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31 Jan 2015 04:19:19
Suns trade Archie Goodwin Tyler Ennis miles plumlee Lakers 1st rd pick
Bulls trade gasol and jimmy butler


U can't be serious. why do u guys think your players are so valuable?!?!?! Archie Goodwin should be in the D League and your team is going to miss the playoffs again






30 Jan 2015 18:14:06

Bulls get Alexey Shved and Kostas Papanikolau

Rockets get Kirk Hinrich




30 Jan 2015 14:54:34

Rockets get Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson


Bulls get Terrence Jones and Trevor Ariza



Good for bulls






29 Jan 2015 17:13:50

Chicago get Kenneth Faried and Aaron Afflalo


Denver get Lakers 1st rd pick top 5 and Jordan Hill

Lakers get Joakim Noah and Wilson Chandler
- sign Goran Dragic

Chandler/Kelly/Rockets pick


30 Jan 2015 02:09:29
So what happens if the Lakers get the 6th pick in the draft?




29 Jan 2015 16:37:49
Bulls - Wolves - Celtics

Bulls trade McDermott, Snell, Moore, 2015 first round pick
Bulls get Martin, Robinson III

Wolves trade Martin, Robinson III
Wolves get Snell, Thorton (waived), Bulls 2015 first round pick, Cavs 2016 first round pick (from Celtics)

Celtics trade Thorton, Cavs 2016 first round pick
Celtics get McDermott, Moore (waived)

Bulls look to add scoring and shooting off their bench and add the savvy vet Martin.

Wolves have no long term plans for Martin so swapping him out for a young role player (Snell) and two likely late first round picks is a good return for a young rebuilding team.

Celtics have a billion picks coming their way in future drafts so swapping a late first round pick (from the Cavs) for the former lottery pick shooter McDermott (who the Celtics were very high on before the draft).




29 Jan 2015 16:16:04
Kings - 76ers

Kings trade Stauskas, McCallum, Moreland, 2015 first round pick (protected picks #11-30, if pick falls #11-30 then Kings will trade 2017 first round pick unprotected)

76ers trade Carter-Williams, Kirilenko

Here's how the protections on the Kings pick work. The Kings first round pick goes to the Bulls (from the Cavs) protected picks #1-10 till 2017. So if the 2015 first round pick is #1-10 it goes to the 76ers, if the pick is #11-30 it goes the Bulls, meaning the Kings debt to the Bulls has been paid. Then the Kings will be allowed to trade their 2017 first round pick to the 76ers instead.

Kings swap out three young players who don't get a lot of PT for the former rookie of the year and defensive minded wing might push the Kings into the playoffs. If not a core of MCW Gay and Cousins is a nice young building blocks for a team up on the rise.

The 76ers have never been high on MCW so sending him out for a rookie lottery shooter (Stauskas) who the Sixers were very high on before the draft and a likely lottery pick is a solid return for a guy the team doesn't feel is part of their future.


29 Jan 2015 18:16:59
I would do this as a Sixers fan


U may think sixers would get better in this trade but they wont. Those players are not even close to an nba caliber level. And we don't need those picks because we have enough.

go 76ers



28 Jan 2015 16:00:54

CHI gets Ben MClemore, Derrick Williams and 1st Rd pick
OKC gets Jimmy Butler and 2nd Rd pick
SAC gets Reggie Jackson, Andre Roberson and 1st Rd pick



G- Jackson/Collison
G- Stauskis/Session
F- Rudy Gay/Casspi
F- Thompson/Landry
C- Cousins/Evans


G- Rose/Brooks
G- MClemore/Henrich
F- Dunlaevy/Williams
F- Pau Gasol/Mirotic
C- Noah/Taj Gibson


G- Westbrook/Smith
G- Butler/Waiters
F- Durant/Morrow
F- Ibaka/Collison
C- Adams/Perkins

What do you think about this trade rumors?

tashi dorjee



27 Jan 2015 01:24:55
Bulls - 76ers

Bulls get K McDaniels
76ers get T Snell, 2015 1st round pick

- Bulls need more depth on the wing, and M cDaniels athleticism makes him a great defender, something to get him minutes on the bulls
- 76ers want picks


Isn't Tony snell a wing?


