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23 Sep 2016 18:32:20
Kings and lakers

Lakers trade Russel clarkson and Randel

Kings trade cousins and gay.

Lakers give up a lot of youth but get a legit star player to build with.

Kings finally start their inevitable rebuild with an infusion of young talent.

23 Sep 2016 18:51:08
Maybe if the kings added Mclemore.

23 Sep 2016 20:03:42
How does mclemor help. He really hasn't done anything to be a make or break piece of a trade. Lakers are getting cousins and gay. That's plenty of a return.

23 Sep 2016 20:23:30
Hole at sg.

23 Sep 2016 20:29:15
I think the Lakers give to much.
They will lose their pick to philly.

They should keep their young core and tank this year. Draft J Jackson or H Giles
They can trade for Cousins next year, when his trade value is going down. Or sign him in free agency in 2018.

C: Cousins
PF: Giles
SF: Ingram
SG: Clarckson
PG: Russell
This team could rock.

23 Sep 2016 20:31:19
No, same as if you give your five cousins and 8 uncle .
No trade from L. A
For Russel Clarkson Randal.

24 Sep 2016 00:40:14
Gay is not needed with Deng and Ingram. Maybe mcLemore and a pick? but LAL should still say no.

24 Sep 2016 11:51:21
Derozan to LAL.
Ever better then gay mclemore or georges.
Derozan is comming on some year where he kind graduate to a Higher Level
Player who will to challenge who be able to give the Best and receive the best ofer. by a Big Club.

We are looking to ofer a concurent team and a strong built too
And seriusly hope to see D. Derozan joining L. A

Demar is time to win.

24 Sep 2016 14:35:15
He won 56 games last year you won what 15?

22 Sep 2016 04:13:09
Kings get MCW

Thunder get Rudy Gay and Greg Monroe

Bucks get Enes Kanter, Cameron Payne, and Kyle Singler.

22 Sep 2016 15:18:03
I'm good.

22 Sep 2016 20:39:55
I am an okc fan and I hate this for us!

23 Sep 2016 01:01:36
How does this help the Bucks replace Middleton. You trade a center who can't play D, and you get a center that can't play D back. back. You trade a PG, you get one back. and for the redundancy of it all, you get back a third string SF. Makes no sense at all.

22 Sep 2016 02:33:28
Khris Middleton out 6 months with a torn hamstring

Bucks Get: Ben McLemore

Kings Get: Michael Cater-Williams.

22 Sep 2016 09:02:02
This trade should have happened 3 months ago.

22 Sep 2016 10:44:17
Sacramento is a good destination for MCW.

22 Sep 2016 14:41:09
Makes sense to me.

22 Sep 2016 01:48:30

ATL get Rudy Gay

SAC get MCW and protected 1st ATL (lottery)

MIL get Kyle Korver and 2nd from SAC

i think this is fair for all teams. gay will be a fit with the Hawks will slide Bazemore to starting SG. Kings might revive MCW's carrer with their young bigs and Bucks get a vet shooter to help their youngsters . picks are sweeteners.

23 Sep 2016 04:06:23
USA take out the pics maybe.

21 Sep 2016 11:21:55
Since Gay has already told the Kings he's not staying past this next season, they must trade him now in order to gain something in return. However, at his last season and by himself he doesn't have great value right now. They must attach a good piece in order to maximize the return. It's got to be either McLemore or WCS.

Celtics get: Gay and McLemore
Kings get: the LAC and Grizz future firsts, Amir Johnson, James Young and RJ Hunter.

21 Sep 2016 13:22:08
With Crowder and Bradley already in the lineup, if Boston adds another wing, it will be a star that either supplants or is traded for one of those two. Gay is an inefficient player with little value, I would not give up two picks and two more young players for him, even if all of them are just average.

21 Sep 2016 14:13:47
Not even close. Gay is a volume shooter and average defender at best. McLemore would not crack Boston's rotation. Ainge does not trade No. 1 picks for players who can't help.

Maybe Hunter and a 1 for WCS.

21 Sep 2016 15:35:04
You don't need to give up that much for gay and/ or Mclemore. Neither has much trade value. Sacramento has been trying to move gay for over a month, no one wants him.

