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04 Dec 2016 20:56:29
If the Hawks continue to struggle at the deadline I could see them trading Millsap.
Hawks get Valentine, Mirotic, Future Protected First
Bulls get Millsap

Hawks get some young talent going forward and what have to make a decision on whether to payback Millsap max money as an old player.

Bulls get a guy that makes them a true championship contender

Rondo/ Cannon
Wade/ MCW
Butler/ McDermot
Millsap/ Portis
Gibson/ Lopez.

05 Dec 2016 02:27:01
Don't think Millsap goes as far as making Bulls a true championship contender but he'd surely make their team much better. The value isn't bad either even when you take into account that Millsap will be a FA this summer. Another team that I think would make sense for Millsap would be the Raptors.

07 Dec 2016 13:38:16
Salaries won't work, but I like the bulls as a trade partner.... Only for their sac 1st they own.

04 Dec 2016 20:08:22
Thunder get:
Gay, Koufos, Mirotic, MCW

Bulls get:
Singler, McLemore, Papagiannis, okc 1st

Kings get:
Kanter, Abrines, Payne

Thunder get wings, shooting, expiring money for Blake if he opts out, and a replacement backup 5.

Bulls get McLemore who could be a great fit off the bench to spell Wade, plus get a first round pick.

Kings get Payne who they were interested in before he got hurt, a big to put next to Cousins or replace him should he (finally) get moved, and a shooter at a reasonable price.

05 Dec 2016 02:31:02
I don't like the deal for the Kings. Koufos is a solid backup big, and I think Gay alone could get you Payne and Abrines minimally. McLemore and Papagiannis are still young guys they paid too high of a price for to just simply give away. I don't like the Kings getting Kanter as their best asset since he plays their deepest position and they have so many glaring holes elsewhere.

05 Dec 2016 02:59:17
Yeah add more bigs and non shooters, just what we need.

04 Dec 2016 19:16:01
Trade: Minnesota Timberwolves - Los Angeles Lakers - Sacramento Kings

MIN get Luol Deng
LAL get Rudy Gay (exp / opts out)
SAC get Ricky Rubio

The above would be the outline in which Thibs gets his former Chicago and defensive protégé Luol Deng, who could play aside Towns as a PF or, if Dieng continues to start with Towns, share the wing with Wiggins, while LaVine, Dunn or Jones play Point. Sacramento on the other hand get the player they wanted for a long time now and Gay could be something like a placeholder for the Lakers starting spot at Small Forward, which Ingram fully should take next season as Gay likely opts out in some months anyways. And they also get rid off Dengs big contract, too.

I think some additonal players would have to be involved to make this savory for Minnesota and Sacramento, say: MIN get Deng, McLemore, Casspi - SAC get Rubio, Muhammad - LAL get Gay. Maybe Collison or Lawson will have to be added for the Timberwolves too, as Dunn just seems not to be ready for the starting PG spot and I'm not sure if LaVine is capable for the playmaking either. Maybe Tyus Jones, but Tom Thibodeau still isn't playing him much.

05 Dec 2016 03:40:27
Only way I see Thibs justifying bringing back Deng and paying him 72M over next four years is if he had a time machine to either redo that contract or could bring back the younger Deng that played with Thibs. Twolves aren't doing anything this year so I see no reason to bring in an overpriced veteran on the wrong side of 30.

04 Dec 2016 16:33:04
Suns trade Brandon knight to bulls with tyson chandler so he can retire bull for nikola mcw grant.

04 Dec 2016 17:53:09
I understand the feel good story but don't understand why Knight is roped into it. Don't like value for Suns. Knight hasn't been playing well but with him locked up for a few years I see no point in dealing him at a discount. Chandler has done surprisingly well this season and I think he can actually contribute to a surprising Bulls team. Mirotic isn't a good acquisition for the Suns who should reserve pf minutes to grow Chriss and Bender. MCW and Grant are fairly underwhelming and certainly not worth giving up Knight for.

Maybe something like this could work:

Tyson Chandler and PJ Tucker for Robin Lopez and RJ Hunter

Bulls get to bring back Chandler and get Tucker who is a good defender and can stretch the D a little bit that will bolster Bulls depth. Suns get a little younger with Lopez (insurance if they let Len walk in FA) and take a flier on Hunter a young gunner who hasn't found a place in the league yet.

04 Dec 2016 05:08:42
76ers bulls
Jahil oakafor robert covington for nikola mirotic and denzel valentin and jerian grant and sac 1st pic.

04 Dec 2016 05:22:34
Sixers pass we don't need mirotic at all and those other two are just okay at best. Sac pick is actually only coming if it outside the top ten so no value there either.

