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25 Aug 2016 10:06:25
Kings/ Wizards

Kings get:Bradley Beal, Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre, and Wizards 1st round pick

Wizards get: Demarcus Cousins, Ben Maclemore.

25 Aug 2016 02:37:34
ORL/ BOS/ SAC midseason deal

ORL get Marcus Smart, Ben McLemore, Amir Johnson (exp) , and 1st round pick 2018 BOS

BOS get Serge Ibaka (exp) , Omri Casspi and 2nd from ORL and SAC

SAC get Elfrid Payton

only happens if BOS is a serious contender and ORL sucks again.

BOS roster

Pg Thomas/ Rozier
Sg Bradley/ Brown/ Hunter
Sf Crowder/ Casspi/ Young
Pf Ibaka/ Jerebko
Ce Horford/ Olynyk/ Zeller.

25 Aug 2016 05:08:25
That's a lot to be giving up for Payton.

25 Aug 2016 05:17:35
Not really, McLemore has been terrible in Sacramento and needs a change, Casspi is just a decent role player and shooter and then the 2nd round pick. Seems fair to me.

24 Aug 2016 15:44:47
Sac/ BOS/ okc

To sac: Brown+Johnson and Payne
To BOS: Adams+ Roberson
To okc: gay +WCS+ Afflalo and young.

24 Aug 2016 17:12:03
I wouldn't trade Adams.

24 Aug 2016 17:42:11
Might trade Johnson even up for Adams, but Boston is not going to include Brown in any OKC deal that doesn't include Westbrook.

24 Aug 2016 18:02:54
Haha. your such a homer supercolider

'Might do Johnson for adams swap"


24 Aug 2016 20:31:03
Once Adams developes a post game which is happening as we speak. hr will be a top 50 player for sure.

25 Aug 2016 05:18:42
Adams and Westbrook play great together.

24 Aug 2016 07:12:06

Wizards get Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, Ben McLemore, Brooklyn 1st 2017, Boston 2018 1st, and draft rights to Ante Zizic

Kings get John Wall

Celtics get DeMarcus Cousins.

24 Aug 2016 08:03:05
Not bad. I would think about it.

24 Aug 2016 08:25:48
i don't think Wall would like to go to Sacramento if D Cousins leave

I do like the trade for Washingot, they should rebuilt.

24 Aug 2016 09:02:19
Not bad wall would take sac town a lot further then cousins can with this roster.

24 Aug 2016 13:01:40
The Wizards aren't getting enough, and it's not close.

No starters and 2 firsts (one most likely being late in, the first round) doesn't get Washington to trade Wall.

24 Aug 2016 01:53:33

SAC get John Wall

BOS get Demarcus Cousins and WSH 2nd rd pick

WSH get BKN 1st 2017, SAC 1st, Marcus Smart, Rudy Gay and Ben McLemore.

24 Aug 2016 04:56:55
That is a steal for Boston. Smart and BKN for Cousins and for some reason they are getting a 2nd (which they certainly don't need) . Not sure why Kings are giving up so much as value wise I think Wall is fairly close to Cousins. That is a decent return for Wall.

24 Aug 2016 13:36:49
Kings getting robbed as usual.

Boston making out like bandits as usual.

23 Aug 2016 19:11:48

Kings get; Ricky Rubio, Adrian Payne or Nemanja Bjelica.
Kings trade Rudy Gay and Ben McLemore
Kings do this to balance the roster

Suns get; Ben McLemore, Shabbaz Muhammad,
and Nicola Pekovic.
Suns trade; Eric Bledsoe and T. Chandler
Suns do this to save salary in 2nd and 3rd year.
Pek salary is 2 million guaranteed next year.
Sons can also decide if they want to keep Muhammad and McLemore since they will be restricted free agent's .
Wolves get; Eric Bledsoe, Rudy Gay, and Tyson Chandler
Wolves trade Ricky Rubio, (A. Payne or N. Bjelica),
S. Muhammad, and Pek.
Wolves can absorb The extra salary with their cap space and will play two centers most of the time .

