want to do, because it not going to happen. Suns GM is too smart and he would say hell no.

Chandler is over paid and that the fact jack! Suns say hell no!

The Bulls say no! Hell no!

Why trade for Chandler! suns can get him next year for free.



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