Sixers pass.

04 Dec 2016 17:38:24
Hamburger. as of this writing the Nets have the third-worst record in the league. They were in the 7/ 8 range earlier in the season because they won a few games in the first couple of weeks. You're now seeing a reversion to the mean, and Brooklyn will most likely be in the 1-2-3 range when they year ends -- perhaps No. 1 overall if they decide to bite the bullet and trade Lopez.

03 Dec 2016 22:06:55
With the Bulls playing as well as they are

Bulls/ Dallas

Bogut for MCW and Mirotic

Bogut offers help at the front court D and takes pressure off Lopez

Mavs get younger talent.

30 Nov 2016 05:54:52
Another Cousins trade but this time to the Bulls.

Kings give: Cousins, Casspi, Barnes, Temple

Kings get: Valentine, Portis, McDermott, MCW/ Grant, Return of Kings 2017 pick (top-10 protected), Bulls 2017 pick, Bulls 2019 pick, Celtics 2018 pick

Bulls give: Valentine, Portis, Lopez, McDermott, MCW/ Grant Return Kings pick if falls out of top 10, Bulls 2017 1st, Bulls 2019 1st (top 5 protected)

Bulls get: Cousins, Zeller, Jerekbo, Barnes, Temple

Celtics give : Zeller, Jerekbo and Celtics 2018 1st (or a different future pick)

Celtics get: Lopez, Casspi

The return for Cousins isn't the greatest but I believe Chicago would be a perfect fit for him. Wade could put Cousins in his place, Cousins had success with Rondo last year and Cousins is young enough that if he and Butler get along they could help keep each other in Chicago and be the center of something great in Chitown for next few years.

A lineup of Rondo, Wade, Butler, Mirotic, Cousins isn't too shabby either.

30 Nov 2016 11:43:39
It would be more than a stretch to see the Celtics being part of a three-way deal in which Cousins is delivered to an Eastern Conference rival -- especially one in which they themselves don't get much better. I do like Casspi, though, and would offer one of Zeller, Olynyk and Zeller straight up for him. But Kings don't need bigs.

30 Nov 2016 13:26:31
***Zeller, Olynyk or Johnson.

30 Nov 2016 14:10:00
Kings should be getting little go less. four promising young players plus 3 1st rd picks! that's a lot.

29 Nov 2016 20:35:47
Kings 2 moves

With Wolves
1) Gay for Rubio
- Kings need a PG and Thibs said he wants a vet player. This opens up the Wolves to let the other PG play and can decide if they want Gay back next year

With Wash

Cousins and Casspi for Porter, Morris, and Oubre

Wall with get to play with Boogie again
Sac moves past Cousins and gets three young and controllable players (that are not big men too)

6th Oubre

This will be a young team that can gel, but will not be a playoff contending team (keeps pick from going to Chicago) but better than the 6ers so they do not have to swap picks with them.

30 Nov 2016 02:47:09
Not even close to being enough for Cousins.

28 Nov 2016 16:43:37
Okay adapting the trade idea by "NBA" for bulls dream moves. Just focusing on the melo part of the deal WHERE the money won't work.

This deal will be:

Bulls Celtics and Knicks

Knicks trade melo
Knicks get Amir Johnson (expiring deal), mcw, Doug Mcdermott, and bobby Portis, plus kings pick from bulls (not top ten pick, must fall out of top ten)

Celtics get Robin Lopez
Celtics trade Amir Johnson

Bulls trade king pick, mcw, Mcdermott, Portis and Lopez
Bulls get melo

Bulls starting five

Rondo, butler, wade, melo, and either mirotic or gibson.

Celtics get there center for an expiring contract in Johnson

Thomas, Bradley, crowder, hortford, Lopez

Knicks rebuild with A Few young assets while only taking on Amir Johnson's one year salary.


28 Nov 2016 17:25:00
I think its as near as good of a return as the Knicks can expect for Melo at this stage of his career and the "right" move to trade him now since they aren't going anywhere with him. I like Portis' game and the upcoming draft is supposedly deep especially at pg so maybe Knicks can get their next man.

I'm torn on it for the Bulls. They're giving up most of depth they have and would be real thin at center. I don't think Melo makes them a contender but then again I thought they'd be doing a lot poorer than they are. I don't think Jimmy Butler would entertain Bulls bringing in Melo and he could leave in FA in a few years which would leave the franchise in the gutter. I don't think not doing this trade necessarily avoids this outcome so I'd probably roll the dice and do it. Maybe Wade and Melo could convince CP3 to replace Rondo in the off season.

