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29 Apr 2017 13:58:28
Thunder-Kings (if Gay opts in)

Thunder get Rudy Gay and Kosta Koufos
-Get the scoring wing they need. Oladipo could move to 6th man
6th: Oladipo

Kings get Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, and Doug McDermott
-Get more youth, shooting, and a scoring prescense down low in the post.

29 Apr 2017 18:22:06
this is a great trade for the Thunder but i think the Kings would want Roberson instead of another Center, they already have Skal Cauley-Stein and PapaGanis.

23 Apr 2017 16:01:46
Knicks Offseason


Trade #1

Celtics get Melo

Knicks get Jae Crowder and 2019 Clippers 1st Round Pick

Trade #2

Lakers get #7 Overall Pick, both 2017 2nd Round Draft Picks, and the Clippers 2019 1st Round Draft Pick

Knicks get #3 Overall Pick

Trade #3

Kings get Joakim Noah and Lance Thomas

Knicks get a Future 2nd Round Draft Pick

Trade #4

76ers get Courtney Lee

Knicks get Jahlil Okafor


#3- Lonzo Ball

Free Agency

Resign Justin Holiday for 3 years and $21 million

Resign Ron Baker for 1 year and $1 million

Resign Maurice N'Dour for 1 year and $1 million


Starting Lineup

PG Ball
SG Holiday
SF Crowder
PF Porzingis
C Okafor


PG Randle
SG Baker
SF Kuzminskas
PF O'Quinn
C Hernangomez
PF N'Dour
C Plumlee

23 Apr 2017 16:07:03
There's no way they get rid of Noah without giving up a 1st and I doubt the Lakers would be willing to move down in the draft for that.

23 Apr 2017 16:16:19
Poor Kings get shafted.

23 Apr 2017 19:49:36
Celtics are not in the business of solving NY's Carmelo Anthony problem. Right now the Knicks could only get an overpaaid low-rotation player for Anthony. Definitely not a starter, and most definitely not a starter PLUS a No. 1 draft pick.

24 Apr 2017 00:16:25
With the exception of Okafor trade all those trades are pretty lopsided and don't see other teams doing it. Especially the Noah trade. Zero chance they get rid of that contract and get assets back. They'd have to give up more than a 2nd rounder to get rid of him.

24 Apr 2017 13:39:37
Supercollider, you're C's are struggling with the Bulls why? Could it be they need another scorer? Melo is a better offensive player than Crowder, and while you'll argue that he's not as good defensively, which I agree with you, Boston doesn't need another wing defender, they need a scorer. Boston does this if they can do two 2nd vs. a 1st.

As for the other deals, the Kings and Lakers hang up the phone laughing.

24 Apr 2017 14:49:19
The Celtics would think about it, which upsets me. Now that they've gotten back on track against the Bulls, maybe the Melo craziness will go out the window. I know he's still a good scorer, but I just don't want him. There's other ways to go about bringing in a scorer that doesn't come with his baggage. It's better than the Kings trade idea though. Why in the world would they want to bring in Noah? They just settled a logjam at C and shed salary. Why would they add to both again?

24 Apr 2017 17:38:55
soxfan -- The Anthony-to-Boston talk was generated by the New York Post and was likely written so a writer can get access to Jackson. Ainge would never take Anthony, let alone give up anything of value for him. DA has much bigger fish to fry. Not opposed to Crowder being dealt, just hate the thought of Anthony screwing things up. If anyone is willing to take on Anthony, that team could get him for a late first or two seconds.

24 Apr 2017 18:44:54
Super-I'm not sure. There's definitely going to be factions on any team that would think about bringing in Melo. I just don't like his fit for Boston. I think he'd actually be a great fit on a lot of teams though, and depending on who they're dealing with, they might be able to get a relatively high pick.

24 Apr 2017 20:56:50
So it official, Supercollider finally signs off on Melo. I'm glad you finally see the light.

23 Apr 2017 15:50:02


Sixers get:McCollum
Blazers get: #3 overall pick

If sixers get picks 3 and 4(all that needs to happen is the draft order flip flops 3 and 4, sixers get both). Blazers shed a huge contract amd get a top 3 pick(Josh Jackson maybe?) in a loaded draft they cam secure for 4 or 5 years at a low cost. Lillard and McCollum may be fun to watch, but that combo isn't going to win you any playoff series. I think portland may package their other 3 first rounders to move up and get another top 10 pick or future first rounders to spread the picks out over a few years. Maybe sixers take back another contract from blazers for salary relief. Sixers get a perfect compliment to simmons.

Trade 2:
Sixers get:picks 8 and 10
Kings get:pick 4,36,and 39

Sixers take Markannen at 8 and Ntilikna at 10

Sixers sign pateick patterson as backup pf

C: Embiid,Holmes,Okafor

Still have all own picks, 2019 kings unprotected #1, 2020 OKCs protected #1, a bizillion second rounders, and 19 year old sg Korkmaz in Europe.

