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23 Oct 2016 11:41:08
Orlando-Sacramento-Washington- Lakers

Orlando: D Cousins+J Wall
Sacramento: Payton+ Hezonja+J Meeks
Washington: vucevic+Clarckson+ Randle
Lakers: A Gordon+ Gortat+ return LA pick 19.

21 Oct 2016 22:06:45

Cavs get Collison and McLemore

Twolves get Shumpert

Kings get Rubio.

22 Oct 2016 00:59:16
The wolves get screwed. No way does shumpert compare to Rubio.

22 Oct 2016 04:53:11
Wolves say no.

22 Oct 2016 06:21:37
Maybe switch Rubio with Muhammad and Jones.

20 Oct 2016 22:35:50
Bulls trades Taj Gibson, MCW and the SAC pick

SAC trades Cauley-Stein, Bellineli, and Casspi


Cauley-Stein (ease into starting big position)

The Bulls will have:

*Added shooters (Bellineli, Casspi)
*Improved shot blocking (WCS)
* Adds speed and length in frontcourt
*No bad contract taken back
*No loss of picks (SAC's own pick)
*Keeps youth

20 Oct 2016 23:32:34
Bellenelli on char.

21 Oct 2016 21:21:01
Sac says no with or without Belinelli being on the team.

20 Oct 2016 20:10:15
If the Spurs are willing to move LA.
And If the Thunder really want Gay.
And If the Celtics really want to add a big name.
And If the Kings are willing to ditch Cousins.

Spurs get Cousins, Abrines, Casspi, McGary

Thunder get Gay, Koufos

Celtics get Aldridge, Anderson, Simmons

Kings get Johnson (expiring), Ilyasova (expiring), Brown, Smart, Payne, first from OKC, BKN first via Celtics

Pop may be the one guy who can wrangle not only Cousins, but also McGary. Spurs have been known to get the most out of their international guys. Abrines could be a lights out floor spacer.

Thunder get their replacement at the 3. Slide Kanter into the 4 spot next to Adams with Koufos being the backup 5.

Celtics make their big splash and have a tantalizing 1-2 punch in the paint with Aldridge and Horford. Keep a lot of key pieces.

Kings start over with $20M in expiring money while bringing in 3 lottery level talents, the valuable Brooklyn pick, and an OKC pick that could be anywhere now that KD is gone.

20 Oct 2016 22:41:16
Boston is not going to move either of the Brooklyn picks unless they get a big-timer in return. Aldridge has too many miles on the odometer.

20 Oct 2016 14:26:23

MIN get: Enes Kanter, Ben McLemore, and Cameron Payne

Pg. Dunn
Sg. LaVine
Sf. Wiggins
Pf. Kanter
C. Towns

SAC get: Ricky Rubio

Pg. Rubio
Sg. Afflalo
Sf. Casspi
C. Cousins

OKC get: Rudy Gay and Tyus Jones

Pg. Westbrook
Sg. Oladipo
Sf. Gay
Pf. Ilaysova
C. Adams.

20 Oct 2016 15:38:38
okc says no way.

20 Oct 2016 07:49:40
4 team trade
Rockets get Rubio
Long desire of Rockets to have Rubio (Nash ver2 only passing)

Kings get Dragic
From Dragic-Gay and Collison trade rumors, and chance of McLemore to start again

Heat get Collison and Ariza
Want to save money, be a lottery team and rebuild next season, Ariza-Winslow as starting wingmen (sg&sf)

Wolves get Gay and 1st pick from Houston
Gay is a one year rental but imagine Wiggins play SG and Gay at the SF.

20 Oct 2016 11:17:13
Don't insult Nash by comparing Rubio to him. I think Rubio would be a poor fit next to Harden since Harden often dominates the ball so Rubio will be forced to play off the ball a lot and since he is an awful shooter this will equate to Harden just being doubled and Rubio left open on the perimeter where he isn't much of a danger.

Although Dragic isn't a lights out shooter either he's about average and more of a threat especially if left open. Plus he was successful in his earlier stint in Houston so I could see Houston wanting him over Rubio. I could see Kings wanting the younger Rubio and Rondo another non-shooting pg who is a shell of his former self (not half the defender he used to be) was successful in Sacramento so I think Rubio can give you similar stuff with more defense.

