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18 Dec 2014 14:19:53
Knicks need to

Hardaway for lamb okc 1st

Hardaway missing shooter for OKC title run

Calderon Prigioni for Nash

Calderon will attract Marc with Kobe final run

Bulls get Shumpert Melo Early
Knicks get Bledsoe Gasol Gibson Snell
Suns get Mirotic McDermott Kings 1st

Rose JrSmith Butler Melo Noah-nba finals

2015-16 Knicks offseason
buy a 2nd
sign Gerald Green & Arron Afflalo 4yr 44mil
resign Acy vet min & Amare 2 yr 20mil

Green/Thanasis/LeBryan Nash-pick up
Okafor-2nd/Gasol/AJ hammons-48th








18 Dec 2014 13:57:00
if the Celtics are to trade Rondo , they should chase better assets than what the Mavs or Lakers or Rockets can give , Kings really has young talents and some good picks to give up, and as Detroit wants to unload Josh Smith this would be the deal here :

To Boston : Ben McLemore , Greg Monroe , JJ Thompson , 1st round pick from Sacramento

To Detroit : Jeff Green , Darren Collison and Derrick Williams

To Sactown : Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith

possibly add about 2M more salary or cash to Boston from Kings to match salaries

* Celtics get youth here and additional pick in the future
* Pistons unload Smith and Monroe (who probably don't sign back with them) while getting 2 decent SF's and their PG if they can also trade Jennings somewhere
* Kings want to contend , with buddies Rondo and Smith coming to town , with a good coach and system , their core definitely can compete in the west , maybe sign a couple of decent players from free agency

Celtics future
resign Monroe to a 4yr 60mil contract

is not a terrible starter in a rebuilding team with Olynyk , Zeller , James Young and McLemore + their pick in 2015 draft seems like bright future

well rebuild with this , try to unload Jennings for a pick




Very interesting trade. Detroit would get what they want, they would have to try and make a deal with NO for Anderson it might take a three team to get it done because they have to get rid of Jennings or just send Jennings as part of the Boston trade instead of the second round pick




18 Dec 2014 01:23:11
4 way deal between Clippers-Kings-Cavs-Celtics

Clippers get:
Jeff Green
3.4 Trade exception for Matt Barnes

( Fill the void of a consistent SF. They also add a TPE they can use down the line incase of injury)

Kings get:
Rajon Rondo
Joe Harris
1.8 trade exception for Reggie Evans

( They add another star and if he plugs in and they make a push I can see him resigning, but is he worth Nik Stauskas? They do though get rid of JT bad contract.)

Cavs get:
Matt Barnes
Reggie Evans
JJ Reddick

( I really like the addition of all 3 for Cleveland. Barnes and Evans are high energy bench role players who will work well with Bron. Reddick brings in a 3 point threat who will have many open shots as Irving, Lebron, and Love get most the attention. Thompson may be to expensive to bring back so I'd look to trade him for more depth. )

Celtics get:
Jason Thompson
Nik Stauskas
Darren Collison
Tristan Thompson

( Rondo and Green are on the block. This trade brings in 2 young players with potential. A solid cheap point guard while Smart develops. )

Chris Paul - Jordan Farmar
Reggie Bullock - Jamal Crawford - Jared Cunningham
Jeff Green - Chris Douglas - CJ Wilcox
Blake Griffin - Glen Davis - Hedo Turkoglu
DeAndre Jordan - Spencer Hawes - Ekpe Udoh

Rajon Rondo - Ramon Sessions - Ray McCallum
Ben McLemore - Joe Harris
Rudy Gay - Omri Casspi
Carl Landry - Derrick Williams - Eric Morehead
DeMarcus Cousins - Ryan Hollins

Kyrie Irving - Matthew Delladova
JJ Redick - Dion Waiters - Mike Miller
Lebron James - Matt Barnes - James Jones
Kevin Love - Shawn Marion - Louis Amendson
Anderson Varejao - Reggie Evans - Brenden Haywood

Darren Collison - Marcus Smart - Phil Pressley
Avery Bradley - Marcus Thorton - Nik Stauskas
Evan Turner - Gerald Wallace - James Young
Jared Sullinger - Tristan Thompson - Brandon Bass
Tyler Zeller - Kelly Olynk - Victor Faverani






17 Dec 2014 17:15:02

Kings get Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson

Cavaliers get Aaron Afflalo and Reggie Evans

Nuggets get Ben McLemore and 2nd from Kings




16 Dec 2014 16:43:33
Kings get Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy

Celtics get Ben McLemore , JJ Thompson and Bulls 2nd rd pick

Bulls get Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass




16 Dec 2014 08:35:13
Try it, try it, try it! : )


-1st lottery 2017 Dallas

-1st lottery 2015 Dallas

-Cody Zeller
-2nd from Kings 2015
-2nd from Cavs 2017




The fact that you pulled out 6 team trade is so unbelievable

1 why would the kings want felton?
2 celtics will not trade rondo without a 1st in return
3 all of these stuffs for the mavs garbage are just so terrible