23 Apr 2017 16:10:33
The 2nd trade seems reasonable, but Mccollum is worth more than the third pick. Why would Portland give up a young player who is a borderline allstar for a player who might not pan out.

23 Apr 2017 18:33:21
Rrkenne16.using that logic an established player would never be traded for a top lottery pick. It happens for team fit, salary, potential and player control reasons to name a few. I also added that philly may need to take back a contract to entice portland to do the deal.

23 Apr 2017 19:11:22
Young stars rarely get moved unless they won't resign. Mccollum is locked up long term. Cj put up 23 on 48 percent from the field. You make him fit, because it's going to be next to impossible to replace that kind of production. He's 24, been in the league for only 4 years, and has improved a ton the past two years. They have 3 mid to late first round picks this year if they want to clear capspace and multiple large contracts they could move. They are a young playoff team. They are more likely to try and add a star player rather than move one for a pick. Unless they are getting a guaranteed star in return or a huge package of young players and picks there is no reason to move him.

24 Apr 2017 00:18:07
I don't think the value is terrible but it doesn't make sense for a young team on the rise to trade an proven young player like McCollum for a draft pick who could end up a complete bust. They do have salary issues but those can be solved without having to deal McCollum.

20 Apr 2017 22:02:34
Cleveland gets Favors, Exum, and Burks

Sacramento gets Love

20 Apr 2017 23:51:51
I could see a deal where cavs move love for more depth but don't like the fit of these guys in the return. Favors recent injury woes and 1 year left on his contract lower his value considerably. It would be tough to play him and Thompson together. Exum is project so not sure how interested the win now cavs would be. Burks is a solid rotational player but nothing special.

21 Apr 2017 09:07:35
What did Sacramento gave away to get Favors, Exum and Burks? 😊.

21 Apr 2017 09:40:29
Utah* haha.

21 Apr 2017 15:06:59
I thought of throwing in Hood or a first as well, but wasn't sure if it was to much Jaw. The goal was to add more defense, length, and youth to the Cavs. The Cavs have Frye to give them the stretch look still and play Lebron at the 4 and occasionally 5 against small line ups. Love would be a loss, but a little more defense would really help the Cavs.

20 Apr 2017 15:57:57
NY: R Gay+ Afflalo

LA: C Anthony+1rnd pick 8 (Monk)+ 1rnd pick 10 (J Allen)

Sac: L Deng+ J Noah+ 1rnd pick 3 (L Ball)

20 Apr 2017 17:17:07
Why would any team do this? Sac gets older and loses a 1st, melo ends up on another lottery team at 32, and NY gets NOTHING for its franchise player.

20 Apr 2017 17:32:11
NY dumps Noah's contract without giving up a draft pick, they will have tons of capspace in 2018.

Sacramento receive a great player in L Ball (The next Jason Kidd? )

And LA is readdy for a break out year. C Anthony would be a great leader for that team (Ingram, Russell, Randle, Clarckson, Zubac, Monk, J Allen)

20 Apr 2017 18:27:48
There is no guarantee Ball will be available at 3. And giving up 2 top 10 picks while taking on 2 albatross contracts to get a top 3 pick is not worth it.

20 Apr 2017 21:23:06
The Kings have very little young talent. They are better off with multiple picks and cap space. Can just let Melo walk rather than taking on players that don't help them. The lakers make out great though.

18 Apr 2017 07:15:10
Alright this is wild theory crafting, but let me get your opinion on this. Melo's trade value has diminished greatly because it is no secret that he is being shopped. Therefore, this may be the best output the knicks will get.

Bulls Trade: Jimmy Butler, Denzel Valentine, and the Kings 2017 first round pick
Bulls Receive: Carmelo Anthony and the Nets 2017 first round pick

Celtics Trade: Avery Bradley, Jaylen Brown, and the Nets 2017 first round pick
Celtics Receive: Jimmy Butler and the Kings 2017 first round pick

Knicks Trade: Carmelo Anthony
Knicks Receive: Jaylen Brown, Denzel Valentine, and Avery Bradley

The Bulls do it for the chance at one of the point guards in the draft (Markelle Fukltz PLEASE) while also not dragging around Butler for a low seeded playoff appearance. Plus, Melo would fit into Hoiberg's offense nicely.

The celtics do it because Jimmy Butler is a HUGE upgrade to Avery Bradley on the wing while also being a superstar version of Brown. Butler also fits the celtics style of guard-centric play very well. They also get a Kings pick in return for Brown because he is valued a lot in Boston.

The Knicks do it because they can build around Bradly, Brown, Porzingis, and Hernangomez while also letting Melo go to a big market city. Again, this might be the best return for the Knicks altogether.

18 Apr 2017 07:35:15
I've been playing too much 2k. Swap the kings pick with the Bulls pick. Did not notice we did not have it.

18 Apr 2017 12:43:13
It's decent, but the C's may have an issue with giving up both Brown and the Nets pick in the same deal that doesn't bring them back two players.