Supercollider: the only way you get WCS for hunter and a first is if that first is one from the nets. WCS still has great value, you're not getting him for scraps.

21 Sep 2016 16:42:28
This is the best offer the Kings can get by far. And it helps the Celtic as well. I really like this deal.

21 Sep 2016 17:00:59
The Memphis pick could be a high lottery pick, so Boston says no.

20 Sep 2016 15:17:00
Kings blow it up

Kings get

Russell, Ingram, Randel, Moose, Calderon (waive)
- Gay wants out and there is no way the Kings will have the core to keep Cousins so they should get the max return for him

Lakers get Gay and Cousins
- Lakers land top tier player and can compete this year and will have the ability to draw another top tier FA next year by having Cousins make a pitch

Bucks get Williams and Young (waive)
- Bucks add a wing who adds to 3pt depth.

20 Sep 2016 15:45:47
Lakers give up too much there. Russell and Ingram is plenty to get cousins and gay.

Most likely though it would take Russell or Ingram.

Then Randel and clarkson.

That way la keeps at least one young stud to go with gay and cousins.

20 Sep 2016 15:47:55
That literally takes away the last 3 years of the Lakers sucking for a player that isn't going to help stop that sucking pain for another year. Plus they will also have a better chance at losing their pick this year if hey do this deal.

20 Sep 2016 17:17:38
kings blow what up? they have little to no talent outside if Cousins.

20 Sep 2016 18:06:32
Ha ha.

20 Sep 2016 23:28:13
This leaves cousins and clarkson as the only main pieces on the roster. Not very attractive. Would rather keep this core and if needed, go after cousins in FA in 2018.

20 Sep 2016 23:30:45
I love Ingram going to Sacramento.
But giving up two talented players and Randle is to much for getting cousins

LA shouldd tank and rebuilt.
Russell+ Ingram+ Jackson will be good in a few years.

21 Sep 2016 00:00:30
If I'm the Lakers I'm not giving up my 2 primary core pieces for both these ***hats, I wouldn't even go one for one. Cousins is great, but I've heard Randy Moss call him a head cars. Randy moss!

21 Sep 2016 01:47:59
You've just got Mossed!

19 Sep 2016 20:12:23
Rumor is that Rudy gay is opting out of his contract next year. The kings are lost and desperately need an influx of young talent And draft picks. Luckily cousin is an easy tradeable asset. King owe Sixers a swap this season and an unprotected pick in 2018
Or 19.

Kinfs trade:
Cousins and Rudy gay.

Sixers trade:
Remove swap next season., return pick in future, lakers pick ( top three protected then unprotected 2018), Okafor.

It's a huge package for the Sixers to give up but cousins adds star power. Gay can play sf which helps for vet leadership.

Kings get all there higher picks back. Get a great young guy in Okafor to go with stein. They also get a most likely top ten pick next year with the lakers pick. They tank one more year. Get a top three pick with their own pick and top ten with lakers pick. That's a nice start to a rebuild.

Pg lakers pick
Sg mclemor
Sf Kings pick returned
Pf Okafor
C stein.

19 Sep 2016 22:39:43
I think Sacramento should get their picks back. So i like this idea.
Stein and Okafor could become a scary duo in a few years.

20 Sep 2016 02:28:26
Stein and Okafor would be the same issue as Noel and Okafor are now. I do like the idea of the Kings tanking completely and getting a bunch of picks, but I believe this should be a three team trade with Okafor ending up somewhere else and that team's asset (s) going to the Kings.

20 Sep 2016 15:48:39

three team trsde could make sense. I still think Okafor with a defensive big would work. Okafor only got to be a pf for five games last year. The rest of the time he was playing center with Noel at pf.

19 Sep 2016 16:49:48
Bucks get Demarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore

Kings gets Greek Freak and Greg Monroe.

19 Sep 2016 18:44:05
Wheres thrill.

19 Sep 2016 19:22:18
I'm here and there no way this happens.

19 Sep 2016 19:51:26
bucks say no, in a heartbeat

19 Sep 2016 20:03:00
I'll fill in until he gets thrill house gets here.

The Greek freak is untouchable. And Cousins isn't that much of an upgrade over Monroe. Cousin alone won't win you anything.