15 Dec 2014 21:35:43

Kings get Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass

* get a defensive SG and a reliable veteran PF

D. Collison / R. Sessions
A. Bradley / N. Stauskas
R. Gay / O. Casspi
B. Bass / D. Williams / R. Evans
D. Cousins / R. Hollins

Celtics get Ben McLemore and JJ Thompson + 2nd round pick

R. Rondo / M. Smart
B. McLemore / J. Young
J. Green / E. Turner / G. Wallace
J. Sullinger / J. Thompson
K. Olynyk / T. Zeller




13 Dec 2014 23:24:34
Den /Sac

Williams and McLemore for Affalo and Nate

Kings get a more developed 2 and a backup G. Den gets a promising 2.

succeed and proceed



12 Dec 2014 18:43:32
jaby stop trying to rip the Knicks off. Monroe could be had in offseason and Nobody taking Wallace contract

Bulls get Melo
Suns get McDermott Kings 1st
Knicks get Bledsoe Gibson Butler (extension)
Suns 2nd Buls 2nd

Bulls missing piece, Melo will allow this trade Suns have to many PGs. Knicks get 3 2-way players

Calderon JrSmith for Perkins Lamb OKC 1st

this allows Westbrook and Jackson to start. Knicks now have money to sign a center

sign Milsap and Monroe 4yr 68mil

Hardaway/Lamb/Andrew Harrison-2nd
Milsap/Gibson/Chris Walker-2nd
Monroe/Okafor-1st/Frank Kamisnky-1st




11 Dec 2014 20:07:48

Nuggets get Derrick Williams , Ben McLemore and 1st from Kings

Kings get Josh Smith and Aaron Afflalo

Pistons get Wilson Chandler and JJ Thompson

T. Lawson / N. Robinson
B. McLemore / R. Foye / G. Harris
D. Gallinari / D. Williams / A. Gee
K. Faried / J. Hickson / D. Arthur
T. Mozgov / J. McGee / J. Nurkic

D. Collison / R. Sessions / R. McCallum
A. Afflalo / N. Stauskas
R. Gay / O. Casspi
J. Smith /
D. Cousins / R. Evans / R. Hollins

B. Jennings / D. Augustine
K. Caldwell-Pope / J. Meeks / K. Singler
W. Chandler / C. Butler / C. Martin
G. Monroe / J. Thompson / J. Jerebko
A. Drummond / J. Anthony


The Pistons would want Affialo before they would want Wilson.


The Kings would rather keep McLemore's youth and potential over Affalo, who has already reached his.




11 Dec 2014 13:25:07
Trade options for Brooklyn Nets

Trade 1 - Joe Johnson:

Nets get L.Stephenson, M.Williams, G.Henderson
Hornets get J.Johnson, M.Teletovic and S.Karasev

Trade 2 - Brook Lopez:

Nets get I.Thomas, A.Len and S.Randolph
Suns get B.Lopez and J.Jordan

Trade 3 - Deron Williams:

Nets get J.Thompson and Derrick Williams
Kings get D.Williams

Trade 4 - Kevin Garnett:

Nets get C.Budinger and R.Turiaf
Timberwolves get K.Garnett

Trade 5 - saving some money:

Nets get M.Lee (unguaranteed)
76ers get A.Kirilenko, J.Gutierez, C.Jefferson and 2015 2nd round pick

Here is the roster if it's supposed all proposals are done:

Thomas - Jack - Brown
Stephenson - Bogdanovic - Anderson
Henderson - Budinger - Williams
Williams - Thompson - Randolph
Plumlee - Len - Turiaf



I would like Isaiah Thomas be the Nets primary PG , not sure if PHX would pull it off due to Lopez injury woes and they will also lose Len so doubt it


So, take out Len, put in Tolliver. Doesn't matter for me.




10 Dec 2014 22:24:09
Best opt for Melo and Knicks

Bulls get Melo
Knicks get Gibson Butler Bledsoe Bulls 2nd
Suns get McDermott Kings 1st

(Butler 5yr 50mil ext)

Calderon JrSmith for Perkins Lamb OKC 2nd



No one makes the 1st trade except for the Knicks.

SAS Champs 2014



09 Dec 2014 19:21:18
Anything less than this for Melo is not worth it.

Bulls get Melo
Knicks get Bledsoe Gibson Butler (s&t) 5yr 50mil
Bulls 2nd Sns 2nd
Suns get McDermott Kings 1st

Bulls get Melo and their core still in tact. Rose Noah Melo will be the next great big 3
Suns avoid paying 2 PGs making close to 8 figures while paying a lot . much better lance lineup and more picks to land superstar. trade Lakers 5th and Kings 10th to land Jahill Okafor

but this yr do this
JrSmith Calderon Moultrie for Lin Nash

sign Greg Monroe 4yr 72mil
sign Danny Green 4yr 52mil
resign Amare 2yr 20mil acy

Early Hardaway Larkin for R.Jackson (s&t) 5yr 45mil

Butler/Stanley Johnson-1st/LeBryan Nash-P/up
Gibson/Amare/Chris Walker-2nd
More/Frank Kaminsky-1st/AJ Hammons-2nd


Stat 2 year $20 million?????? Did you mean 2 million?