I think Cs are the winners of this deal. Robin Lopez is a solid big man that defends and rebounds. His contract is a little of the hefty side but I think the value and fit is good.

28 Nov 2016 17:53:06
Right. So if that's as "good of a return" as the knicks can expect. they flat out refuse.

So they get 4 bench pieces, at least 2 of which will be cut, and a mid to late 1st?

Just a reminder. while I know carmelo is severely over the hill and has absolutely no production or value. He is still averaging 23 pts, over 6 boards and almost 3 assists a game. He has a PER over 20. And currently 17th in the league in scoring.

While I get it. that clearly is evidence of a player worth a group of bench pieces and a mid to late 1st. my guess is the knicks would likely hold on to him, because you know. he isn't worthless.

Also, while at it. you say that's all you can expect at this stage of his career. isn't lebron james at the same point? I mean, do you highly discount Lebrons value because of the stage of his career? Actually, an argument can be made that he has more wear on his tires because he plays a more bulldozer game. So, is lebron worth significantly less?

The point is, the knicks don't have an interest in trading melo unless it brings back some serious potential. An expiring deal, 2 bench warmers, portis (a clear position of no need), and a highyl protected 1st is just an absurd offer. Even if you think its what his value is. knicks flat out refuse because it really adds nothing to the team now or in the future.

28 Nov 2016 17:57:55
Absolutely your are a bulls fan. you want carmelo right?

28 Nov 2016 19:53:31
I was actually just adding to the deal posted by NBA so the money works.

I personally would do it if I was the Knicks. I mean yes melo still has talent but he's also never going to help the Knicks with in anything. I would hope they are smart enough to get a return for him now before his value is zero. This may not be the best return but it does refill the team with young talent which they current don't have much of.

The way I see it if the Knicks keep melo they will never get out of the first round of the playoffs. So the choice is. is that all Knicks fans want. or try to tank like a third of the NBA does already and get a high pick. while getting younger in this trade. Either choice is going to take a long time to rebuild. But that's the NBA.

28 Nov 2016 22:43:33
I was talking about the deal happening in the offseason though.

29 Nov 2016 18:09:45
NBA. I thinking it's a better chance during he season. Bulls will soon realize that they are good but aren't in the championship caliber team yet. Melo would be an upgrade for them. Not sure if his addition help them win a title or not but I think it helps get them closer. and Boston I think has already seen that they desperately need a big man to truely compete. Lopez isn't great but he would help solidify that starting five. And of course knick are wat everyone thought they'd be. So they should absolutely get value for melo ASAP. So the need is available right now for all teams involved. Maybe mid season trade deadline.

01 Dec 2016 15:17:29
tre. how does that trade do anything towards what you claim, of getting them out of the first round? They get rid of their leading scorer and top 2 talent and producing player. and they get 4 players, 2 that will be cut, 2 that will be role players and a mid to late first. it benefits the team none. Knicks would be far better trading noah to the wolves. There are reports that the wolves would be interested because of Thibodou. something like dieng, rubio, payne for rose and noah.

If i was the wolves, I wouldn't do that. but the rumors are out there that tibs is willing to make that type of trade for those 2 players because he still loves them.

Thats a trade that could potentially help for the future.

27 Nov 2016 18:45:51
BULLS DREAM MOVES (Assuming: Bulls make playoffs as 5th seed but lose in 1st round. Knicks finish 9th in East, Carmelo is upset, team decides to rebuild around Porzingis. Clippers finish 2nd in West, but lose in 2nd round again)

-Carmelo requests for trade to Chicago
Bulls get Carmelo Anthony
Knicks get D. McDermott, B. Portis, and #11 pick

Draft: (Kings pick lands at #11, goes to Bulls, then traded to Knicks)
-#21-Carlton Bragg (Forward, Kansas)

Free agents:
-Taj Gibson (renounce rights)
-Nikola Mirotic (renounce rights)
-Michael Carter-Williams (renounce rights)
-Waive Rajon Rondo (non-guarenteed)
-Dwyane Wade (opts out) (re-signs 2yr 25m)
-Cristiano Felicio (re-sign 1yr minimum)

Free Agency:
-Sign Chris Paul 2yr 30m
-Sign Tony Allen 2yr 5m
-Sign Amir Johnson 2yr 5m

Paul/ Grant/ Canaan
Wade/ Valentine/ Hunter
Butler/ Allen/ Zipser
Melo/ Bragg/ Felicio
Lopez/ Johnson.

27 Nov 2016 21:30:39
The offer for Melo isn't awful. However, I don't think Kings finishing outside of top 10 especially after they deal Cousins (I think they'd be stupid not to its just a matter of how soon and where) .