A struggling wing, thought McDaniel would be an upgrade


Hmmmm I think Sixers might do it then.


This is intriguing. McDaniels refused to sign his rookie deal so he will be a RFA at the end of the year. The Sixers might do it, but would the Bulls take the chance on KJ's contract?

Boy Howdie



26 Jan 2015 21:33:46
Possible 2015-16 Golden State Warriors

GS Trades: David Lee
ORL Trades: Ben Gordon, A. Harrington, 2015 2nd Round Draft Pick, 2017 2nd Round Draft Pick
Gets rid of Lee's Contract and gives ORL a needed solid Power Forward.

GS Trades: Iguodala
SAC Trades: Derrick Williams, Future top ten protected 1st Round Draft Pick
Gets rid of Iggy's Contract and gives them a chance at a protected pick in the future.

Off-Season Trade for Cap Issues
GS Trades: Livington, Speights
CHI Trades: 1st Round Pick (Kings)
Reason: Gives Chicago some good rotation players for a playoff run now. Gives GS a good lottery pick.

Off-Season Trade Due to Cap Issues:
GS Trades: Bogut, D. Green
SAS Trades: SAS 2015 First Round Draft Pick, Future Unprotected First Round Draft Pick
Reason: To get rid of Bogut's Contract to sign K. Love and to get rid of Green because of amount of money he will ask for. SAS gets a D anchor and a young energy team player.

Don't pick up these players options:
D. Williams
J. Holliday

11th: Willie Cauley Stein
20th: F. Kaminsky
30th: Andrew Harrison
54th: W. Seldon

Kevin Love
Brandon Wright
Mike Dunleavy

Warriors 2015-16 Roster:
PG- S. Curry/A. Harrison
SG- K. Thompson/Rush/W. Seldon
SF- H. Barnes/M. Dunleavy
PF- K. Love/F. Kaminsky/B. Wright
C- Cauley-Stein/Ezeli


Why change what's already nearly perfect? No way the warriors make any of these moves.


Why in the world would GS blow up their team?

jbbaby 2.0

27 Jan 2015 16:17:19
because they won't have the cap to keep all these guys next year, plus this makes there team better for the future and better now.


So pretty much take the team that is #1 in west and probably the NBA (yes I know the Hawks are good but warriors are +11 and Hawks are only +7 in point differential), and make them 10x worse. And yes, the warriors can bring their entire team back, including Draymond Green for $10 million+, they will just have to go in the tax for a year, before lees contract expires.




26 Jan 2015 15:14:58
Bulls get Russell Westbrook

Thunder get Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson


Too many big names movig around. For this to happen.


Bulls r fine with rose

go 76ers



25 Jan 2015 18:00:23
NYK-CHI Future

Ok, this might sound crazy, but it makes sense for both teams.

Bulls get: Carmelo Anthony

Knicks get: 1st round pick + Pau Gasol

- The Knicks are interested in Marc Gasol. There chances are a lot higher of getting Marc if they can get his brother Pau. Then if they also sign someone like Rajon Rondo they will become title contenders.

Future lineup

Hardaway Jr.
1st Round pick
P. Gasol

6th: Stoudmire
1st round pick

- Since Pau Gasol came to the Bulls Joakim Noah has not been the same. Also, they already have too many PF (Gasol, Taj, and Mirotic). If they get rid of Pau Taj will become a starter and Mirotic will get more playing time. They will also get Carmelo Anthony which will let them win a lot of championships.



6th: Mirotic


This makes complete sense. Maybe add a guy like Tony Snell and another 2nd round pick to the Knicks. But I love the idea


I actually think

Bulls get Carmelo Anthony

Knicks get Pau Gasol, Doug McDermott, and 2015 1st round pick

That perfect


Nobody is trading for Carmelo this year. NOBODY!