23 Aug 2016 20:16:29
Pek's contract is fully guaranteed through the end, so I don't know where you got that information

And Wolves pass, they aren't going to destroy their future cap space to get the injury-prone Bledsoe

(A guy who has played less games than Rubio over the past 3 years)

23 Aug 2016 21:04:17
I have no clue why the Suns would do this trade. I'm not sure what the Suns are clearing salary for especially when realistically they aren't. Pek makes nearly as much as Chandler and someone like Mclemore will cost dang near as much to resign as Bledsoe makes who is probably their best player. They are a young team, don't have many big contracts and aren't attracting any big names anytime soon so I don't understand why they would want to dump salary especially when it means giving up you best player for very little.

The kings part is meh and I actually like the deal for the Twolves. Bledsoe is a significant upgrade over Rubio (although the health is a concern I think its worth the risk especially having Dunn who looks ready to go) plus they add Gay who could be a solid 6th man. They don't need Chandler and his contract but he can offer veteran leadership and was added to make the deal seem more fair. The team is young and their core guys are still on rookie deals for next few years and I don't think they are a big free agent destination. By the time their core guys rookie deals expire Gay, Bledsoe and chandler's contracts will be over or nearly over. Besides they can use Bird rights to resign their own guys over the cap.

23 Aug 2016 22:42:55
Bledsoe is a top 8 PG no way you get a dollar for 3 dimes.

24 Aug 2016 01:00:42
Top 8? Wall, Lillard, Curry, Westbrook, Paul, Kyrie, Lowry, Thomas? I would choose them all over Bledsoe. Big problem with Bledsoe is health.

24 Aug 2016 01:59:26
Bledsoe isn't even in the top 10, guys like (in no particular order)


And Bledsoe isn't a significant upgrade over Rubio unless he can actually stay healthy, which I highly doubt
And the cap space isn't about just about resigning their young guys, but sacrficing their ability to sign better free agents.

The Wolves can stretch Pek's contract easily enough, and could move Rubio easily enough, but can't get rid of Gay or Chandler, and maybe not Bledsoe.

24 Aug 2016 05:16:23
Bledsoe has played 352 games in his 6 seasons and Rubio 278 in his 5 seasons so actually Bledsoe has played in slightly more games per season on average than Rubio. Bledsoe is one of best defensive pg in the game and has a better offensive game than Rubio (which isn't saying much but Bledsoe averaged over 20 pts per game before injury last year) . Dude is explosive and strong as heck (even after his injuries the most recent not withstanding) . I think that makes him an improvement over Rubio on both sides of the ball and especially the offensive aspect (where Rubio isn't a threat) makes him a big upgrade over Rubio. I consider Bledsoe top 10 pg (when healthy which is a big caveat) I have him above Jackson, and Kemba due to his defensive abilities. I probably put him alongside Thomas (btw Thomas has only played 13 more games than bledsoe in his 6 seasons in the league) with Conley and Lowry above them since they've been around longer.

24 Aug 2016 06:15:54
Bledsoe has played in 74 more games than Rubio, while having a full season more of being the league, so if you take away Bledsoe's rookie year (to match years), he's already played in less games.

Rubio (41)played in more games than Bledsoe (40) in the year that he tore his ACL (also lockout shortened) and only played about 20 less games than him (57 to 76)after spending the first part of the season recovering at the normal rate from that ACL tear. All this while Bledsoe was averaging less minutes per game. (meaning less chance of injury)

Over the past 3 years when they were averaging similar minutes (Rubio 31 to Bledsoe 34), Bledsoe has had 2 major knee surgeries and played in more than 43 games just once. Playing 43 games, 81 games, 31 games.

Rubio on the other hand played 82 games, 22 games, 76 games over the same time period.

Bledsoe is only as good as Rubio on defense (if he is even that) but we'll never know for sure because he can't stay on the court for more than half a season.

All this to point out that Bledsoe's health is as big an issue as Rubio's shooting, if not more so because at least Rubio provides other benefits by actually playing, whereas Bledsoe is just collecting a paycheck on the bench.

