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22 Apr 2014 13:51:49
Celtics trade Rondo, Green, Bradley (s&t, 3y 20m)
Celtics get Monroe, Hayward, Jennings

Pistons trade Monroe (s&t 4y 48m), Jennings
Pistons get Thomas, Green, Evans

Kings trade Thomas (s&t, 3y 24m), Williams, Evans, 1st round pick 2016, 2nd round pick 2014
Kings get Rondo

Jazz trade Hayward (s&t, 4y 42m)
Jazz get Bradley, Williams (expiring), Kings 1st round pick 2016, Kings 2nd round pick 2014

- draft Wiggins/Parker with own pick, otherwise go after Exum/Smart at PG
- select best SG with Nets' pick

- try to land Smart or Harris at SG and C backup like Nurkic. can add KCP or Singler to trade up in draft
- playoff contender

- draft Randle or Vonleh at PF
- playoff contender from day 1
- in 2015 let Outlaw and Terry walk in order to resign Rondo (4y 60m) and Gay (3y 24m)

- need to land top3 pick to select SF Wiggins/Parker or C Embiid
- also have Warriors 1st, own 2nd rounder and Kings 2nd rounder to add either SF or PF/C
- get defensiv backcourt stopper Bradley to pair with Burke + former #2 pick D. Williams at SF/PF

Rondo has already said that he won't play in Sacramento.

Pistons will not make that trade unless they can unload Smith as well. In addition, Smart is not a better player the KCP. The Pistons will take the best PG or SF available. U have to be a Celtics fan as they get everything and everybody else gets screwed.

Celtics need picks in that deal

That was a smoke screen on Boston's part. OF COURSE they like the draft, but you don't say that out loud and loose negotiating leverage





22 Apr 2014 10:21:41
Kings - Nuggets - Pelicans

Kings get Kenneth Faried and 11th pick

Nuggets get Eric Gordon, Kings 2nd round pick and 7th pick

Pelicans get Javale McGee, Jason Terry

Think Faried will fit with Demarcus Cousins, Faried is an undersized PF and cousins is wide enough to cover him

Kings select Nik Stauskas on #11

resign thomas and gay

Thomas / McCallum
McLemore / Stauskas
Gay / Williams
Faried / Landry
Cousins / Thompson

The Kings already have Carl Landry, so they don't need another undersized PF.





18 Apr 2014 10:59:00
If the magic get lotto luck and go number 1 in the draft.

Magic get both sixers picks
Sixers get number 1 pick

Magic trade sixers pick via pelicans 10th pick, affalo
To either
Cavs, kings or pistons for their pick

Then magic draft
Via sixers pick- exum
Via cavs, kings or pistons pick- Vonleah or Gordon
Via Nuggets pick- saric

Pg Exum, Nelson
Sg Oladipo, Moore
Sf Saric, Harkless
Pf Vonleah/Gordon, Harris, Nicholson
C Vucevic, O'quinn

Magic do it for a great lineup of mismatches and add defense in the paint and a pg and fill most of their needs. It would depend on which out of the cavs, kings and pistons would be willing to trade as to which they would get out of Vonleah and Gordon.

Sixers do it to land wiggins.

Cavs, kings or pistons all need to upgrade at sg as all have young sg's so either one could be interested in this trade for affalo and they still get a good pick at 10 so can fill their other needs so theyed draft
Cavs- hood
Kings- Ennis
Pistons- Ennis



18 Apr 2014 03:35:59
Kings trade: Maclemore

Celtics trade: bogans (cap space) Brooklyn pick, clippers pick, bass, right to swap in 2016 (cost 2nd round pick like 2017 in nets deal)
And Philly pick

May as well ask for Rondo while you're at it

^celtics not looking at Maclemore as an upgrade, rather a compliment to rondo



17 Apr 2014 12:03:47
Knicks rebuilding case

Knicks don't have 2014 and 2016 first round pick

2015 draft class will be one of the best in last years (especially many big men)
2015 FA will be one of the best in years

trade Anthony, Chandler and Felton before 2014/15 season

Knicks get Boozer (16.8m), Snell (1.5m), Augustin (s&t, 1y 3m), Brewer (1.2m), Frye, Bobcats 2014 first round pick, Kings 2015 first round pick, Pacers 2014 first round pick