You want to pay DANNY GREEN 13mill????




07 Dec 2014 22:39:37
Does Phil have the guts to make Ny championship team

Midseason Trade
Lakers get Calderón JRSmith Prigioni
2015 Lakers (sign Marc Gasol)draft Karl Towns
Knicks get Nash Lin Rockets 1st

Knicks Summer Blockbuster
Bulls get Melo
Suns get McDermott Kings 1st
knicks get Bledsoe Gibson Butler (s&t) 5yr 50 mil Bulls 2nd

Sign Greg Monroe 4yr 72 mil Danny Green 4yr 52 mil
draft Stantley Johnson-3rd Cauley Stein-23rd AJ Hammonds-Amare 2yr 24mil



Y would Lakers do that midseason trade




03 Dec 2014 21:08:02
Indiana rebuilding plan

Ind trades: Copeland, Hill,West, Unprotected 1st 2015
Gets: Smith, MCW, Bargs

NYK: JR, THJ, Bargs
Gets: West and Thompson

Sac: Thompson and Williams
Get: hill and Copeland

Phi sends: MCW
Gets: Unprotected first, THJ, Williams

NYK gets their big man and Thompson who will be a low value once the cap rises

sac upgrades at PG and has a backup 3

phi gets another pick and THJ to play the 2 and continue to ride the tank machine

With these pickups Ind will not be great so (Phi still gets a good pick) but this builds a young core once PG13 is back and has possibly 22M in FA money to add another young part to their core

succeed and proceed

Indy won't give up a unprotected 1st.




03 Dec 2014 16:10:51
Paul Millsap will sign with either the Kings or the Raptors this offseason.


pg. collison
sg. mclemore
sf. gay
pf. millsap
c. cousins


pg. lowry
sg. derozan
sf. ross
pf. millsap
c. valanciunas


Kings to me is a better fit but they will need a starting sg


Draymond Green would be perfect for Kings, not Millsap.


04 Dec 2014 12:34:10

Milsap is a better fit at Raptor's frontcourt where he will get more touches because of JV

Kings have Cousins who needs a worker and floor spacer at his side and Green would be a great fit


Doubt warriors let green go. They'll probably end up trading Lee or Iggy, probably Lee, to retain him




02 Dec 2014 23:08:35

Hornets get Thompson and Stauskas

Kings get Zeller, Henderson, and a 2nd rd pick




01 Dec 2014 08:29:18
Kings Trade

Jason Thompson, Ramon Sessions

Grizz Trade

Tayshaun Prince, Beno Udrih




01 Dec 2014 08:01:26
Kings Trade

Nik Stauskas, Derrick Williams

Bucks Trade

John Henson, O.J. Mayo




01 Dec 2014 07:46:48
Kings trade Jason Thompson to Hornets for Gerald Henderson




01 Dec 2014 02:31:55
nets get: derrick williams, jason thompson, ben mclemore, trade exception, a future 1st rd pick and a future 2nd rd pick
kings get: deron williams and andrei kirilenko




28 Nov 2014 14:51:24
Kings moves to be more formidable

trade Ben McLemore , Jason Thompson and protected 1st to Hornets for Lance Stephenson

trade with Milwaukee , send Derrick Williams and 2nd for Ersan Ilyasova

sign Jermaine O'neal or Emeka Okafor midseason

Darren Collison / Ramon Sessions / Ray McCallum
Lance Stephenson / Nik Stauskas
Rudy Gay / Omri Casspi
Ersan Ilyasova / Carl Landry
DeMarcus Cousins / Jermaine Oneal / Reggie Evans


Kings better off keeping McLemore
but the Milwaukee trade is good




24 Nov 2014 21:17:54

Thunder get Martin, Reggie Evans, Trey Burke

TWolves get Perkins, 1st rd pick from OKC, and a 2nd rd pick from Jazz

Jazz get Jackson

Kings get Roberson




20 Nov 2014 20:49:27

SAC send Derrick Williams , Ray McCallum , 2nd round pick
SAC get Ryan Anderson

NOLA send Ryan Anderson
NOLA get Jeff Green , 2nd from SAC

BOS send Jeff Green
BOS get Ray McCallum , Derrick Williams







20 Nov 2014 16:04:17

SAC get Carmelo Anthony ,Iman Shumpert and 2nd rd pick

D. Collison / R. Sessions
I. Shumpert / N. Stauskas
C. Anthony / O. Casspi
C. Landry / D. Williams / E. Moreland
D. Cousins / R. Evans / R. Hollins

NY get Rudy Gay , Jason Thompson , Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum + 1st round pick

trade Jr Smith to Pacers for Copeland

J. Calderon / R. McCallum / S. Larkin
B. McLemore / T. Hardaway
R. Gay / C. Early / T. Antetokounmpo
A. Stoudemire / C. Copeland / Q. Acy
J. Thompson / S. Dalembert / J. Smith


20 Nov 2014 20:35:41
Kings will be bottom feeders like NY , Melo not leaving NY for that




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