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29 Jan 2015 20:04:11

Nuggets trade Lawson, McGee, Afflalo, Hickson, Green
Nuggets get Jackson, Stauskas, Williams, Thompson, Perkins, 1st round pick Kings

Kings trade Stauskas, Williams, Thompson, Sessions, Evans, 1st round pick
Kings get Lawson, McGee, Hickson (use trade exception J. Terry), Green (use trade exception I. Thomas)

Thunder trade Jackson, Perkins
Thunder get Afflalo, Sessions, Evans

- Only real loss is Lawson because he can be a longtime building block, but they get Jackson, Stauskas, a first round pick and 2 expiring contracts. huge cap space 2016. playoff contender within 2-3 years

- Kings give up talented shooter Stauskas and future 1st round pick, but they get Lawson and depth at froncourt with McGee and Hickson both with expiring contracts in 2016 to go after another major FA to pair with Lawson, Gay and Cousins.

- small roster upgrade, Jackson is not going to stay, he will get big payday and he also wants to be starting PG. Afflalo and Sessions give them upgrade at SG, experience, scoring and defense






29 Jan 2015 16:18:12
5 teams trade

Nets trade Dwill and Lopez
Nets get Jackson and Lamb (okc), Thompson and Williams (kings) and Young (minny)

Thunder trade Jackson, Perkins and Lamb
Thunder get Chandler (denver), Collison (kings) and Karasev (nets)

Kings trade Collison, Williams and Thompson plus 2nd rd pick
Kings get Williams(nets), Hickson (nuggets)

Nuggets trade Chandler and Hickson
Nuggets get Lopez

Wolves trade Young
Wolves get Perkins(minny) plus 2nd rd pick from sactown




29 Jan 2015 16:16:04
Kings - 76ers

Kings trade Stauskas, McCallum, Moreland, 2015 first round pick (protected picks #11-30, if pick falls #11-30 then Kings will trade 2017 first round pick unprotected)

76ers trade Carter-Williams, Kirilenko

Here's how the protections on the Kings pick work. The Kings first round pick goes to the Bulls (from the Cavs) protected picks #1-10 till 2017. So if the 2015 first round pick is #1-10 it goes to the 76ers, if the pick is #11-30 it goes the Bulls, meaning the Kings debt to the Bulls has been paid. Then the Kings will be allowed to trade their 2017 first round pick to the 76ers instead.

Kings swap out three young players who don't get a lot of PT for the former rookie of the year and defensive minded wing might push the Kings into the playoffs. If not a core of MCW Gay and Cousins is a nice young building blocks for a team up on the rise.

The 76ers have never been high on MCW so sending him out for a rookie lottery shooter (Stauskas) who the Sixers were very high on before the draft and a likely lottery pick is a solid return for a guy the team doesn't feel is part of their future.


29 Jan 2015 18:16:59
I would do this as a Sixers fan


U may think sixers would get better in this trade but they wont. Those players are not even close to an nba caliber level. And we don't need those picks because we have enough.

go 76ers





28 Jan 2015 16:00:54

CHI gets Ben MClemore, Derrick Williams and 1st Rd pick
OKC gets Jimmy Butler and 2nd Rd pick
SAC gets Reggie Jackson, Andre Roberson and 1st Rd pick



G- Jackson/Collison
G- Stauskis/Session
F- Rudy Gay/Casspi
F- Thompson/Landry
C- Cousins/Evans


G- Rose/Brooks
G- MClemore/Henrich
F- Dunlaevy/Williams
F- Pau Gasol/Mirotic
C- Noah/Taj Gibson


G- Westbrook/Smith
G- Butler/Waiters
F- Durant/Morrow
F- Ibaka/Collison
C- Adams/Perkins

What do you think about this trade rumors?

tashi dorjee



28 Jan 2015 04:51:45

kings give: derrick williams , jason thompson and ramon sessions

kings get: marvin williams and mkg
reasoning: kings need a stretch four and mkg doesn't fit the system in Charlotte any more and would be a great back up for rudy.

Nets give: joe johnson

nets get: lance stephenson, henerson and derrick williams
reasoning: nets r building for the future and with all these athletic guys it could really make them relavent in the east also with mirza out for however long derrick willams could fill that void

Hornets give: lance, gerald henderson, marvin willams and mkg

hornets get: sessions, joe johnson, and jason thompson
reasoning: they need a point guard with kemba hurt and it helps that he knows the system already lance hasn't really played welll in there system and they have looked to trade for joe johnson and jason thompson could play back up center with biyombo out


MKG is the heart of this team next to Kemba so he goes no where




28 Jan 2015 00:30:06
With Kemba out, Hornets tank and do a small rebuild

Hornets get Stauskas and Williams

Kings get Williams and Neal


Why do the Kings do this deal?