It does say future on it


1) salary
2) this means the Bulls are unlikely to afford Gibson and Butler
3) bulls would have the 15% salary increase
4) Gasol is having a killer year and is under a good deal.

bulls would never do it

succeed and proceed

26 Jan 2015 07:35:26
No team in their right mind would trade an all star starter like pau. so blasphemous. also, mirotic has shown flashes of playing efficiently as a large wing on the 3. noah hasn't needed to play as large a role as last year due to the presence of 2 new scoring bigs taking the offensive load. him and taj can focus on D. this is a championship team. trading away any pieces will be nothing but unproductive. especially for someone like carmelo. thibs team is built on great chemistry and team basketball. bringing in another scoring superstar won't help the implementation of thib's system.




25 Jan 2015 02:29:34
Pelicans - Kings

Pelicans trade Anderson, Salmons, Wolters

Kings trade Williams, Sessions, Stauskas, 2015 first round pick (protected #11-30, if pick is #11-30 then Kings will trade their 2017 first round pick unprotected)

The reasoning for the protection is the Kings first round pick goes to the Bulls if it's #11-30. If the pick goes to the Bulls then Kings will trade their 2017 first round pick.

Pelicans know they are out of the playoff case and knowing Anderson doesn't fit well next to Davis they move him out and get back a likely late lottery pick and a young prospect at shooting guard.

Kings are throwing a Hail Mary in an attempt to make a push for the playoffs. The Kings know Cousins needs a stretch four to play next to him. The Kings believe Stauskas is a bust so moving him and a a first round pick for Anderson is a Hail Mary attempt.


Kings can't trade a first round pick until 2019 right now since Chicago has their protected pick (via Cleveland, J.J. Hickson trade!!) that runs through 2017 before it turns into some 2's in 2018.


Go read the details on the protection of the pick please


As I said in the trade if the pick falls in the range (#11-30) it goes to Chicago then the Kings will trade 2017 first round pick (two years after the 2015 pick) and if the pick doesn't fall in the range that it goes to Chicago (#1-10) then it goes to New Orleans.


26 Jan 2015 02:30:14
Pels are 23-21 and You say out of the playoff chase. but Kings are 16-27 and You deem this a good trade so they can make a playoff push. seriously Man? If the Pels were to trade Ryan, It would be for more than what You are proposing




25 Jan 2015 02:08:05
Bulls - Celtics

Bulls trade Snell, Moore, Kings 2015 first round pick

Celtics trade Turner, Mavericks 2016 second round pick, Cavs 2016 second round pick

Bulls need an upgrade at the wing and adding Turner provides a new wrinkle to a Bulls offense that likes to create plays from many positions on the court.

Celtics move out Turner (not a part of their future) and a pair of their four second round picks in 2016 for a prospect (Snell) and a likely lottery first round pick.




24 Jan 2015 18:55:29
Bulls trade suns

Suns get bairstow,muhammed,snell,bulls 1rst round pick 2015 and 2nd round pick 2016

Bulls get green

Bulls sign j.oneal


PG: Rose / Brooks
SG: Butler / Hinrich
SF: Dunleavy / McDermott
PF: Gasol / Mirotic
C: Noah / Gibson
PG: Tragic /
SG: Bledsoe / Goodwin
SF: Tucker / Warren
PF: Morris / Morris
C: Len / Wright




24 Jan 2015 18:27:51
Pacers get Perkins, Jackson second round pick

Thunder get hibbert

Pacers get Patterson,fields and first from raptors

Raptors get West and Martin

Wolves get Hayes and second

Nets get Calderon and Smith and first

Knicks get Williams

Celtics get Stat (waive) Barj (waive
Knicks get Thornton, Bass and Wallace

Nets get McGee,Affalo,Foye two firsts and second

Nuggets get Lopez and JJ

Bulls get Stephenson

hornets get mirotovic and Hinrich

Lakers get mayo

Bucks get Lin

Suns get hill and Clarkson

Lakers get dragic


Lakers not trading Clarkson he see how well he played against the spurs last night he's the future