Bledsoe's 20ppg and good defense doesn't matter too much when he can't stay on the court for half a season and certainly can'y make him a top 10 PG or one of the best defensive PGs in the league.

24 Aug 2016 14:13:45
Bledsoe>>>rubio. total games is irrelevant.

24 Aug 2016 15:40:44
I agree Bledsoe is better than Rubio IF he is healthy, but that is a big if.

I'd rather have 70 something games of Rubio than 30 games of Bledsoe.

23 Aug 2016 15:59:04
Curious to see who says no here.

Boston trades: both Brookyln picks. ( the swap most likely will be Brookyln in 2017)

Kings trade: cousins.

Boston loses the gift from Brooklyn but instead converts them into a proven star center of the future without giving up any of their current guys.

23 Aug 2016 16:46:47
I think it's fair value for cousins, it gives Boston their last piece (hopefully) to be a top 5 team in the league, and it gives Sacramento a hard reset with a couple of great assets. I don't see why either team says no unless Boston just doesn't want to deal with cousins personality.

23 Aug 2016 17:26:59
cousins is easy a top 10 talent but he will destroy Boston with his attitude cousin have to play with veterans and a coach that will challenge him. I think there are certain players and coaches he will play for without the drama.

23 Aug 2016 17:34:21
I would say at least add Olynyk.

23 Aug 2016 18:04:25
As a Celtics fan I would hate this trade. Not saying the Celtics would say no, but I certainly would not like it. DMC is locked for only 2 seasons and, more importantly, is a head case that could jeopardize Cs locker room.

23 Aug 2016 18:30:51
It's tough for Boston to agree but if theyreserious about contending now. This is the deal to easily make it happen.

23 Aug 2016 22:05:41
I like the move for Celtics as I think they should cash in on their picks now why they have a solid roster with relatively cheapily priced players (Cousins is also making far less than he would on open market) . Whatever young guy they would get with those picks may become a star but won't be the star this team needs right now. If they wanted to keep one of the picks they could substitute Brown in for one of them.

Cousins may be a bit of knucklehead but I don't really blame him for being a part of the dumpster fire of a franchise which is the Sacramento Kings. I believe on an actual good team where he'll be beloved by the fans his antics won't completely go away but will be more than manageable especially when we are talking about one of the best big men in the league. He'd give Celtics an elite scorer who can also defend and rebound well. The Cavs and Warriors don't really have anyone that can compete with him.

The trade obviously makes a ton of sense for the Kings who get a solid return for Cousins and can reset and get two high level prospects to build around.

23 Aug 2016 15:29:20
Thunder gets Demarcus Cousins

Boston gets Enes Kanter and Alex Abrines

Kings get Steven Adams, Avery Bradley, Cameron Payne, and 2017 Thunder pick.

23 Aug 2016 16:47:28
Why would Boston trade Bradley for Kanter? Seems like a terrible idea.

23 Aug 2016 18:06:05
same crap, but at least he threw a third team to confuse it.

23 Aug 2016 13:49:12
3 way Phi/ Sac/ Nop

Philly trade okafor
Philly receives mclemore and sac 2019 1st rnd pick

Sac trade mclemore and 2019 1st rnd pick
Sac receive Evans and Nop 2019 1st rnd pick

Nop trade Evans and 2019 1st rnd pick
Nop receive okafor.

23 Aug 2016 14:06:31
Lol no from Sac and Philly.

23 Aug 2016 14:12:38
I'd like to see either Noel or okafor play with AD. Not sure a pick 3 years from now gets it done though.

23 Aug 2016 14:21:21
That 2019 1st rd pick of sac is own by sixers already.

23 Aug 2016 15:57:27
Philly say no. Not enough immediate return. And 2019 is way to far away to care about. Not to mention the sac pick isn't tradable at all as they already trade their 2018 pick to the Sixers. So no no no no.