19 Sep 2016 22:41:02
I love the trade for Sacramento, but no way the Bucks do this.

20 Sep 2016 18:34:01
Monroe and Jabari for Cousins and Mclemore is more realistic, but I'd still say no. Cousins is cancer.

19 Sep 2016 13:24:05

Tor: Okafor

Philly: J Butler

Chicago: C Anthony+ 1rnd pick Tor+ 1rnd pick Clippers

NY: D Carroll+ Mirotic+ 1rnd pick LA+ 1rnd pikc Philly (or Sacramento swap)

Toronto receive a potental good bigg man without giving up much. VC and Okafor could work, if not, they only give up two non lotery draft picks.

Chicago gives up a talented player, but i do think C Anthony is a better fit in that Chicago team. Wit or without Butler, they're only playing for a first round exit. So they can trade him for Anthony and the two picks give them some future building assets.

Philly receives a star and a great defender.

NY can rebuilt next draft, they will have three lottery picks in a deep draft. Porzingis+ three lottery picks in a great city will free agents consider signing with the Knicks.

19 Sep 2016 15:00:50
Sixes come out with robbery.

19 Sep 2016 15:30:06
Sixers give: Okafor+ 1rnd pick LA+ 1rnd pick Philly (or sac)
That's two lottery picks. That's not a robbery.

19 Sep 2016 16:42:38
If I'm Chicago I say no since Melo is already a downgrade compared to Butler then you factor in their age and it isn't that close. I do however think Melo's shooting is better fit for team currently but I don't see how they'll be better for the future with two late firsts and Melo vs. Butler who is still young and under contract for a few more years. I don't see Jonas and Okafor working out at all. They just drafted Poeltl too.

19 Sep 2016 20:06:02
No way from T. O.

21 Sep 2016 11:49:56
Someone is waiting in the Lakers Los Angeles . special arrival from chicago.

Asking to become the new captain leading the team rebuilt. and many season.

19 Sep 2016 04:28:26
Bulls trade Jimmy Butler, Nikola Mirotic Tony Snell and return the SAC pick.

Kings trade: Demarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay

19 Sep 2016 13:47:28
The value is fair, but Chicago should keep butler if they trade for Cousins.

It's a great trade for Sacramento.

19 Sep 2016 20:17:24
I think Kings are in rebuild mode if they trade cousins. Butler doesn't help a rebuild from scratch. The Kings need picks, and young guys.

21 Sep 2016 15:15:49
A Yellow jersey for Jimmy Butler this year.
Ask to be the captain of the Lakers new era, what else?, some detail clearly shows a favorable opinion to see that realized soon .


18 Sep 2016 18:36:33
Orlando gets Ricky Rubio and Rudy Gay

Minnesota gets Serge Ibaka and Darren Collison

Sacramento gets Elfrid Payton and Nikola Pekovic.

18 Sep 2016 19:08:54
Magic say hell no.

18 Sep 2016 21:10:36
So Magic give up a Pf/ C who can shoot and block shots and has playoff experience, a great offensive Center who is a double double Machine and Payton who is pretty much on the same level talent wise as Rubio and get Rubio who doesn't have any time to left to develop unlike Payton and Gay whose jus a bit better version of Green who they already have tbh their better off keeping their depth. Rubio not Gay add the 3 point shooting or heavy scoring Orlando would need if they were to make a trade it would be to add scoring.

18 Sep 2016 22:10:20
Not Vucevic. Pecovic from Minny.

18 Sep 2016 23:42:46
Orlando didn't give up that much for Ibaka to move him at a discount, they at least should see how he looks in an expanded role. I agree Magic need a pg upgrade but I don't think Rubio is an Ibaka sized upgrade over Payton.

16 Sep 2016 17:34:33
Raptors and kings

Raptors trade JV, Ross and draft picks

For cousins.

U seen rumours raptors might trade JV Powell and Joseph that is a dumb idea big time if anyone of the raptors should NOT get trade it's Joesph he bring should great energy and defence and he's the home town boy which in my books is bigger then bring in another super star unless that super star is a KD or lebron type.

18 Sep 2016 16:45:03
Jv is a nice big man. Ross is a career back up. The draft pick the raptors can give are going to be late picks with Lowry derozen and cousins leading the way. So why on earth do you think the Kings can't get a better package somewhere else?