BUCKS (no injury)
PG: Knight / Lin
SG: Antetokounmpo / Dudley
SF: Parker / Middleton
PF: Ilyasova / Henson
C: Sanders / Pachulia
PG: Rose / Brooks
SG: Butler / Stephenson
SF: Dunleavy / McDermott
PF: Gasol / Gibson
C: Noah / Mohammed
PG: Walker / Hinrich
SG: Henderson / Neal
SF: Kidd-Gilchrist / Williams
PF: Mirotic / Vonleh
C: Jefferson / Zeller
LAKERS (no injury)
PG: Nash / Price
SG: Bryant / Mayo
SF: Young / Johnson
PF: Boozer / Davis
C: Randle / Sacre
PACERS (no injury)
PG: Jackson / Hill
SG: Miles / Stuckey
SF: George / Hill
PF: Patterson / Scola
C: Perkins / Mahinmi
PG: Lowry / Vasquez
SG: Martin / Williams
SF: DeRozan / Ross
PF: West / Johnson
C: Valanciunas / Hansbrough
PG: Thomas / Ennis
SG: Bledsoe / Goodwin
SF: Tucker / Green
PF: Morris / Wright
C: Hill / Len
PG: Westbrook / Waiters
SG: Lamb / Morrow
SF: Durant / Jones
PF: Ibaka / Collison
C: Hibbert / Mahinmi
PG: Rubio / Williams
SG: LaVine / Daniels
SF: Wiggins / Muhammad
PF: Young / Bennett
C: Pekovic / Dieng




24 Jan 2015 17:39:16
Mavericks - Suns

Mavericks get Plumlee, Ennis

Suns get Felton (waived), 2017 unprotected first round pick, 2015 second round pick

Mavericks need to add a center who can rebound behind Chandler, not being able to get a rebound single handily cost the Mavericks the game against the Bulls last night. Plumlee and Ennis (who could be the future point guard if Rondo leaves as a free agent) would provide the old Mavericks some youth without doing any harm to their small championship window.

Suns have too many young players to play as both Plumlee and Ennis are third on the teams depth chart at center and point guard. Moving out both (who where late first round picks) for a second round pick this year and a very possible lottery pick in 2017. The only down side is having to take back Felton who they can waive or buy out right after the trade.


PG: Rondo / Barea
SG: Ellis / Harris
SF: Parsons / Aminu
PF: Nowitzki / Villanueva
C: Chandler / Plumlee
PG: Dragic / Thomas
SG: Bledsoe / Goodwin
SF: Tucker / Green
PF: Morris / Morris
C: Len / Wright


Suns would rather keep any of their guys. than get Felton & more low round picks. PHX says no.




22 Jan 2015 02:11:41
Knicks - Rockets - Bulls - Celtics

IF and I mean IF the Knicks decide to move Melo and IF he agrees to way his no trade clause it be to Houston only.

Knicks trade Melo, Calderon, Smith

Knicks get Thornton, Terry, Dunleavy, Pelicans 2015 first round pick (from Rockets), Clippers 2015 first round pick (from Celtics), Kings 2015 first round pick (from Bulls), own 2015 and 2016 second round picks (from previous trade with Rockets) , Rockets 2017 first round pick

Rockets trade Terry, Papanikolaou, Ariza, Pelicans 2015 first round pick, Knicks 2015 and 2016 second round picks, 2017 first round pick

Rockets get Melo

Bulls trade Dunleavy, Mirotic, Kings 2015 first round pick

Bulls get Ariza, Smith

Celtics trade Thornton, Clippers 2015 first round pick

Celtics get Calderon, Papanikolaou, Mirotic

IF the Knicks decide to move Melo they will look to add a ton of picks and cap relief in return. By moving out Melo and Calderon the only contract on the books for next season is Hardaway Jr. Bringing back potential four first round picks (the Kings pick may turn into a second round pick) plus their own high second round pick will give the Knicks a huge boost to preform a Thunder like rebuilding from the draft.