Bulls get Anthony (s&t, 4y 70m), Felton

Suns get Chandler

Roster 2014/15:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Boozer/Stoudemire/Frye/Draft 2014
- top5 pick 2015
- release Brewer
- add 2 x 2014 first round picks (Bobcats&Pacers), maybe they can draft up with adding Snell or Frye to add froncourt talent (PF/C)
- add Kings 2015 first round pick
- in 2015 let Bargnani, Stoudemire, Boozer walk
- in FA sign: Love and Rondo (also avaible Lebron!)
- with own and Kings pick 2015 draft best possible C (trade up in draft) in loaded big men class
- resign Shumpert and Augustin

Roster 2015/16:
Shumpert/Snell/Draft 2014
Love/FA/Draft 2014
top5pick 2015/Aldrich


Butler/Hinrich/Draft 2014
- bring Mirotic over
- resign Hinrich vet min
- resign Butler 4y 30m
- with own 2014 pick draft best avaible SG/PG

Why would the Suns facilitate that? Chandler is not that good (for what he is getting paid) that the Knicks want to dump him.

So why would the Suns take his contract and have to give a pick?

Suns don't want Chandler. Suns are not making a trade for a one year rental. Actually they can do better with the Pacers draft pick and GMs Ryan skill in the draft.

Keep Suns out of this mess!


Chandler better than any suns big.

Chandler may be better but he has injuries problem and he is not a youngster. So he will be just getting worse.

Yes, Chandler is better, but he makes 4 times more and he is not that much better. That why New York payroll is 35 mil more then the Suns and 11 games worst in a week eastern conference.

Come on Suns fans. Name one player who is better than Chandler with the Pacers pick. You are not getting Durant or LeBron or Love. Chandler is the best you could do or draft with that pick. Get off your high horse. Or maybe you are all just high.

Jealousy ( Suns having cap space and draft picks) doesn't become you, NY fan. Why does a solid, up and coming team. an up temp team need a plodder like Chandler? Let him stasy in NY. Suns will do fine without him.

Lol can't you read? We don't want Chandler because he's overpaid, injuring prone, and he's 31. And he's definitely not pushing our team to the top. And we have a guy already who plays D, rebounds, 7 years younger, makes 5x less than chandler. Plumlee 8pts 8rbs 25mpg. Chandler 9pts 9. 5rbs 30mpg. So ya, keep laughing at why we don't want Chandler. LOL

There no high horse here. It just factual. Chandler is over the hill and injury prone. He to slow for the Suns. Why trade him. You want to trade him because the Knicks can not win with their team. They are losers and part of that is Chandler and the other is Melo which are the two players you want to trade.

It really does not make any difference what you or I want to do, because it not going to happen. Suns GM is too smart and he would say hell no.

Chandler is over paid and that the fact jack! Suns say hell no!

The Bulls say no! Hell no!

Why trade for Chandler! suns can get him next year for free.



16 Apr 2014 03:51:16
Bulls trade magic

Bulls get affalo

Magic gets boozer, pick #16 and kings protected top 10 pick next 2 years or turns into 2 2nd rounders

Bulls then can bring over mirotic
Draft # 19 early
#49 alec brown

Orlando makes trade so they can package #15 & #16 to move up in the draft. Thet also have the option to maybe buy out boozer since he's in last year of contract

Bulls can amnesty Boozer.

Im a bulls fan I kno they can amnesty him but if u were the owner would u do it pay a guy 16 mil to sit out. Its not that easy I bet anyone if the bulls can't get another alstar on the team and bulls can't trade him I garauntee u boozer will play next year for the bulls



15 Apr 2014 06:48:28
Thunder get Ben McLemore

Kings get Jeremy Lamb and #22 Dal pick

2 players with great potential that may need new changes of scenery. Add the pick to Sac because I think Maclemore has a little more upside.