19 Oct 2016 20:04:28
Celtics will be Warriors biggest opponent in the next years.

Celtics get: Cousins
Kings get: Brown, Johnson and Olynyk +17&18 Nets Pick

Celtics get:Hayward
Jazz get: Bradley and Zeller + 18 Celtics Pick and 19 Grizzlies Pick

Celtics Team:

Thomas - Hayward - Crowder - Horford - Cousins

This Team is a Monster.

19 Oct 2016 22:22:15
The Celtics will be the Warriors biggest opponent in he next years IF they don't make these terrible deals you are proposing.

20 Oct 2016 01:43:26
I don't like the cousins trade. He is a head case that they don't need. But bringing in Hayward would make them a scary team.

19 Oct 2016 19:21:12
Thunder get Ben McLemore

Kings get Anthony Morrow and Mitch McGary.

19 Oct 2016 20:42:41
like it.

19 Oct 2016 08:23:02
Bucks; R Gay
Sac: Middleton.

19 Oct 2016 10:05:55
Yeah could happen but bucks are best waiting it out as gay wouldn't fit in sacramento very well with giannis.

19 Oct 2016 12:20:48
Middleton hurt, how can you trade him?

19 Oct 2016 13:20:25
Bucks rather have the young guy. But I'll admit losing Middleton really hurts that team.

19 Oct 2016 15:40:11
Sacramento receive the best player in the trade, no good free agent will sign in Sacramento. So he's an investment for next year.

The Bucks can make a playoff run with Gay and sign a free agent next year.

19 Oct 2016 16:54:41

19 Oct 2016 20:45:03

20 Oct 2016 21:03:31
Bucks aren't doing that.

19 Oct 2016 01:58:22
Thunder get Rudy Gay

Kings get Cameron Payne, Kyle Singler, and 2017 lottery protected 1st.

18 Oct 2016 12:53:21

WAS get: Marcus Smart, Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore, 2018 1st BKN (via BOS), and 2019 1st SAC

Pg. Smart
Sg. Beal
Sf. Porter
Pf. Gay
C. Gortat

SAC get: John Wall and Jae Crowder

Pg. Wall
Sg. Affallo
Sf. Crowder
Pf. Skal
C. Cousins

BOS get: WCS, Kelly Oubre, and Georgios Papagiannis

Pg. Thomas
Sg. Bradley
Sf. Oubre
Pf. Horford

18 Oct 2016 15:11:31
why would Boston trade a brooklyn pick and not receive the star player?

18 Oct 2016 19:22:48
Boston gets absolutely hosed in this deal. they need WAY more.

18 Oct 2016 06:35:35

MIN / Jordan Clarkson, Willie Cauley Stein

SAC / Julius Randle

LAL / Zach Lavine, Nikola Pekovic.

18 Oct 2016 09:04:57
Lakers say no.

18 Oct 2016 12:01:21
Why would sacramento do this?

18 Oct 2016 05:35:08
Boston sends - Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, Jonas Jerebko, Jaylen Brown, Kelly Olynyk, James Young
Boston receives - Demarcus Cousins, Gordon Hayward
Sacramento sends - Demarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, 2017 worst pick out of Philly/ Sac protected if Sacramento have to convey their pick to Chicago (if it is outside top 10). In that case Sacramento convey their 2020 1st round pick Utah.
Sacramento receives - Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, Jonas Jerebko, Jaylen Brown, 2017 Brooklyn 1st pick swap, 2018 Brooklyn 1st
Utah sends - Gordon Hayward
Utah receives - Rudy Gay, Kelly Olynyk, 2017 worst pick out of Philly/ Sac protected if Sacramento have to convey their pick to Chicago (if it is outside top 10). In that case Sacramento convey their 2020 1st round pick Utah.
Denver sends - Will Barton
Denver receives - James Young, 2019 Los Angeles C 1st, 2019 Memphis 1st

This trade focuses on Boston getting better so I'm only going to do Boston's depth for now. Checked on NBA Trade Machine.
Boston -
PG Isaiah Thomas, Terry Rozier, Demetrius Jackson
SG Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Gerald Green, RJ Hunter
SF Gordon Hayward, Will Barton, Abdel Nader
PF Al Horford, Jordan Mickey, Ben Bentil
C Demarcus Cousins, Tyler Zeller

Boston have a couple more 1st round picks and lots of seconds if anybody thinks one team is getting a rip off that they could easily add.