18 Apr 2017 18:27:41
Take Brown out and give them a second rd.

19 Apr 2017 02:05:24
Billj, I don't think you would even need the 2nd. Bradley for Anthony would be best case scenario for the Knicks. More and more it's looking like the Knicks will get an expiring contract and a pick out of him. Even if someone offered more than one pick Melo could dictate the terms of the trade and a pick would be better than just waiting out his contract. I'm sure he wouldn't mind sticking to Jackson and helping his future team.

18 Apr 2017 03:05:33
Another Supercollider master plan

Melo Porzingis Noah
Nets 17 18 Boston 19 Kings 19 3 celtics 2nd 2017 Crowder Zeller

NBA champs

Next summer
Lee Hernangomez O'Quinn Crowder Boston and Kings 2019

CP3 4YR 120mil
2018-19 Knicks

18 Apr 2017 04:54:47
I believe 76ers not the Celtics have Kings 2019 pick. Celtics do however have Clippers 2019 pick (lotto protected) and Memphis 2019 pick (top 8 protected) .

Big issue with this trade is the salary with Thomas, Bradley, Smart and potentially Melo all FA after next season it'll be expensive to retain them all.

That Celtics team would definitely be contender quality but I wouldn't expect anything less if they gave up both Brooklyn picks. They are however bringing in two stars and one is only 21. People giving Melo a lot of flack but he remains a top scorer in the league and he and Thomas would be a potent duo, they have guys to make up elsewhere with defense and energy but overall team defense would take a hit.

If I'm Knicks I'd highly consider that. Taking back minimal salary and get two high caliber draft picks (plus their own draft picks) and perfect starting role player Crowder. Although you lose Porzingis you get rid of two bad contracts and guys who have little if any trade value.

Don't really follow the rest of the moves since Paul is a FA this upcoming summer and will want a guaranteed contract now. Even if they did get Whiteside (not sure that offer is enough since they don't have Kings pick) I don't think that would be enough to attract Paul. Instead of that pseudo-rebuild contender roster they'd be better off not getting Paul or Whiteside and just developing around the 4 top 7 lottery picks they'd likely have. They'd also have plenty of cap space that they could use to acquire more assets by taking on other teams bad contracts (hit up Portland who has cap issues and 3 1sts in upcoming draft) .

18 Apr 2017 08:31:37
I like the first move for the Knicks
Giving up Porzingis is huge, but dumping those contracts and receiving some good picks is a great return.
But i think Boston says no

The Knicks shouldn't do that second trade, they should rebuilt with draft picks.

18 Apr 2017 18:37:52
C's would be way over cap. Drop that 19 LAC pick, a 2nd rd pick and also drop Noah. Now make a deal.

18 Apr 2017 20:42:46
What the Celtics would gain with Zinger they would lose with Anthony.

15 Apr 2017 03:00:03
76ers/Knicks trade:
Kristaps Porzingis skip the exit meeting with Knicks management today because of frustration due to all the " drama and dysfunction" with the Knicks organization. that's a very unhappy unicorn. Jackson just renewed his contract to be the leader of the knicks for 2 more years. Something is going to give. NY tabloids are going to have a field day. Knicks go into total rebuild mode.

If Sixers land picks #2 and #5.

Sixers get:Porzingis

Knicks get:#2 overall pick, 2019 kings unprotected #1, 2020 OKC protected #1, Okafor, and all second round picks returned from 2017 to 2021(sixers currently own all of them).

Knicks in good shape to rebuild with #2 pick(Ball or Jackson) and #7 pick(Issac, Tatum, Fox, Markannen, or DSJ). Plus kings variable unprotected first in 2019.

Sixers get the ultimate player to pair with Embiid. Use the #5 pick on Monk. Sign Redick to 2 years, 45 mill.
Starters:Embiid, Porzingis, Covington, Redick, Simmons.
2nd Unit: Holmes, Saric, TLC, Monk, McConnell.

15 Apr 2017 07:43:17
It isn't terrible but Porzingis is probably the 2nd best prospect in the NBA behind KAT and a guy you'd love to rebuild around. I don't think Knicks should move him since he is 21yr old and already a borderline all-star while although Ball/ Jackson look like they'll be good pros they could also be complete busts. Similarly the Kings pick appears bound to be top 5 but 2019 is a long ways away and there is no guarantee the player they get is half as good as Porzingis; I'd prefer the proven commodity over the chance to potentially get two good players (highly unlikely any are better than Porzingis who is a generational talent) . I think you are looking too far into things. Things can only improve in NY and if/ once Melo gets moved they'll be able to start a new chapter with their lotto pick (Probably Fox or Smith) and Porzingis as the face of it. Porzingis has no leverage to get himself traded.

Obviously this would be a dream come true for 76ers, not only do they get Lakers pick but theirs moves up to #2. If this happens they'd be wise to explore moves to add pieces that could contribute sooner although keeping Kings pick could pay dividends especially as their current guys get off their rookie deals and salary starts to become an issue.