15 Apr 2014 05:55:21
Detroit offseason
Trade pick #8 to chi for #19 & #19
Draft Tyler ennis or either Rodney hood or Kyle Anderson #16
Draft Adrian Payne 19
Retire Billups
Sign lance Stephenson 4years 44mil
Trade smith to sac for Carl Landry & Jason terry
Or smith, Datome & #38 for Wallace 
Or for any expiring (bargnani)?



15 Apr 2014 02:13:50
Kings trade: Maclemore

Celtics trade: bogans, Brooklyn pick, clippers pick, bass, right to swap in 2016 (cost 2nd round pick like 2017 in nets deal)

Kings hang up laughing a semi retired player two terrible picks Brandon bass who is an undersized version of Jason Thompson and the rights to swap pick for a 2 guard who may or may not be good but showing his potential please Celtics don't off that trash

Cap relief in bogans 5 million, so it's more about cap savings

We're does it say that? It's rights to swAp pick?

Maclemore is good but celtics could combine picks and a pf for him

Do agree though. Add philly pick



15 Apr 2014 00:21:45
Boozer cats & bulls 1ST 2015 Kings 1st for melo

Sixers get JrSmith Felton
Knicks get J-Rich Wroten Sims 39th pick

Buyout Bargnani
Odom and MWP sign vet min
Gasol 1 yr 5 mil MLE

A. Payton-18th/S. Christon-39th/Prigioni

With 60 mil coming the books. Knicks can sign Marc and love LeBron - example of 3 maxed out contracts

Love/king pick/knicks pick

Why would the sixers want two problem players

Because compared to sixers talent, their talent alone excede their troubles. JRSmith troubles are behind him. Felton game has been solid since getting arrested. He actually defenses now!



14 Apr 2014 20:17:39
Kings monore 4y 50m

Det derrick Williams JT 2014 1st dp

Resign gay 4y 40m

Trade Isaiah Thomas for shumpert sign and trade

Take out the pick and okay.

Williams is basically the same as Smith. Neither can play SF very well.



13 Apr 2014 23:46:29
Pau Gasol Leaves: Scenario 2: Lakers Plan

If Pau Gasol and the Lakers mutually part ways, and Pau goes to the Bulls to play alongside his other good friend Derrick Rose, then the Bulls will possibly amnesty Boozer. Lakers should pick up Boozer on a 1 year 6 million deal. No smart team will sign Boozer for more, and the Lakers offer more than money, they offer the opportunity. Boozer is amongst the few PFs who can replace Pau's 18&10 with 14&9 (career: 17&10).

**I am not saying the Lakers will get the 2nd overall pick, however all I did was click on the ESPN Mock Draft Lottery and it randomized all the picks. If you haven't heard of it, google it, and try it out. Again, I clicked on it one time and the results were Lakers get the 2nd pick and get Jabari Parker. The rest of this is going to be based off of that. (2nd overall pick = 3 year 3rd year team option, 11M with 3M the first year)**

-Nick Young (3 year, 12 million)
-Jordan Farmar (2 year, 6 million)
-Ryan Kelly (2 year, 2 million)
-Jordan Hill (3 years, 12 million)
-Chris Kaman (2 year, 6 million)
-Kent Bazemore (2 year, 4 million)

Steve Nash retires. (-9 million)

-Isaiah Thomas (if Kings want to keep Gay and the outbreak of McCallum, they shouldn't match any offers) - (3 year, 27 million)
-Emeka Okafor (a redemption deal, his stock is down and shouldn't be worth too much) - (2 year 2nd year player option, 16 million)
-Al-Farouq Aminu (defensive player/good rebounder) - (1 year, 4 million)

New Coach: Lionel Hollins (5 year contract) + Derek Fisher as head assistant

PG: Isaiah Thomas-Jordan Farmar-Kendall Marshall
SG: Kobe Bryant-Nick Young-Kent Bazemore
SF: Jabari Parker-Al-Farouq Aminu
PF: Carlos Boozer-Jordan Hill-Ryan Kelly
C: Emeka Okafor-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

Approx. 69 million for the 2014-15 season
Approx. 51million (if Okafor doesn't pick up option) for the 2015-16 season (Kevin Love = 4 year, 80 million = 71 million for the 15-16 season, which is the Lakers current salary)

@Lakers should pick up Boozer on a 1 year 6 million deal. No smart team will sign Boozer for more

If Boozer is amnestied, the teams with cap space will have to bid on him. Expect that a few teams will do get him at a discount. So don't expect Lakers to get him easy.