16 Sep 2016 16:48:57
Suns - Cousins

Kings - Bledsoe, Warren, Bender, Suns 2019 1st.

16 Sep 2016 16:56:20
I think the Suns give up a little too much.

16 Sep 2016 17:40:25
I think this is fair for the Suns. Problem is of course that even with cousins that team can't win.

16 Sep 2016 18:23:20
Even if the suns land a top 8 pick Booker, Cousins, Knight, Chriss, and a Pick is a really solid core.

17 Sep 2016 00:37:21
Forget the details. Cousins for Bledsoe, Dragon, and other pieces is a great trade.

17 Sep 2016 15:15:01
Kings HAVE Cousins. and can't win. Says a lot about the team. and also speaks volumes about Cousins.

17 Sep 2016 18:00:24
Phx fan

It does say a lot about cousins. I just can't see how knight booker and cousins can win right now. So basically yes this would get cousins, but then you be the Kings teams talent level right now. Basically no shot to win and probably miss the playoffs after losing so much depth.

17 Sep 2016 22:02:37
You forget how inept the Kings front office has been. Cousins isn't happy or motivated which hurts his production. Bledsoe is hardly healthy so I don't think the price here is too high. Getting Cousins may not make Suns a contender but I think it makes them a lot better and they're still a young team that could build around him going forward. Booker is only 19 and will improve and they still have Chriss, and Knight who is relatively young. Moving Bledsoe will open up minutes for Ulis who I think will be a great backup in the league, if only he were a few inches taller he'd really be something special.

18 Sep 2016 03:23:40
Cousins is a rare thing. a talented center in an NBA that really has few real centers. You'll agree that poor Kings Mgt or not. he has been a problem on and off the court. So, while he may elevate the Suns to a lower playoff spot, he may also help kill that youth movement and solid locker room they've been working toward since the Morris Bros were kicked out of PHX. I wish Cousins well. just not in PHX. Most Suns fans would also like to the Suns move Bledsoe and/ or Knight. but not in a deal that would simply elevate PHX to a little bit higher level of mediocrity. When they're ready to really make a move in the West, then a deal like this makes sense. now is not that time.

16 Sep 2016 02:34:17
Phi/ Phx

Phi get Bledsoe, protected 1st 2018

Phx get Kings pick.

16 Sep 2016 13:13:01
Who would Suns do this?

16 Sep 2016 14:31:18
Bledsoe for the Kings pick could be great.
Imagine they can draft Jackson.

You only don't know how good Cousins is gonne be.

16 Sep 2016 15:07:33
They wouldn't. nothing else to see here, move along.

13 Sep 2016 12:39:30
1) Sixers- Was- Boston

Sixers: J Wall

Was: Embiid+ J Brown+ Smart

Bost: Okafor

2)Sixers- Sac

Six: Cousins

Sac: Saric+ swap 17+ 1rnd 19+ 1rnd pick LA

3)Sixers- Clip

Six: Reddick
Clipp: Covington+ Stauskas+ 2rnd pick

C: Noel
PF: Cousins
SF: Simmons
SG: Reddick
PG: J Wall.

13 Sep 2016 13:27:36
Trade 2 kings say no. Saric, although I think he will be good, not a star, is unproven. Kings could get a better deal for cousins.

Trade 3 clips say no. Reddick is worth more then that package.

Trade 1 sixers say no. Wall has knee issues, and from everything I can gather, Simmons is being groomed as the PG of the future. Sixers need shooting. And Embiid is not in a position to be traded, his value could be tremendous or zilch.

13 Sep 2016 14:31:57
John wall has knee issues. Are you serious? They must be killing him. Man oh man, veto this trade, John wall has knee issues. These knee issues are SO bad. i mean over the last 3 full seasons, these knee issues are so bad, wait for it. he's missed 8 games. Total.

The sixers trade 1 player who has missed the entirity of 2 seasons and another who missed a third of the one season he played.

But yeah, great point. the sixers say no. Because wall has "knee issues"

You are absolutely correct Embiid could be tremendous or zilch. And trading okafor and embiid for a stud pg is tremendous.

Yet again, jung ceasing to amaze no one with his instant and baseless rejection of sixers trades, unless they are initiated by himself.