Rockets are still behind the Warriors in the west and have been looking to add a third star for a while. While Melo decide to stay in New York in the offseason, he didn't know the Knicks would be this bad. The Rockets are all in right now so adding Melo for some picks in the future is smart move.

Bulls are struggling on defense. Shocking considering who the coach is right? Ariza is averaging over two three pointer made a game and two steals a game. A healthy defensive trio of Butler, Ariza, and Noah will push the Bulls toward the NBA finals.

Celtics use a few of there many trade exceptions to make this trade. The Celtics flip one of their many draft picks for two young prospects while great upside and a veteran point guard to mentor Smart.


Celtics say no

Mr. Best in the World

Why would the Celtics say no? Two good young prospects who we know can play for a late first round pick from the Clippers who could be who knows what in this weak draft?


22 Jan 2015 17:39:14
If Knicks and Rockets agree to send Melo for Houston it will be for Howard


22 Jan 2015 17:58:10
Houston says No they don't need another ball hog


What's the point of trading Melo for Howard? Who gets Howard then?


Oh I agree the Rockets would be stupid to make this trade but you can see why they would feel this way to make the trade




21 Jan 2015 23:41:03
Bulls get - Stauskas,Zeller, and Crowder

Celtics get - Snell and Williams(exp)

Kings get Gibson







20 Jan 2015 21:18:10

Bulls get Dragic and Plumlee

Suns get Mirotic, Dunleavy, and a lottery protected 1st rd pick

Both lineups improve all around


Not for the suns it dont




20 Jan 2015 20:29:19

Bulls get Gerald Green , Kendrick Perkins

Suns get Serge Ibaka

Thunder get Miles Plumlee , Taj Gibson and Isaiah Thomas

Thunder then trade Jackson to Lakers for Jordan Hill



Suns fans be like. "We ain't trading Plumlee for Ibaka!"


Plumlee. Green ,and Thomas? Even you should think that's a bit much to give up.




20 Jan 2015 10:05:18
Wolves-Bulls trade

Kevin Martin and Chase Budinger for Taj Gibson and E Moore




19 Jan 2015 22:23:24
Calderon Prigioni for Terry-out Shved N.Johnson Wolves 2nd

Bulls get Hardaway Larkins Early
Knicks get Harkless Snell E.Moore Bulls 2nd
Magic get McDermott


Knicks sign Reggie Jackson Milsap & Roy Hibbert
resign Acy Galloway Thanasis
Milsap/Acy/Chris Obekpa-56th
Hibbert/Okafor-1st/Robert Upshaw-45




19 Jan 2015 17:25:43

In addition New Orleans gets a first round pick from GS via Phx, Sac pick via Bulls via Phx, Lakers pick via Phx.

GS gets front court help with Plumlee for their run at the title, Bulls get wing help, NO gets a ton of value for a horrible contract and a top 5 player in the league who would probably leave a not competitive team in 1, 5 years. Phx gets the best frontcourt in basketball, a Goran Dragic at the point and playing time for it young guns.

Still not enough for AD?


Not even close for Davis


19 Jan 2015 19:41:05
You must be out of Your mind.


19 Jan 2015 21:13:19
I thought Antonio Davis Retired


19 Jan 2015 21:14:38
unless they trade Noah 5 1st rounders won't be good trade.




19 Jan 2015 02:27:13
Heat get: Taj Gibson

Bulls get: Loul Deng

Heat are looking for a PF now that McRoberts is out for the year. Deng's name has been mentioned as someone the Heat would consider trading.
Heat get a position of need and Bulls bring back Deng who played a key role for the team while he was there.




18 Jan 2015 20:51:50
Kings get Taj Gibson and Etwuan Moore

Bulls get Nick Stauskas and Carl Landry




Bulls would want to retain Gibson because of Gasol's age and Noah's injury history.




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