27 Jan 2015 20:14:20

Thunder get Darren Collison and Nick Stauskas

Kings get Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb

jbbaby 2.0

Smh at your name


28 Jan 2015 05:03:37
i honestly could c that happening but they aren't going to pay him in the off season just because they want rondo still. collison is plaing way better than him and is cheaper




27 Jan 2015 18:30:26

Kings get Norris Cole
Heat get Gary Neal
Hornets get Ramon sessions and 2nd rounder from heat



Could just simplify this and make a Cole for Neal swap.

SAS Champs 2014



27 Jan 2015 16:50:08
First off, yes, I understand that Melo has a no-trade clause. I also understand that he most likely wouldn't want to go to Philly. by himself. But.

Philly has all the makings of a team ready to acquire big names and big money. They have cap space, young assets at key positions, picks, they're in the East, they have a GM shown to make moves, a stud overseas, and a history of success.

Knicks get Jason Richardson, L. R. Mbah a Moute, Tony Wroten Jr, Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter Williams, Corey Jefferson
***Expiring money, plenty of assets. Noel and MCW are definite building blocks and guys you can build around. They'll have the cap room this summer to add in great pieces plus high draft picks.

Nets get Joel Embiid, Andrei Kirilenko, Furkan Aldemir, Travis Wear
***Nets are shopping their big names, big contracts. The easiest to move will be Brook Lopez, but I like this deal for the Nets. Not only do they rid themselves of a huge contract, but they also replace that big contract with a guy with ENORMOUS potential. And, they can be patient with Embiid. In the interim, they have Plumlee. Teams like the Thunder can offer an expiring deal (Perk and parts), but where else can they add a potential franchise big for cheap?

Sixers get Carmelo Anthony, Brook Lopez, Jose Calderon, Jerome Jordan, Cleanthony Early
***I know, dropping MCW, Noel, Embiid, Mbah a Moute, Wroten, etc is a lot. But, they other pieces they give up? Richardson, Kirilenko, Aldemir, and even Embiid, are either not playing this year or are not long-term solutions. Plus, MCW has been rumored to be on the block. Add in the fact that the draft has players at positions of need that can rebuild depth on their roster. Give it one year. In one year, the Sixers could make the playoffs. In two years? They could contend in the East.


27 Jan 2015 18:51:00
Terrible. I really don't know what's worse MCW and Noel for Carmelo or Embiid for Lopez. Oh wait, I do, definitely Embiid for Lopez.


horrible. that's the best u can come up with for my sixers.

go 76ers

I can't hit unbelievable enough times.

Boy Howdie



26 Jan 2015 21:33:46
Possible 2015-16 Golden State Warriors

GS Trades: David Lee
ORL Trades: Ben Gordon, A. Harrington, 2015 2nd Round Draft Pick, 2017 2nd Round Draft Pick
Gets rid of Lee's Contract and gives ORL a needed solid Power Forward.

GS Trades: Iguodala
SAC Trades: Derrick Williams, Future top ten protected 1st Round Draft Pick
Gets rid of Iggy's Contract and gives them a chance at a protected pick in the future.

Off-Season Trade for Cap Issues
GS Trades: Livington, Speights
CHI Trades: 1st Round Pick (Kings)
Reason: Gives Chicago some good rotation players for a playoff run now. Gives GS a good lottery pick.

Off-Season Trade Due to Cap Issues:
GS Trades: Bogut, D. Green
SAS Trades: SAS 2015 First Round Draft Pick, Future Unprotected First Round Draft Pick
Reason: To get rid of Bogut's Contract to sign K. Love and to get rid of Green because of amount of money he will ask for. SAS gets a D anchor and a young energy team player.

Don't pick up these players options:
D. Williams
J. Holliday

11th: Willie Cauley Stein
20th: F. Kaminsky
30th: Andrew Harrison
54th: W. Seldon

Kevin Love
Brandon Wright
Mike Dunleavy

Warriors 2015-16 Roster:
PG- S. Curry/A. Harrison
SG- K. Thompson/Rush/W. Seldon
SF- H. Barnes/M. Dunleavy
PF- K. Love/F. Kaminsky/B. Wright
C- Cauley-Stein/Ezeli


Why change what's already nearly perfect? No way the warriors make any of these moves.


Why in the world would GS blow up their team?

jbbaby 2.0

27 Jan 2015 16:17:19
because they won't have the cap to keep all these guys next year, plus this makes there team better for the future and better now.