23 Aug 2016 10:02:06

receive: K Thompon
trade: Smart+ j Brown+ 1rnd pick 17+ 1rnd pick Memphis 19

receive: Cousins+ 1rnd pick Memphis 19
trade: K Thompson

Trade: Cousins
receive: Smart+ J Brown+ 1rnd pick Nets (swap) 17

Boston receives the best SG in the NBA

GS can trade K Thompson, so Durant can take more shots. They receive a top two center in the NBA and a future trade asset or building pick.

Sacramento can rebuilt with two young talents and a high draft pick.

23 Aug 2016 10:22:11
Then who would GSW start at SG?

23 Aug 2016 10:55:21
Boston could ad Hunter, maybe Bradley.

23 Aug 2016 13:46:23
No way GS trades Thompson. They could trade Draymond Green though.

23 Aug 2016 14:44:30
C: D Cousins
PF: D Green
SF: Durant
SG: Bradley
PG: S Curry
sixth: Iguodala

That team could go 82-0.

23 Aug 2016 15:00:01
So you trade Thompson for durant to get more shots? You do know cousins would want the ball more than Thompson. Cousins isn't going to sit back and be the third option.

23 Aug 2016 15:10:18
I don't think there's anything to go off of to say cousins wouldn't be ok being 3rd fiddle on a team that's going to win most nights. His frustration is understood playing in Sacramento. He had to put up all those shots on those teams.

23 Aug 2016 15:21:04
Cousins would be a greet fit in that's team. He Will take the third option for a ring.
He can be a 15p 12r 2bl guy.

23 Aug 2016 16:32:50
18/ 14/ 2.

23 Aug 2016 16:50:00
What about cousins personality makes you guys think cousins would defer? He seems like he'd go crazy and kill the team. Thompson is already happy to defer as the third or fourth option, he's proven it, why shake it up and possibly bring in a guy that could sink the ship?

23 Aug 2016 18:10:36
seriously thunder fan? he goes from a team with no major rebounders, goes to a great rebounding team, and has a massive career best in rebounds? you just throw out numbers based on nothing.

23 Aug 2016 20:05:14
Bmiller. winning cures everything. If they win and he gets then he'll be fine. If they lose then he could become an issue, but the same thing could be said about any, star going in there including Durant and Thompson in lew of Durant coming in.

23 Aug 2016 21:43:23
Oh is that so simmonsorbust? Why don't you ask theking about shaq and kobe and how winning cures everything.

24 Aug 2016 01:03:21
Not good at all. : (

24 Aug 2016 01:28:17
Pg Curry
Sg Iggy
Sf Durant
Pf green
Ce Cousins

sign Kmart.

24 Aug 2016 02:05:39
professional hater. WoooooW!

23 Aug 2016 05:26:46
2016 - 2017

Okc - Kings

Okc gets Cousins, Mclemore
Kings get Adams, Kanter and Oladipo

2017 - 2018 free agency Thunder picks up Blake
And Gay. Letting Ersan go and trading Singler and Morrow for a 2nd round

Okc 2016 team
Russ, Price
Mclemore, Roberson
Abrines, singler
Ersan, Sabonis
Cousins, Johnson

Okc 2017 team
Russ, price
Mclemore, Roberson
Gay, Abrines
Blake, Sabonis
Cousins, Johnson.

23 Aug 2016 08:18:46
Need a 3rd team to take Adams or kanter and give Kings an asset.

23 Aug 2016 08:48:59
Sacramento doesn't need more biggs, so i don't think they're interested, however it's sacramento

PC: Lebissiere
SC: Adams
SC: Kanter
PC: Koufos.

23 Aug 2016 16:59:38
True. Just me though Kanter and Adams is better then the other big men they have easy drop or trade but getting Oladipo is a big plus I love Adams i want to keep Adams i'm just thinking bout what okc needs to do to keep Russ longer, plus cousins want out and Kings will have the 3 Kanter adams and Oladipo which is young players still getting better.

23 Aug 2016 03:01:12
Thunder get Demarcus Cousins

Kings get Steven Adam's, Enes Kanter, Cameron Payne, Alex Abrines, and 2017 1st round pick

Thunder sign Ty Lawson

Pf. E. Ilyasova/ M. McGary/ N. Collison
Sf. A. Roberson/ K. Singler/ J. Huestis
C. D. Cousins/ D. Sabonis/ D. Johnson
Sg. V. Oladipo/ A. Morrow/ D. Hamilton
Pg. R. Westbrook/ T. Lawson/ R. Price.