13 Apr 2014 22:21:19
Lakers get Isaiah Thomas and 7th pick

Kings get 5th pick and Jordan Hill

Lakers select Aaron Gordon #7

Monroe (fa)/Sacre

Kings select Julius Randle #5
McCallum/Christon (2nd round pick)

Kings would rather not



13 Apr 2014 19:02:42
Draft Day Trade
GSW Trade:
Harrison Barnes
David Lee
Marreese Speights
2015 Second Rounder

Kings Trade:
2014 1st rounder, 2014 2nd rounder, Rudy Gay



13 Apr 2014 18:34:09
Kings monroe

Det gay





13 Apr 2014 15:41:44
Thunder - Kings - Pistons

Thunder get J Terry, Kings' pick #7
Kings get Greg Monroe, OKC pick via Dallas
Pistons get Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, JJ Thompson

Thunder select Julius Randle CJ Fair



12 Apr 2014 21:01:35
Draft Day Trade

Kings - Pistons - Celtics

Kings trade Rudy Gay, J Terry, B Mclemore, I Thomas (RFA s&t), 2014 #7ish pick, 2017 1st round pick
Kings receive R Rondo, J Smith, G Wallace

Pistons trade J Smith
Pistons receive R Gay (s&t?)

Celtics trade R Rondo, G Wallace
Celtics receive J Terry (exp), B Mclemore, I Thomas (RFA s&t), Kings 2014 #7ish pick, Kings 2017 1st round pick

- Kings offered similar package for Rondo, would now have better chance to resign him with Smith on the team.

I'm a kings fan and I think this trade is unrealistic because rondo still won't want to be hear he wants a large market team

Why do kings trade overpaid inefficient scorer for another?

Also, smith for green

And replace terry with a 1

Kings say no



12 Apr 2014 07:03:06
Kings monroe 4y 50m

Det gay 4y 50m

This will help both team

NOLA gets monroe
Detroit gets gay
Sacramento gets anderson

I think it's better.



11 Apr 2014 15:35:53
Kings - Pistons - Wizards

Kings get Greg Monroe
Pistons get Kings pick, Trevor Ariza
Wizards get J Thompson

Pistons can keep Monroe and sign ariza. They need to make a trade to get rid of smith! Not Monroe!

This is totally true! Sadly, no one wants a guy that jacks up 4 threes a game at 25%, does little else, not a leader and oh yeah. has what, 4 years and like 70 million left? Good luck finding a taker!

Can't do a sign and trade involving a draft pick. The draft is a month before any S&T's.

Cousins monroe beast

The Kings aren't giving up their pick this year.



11 Apr 2014 10:42:39
Kings and Magic

Kings get affalo and magic pick via Denver
Draft Ennis

Magic get kings pick
Draft best player at their pick looks like embiid and smart

Kings fill a few needs here they need some solid outside shooting which they get from affalo which spreads the floor for cousins who knows how to find the open man, Affalo knows how to defend so he will take pressure of cousins in the paint on the defensive end, he could also mentor mclemore. Adding Ennis makes more sense then smart Ennis is the best pure pg in this draft he can get cousins, gay, affalo, Williams their looks which this team needs and he has a very low turnover ratio he makes good decisions so could be a very good floor general.

Orlando get a much needed pg who will create a nice backcourt duo alongside oladipo both are strong athletic guards who play defence, both can handle the ball. Then with their own pick I have embiid as I can see bucks and sixers taking wiggins and Parker. They could try vucevic at pf he can shoot well from mid range not sure if he can hit 3's.