More like the first trade doesn't happen because the celtics say no. they aren't giving up this years 3 and smart for okafor. they wouldn't give up just the 3, let alone throwing in now smart.

13 Sep 2016 16:25:42
Comme on Hamby. You said it your self.
J Brown is going to be a bust

Okafor isn't a great defender, but the Celtics are interested and they can't trade him for Young. They don't need Smart. So Okafor for Smart and J Brown isn't that bad.

13 Sep 2016 17:04:14
Celtics say NOOOO.

13 Sep 2016 21:11:12
If Celtics wanted Okafor, they could have had him for Brown (the No. 3 pick) on draft night. They are certainly not going to give Brown AND Smart for him now. Maybe Smart alone.

14 Sep 2016 14:20:39
Haha Sixers aren't trading Embiid after all this time.

14 Sep 2016 15:54:03
Celtics run away laughing.

11 Sep 2016 15:40:24

Mil: J Wall+ Cousins
Was: Labisierre+ J Parker+MCW+G Monroe+ 1rnd pick Bucks
Sac: Giannis+ Porter+ Henson

C: Cousins
PF:T Maker
SF: Middleton
PG: J Wall

C: Monroe/ gortat
PF: Morris/ Labisierre
SF: Parker/ Oubre
SG: Beal/ MCW
PG:MCW/ Burke

C: Stein
Pf: Papagianis/ Henson
SF: Gay/ Porter
SG:McLemore/ Afllalo
PG: Giannis/ Lawson.

11 Sep 2016 17:39:09
As far as fantasy trades go I think this works value wise. I think Washington would be the most likely to decline this offer but I think Sacramento would be ecstatic to get Giannis let alone Porter and Henson who are solid young role pieces. Bucks probably wouldn't love having to give up Parker and Giannis but in getting Wall and Cousins they get two superstars that fill areas of need for them and makes them a more traditional styled team. I'd start Delly at sg over Vaughn but maybe Bucks could add a little more to get Afflalo or McLemore from Kings.

11 Sep 2016 18:44:18
Come on man.

11 Sep 2016 19:16:01
@ trilouse

Giving up Giannis is a big deal, i do believe he's going to be a top 10 player soon.
But that bucks team could challenge Cleveland, so it's something to think about.

11 Sep 2016 19:52:04
I agree with Ginnias being top 10 in less then 5 years.

12 Sep 2016 16:40:44
no way that Bucks team would be able to challenge Cleveland. You have 2 players in that starting lineup that have very minimal playing time and experience. They would also have little to no depth. No reason for the Bucks to gut their roster for 2 players that could end up leaving. The only way I feel like a team should gut a roster for a superstar is if it is a great free agent destination, but even then you have the risk of no one coming or players not panning out like the Knicks did when they gutted their roster for Melo.

11 Sep 2016 04:05:53
Thunder get Demarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore, and Omri Casspi (36 million)

Kings get Victor Oladipo, Steven Adams, Ersan Ilyasova, Kyle Singler, Anthony Morrow, Nick Collison, Josh Huestis, and 2017 and 2019 1st round picks (33 million)

Pf. E. Kanter/ J. Lovergne/ M. McGary
Sf. R. Gay/ O. Casspi/ D. Hamilton
C. D. Cousins/ D. Sabonis/ D. Johnson
Sg. B. McLemore/ A. Abrines/ S. Christon
Pg. R. Westbrook/ C. Payne/ R. Price

Pf. W. Cauley/ E. Ilyasova/ A. Tolliver
Sf. A. Afflalo/ M. Barnes/ K. Singler
C. S. Adams/ K. Koufas/ G. Papgiannis
Sg. V. Oladipo/ G. Temple/ A. Morrow
Pg. T. Lawson/ D. Collison/ I. Cousins

Release/ Buyout
Nick Collison
Caron Butler

Skal Lassibierre
Malachi Richardson
Lamar Patterson
Josh Huestis.

11 Sep 2016 07:35:24
Thunder probably overpaying a little bit (Adams showed a Lot in playoffs) and oladipo is a good young guy as well. i guess draft picks won't be great so maybe not so bad. Cousins and Westbrook would be a scary duo.