15 Apr 2017 09:32:39
This could be a good move for the Knicks, but i don't think they trade Porzingis unless they get LBJ or KD.

The Combo Porzingis Embiid, would be unstopable, but Simmons should play PF too, so i'm not sure it's the best move they can do.

15 Apr 2017 16:36:03
Just imagine if the 76ers drafted Porzingis instead of Okafor.

15 Apr 2017 17:20:55
NBA; At the time of the draft, porzingis didn't want anything to do with the sixers. They where as lost as the current knicks are in finding a direction. Obviously looking back Porzingis is an amazing player and Okafor has underachieved to say the least. For the sixers to get picks #3 and #4 only one thing needs to happen, they flip spots 3 and 4 with the lakers. that's not that unlikely. How about offering both #3 and #4 for Porzingis? Then sign Redick and Patterson
C: Embiid, Holmes, Okafor
Pf:Porzingis, Saric, Patterson
Sf:Covington, Luwawa-Cab, Anderson
Sg:Redick, Stauskas, Korkmaz
Pg:Simmons, McConnell, Bayless.

10 Apr 2017 11:42:27
Kings off season, going younger than anyone ever!

Trade Gay (picks his option), Collison, Temple, Tolliver for Sabonis, McDermott, Huestis and '18 1st rounder (top 16 protected) or 2 future 2nd rounders
Draft Fox (8th), Bridges (10th), Bell (35th)
Re-sign Lawson (2 year 8 million), sign Thanasis Antetokounmpo (2 year 2 million)


10 Apr 2017 12:45:00
Why would OKC do that?

10 Apr 2017 13:23:23
Fox will never passed the Knicks.

10 Apr 2017 17:28:32
For the whole sesson everyone is whining about Russ playing alone with a bunch of re***ds around him. So now when he could finally get a solid backup PG (Collison), solid bench stretch 4 (Tolliver) and SF they are desperate for (Gay) . Just imagine if OKC does this trade and sign Griffin.

10 Apr 2017 20:10:07
Can't wait for the Sixers to have the kings 2019 first.

11 Apr 2017 01:17:37
OKC sends it 2018 1st to Utah after they traded for Kanter. Collison is a free agent. Should I continue talking about how dumb this trade is.

09 Apr 2017 14:12:22
Thunder-Kings (Rudy Gay accepts player option)

Thunder get Rudy Gay and Kosta Koufos

Kings get Enes Kanter and Kyle Singler.

09 Apr 2017 17:41:21
Kings have WCS, Papgiannis and LaBassire all 7ft F-C's. Why trade for another one in Kanter?

09 Apr 2017 18:05:40
Papagiannis is still raw. And Kanter could play beside WCS or Labissiere. Plus Kanter is still young and could fit well with the Kings timeline.

08 Apr 2017 22:11:17

With some help from the "ping pong ball" Gods:

1.Sixers land picks #1(there own pickjumps from 4 to 1) and #4(Laker pick falls from 3 to 4). Unlikely, but not impossible.

2.Trade Laker pick #4,next years unprotected #1, kings unprotected 2019#1 and Covington for George.

2.Trade picks #34,#39,and #44 to Blazers for pick #20(blazers are salary strapped and the early 2nd rounders with non guranteed contracts could help). Draft Giles.

3.Draft Fultz #1.

4.Sign Redick 2 years 45 million.

5.Bring over Korkmaz from Europe

6.Cut splitter,long,Henderson, Rodriguez

Pg:Fultz, Bayless, McConnell
Sg:Redick, Stauskas, Korkmaz
Sf:George, Luwawa-Cab, Anderson
Pf:Simmons, Saric, Giles
C: Embiid, Okafor, Holmes

I posted a similiar idea a week ago but w/o Fultz and Giles. This team has Simmons as the pf, but also a primary ball handler with Fultz. This may be far fetched depending on the draft order. But if they got #1 and #4.......

09 Apr 2017 01:55:13
Portland also has 13 guaranteed deals. Adding more picks (5 after that trade) doesn't help them a lot unless they just draft a bunch of euros.

09 Apr 2017 02:42:37
Right now 76ers are tied with Magic for 4th worst record so they'd have a 10.4% shot at #1 pick (jumps to 11.9% if they get sole control of 4 slot) . Lakers currently 3rd and have about a 47% chance of landing in top 3 thus 76ers have a 53% shot at getting their pick (only 22.5% chance of it landing at 4 slot) . The two events aren't mutually exclusive so probability of them both occurring is above 2.2% but not much higher. Therefore it is certainly unlikely but not impossible (Cavs won lottery to get Wiggins with like 2% odds) .

Although Fultz is clearly a much better prospect than Monk I think Monk would be a better fit with 76ers roster and he is much more likely to be available when 76ers pick. The Lakers pick is more likely than not to go to 76ers but is basically a coin toss still. Tatum or Issac could make sense if they get that pick but I think they'd also be wise to shop it to see what they could get.