Ennis, Thomas
Affalo, mclemore
Gay, Williams
Thompson, Evans
Cousins, gray

Smart, Nelson
Oladipo, Moore
Harris, harkless
Vucevic, Nicholson
Embiid, o'quinn

Sacramento is bad and rebuilding - why do a win-now trade? I also wouldn't give that much of a jump for Afflalo, who has becomepretty overrated.

They have been rebuilding since 07 they have jus had a ton of money invested and Shaq is on board so they wanna win now. I don't see affalo as being overrated he has good numbers and is on a cheap contract overrated players get paid more then their worth not less, he fills the needs of the team outside shooting, assisting into the paint he has a nice tandem with vucevic so would be good for cousins and also very good defensively. Let's face it no one really wants to sign their so trading for productive players is are only option.

Tbh afflalo is good but not worth moving up so many spaces plus they really don't wanna add contracts with out you taking some back



11 Apr 2014 04:02:52
Next NBA super team

2014 draft day trade
Bulls - Knicks
Bulls get C Anthony (s&t with 4 year max)
Knicks get C Boozer, R Brewer, J Butler, 2014 #16 & #19 draft picks

2014-2015 season - Timberwolves still suck, Love demands trade
Bulls get K Love
Timberwolves get T Gibson, M Dunleavy, T Snell, 2015 1st round pick (via Kings), Bulls 2015 1st round pick (with rights to swap with Cavs), Bulls 2017 1st round pick

Knicks say no, wolves say no, and the CBA salary cap says hell no

Minnesota passes.

As a bulls fan I don't want to be the Lakers. Sorry not trading everyone but Noah and rose for 2 players



09 Apr 2014 21:45:47
How about this deal:

Celtics trade Jarryd Bayless and Kris Humphries to Kings for their 2014; 1st round draft pick.

Celtics trade Brandon Bass and Chris Johnson to The 76ers for their 32nd pick in 2014:

Draft: 4rd; PG Marcus Smart, 7th; PF Noah Vonleh, 18th; SF: TJ Warren and 32nd; C; Jusuf Nurkic

That will leave them with a young and strong team


Might need at add something to kings (another reserve) but I could see kings trading pick for vet role plAyers to mesh with core

Too soon for warren, and I think the same for smart, but I like the principal



09 Apr 2014 20:05:40
Knicks - Kings - Thunder

Knicks get Isaiah Thomas and Kendrick Perkins

Kings get Reggie Jackson

Thunder get Tyson Chandler Tim Hardaway and Raymond Felton

Well that sums it up, this why the kings are the worst franchise in the NBA, fans like that this do not know how to use the cba

my offseason plan for Kings

Bargnani Hardaway for Rudy Gay 37th

rudy is system player. he failed toronto and Sac-town maybe in the triangle offense he can be more effective

Thompson Landry Terry for Raduljica Sanders Delfino


Felton for Will Bynum

JrSMith/Shumpert/S. Brown

Why would the Kings give Isaiah Thomas for Jackson?



08 Apr 2014 04:29:05
"let's have the greatest comeback the league has ever seen"
-Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, who will be 36, who is coming off of two terrible injuries, has been constantly ridiculed and degraded by the media and "haters". What people fail to point out while they bash him; he will be 100%, he could've played this season again, he is Kobe Bryant, who has shown no age let up, but due to injury, people say he is done. Last season, he basically carried the Lakers to the playoffs at 34. Another great player, Tim Duncan, has been one of the most consistent players, he has battled through numerous injuries, and look at him now at his age. Kobe can and will do the same.

But first, it is mandatory the Lakers make these moves (or moves like these) to succeed next season:

Draft: Aaron Gordon (6'9 SF/PF)
-Athletic, versatile at either the small forward or power forward, and he can pass very good for his size. He can finish at the rim and brings speed and freakish athleticism to the team. Although he isn't the best scorer, that can always be improved-but he can hit a long range shot just as good as most. He is also a cheap and good Plan B if Kevin Love doesn't come to LA.