10 Sep 2016 19:57:48
If Sacramento is not doing well

Sac/ Was

Beal, Porter, Morris
Cousins, Gay, Mclemore

Washington gets one of the top 2 big men in the league to play with Wall

Sac gets there players who are under team control for a while and add more experience to a rather inexperience team.

10 Sep 2016 20:47:18
Cousins to Boston makes sense. This make no sense. They have picks Smart Bradley 2 Celtics 1st to package.

10 Sep 2016 21:31:09
Sac would never do this.

10 Sep 2016 22:35:56
I like the idea of Cousins going to Wizards to reunite with Wall. Kings wouldn't really want any bigs in return and Wizards have Gortat and Mahinmi so I think a 3rd team has to be involved to dump one of them. Beal I think is a decent center piece to the deal. I don't think he is a superstar but he's only 23 and I think has solid upside and can be an all-star.

Porter is a solid role player type that is still young and could grow into a bigger role. I think Morris would be a better fit in Washington but he's a solid stretch 4 and if he can get back to him PHX level of play he could put up good number in Sac. I agree this isn't likely enough to get Cousins especially if Gay and McLemore are thrown in. Wizards should add a future 1st and Oubre too and whatever they can turn Gortat or Mahinimi into.

09 Sep 2016 13:24:41

PHX get: John Wall, Ben McLemore, and Demarcus Cousins

Pg. Wall
Sg. McLemore
Sf. Warren
Pf. Cousins
C. Chandler

SAC get: Brandon Knight, Devin Booker, Dragen Brender, Kelly Oubre, and Future Suns 1st DP

Pg. Knight
Sg. Booker
Sf. Oubre
Pf. Bender

WAS get: Eric Bledsoe, Rudy Gay, Alex Len, and Marquese Chriss

Pg. Bledsoe
Sg. Beal
Sf. Porter Jr
Pf. Gay
C. Gortat.

09 Sep 2016 14:33:44
Not a fan of Cousins at the 4 and although I think Cousins is potentially worth that much I don't think his market value is that much currently. Value wise I think that's decent offer for wall but the fit for Wizards is bad and they'd likely decline that offer unless they're doing horribly.

09 Sep 2016 14:55:38
Love this trade for Sacramento Bender and WCS could be awesome in a few years.
And it's a fair trade to Washington.

I think the Suns are giving up a lot, propably to much (If Bender, Booker and Chriss all become all stars in a few years)
The Spurs, Clippers and Golden State are to strong, so they better built with young pieces and try to go deep in the playoffs in a few years.
But i would love to see Cousins and Wall in the same team.

So i like this trade in general.

09 Sep 2016 14:58:15
Bledsoe and beal. The backcourt that will give you a solid 41 games but will be hurt for the other 41 games.

09 Sep 2016 15:00:40
Suns give up 6 guys and a #1 pick in this deal. and for what? Wall. who wouldn't want to be in PHX. Cousins who is the best center in an NBA devoid of them (and whose contract expires in a year) . and a "me shoot. yeah, me shoot" guy in McLemore? No thanks. Suns will suffer thru the pains of their youth movement.

08 Sep 2016 18:58:37
Kings Get: Jrue Holiday, Buddy Hield, Dante Cunningham, 2017 1st, 2019 1st

Pelicans Get: DeMarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore.

08 Sep 2016 19:35:14
Kings won't give up mclemor if they are rebuilding. However, that being said. This is a ton of value for the Kings. They should do it.

08 Sep 2016 20:42:13
Other than Buddy Hield where's that value.

08 Sep 2016 21:26:45
Steve a 2017 and 2019 pick is huge. Cousins might be a cancer on the Pelicans and those pick might be top five. Jrue holiday when healthy was a solid pg. the Kings would have a pg sg and possibly two high pick coming along with their own.

09 Sep 2016 00:12:23
Davis/ Cousins is so tantalizing.

09 Sep 2016 07:57:08
I like this trade for both.

The Kings aren't gonne get a better offer for Cousins.

The combo Davis/ Cousins could be awesome.

09 Sep 2016 15:06:18
I think that's a solid offer for the Kings and if I were them I'd take it. Draft pick will likely still be decent since I'm not sure I could name who else Nola would start. A Davis and cousins pairing would be dangerous and could attract some major talent in FA over next few years.

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