Are you predicting Dwade taking another paycut or is that 25M per year for two years? His player option is for 23.8M so I highly doubt he declines even to play with his buddies Paul (same issue unless 30M per year then your having salary cap issues) and Melo.

27 Nov 2016 21:53:58
Everything about this scenario is unbelievable. u may as well trade Lopez for Anthony Davis while you're at it.

27 Nov 2016 21:58:07
Melo could agree to pay for Wade and Paul's dinner for the ear since he'd be getting paid more than them to play together lol.

28 Nov 2016 00:19:08
As a bulls fan, I still think cleveland would actually beat us.

28 Nov 2016 01:40:31
This is like saying 76ers dream moves sign durant and cousins. rubbish like this ain't happening.

28 Nov 2016 05:57:48
Without trading Wade or Butler salary wise trade don't work. Learn the cba rules before u make 1 sided trade bulls fan.

28 Nov 2016 12:26:05
Actually I'm not a Bulls fan, so learn before you make conclusions.

28 Nov 2016 16:32:32
The value for melo is fair. the money is the problem. Idk how bulls can pull it out. might have to find a third team to take Robyn Lopez and mcw and replace lopez with a super cheap alternative from that team or free agency.

27 Nov 2016 17:28:06
1)Chi- GS-Boston:

Chi: Crowder+ Smart+ 1rnd pick 18 Nets
GS: J Butler+ 1rnd pick Bost 18
Boston: K Thompson

2) Boston-Sac-Philly:

Bost: D Cousins
Sac: A Johnson+1rnd pick Nets 17+ return swap17+ return 19 pick Sac+ 1rnd pick Clippers 19
Philly: 1rnd pick Memphis 19+ McLemore

C: D Cousins
PF: Horford
SF: J Brown
SG: K Thompson
PG: I Thomas
Sixth: Bradley+ Olynyk.

27 Nov 2016 17:48:05
Timing is really everything. Right now we understand that the Nets pick may be the #1 overrall, but we don't put the right value on that because it is almost an abstract idea at this point. In a few months, however, a couple of players will certainly begin to differentiate themselves from the rest (which happens every year), and by the time everyone is familiarized and seduced by those 2-3 players, we might be saying this: I don't want to trade that particular player for a one year rental of DMC, who might not help us win a championship and on top of that has all the "tools" to jeopardize the locker room chemistry.

27 Nov 2016 18:08:44
Lots of moving parts here, not the least of which would be Cousins' willingness to sign long term. In the second part, the Kings would receive swap rights to the 2017 Nets pick, but Sacramento might actually have a worse pick than Brooklyn, and it would be useless.

27 Nov 2016 19:18:02
Why would philly give up so much for a grizzlies pick and a bust in mclemor?

27 Nov 2016 19:22:33
Ik mean the philly swap.

27 Nov 2016 19:33:02
Philly only give up the 19 pick. They propably can't use the swap
The 2019 grizlies could be great.
Mempfis is an aging team.

28 Nov 2016 16:51:17

Either way. Mavs pick is 2019. Sac pick is 2019. Why would I do that even straight up? Kings haven't been good for years and they're about to lose cousins in 2019.

So why would sixers not want that unprotected pick then over the mavs pick then. And your asking to give up a swap which if Kings fall in the lottery would mean even a slightly greater chance at the first pick. Plus mclsmore has done nothing in this league. why would we even want him?

23 Nov 2016 08:25:37
Bulls: Aminu+ McCollum
Portland: J Butler.

24 Nov 2016 01:42:25
I like the defense addition to the blazer but I don't think they'll give up CJ unless it's a "godfather" deal.

22 Nov 2016 11:04:32

Phoe: J Butler
Was: Bender+ Knight
Chi: J Wall+ Cousins
Sac: R Lopez+ Mirotic+ Valentine+ return 1rnd pick 17+ 1rnd pick Miami 2018.

22 Nov 2016 15:31:50
as a suns fan i love this. but the suns should probably give more.

23 Nov 2016 01:46:33
This has got to be a joke. the Bulls get Wall AND Cousins for Jimmy Butler and some role players. Kings get screwed.

22 Nov 2016 02:31:34
Bulls trade sixers

Bulls get okafor

Sixers get Valentine and mitotic.

22 Nov 2016 03:54:19
76ers would have to add another minor piece.

22 Nov 2016 11:21:52
Perpetuates Bulls depth issues and not sure how much this would intrigue 76ers.

22 Nov 2016 17:27:46
sixers say no. Mirotic has no spot on this roster and valentine is nothing special.

21 Nov 2016 02:37:12
Raptors and bulls

Raptors get Gibson

Bulls get Ross and Patterson.