Biggest Offseason Target: Greg Monroe
-An established center that doesn't like it in Detroit, while the Pistons have found a great defensive front-court in Drummond and Josh Smith. Monroe wants money, which the Lakers have, and to leave Detroit. The Lakers can offer him a nice contract, a chance to contend in 1 year or 2, the luxury of living in LA (don't even say it's nothing unless you have played at the Staples and had Jack cheering you on, or have been to our beaches), and the opportunity to train with the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who trained with an immature Bynum. Imagine what he can do with Monroe). If that's not enough, then I don't know what is. And Monroe has never intended that he is in a "win-now" state of mind, so even if the Lakers aren't contending next season, the other options are hard to spurn.

-Nick Young
-Jordan Farmar
-Xavier Henry
-Kent Bazemore
-Ryan Kelly
-Pau Gasol (no trade clause/2 year 2nd year player option, 10 million)
-Jordan Hill (just doesn't want to play for D'Antoni)
-Chris Kaman (just doesn't want to play for D'Antoni)

*I'm hearing Steve Nash may retire next season and is only playing in order to (a) pass Marc Jackson and (b) play as much as he can because he knows his window is closing: assuming he does.

The PG problem candidates: Isaiah Thomas, Kyle Lowry
Lowry: He is having a great season in Toronto and I doubt they let him go without throwing some big bucks at him, but it is honestly his decision. He seems to have it good in Toronto and is enjoying being the guy to go to.

Isaiah Thomas: The Kings have found a diamond in McCallum and he is flourishing in place of Thomas. He can easily take his spot, along with the possible drafting of Dante Exum or Marcus Smart. The Kings will have many options and if they want to keep Rudy Gay, Isaiah Thomas (who might not get a large contract) will draw attention from several teams and will be offered a lot of money not worth matching. And not to mention he is a Lakers/Kobe fan, and would be enticed to play alongside in the backcourt with Kobe.

- D'Antoni is obviously gone. John Calipari has been linked to the Lakers recently and Ollie has been in discussion, but who fits better? How about an established coach who has greatly coached a team with underrated stars and as a player had much success? LIONEL HOLLINS (says he wants to coach again)

2014 Roster:
PG: Isaiah Thomas-Jordan Farmar-Kendall Marshall
SG: Kobe Bryant-Kent Bazemore-Xavier Henry
SF: Aaron Gordon-Nick Young
PF: Pau Gasol-Jordan Hill-Ryan Kelly
C: Greg Monroe-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

What about love?



05 Apr 2014 11:16:34
Kings trade Thomas (s&t, 3y 20m), 2014 first round pick Kings (pick 3-7)
Kings get Irving

Cavs trade Irving, Deng (s&t, 3y 40m)
Cavs get Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Thomas (s&t), 2014 first round pick Kings

Pistons trade Monroe (s&t)
Pistons get Deng (s&t)

- try to trade Landry or Thompson for 2015 expiring contracts, buyout Terry
- in 2015 Gay (UFA, 3y 30m) and Irving (RFA, max contract) can be resigned after signing a major FA at PF (Love, Bosh. ). Iriving-McLemore-Gay-Love-Cousins

- add 2 young very talented players in Monroe and Thomas longterm
- add very good pick 2014 to select best possible player at pick #3-7 (Exum, Smart, Randle, Vonleh)
- 2015 draft class will even deeper, so give young talented starting-5 enough playing time next season to develop into a contender and get another lottery pick

- get needed defensive presence and SF upgrade in Deng
- keep their 2014 pick to select best possible SG or froncourt player (Smart, Vonleh, Randle)
- in 2016 let Jennings walk, sign major PG and resign Drummond

The draft is a month before teams can do sign and trades.

Kings should not have to give Thomas and the 2014 1st round pick. Irving is good bit Thomas has been equally good in fewer years. Plus his contract extension will be much cheaper.

If this trade happens kings better actually do something good this time

^ agree actually Isiah Thomas is a better player. checkout thebballbreakdown video how Thomas is better in almost every category than Irving



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