Personally I think that offer for George is a bit too much since I don't see any team offering anything nearly that good for George. 76ers pick in 2018 likely won't be that great especially if they add George but two top 5 picks alone (although one isn't until 2019) is a good haul especially in reference to what Cousins got and the situation Pacers are when they won't even be able to offer George the ridiculous money Kings could've.

03 Apr 2017 18:37:19
Knicks offseason moves

Knicks trade top 5 pick to suns for Eric bledsoe and tj warren

Trade joakim noah and both 2nd rnd picks to kings for 2019 2nd rnd pick

Patty mills 3 yr 30 mill
Paul millsapp 4 yr 65 mill

Re sign
Justin holiday 3 yr 15 mill
Ron baker 2 yr 6 mill

2017/18 lineup

Eric Bledsoe/Patty Mills
Courtney lee/Justin Holiday
Carmelo anthony/TJ warren
Paul millsapp/Kyle O Quinn
Kristaps porzingis/Willy hernangomez

03 Apr 2017 20:45:47
Knicks should get some more in the first trade, maybe they can dump Noah to Suns or at least get pieces to sweeten dumping Noah to Kings since I don't think 2 seconds does it (shouldn't be getting a 2nd back from Kings) . Millsap is going to get way more money than that.

He'll likely be making 30+mill per year not a little over 16. Joakim Noah got 4 yrs 72 mill and he was already showing signs of decline and is about same age as Millsap. Millsap is still playing at an all-star level and could help a lot of teams.

I don't think that is a championship lineup but its very solid. If Bledsoe can hold up they'd likely be a top 3 team in the east. They wouldn't have the longest window to compete however. I'd only go this route if Melo can't be dealt.

04 Apr 2017 01:52:24
Kings don't make that deal, an additional second rounders isn't attractive enough to take on three years of Noah's deal. What you can't forget is that the deal has three years left on it, which hamstrings another team too long. If there were one year left, it would be more reasonable.

Mills will get $12-$15M a year from someone, and Millsap will get max dollars, whether it be a three or four year deal, so neither is a realistic signing.

03 Apr 2017 17:45:55
Knicks Offseason Scenario 2 (Go For It)


Trade #1

Clippers get Courtney Lee

Knicks get 2019 1st Round Draft Pick

Trade #2

Kings get Joakim Noah

Knicks get 2 Future 2nd Round Draft Picks


#6 Overall Frank Nktilikina

Free Agency

Resign Justin Holiday for 3 years and $15 million

Resign Ron Baker for 2 years and $6 million

Sign Chris Paul to a Max Contract

Sign Dwayne Wade for 2 years and $40 million (2nd Year is a Player Option)

Sign Andre Iguodala for 3 years and $45 million

Sign Mario Chalmers for 1 year and $1 million

Sign Anderson Verajao for 1 year and $1 million


Starting Lineup

SG Wade
SF Melo
PF Porzingis
C Hernangomez


SF Iguodala (6th Man)
C O'Quinn
SG Holiday
PG Chalmers
PF Kuzminskas
C Verajao
SG Baker

In this scenario 3 out of the 4 Banana Boat Brothers get to play together as they're years of being useful players wind down and they stroll towards retirement. They may still have enough in the tank to make a decent playoff run.

03 Apr 2017 18:14:33
I like all the moves but i do not think they should trade lee for a pick that's in 2 years he is young, good defender and good shooter they keep lee and sign everyone else.

03 Apr 2017 18:17:09
Also rather have fox playing behind cp3 and bexominf a good pg.

03 Apr 2017 18:59:27
There's no way you're getting two positive assets for Noah. NY will have to take another terrible contract back, or give up a young player and/ or a pick to unload him.

03 Apr 2017 19:46:37
Jakethesnake1995, I like Lee a lot too for the same reasons you stated but the other moves wouldn't be possible without clearing that cap space. And also, what you have to realize is that while that Pick may be two years away, losing CP3 and possibly Blake also by then either via Free Agency or Trade, the Clippers may find themselves as a bad rebuilding team in which case that Pick could have serious value.

04 Apr 2017 00:17:10
Lee will not fetch a 1st rd. pick.

Knicks are pretty much stuck with Noah.

All the signings. They'd be way over the cap. And they still would not win a title. Knicks need time and patience, trade Melo, try and rid themselves of Noah's contract and build slowly as well as smartly. Porzingis is their future.

04 Apr 2017 01:56:17
I like Lee, but Jake, he's both on the wrong side of 30 and has not been the defender he was advertised to be when the Knicks signed him. If I could get a first for him, I take it.

Noah's not going anywhere for at least one, but more likely two years at the earliest. Teams like expiring deals when taking back boat anchors, not three years of contracts owing.