18 Oct 2016 15:53:29
Yeah there is no way that the Celtics are trading 5 rotation players as well as 4 1st round picks for those three players.

Hayward is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and plenty of teams will be on his pursuit.

Barton is nothing special at all and only looked special because Denver had no one to score for them.

Cousins, while he is the best center in the game he is still a head case and could potential destroy the team and what we have built.

19 Oct 2016 09:59:18
well i suppose boston could do this on the basis an extension is signed prior.

16 Oct 2016 15:19:29
this trade is if bosh was to get healthy again

heat : wall, gay, mclemore

kings : porter, dragic

wizards : collison, bosh, kings pick.

16 Oct 2016 18:15:10

16 Oct 2016 18:22:13
Miami gives up nothing and gets wall and other assets. Ha

16 Oct 2016 19:02:00
I can't see Bosh having any kind of positive trade value. Health problems and a huge salary.

17 Oct 2016 02:50:47
Blood clots aren't you run of the mill injury and as its been proven past two years Bosh can play most of the year healthily at a high level but suddenly a new clot can form. Nobody is going to give up anything of value for Bosh since you don't know how long you have him so you can't rely on him. In order to regain his value multiple doctors will have to say he is no longer at risk and he'll have to get through an entire season unscathed.

16 Oct 2016 09:10:04
Maybe Powell and Anderson raise to NBA starter Niveau. It Looks like both Play very well and constantly. Maybe both can achieve 15PTS a Game or let`s say - hopefully : )

In that case both could be good fit for the Kings to create a young starting grid!

Kings Starters:
Collison, McLemore, Anderson, Powell, WCS

So maybe they would trade in Jan 2017:
Kings: Powell, Anderson, Harris, future 1st
Mavs: Cousins, Richardson

Mavs would loose big part of their future but with Cousins become a top Team the next couple of years.
Especially with DWil, Dirk, Bogut out of the payroll next summer. And they can sign them over the cap again!

Lowry will be a FA and ask for max. Do not think Raptors will improve. They are already very good but will not go for the campionship.

So Mavs could sign in July 2017:
FA Lowry 4y 109m

If it does work Mavs could look at Rose or try to trade Curry and a future 1st for Bledsoe, but I think Suns will keep him.

Resign DWil, Dirk and Bogut and Mavs back on the contenders.

Small and large lines:
Lowry, Wes, Barnes, Dirk/ Cousins, Cousins
Lowry, Wes, Acy, Barnes, Cousins
Lowry, DWil, Wes, Barnes, Cousins
DWil, Richardson, Acy, Dirk, Bogut

16 Oct 2016 11:16:26
Lowry/ DWil, Wes, Barnes, Dirk/ Cousins/ Bogut.

16 Oct 2016 11:18:23
Only if anderson play the Al star game :-) :-) :-)

17 Oct 2016 02:58:07
I don't think Mavs have assets to get Cousins even if they moved Barnes too. Anderson showed improvement and was better than is 3.8 ppg last year suggest but his offensive game is still raw and he isn't a great shooter. Powell also isn't quite heavy/ strong enough to play much center but doesn't have the range or quickness you'd like to see in the new age pf. I don't think they're bad but they aren't anything special. If Barnes doesn't become the star Dallas paid him to be they're going to be in a world of hurt in the next few years.

17 Oct 2016 10:35:44
Everything has risks and chances! Anyway, I think the approach is fair! For sure it depends on the numbers Anderson and Powell will achieve. But if they play well they can still improve to a much better level. So you can compare them at least as a 1st round pick!

I think 3 1st round picks for Cousins with only one year left on his contract is really a fair Approach!

17 Oct 2016 18:00:56
This trade is moronic. And for the Knicks. Perhaps cleanthony early averages 25 a game this year and trade for curry.