So pretty much take the team that is #1 in west and probably the NBA (yes I know the Hawks are good but warriors are +11 and Hawks are only +7 in point differential), and make them 10x worse. And yes, the warriors can bring their entire team back, including Draymond Green for $10 million+, they will just have to go in the tax for a year, before lees contract expires.




26 Jan 2015 21:18:35

Nets get Jason Thompson , Derrick Williams (exp) , Wilson Chandler , Aaron Afflalo and Nuggets pick

Kings get Deron Williams

Nuggets get Nik Stauskas , Brook Lopez




26 Jan 2015 20:28:46

Sixers get Kyrie Irving

Sixers sign Jimmy Butler to MAX and Aaron Afflalo to a good contract

K. Irving / T. Wroten
A. Afflalo / K. McDaniels
J. Butler / R. Covington
N. Noel / D. Saric
J. Embiid / W. Cauley-Stein (Miami pick)

Kings get Michael Carter-Williams

M. Carter-Williams / R. Sessions
B. McLemore / R. McCallum
R. Gay / D. Williams / O. Casspi
C. Landry / R. Evans
D. Cousins / J. Thompson

Cavs get Nik Stauskas , Darren Collison and 2015 1st round pick of Philly

select JahLil Okafor next season

D. Collison / M. Dellavedova
I. Shumpert / N. Stauskas
L. James / J. Smith
K. Love / T. Thompson
J. Okafor / T. Mozgov / A. Varejao


Tough for the Sixers to say yes. Kyrie has proven nothing.


26 Jan 2015 22:25:46
Or the Sixers can just draft mudiay


I would not give up the #1 pick this year for a position that is not a need. i'm not a huge mcw fan, but I w3ould not move the #1 pick to replace him. Sixers will wheel and deal, but this one they say no. Love your FA signings though. wish they;d come to philly, maybe in a year or two


I rather have the sixers trade mcw for rudy gay and can probably trade our heat pick for gay along with mcw. Then draft mudiay to replace mcw.

go 76ers

As a Sixers fan that would be a big no for me. Would not trade MCW and a top-3 pick for Irving. Not even close.

Boy Howdie



26 Jan 2015 04:00:42

Denver gets Brook Lopez

Brooklyn gets Thad Young, Chase Budinger, and 2015 2nd from Minn. (Sacramento's)

Minnesota gets JaVale McGee and Denver's 2015 1st( top 5 protected)

i love Disney



25 Jan 2015 02:29:34
Pelicans - Kings

Pelicans trade Anderson, Salmons, Wolters

Kings trade Williams, Sessions, Stauskas, 2015 first round pick (protected #11-30, if pick is #11-30 then Kings will trade their 2017 first round pick unprotected)

The reasoning for the protection is the Kings first round pick goes to the Bulls if it's #11-30. If the pick goes to the Bulls then Kings will trade their 2017 first round pick.

Pelicans know they are out of the playoff case and knowing Anderson doesn't fit well next to Davis they move him out and get back a likely late lottery pick and a young prospect at shooting guard.

Kings are throwing a Hail Mary in an attempt to make a push for the playoffs. The Kings know Cousins needs a stretch four to play next to him. The Kings believe Stauskas is a bust so moving him and a a first round pick for Anderson is a Hail Mary attempt.


Kings can't trade a first round pick until 2019 right now since Chicago has their protected pick (via Cleveland, J.J. Hickson trade!!) that runs through 2017 before it turns into some 2's in 2018.


Go read the details on the protection of the pick please


As I said in the trade if the pick falls in the range (#11-30) it goes to Chicago then the Kings will trade 2017 first round pick (two years after the 2015 pick) and if the pick doesn't fall in the range that it goes to Chicago (#1-10) then it goes to New Orleans.


26 Jan 2015 02:30:14
Pels are 23-21 and You say out of the playoff chase. but Kings are 16-27 and You deem this a good trade so they can make a playoff push. seriously Man? If the Pels were to trade Ryan, It would be for more than what You are proposing




25 Jan 2015 02:08:05
Bulls - Celtics

Bulls trade Snell, Moore, Kings 2015 first round pick

Celtics trade Turner, Mavericks 2016 second round pick, Cavs 2016 second round pick

Bulls need an upgrade at the wing and adding Turner provides a new wrinkle to a Bulls offense that likes to create plays from many positions on the court.

Celtics move out Turner (not a part of their future) and a pair of their four second round picks in 2016 for a prospect (Snell) and a likely lottery first round pick.