04 Apr 2017 07:37:28
Here is the only scenario where the Kings take Noah's contract.

- Vlade or Viveks son needs a blood transplant

- Phil Jackson is the only man in the world that has his matching blood type.

03 Apr 2017 17:30:59
Knicks Offseason Scenario 1 (Rebuild)


Trade #1

Timberwolves get Melo and both 2017 2nd Round Draft Picks

Knicks get 8th Overall Pick

Trade #2

Clippers get Courtney Lee

Knicks get 2019 1st Round Draft Pick

Trade #3

Kings get Joakim Noah and Lance Thomas

Knicks get 2 Future 2nd Round Draft Picks


#5 Overall Josh Jackson
#8 Overall Frank Ntilikina

Free Agency

Resign Justin Holiday for 3 years and $15 million

Resign Ron Baker for 3 years and $6 million

Resign Chasson Randle for 1 year and $1 million

Resign Maurice N'Dour for 1 year and $1 million

Resign Marshall Plumlee for 1 year and $1 million

Resign Sasha Vujacic for 1 year and $1 million


Starting Lineup

PG Nktilikina
SG Holiday
SF Jackson
PF Porzingis
C Hernangomez


PG Randle
SG Baker
SF Kuzminskas
PF N'Dour
C O'Quinn
SG Vujacic
C Plumlee

In case it wasn't obvious, the objective here is to tank next season and get another high draft pick to add another good young player and have a ton of cap space.

03 Apr 2017 18:46:14
Trade #1 I don't see Twolves wanting Melo or Melo waiving his no-trade clause to go to Minnesota either. Minnesota especially isn't giving up a lottery pick for Melo at this stage of his career and what that team already has in place.

Trade #2 This trade is solid. As long as Clippers do it before resigning their FA they can use bird rights to resign Paul, Griffin and Reddick.

Trade #3 I understand its the Kings but they aren't going to give up assets in order to take on Noah's awful contract. Lance Thomas means nothing especially to a team like the Kings. If Knicks want to move Noah they'd have to give up real assets. Considering Knicks are going to be awful anyway and not likely to attract big FA while they rebuild it may be worth it to just hold on to Noah.

I don't think Josh Jackson is making it past #3 pick in the draft and highly doubt he drops all the way to #5. Since Knicks aren't going to have Kings pick I think they'd be best off getting Fox or Smith (not sure who I'd prefer) with their pick.

03 Apr 2017 19:52:40
jaw457, I agree with all of your points. The only reason Melo may consider the Timberwolves is to play with KAT, Wiggins, and a pass first PG like Rubio. I think they could make some noise in the West if they added a scorer like Melo.

I also agree that probably no team is stupid enough to trade for Noah but as a Knicks fan I had to try and I figured the Kings were my best shot. Haha! The two most disfunctional teams in the NBA! One signed him, the other trades for him.

Lastly, again I agree with you Jackson is probably a stretch at #5, I only said that because they're rumored to be interested in him. Do you think Tatum is more realistic?

26 Mar 2017 00:29:41
76ers offseason

1. 76ers/Pacers
IF the Laker pick conveys this year at #4.....
Sixers get: Paul George

Pacers get: 2017 Laker pick #4, sixers 2018 unprotected #1, Kings 2019 unprotected #1, Covington.

Pacers get #4 pick in this years loaded draft and 2 more unprotected #1 picks in next two drafts. Plus a very good wing defender in Covington.

2. 76ers/Nets

Sixers get:celtics 2017 #1 via nets(currently #25).

Nets get:Okafor, pick #36, pick #40(earliest of sixers 4 second rounders in2017 draft).
Allows the Nets to have an option at center if the deal Lopez for needed talent.

2. Sign jj redick 3yrs/60mill, 3rd year team option.

3. Draft Monk in the 5-7 range.

4. Draft Swanigan at #25.

5. Let Rodriguez and Stauskas walk.

Pg:Simmons, Bayless, McConnell
Sg:Redick, Monk, Henderson
Sf:George, Anderson, Luwawa-Cab
Pf:Saric, Swanigan, Long
C: Embiid, Holmes, Splitter

This team has its young superstar in George, 2 up and coming stars in Embiid and Simmons, a veteran sharpshooter in Redick, and a solid 4th or even 5th option in Saric. Monk is only 19, Korkmaz is 19 developing another year in europe. And George is only 26. Was rumored the sixers talked to the pacers at the deadline about a possible George trade, maybe a revisit and a better offer could get it done.

26 Mar 2017 05:46:25
That is way too much for George, mostly because he's most likely a rental. But those are also 3 very good picks. That SAC pick might be 1st pick of the draft.

The rest of it makes sense to me.

26 Mar 2017 05:51:14
Interesting deals for 76ers. In the first trade I'd say its interesting offer for George who I'm not sure what the market for him is like with him in the final year of his contract and him seeming likely to test FA. Although the 76ers pick wouldn't likely be that great with addition of George I think two high level draft picks would make that offer competitive. Pacers could add Smith or Tatum with Turner and tank next few years to add talent with their own picks and other picks they've obtained.