Get real.

16 Oct 2016 01:45:51
Boston gets Demarcus Cousins, Ersan Ilyasova, and Jordan Farmar

OKC gets Rudy Gay

Sacramento gets 2017 BRK pick, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, Kyle Singler, and and Jonas Jerebko

Pf. A. Horford/ E. Ilyasova/ J. Mickey
Sf. J. Crowder/ J. Young/ B. Bentil
C. D. Cousins/ K. Olynick/ T. Zeller
Sg. A. Bradley/ G. Green/ R. Hunter
Pg. I. Thomas/ T. Rozier/ J. Farmar

Pf. E. Kanter/ J. Leveargne/ M. McGary
Sf. R. Gay/ A. Roberson/ J. Huestis
C. S. Adams/ D. Sabonis/ N. Collison
Sg. V. Oladipo/ A. Abrines/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ C. Payne/ R. Price

Pf. A. Johnson/ O. Casspi/ J. Jerebko
Sf. J. Brown/ K. Singler/ M. Barnes
C. W. Cauley/ K. Koufas/ A. Tolliver
Sg. A. Afflalo/ B. Mclemore/ G. Temple
Pg. M. Smart/ D. Collison/ T. Lawson

End of the day this deal makes OKC and Boston better now. Sacramemtos roster looks horrible now, which is the point. This is their rebuild. This deal likely means that they will have two top 5 picks in the 2017 and also their starting PG and SF of the future.

17 Oct 2016 16:58:18
Don't like it for Boston. Brown has K. Leonard potential. Boogie is a knuckle head IMHO. The Nets pick can be a game changer for the next decade. Celtics need a true 5 to pair with Horford, but a Omer Asik or Kosta Koufos kind of player would do it. No need for breaking the house for DMC. Let's not forget Zizic, who is playing really well in Europe.

15 Oct 2016 16:31:45
4 Teamer.

BOS gets: Paul George, Rodney Stuckey

IND gets: Demarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, first from OKC

SAC gets: Amir Johnson, Alex Abrines, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, 2 firsts from BOS, first from OKC

OKC gets: Jae Crowder

Boston gets a superstar. Indy gets one of the best big men in the league to balance their roster and pair with Turner. Kings hit reset with two lottery level talents, a premier euro shooter, three firsts. OKC officially fills the gap at the 3, become an even better defensive team, and get a nice offense/ defense compliment with Singler/ Crowder.

15 Oct 2016 19:08:50
Why would we trade PG13 for Cousins?

15 Oct 2016 20:16:36
Why is OKC on this deal?

18 Oct 2016 04:59:52
2 x 1st rd picks & Alex Abrines for Jae Crowder = Delusional

14 Oct 2016 19:45:45
Suns Get: Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore, Mavericks 2017 2nd.

Mavericks Get: Brandon Knight, Alan Williams, Thunder 2017 1st.

Kings Get: Wesley Matthews, Ersan Ilyasova, Kyle Singler.

Thunder Get: Rudy Gay, AJ Hammons.

14 Oct 2016 17:14:57

Cle: WC Stein + R Gay
Sac: K Love

C: Thompson
SF: R Gay
SG: Smith
PG: Irving
Sixth: WC Stein

C: D Cousins
PF: K Love
SF: Barnes
PG: T Lawson
Sixth: McLemore.

14 Oct 2016 18:53:04
Value-wise itis a fair trade, but I don't like the fit. Love and DMC would be terrible defensively.

14 Oct 2016 12:00:35

Bost: J Wall+ D Cousins

Wash: I Thomas+ Jerebko+ 1rnd pick Nets 18+ 1rnd pick Boston 18+ 1rnd pick clippers 19

Sac: M Smart+ A Johnson+ 1rnd pick Nets 17 (swap) + 1rnd pick Memphis 19

C: D Cousins/ Olynyk
Pf: Horford/ Olynyk
SF: Crowder/ J Brown
SG: Bradley/ Hunter
PG: J Wall/ Rozier.

14 Oct 2016 13:19:14
Love it.

14 Oct 2016 15:02:31
If only it were that simple.

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