25 Jan 2015 00:30:42

Sac gets:Noah vonleh,Norris cole,pj Hairston
Miami gets:Jeff Taylor,Ryan hollins,Carl Landry and future 2nds from sac and Charlotte
Den gets: MKG,Ramon sessions and future 1st from Miami
Charlotte gets:Wilson chandler,Nik Stauskas, Alonzo gee and future second from den





Any opinions?


Who actually gets better in this trade?




24 Jan 2015 22:56:29
Wizards - Rockets - Kings - Magic

Wizards trade Blair, 2018 second round pick
Wizards get Stauskas

Rockets trade Shved, Knicks 2015 and 2016 second round picks
Rockets get Blair, Sessions

Kings trade Stauskas, Sessions, Williams
Kings get Frye, Ben Gordon, Knicks 2016 second round pick

Magic trade Frye, Gordon
Magic get Shved, D. Williams, Knicks 2015 second round pick (Rokcets), Wizards 2018 second round pick

Wizards swap out Blair (no PT) and a future second round pick for the former lottery shooter who has already been labeled by many as a bust.

Rockets need to upgrade at back up center and point guard so they give up a few second round picks and an expiring contract for two savvy vets.

Kings look at add veteran shooting and floor spacing to allow Gay and Cousins to work one on one better.

Magic gain some expiring contracts, rid themselves of that bad Fyre contract, and get two second round pick. The Knicks pick with any luck will be #31 overall so it is almost the same as getting a late first round pick for two verteran players they never should of signed. Win win.




24 Jan 2015 04:59:11
Kings - Suns

Kings get
M Plumlee

Suns get
R Evans
Kings 2017 2nd round pick (56-60 protected)
Kings 2018 2nd round pick

- Kings can't get Plumlee from Nets so they go for his brother.
- Might be hard for Suns to get a 1st round pick for 3rd String center (except maybe from injury riddled Portland), get 2 2nd round picks instead




24 Jan 2015 01:39:34
Only if Kobe retires after season

Resign Davis

Draft S.Johnson and F.Kaminsky
N.Powell 2nd round

Trade Hill to Sac for Stauskas and D-Williams

Sign Reggie Jackson



That team will win about 27 games in 2015-2016


That's the point they need to rebuild




23 Jan 2015 22:11:55

Bucks get Nik Stauskas and Landry Fields

Kings get Ersan Ilyasova and 1st from TOR

Raptors get Derrick Williams and Jared Dudley




23 Jan 2015 21:15:40
Possible New York Knicks 2015-16 Roster

NYK Trades: Jose Calderon and Pablo Prigioni
SAC Trades: Derrick Williams and a 2015 Kings 2nd Round Pick

Don't Pick Up these Players Options:

This gives New York 32 Million dollars to spend.

C. Aldrich

1st: Emmanuel Mudiay
41st: Marcus Paige

Jeremy Lin
Wesley Matthews
Thomas Robinson
Landry Fields
DeAndre Jordan
Tobias Harris
Wilson Chandler

Knicks 2015-16 Roster:
PG- E. Mudiay/J. Lin/M. Paige
SG- W. Matthews/T. Hardaway Jr/L. Fields
SF- Carmelo/W. Chandler/Early
PF- T. Harris/T. Robinson/Acy
C- D. Jordan/Aldrich


Wesley Mathews, Deandre Jordan, and Tobias Harris will demand 10+ a piece. don't forget there's a new TV deal so players will be getting paid a lot more. Don't be surprised when someone pays Deandre Jordan 15 million. And it's not like any of these players will take paycuts to play with Carmelo and the Knicks lol


23 Jan 2015 21:43:17
get rid Lin and Melo Hardaway and Early and I like it = get rid all soft defenders. aldrich no quality team backup center. 3rd string at best


23 Jan 2015 21:46:18
Melo for Stanley Johnson LA 2nd
Calderon for Frye
Hardaway Early Larkin for Terrence Ross
resign Acy Amdundson Thomas
sign Jackson Afflalo Harris Milsap Hibbert

Harris/Stanley J-LA 1st/Thomas
Hibbert/Frye/Dakari J-34th


The pick goes to Sac in that trade




23 Jan 2015 20:06:30
Bucks - Kings


Ersan - 2nd rnd


Staukus, Williams


Kings need more

go 76ers

Why? Stauskus is a bust


Stauskus is a bust? are you kidding?


Stauskas is an 20 year old rookie on a bad team. He has played bad to way to early to call him a bust. Pretty fair trade.