If I'm the Nets I'd be all over the second trade; I think its selling a bit short on Okafor if I'm the 76ers. With Noel gone he should be able to improve his trade value in a more consistent role.

That final team is pretty solid and projects to be better than current Pacers team with significantly more upside. As long as Lakers don't make any extreme moves or land a top FA like Cousins or Westbrook I think that 76ers team would be enough to convince George to resign.

26 Mar 2017 17:27:09
If this seems like an overpay for George (which imo it is not), would Pacers do Okafor, Covington, Lakers #1 this year (if it lands at #4) and Sixers unprotected #1 next year? Onviously as a sixer fan i would prefer this offer, I just don't think Pacers go for it.

26 Mar 2017 18:00:42
I like this trade for Indy, this could lead to a fast rebuilt.
I also think PG13 would resign with that sixers team.

27 Mar 2017 02:18:00
It's not often that someone puts together a whole offseason and have it be pretty good, nice job.

27 Mar 2017 21:26:09
Thanks Triangle O. Appreciate the compliment.

01 Apr 2017 09:45:07
Number one.. pacers would never do Paul George like that and send him to thesixers lol... and Simmons is not and never will be a pg! They even said he's slow at sf and might have to play PF lol he can pass but he's no magic Johnson or giannis

20 Mar 2017 11:10:28

PHX get Paul George & Ben McLemore

IND get 2nd pick (Lonzo Ball) , TJ Warren , Alex Len (sign & trade) & 2nd from Kings

SAC get Brandon Knight

20 Mar 2017 21:32:46
Phx are better off keeping the young guys. Even with George they aren't a contender and thus wouldn't be able to retain George.

14 Mar 2017 11:20:44
# TRADE Kings / Suns #

SAC receive B. Knight
PHO receive L. Galloway + G. Temple

14 Mar 2017 16:38:10
That's underwhelming

14 Mar 2017 16:46:53
I like the move for Kings who don't really have much need for capspace and Knight could be their starting pg if they don't draft one or minimum a solid gut off the bench who would be a steal if he could regain his form from before his injury last season.

For Suns not as big of a fan. Other than clearing cap space with Galloway an expiring deal don't really like it. Temple is a good player but due to his age I think Suns would be better suited in just keeping Knight and would ideally deal him for a younger player/ draft picks.

13 Mar 2017 15:10:09

1.Sixers get:Frye
Cavs get: 2 future 2nd rounders
2. Overpay for jj Reddick. We have tons of cap room, and non of the top tier elite guys is looking at philly at this stage. Offer him something he can't refuse, 3 years 75 million. It won't hurt philly to overpay at all, and he would be awesome with this young team.
3. Bring over korkmaz from Europe.
4. Assuming we get the 5th pick, draft Monk.

C: Embiid,Okafor,Splitter

Good mix of young guys and vets.

Sixers would have there own pick and Lakers unprotected #1 in 2018. Plus, there own pick and kings unprotected #1 in 2019.

13 Mar 2017 19:21:12
If not Frye, maybe Olnyk or Miritoc as back up pf. Both are restricted fas at the end of the season. And much younger then frye.

13 Mar 2017 20:11:09
If a GM were to pay JJ Redick 25 million per year over three years they would probably be fired. He's much more likely to sign a deal around 18 million for two years because he is getting old. Even though 76ers have cap space it does not make sense to just throw money at older players, look at the Lakers with Mozgov and Deng.

13 Mar 2017 21:00:28
Tom the GOAT Brady:
Sixers will uave to overpay a bit. Maybee 22mill per for 2 years for reddick will do it. Reddick has some tred on the tires still. he's still producing at a high rate and is the exact kind of guy the sixers could use to teach some of the young guys how to win in the NBA. Deng and Mozgov where horrible signings, i see reddick mote as a korver type, but a few years younger.

13 Mar 2017 22:36:49
Redick doesn't deserve 3 years for that much. Maybe 2yr 50m would do it.

13 Mar 2017 23:25:09
Reddick is only 32, and is the perfect kind of guy that will age very well. He's going to get waaay more than 2 years 18 million. I don't think 18-25 million per year for 3 years is out of his value in the current salary cap of the NBA.

14 Mar 2017 01:32:04
I think Reddick is in the 3/ $54mm range.

14 Mar 2017 04:04:03
I think JJ is in the 3/ 30-36 mil range.

14 Mar 2017 19:46:08
JJ won't be with the LAC next season @18m/ yr, or at what I predicted. If he's playing for a title he will take less to win, if he's playing for a paycheck then he might get 3/ 45 but he'll be on a crappy team. All depends what the player is playing for. Only 1 championship quality team with plenty of cap room can absorb that next year and that's the Warriors.

10 Mar 2017 19:18:53
Could the Celtics trade their pick from Brooklyn to the Kings for their own pick and the pelicans pick? 6 & 7ish

If so should they?