18 Nov 2016 09:44:10
Carmelo is going to continue to be frustrated and I think will find a new home either at the deadline or the offseason. Since he has the no trade clause I believe he holds control over where he goes majority wise so I believe it has to be a top 4 team in the teams respective conference and teams who have a member of the superfriends get a boost in line so Cavs Clippers and Bulls to the front. Of course as a Cavs fan I would love him but know the the Cavs won't give up Love for him since he's been playing well and clicking with the team so Cavs best offer

Thompson, Frye or Shumpert, McRae, Feilder, future first 2020 (first available first rounder the Cavs have) for Melo

(Cavs been looking to add Chalmers and maybe resign Dahntey Jones since he knows the system and can contribute right away)

I also believe Bulls could make the best offer without giving up their trio of Rondo Wade and Butler. But when looking at trade machine could potentially see a problem of giving up to much potential and youth wise to match the value of Carmelos contract. Clippers could make a good deal if the choose to give up Reddick and Wesley Johnson and more to match the contract value. Honestly though I think it will just come down to where Carmelo wants to play and the Knicks will make it work from there.

18 Nov 2016 14:20:58
He should go to the Clippers or Cleveland
And NY should let him go.

18 Nov 2016 14:38:24
None of those trades would provide what I perceive to be a fair return on Melo. A Love swap would make the most sense (although a third team would likely need to be involved since Love wouldn't be a great fit in NYK) but as you mention it seems increasingly less likely to happen. Therefore the only way this type of deal happens is if Melo forces a trade which I doubt he'd do. I think Melo would be a good fit on some other teams but with no-trade clause he'll get to decide where he goes. Melo already choose his fate a few years ago when he resigned to the Knicks when it was obvious they likely wouldn't be competing anytime soon.

18 Nov 2016 16:54:56
I agree the Knicks should trade memo ASAP. I don't know hai value right now is very high though.

18 Nov 2016 20:33:50
I agree Jaw should NY get more yes but will they? I don't believe so. He is getting older and every day you wait his value drops. I think Melo wants to leave but Jackson doesn't want to see him leave for nothing but with Melos trade cluase it's hard for them to get anything. I believe if this does drag on into the offseason Melo will demand a trade to try for championship. He obviously feels some type of hole because he did USA basketball for so long to be known as the most prestige American in USA basketball. So I think he wants to win real bad and NY isn't going to have a chance for a few years. Trade him now when he still has the most value but even with that the Knicks won't get what they want and I believe the Bulls wouldn't give up Rondo Wade Butler for him. Clippers won't give up Paul Griffin Jordon for him and Cavs won't give up Kyrie Bron or Love now that he is fitting in perfect for the Cavs. So options are low. Maybe Boston of course but Melo still has the last say.

10 Nov 2016 13:53:32
Thunder get Dwyane Wade

Bulls get Enes Kanter and Alex Abrines.

10 Nov 2016 18:03:34
Bull won't trade wade you don't sign a hometown boy and then trade him for nothing.

06 Nov 2016 17:23:27
rockets - Bobby Portis

bulls- Clint capela, Tyler ennis

second trade proposal

rockects -gallinari (last year of his contract )
Detroit first u/ protect

denver -t Harris ( after this year his salary goes down and still a young player)

detroit- t ariza w barton kj McDaniels (three defensive players)

06 Nov 2016 22:23:07
First deal I don't think makes sense for either team. Rockets could use a athletic defensive center like Capela and Bulls could use a versatile big like Portis that has some range.

I like the second deal as Nuggets get younger, Detroit brings in some solid talent in Barton and Ariza (although should have protection on first just in case) . Rockets don't benefit quite as much but Galo is very underrated player only issue is maintaining healthy.

06 Nov 2016 00:11:42
Bulls trade kings

Kings get j. butler, t. gibson, and j. grant

Bulls get d. cousins and m. barnes.

31 Oct 2016 21:40:43
Thunder get Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson

Bulls get Steven Adams, Cameron Payne, Alex Abrines, and Domatas Sabonis

Pf. T. Gibson/ E. Ilyasova/ N. Collison
Sf. J. Butler/ A. Roberson/ J. Huestis
C. E. Kanter/ J. Leveargne/ D. Johnson
Sg. V. Oladipo/ A. Morrow/ D. Hamilton
Pg. R. Westbrook/ N. Cole*/ S. Christon

*Free Agent Signing.

31 Oct 2016 23:18:01
Would not make sense after signing both of them today.

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