23 Jan 2015 07:37:40
Sac - Utah

Kings get: Favors, Burke
Jazz get: McLemore, Collison, Thompson

then Kings trade Williams + future 2nd for Kevin Martin for Minny to dumb his contract

Burke / McCallum / Sessions
Martin / Stuaskas
Gay / Casspi / Miller
Favors / Landry / Evans / Moreland
Cousins / Hollins

Collison / Exum / Clark
McLemore / Hood / Williams / Burks (inj.)
Hayward / Ingles / Evans
Kanter / Booker / Novak
Gobert / Thompson

(Waive Millsap or include in trade for the Kings to keep and waive Moreland?)

Favors' value may not get much higher for the Jazz, but he is a perfect fit with the Kings - this also opens up minutes for Kanter to raise his value. I think Collison can play better off the ball than Burke, and he complements a passing forward like Hayward better. The Jazz can wait and pick 3 out of Collison / McLemore / Burks / Exum for a great 3-guard rotation - McLemore is the only one who doesn't play any PG. The contracts of Martin and Collison (each with 2 years after this one) give Exum and Stauskas appropriate time to develop.

The Kings roll the dice a little bit with Burke, but solidify their frontcourt for years to come. The Jazz solidify their backcourt in anticipation of a draft loaded with bigs, and should see Ben McLemore reach a higher ceiling than he would have playing with higher-scoring players.

The Williams-Martin trade is the most awkward part, but the Kings could always do a different deal for a stopgap SG. The Wolves shouldn't take any time away from their prospects, and I don't see too many realistic contenders going after Martin with the length left on his deal.




23 Jan 2015 01:46:21
Nets - Kings - 76ers

Nets trade Deron Williams, Anderson, Plumlee, 2016 and 2019 second round picks

Nets get Derrick Williams

Kings trade Derrick Williams, Thompson, Sessions, Stauskas, 2017 second round pick

Kings get Deron Williams, Anderson, Plumlee, Kirilenko

76ers trade Kirilenko

76ers get Thompson, Sessions, Stauskas, Nets 2016 and 2019 second round picks, Kings 2017 second round pick

Nets only way to move on from Williams contract is to give up Plumlee and more draft picks. By moving Williams off their books and not taking back any long term salary the Nets can be in position to be big players in the free agency summer of 2016 (when K.D. becomes a free agent). With this trade it also gets the team out of the tax (a big selling point for a owner who is looking to sell his team).

Kings have a owner who is an idiot so he will probably approve this trade for Williams. The only downside (besides going into the tax and paying Williams) is that the Kings must give up Stauskas in the deal.

76ers send out Kirilenko (who has been suspended for not showing up to the team) and bring themselves back Stauskas (the player they would of taken at #10 if available). Stauskas gives them a player who could be part of their future at shooting guard, a position where the Sixers are horrible at. In addition to Stauskas they bring back three second round picks (the Sixers favorite thing about a trade). The only downside is they have to pay Thompson and his remaining three years on his contract.


I don't see sixers getting all of that for just Kirilinko.

go 76ers

I just don't know if the Nets would be willing to give up so many guys for nothing. I know nets are trying to save payroll givin how far they are over the cap but it's just so little of a return. Everything else looks good though.


Stauskas might need to head to Brooklyn to even this out


Stauskas goes to Philly instead of Brooklyn because Philly is picking up Thompson remaining 3 years on his contract. Brooklyn does this trade to get completely out of the tax, he high makes selling the team easier. Getting Stauskas would be good basketball wise for the Nets but if it means staying in the tax and having to pay Thompson for 3 more years isn't what's best to sell the team.


23 Jan 2015 19:37:55
Plumlee's not going to be traded. Don't call the kings owner stupid lolol


Plumlee is the only way to get rid of Williams contract and the Kings owner is a dumb




22 Jan 2015 19:38:38

Pacers receive Noah Vonleh , Nik Stauskas and Derrick Williams

Hornets receive David West and Ramon Sessions

Kings receive Lance Stephenson and Chris Copeland

Pacers get young players for their rebuild

G. Hill / R. Stuckey / D. Sloan
N. Stauskas / C. Miles
P. George / S. Hill / D. Rudez
N. Vonleh / L. Scola / D. Williams
R. Hibbert / I. Mahinmi / L. Allen

Hornets get partner for Al Jefferson

K. Walker / R. Sessions / B. Roberts
G. Henderson / G. Neal
M. Kidd-Gilchrist / M. Williams / P. Hairston
D. West / C. Zeller / J. Maxiell
A. Jefferson / B. Biyombo

Kings upgrade SG and defense

D. Collison / R. McCallum
L. Stephenson / B. McLemore
R. Gay / C. Copeland / O. Casspi
C. Landry / J. Thompson
D. Cousins / R. Evans / R. Hollins




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