Kings draft Fultz

Celtics draft Isaac and Markannan

Thomas - Rozier
Bradley - Smart
Crowder - Brown
Isaac - Markannan
Horford - Zeller

10 Mar 2017 20:35:23
Celtics really want Horford at the PF where he would be more effective.
C's should trade that pick on draft night for a true big man, I really think Boogie will be moved so he might be a target if he is available or Drummond as another choice that would be cheaper and not in Tech problems like Cousins.
Then trade IT to the Hornets for Walker.

10 Mar 2017 21:42:11
Billj. not much has been made about a possible Thomas trade, but something has to happen if Boston takes Fultz or Ball.

Fultz / Ball

Celts can't take a PG and then let him rot on the bench.

10 Mar 2017 23:39:47
I agree 100%, If IT gets traded it will be in the summer.

But let me ask you Supercollider, If they have to pick, who do they pick, Fultz or Ball?

Smart is a stretch player which makes him a valuable asset.

Not sure if you heard this yet but G Yabusele is going to sign with Maine Red Claws and then probably to the C's in a couple of weeks if Visa goes smoothly. He averaged 20.9 pts, 9.4 rebounds, 1.4 steals, and 1.1 blocks. It will prolong his rookie contract deal till next season. This may be their Big of the future or now could be a trade candidate. Source is out of sbnation as of this afternoon. Interesting twist to this saga.

11 Mar 2017 09:38:18
I would draft Fullz and keep IT
The Celtics can do a rebuilt and play for Eastern finals.

11 Mar 2017 10:06:54
I would draft Fultz and draft IT to SAC for WCS an the Pelicans pick.

12 Mar 2017 11:44:55
There are so many assets / moving parts to the Celtics situation that it is next to impossible to predict what they will do. Here is what I would do (which is not necessarily what I think they WILL do), assuming they get the No. 1 pick:

1. Fultz (too many red flags with Ball's father)
2. Move Thomas for a quality big (maybe Whiteside or Vucevic) . There would have to be others involved.
3. See about Hayward.
4. You're stuck with Horford, but I would clean out the rest of the front line -- Olynyk, Zeller, Jerebko, Mickey, Johnson. All of them.
5. If you get Hayward, move Crowder for a rotation big.

For next season you could have

Fultz / Bradley / Hayward / Horford / Whiteside

Smart, Zizic, maybe Yanusele, Rozier off the bench.

13 Mar 2017 00:58:43
Billj what is your obsession with Kemba Walker? IT is better than Kemba.

13 Mar 2017 17:50:25
No obsession, just don't think Boston is going to pay IT the money he wants. And Walker would be a good pick up while the C's figure out what life needs to be like without their top scorer. They need a wing man and a big man

Now obsessions? I'm not the one calling myself tombrady. lol.

Supercollider. I would like to see them retain Jerebko, he plays hard, but he'll be on the wrong side of 30.

01 Apr 2017 09:51:32
Billj why would hornets trade kemba there star for IT? And vice versa.. IT is a lot better but he would be a free agent makes no sense

01 Apr 2017 09:53:48
Damn billj another one like why would Boston trade away their first big agent they just signed to the damn pistons? They would never get another big free agent again damn lol can some people use common sense on here at least some realistic stuff .. and drummon is greater than an aging horford

09 Mar 2017 17:50:27
Mem and Orl

Memphis get Hezonja

Orlando get Baldwin

Memphis are going to be weak at sg Tony Allen is expiring and old, they have no 1st rounder and adding Hezonja who could do with a fresh start and still has some upside as an athletic shooter could be a good pick up for team looking to tightening up around a different core now most of their original pieces are old and expiring.

Orlando add a young pg who has talent as shooter and already has similar numbers to Payton but could carve out a bigger role with potentially higher ceiling as he can shoot the 3 which is needed for a pg and would complement this team better and with their pick moving due to Sixers and kings getting worse they seem to be around the Tatum/ Issac area in the draft which would mean less mins for Hezonja and less chance of them getting one of the top 3 pg's who better fit their team so a sf would be on the cards.

09 Mar 2017 18:02:22
Orlando would need more than just Baldwin.

09 Mar 2017 18:19:06
I think ideally the Magic would get Dennis Smith but with Kings draft pick falling their is a chance they jump the Magic and take him before they do (I think Sixers will get Monk regardless although if they get Lakers pick too maybe they get Smith)

I don't think Magic are getting enough for Hezonja. I don't think Baldwin would start although its unlikely whomever they draft would (Payton-Fournier-Ross-Gordon_Vucevic lineup) either.

Therefore I don't really see the issue with getting Tatum or Issac especially since both have the length to play pf or sf and Hezonja can play sg or sf. With Jeff Green a FA they don't have a real backup pf and with the team pretty bad they'd be better off playing Hezonja over Meeks at sg so I think between sf and pf slots there should be plenty of minutes for a Tatum/ Issac type.

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