23 Aug 2016 04:19:43
Kings have Romany big guys already.

23 Aug 2016 05:04:45
Kings wouldn't trade Cousins for more bigs. They would probably want dipo instead of Adams or kantar.

23 Aug 2016 14:23:51
I just find it funny that jbaby has essentially picked out the main group of fillers and just offering all of them for any talented player. The issue with trades like this is pretty clear. You offer 4-5 decent but not elite players, in exchange for 1 elite player. What the kings then have to do is cut most of them for the sake of roster space. So this trade boils down to basically thunder get an elite player, for a crappy 1st, some not so hot younger players, adams, who is going to command a ton of money and enes, who is already paid a lot. its awful.

23 Aug 2016 18:31:53
Not close.

23 Aug 2016 01:19:14

Nuggets get Cousins and McLemore

Kings get Rubio, Faried, Barton, Nurkic, and Grizzlies 2017 1st rd pick (via Nuggets)

Twolves get Chandler and a future 2nd from Nuggets.

23 Aug 2016 04:36:28
Don't know why the Wolves are a part of this, and they say no if they are.

23 Aug 2016 06:07:39
I know the Kings don't need more big men but what about Jokic instead of Nurkic and Barton?

22 Aug 2016 20:02:07
Suns Get: DeMarcus Cousins, Kosta Koufos, Omri Casspi

Kings Get: Brandon Knight, Alex Len, Dragan Bender, 2017 Suns 1st, 2018 Heat 1st, 2019 Suns 1st

Bledsoe/ Barbosa/ Ulis
Booker/ Goodwin/ Jenkins
Warren/ Casspi/ Tucker
Chriss/ Dudley/ Williams
Cousins/ Chandler/ Koufos

Knight/ Collison/ Temple
McLemore/ Richardson/ Patterson
Gay/ Afflalo/ Barnes
Bender/ Skal/ Tolliver
Cauley-Stein/ Len/ Papagiannis.

22 Aug 2016 20:53:21
I like the trade except for the Suns giving up too many draft picks. Also, I think the Kings would want Bledsoe instead of knight.

22 Aug 2016 21:07:14
It is a little draft pick heavy but Suns definitely have the assets to get Cousins and I think he'd be a great fit if they could keep Bledsoe and Booker along with him. My only concern with this deal is that the kings have plenty of bigs already and should be trying to move them for other positions and not adding more bigs but from a value perspective it's good.

23 Aug 2016 02:30:23
The value is right, but i agree with jaw comment about the bigs. leave Caspi with Sac or sub Len with Warren. not sure- but you get the picture.

23 Aug 2016 03:01:51
Tht PHX starting lineup lookin nice.

22 Aug 2016 17:59:09
Sac- Bost-Was- philly

receive: Smart+ 1rnd pick Bost 17 ( Nets swap)
trade: J Wall

receive: 1rnd pick LA+ Nets pick 18+ J Brown
trade: D Cousins

receive: Cousins+ J Wall
trade: Smart+ I Thomas+ J Brown+ 1rnd pick Nets+ 1rnd pick Nets 18

receive: I Thomas
trade: LA pick

Washington is going for the eight spot, so they could go in rebuilt mode.

Sac receive a talented young player and two potential good draft picks. (They propably suck, next year so they can keep their own pick too)

Philly rereive a leader for all those young talents.

Boston receive two young all stars with great contracts.

C: Cousins
PF: Horford
SF: Crowder
PG: Bradley
PG: J Wall.

22 Aug 2016 18:41:59
No from Washingto

Yes from the other three are possible depending on timing.

23 Aug 2016 02:46:13
Philly would love this trade

SAC not so much but they do get "OK" value for D. Cousins

Washington will want more. (at least two picks for J. Walls)

but the concept of this trade is in the right direction. you have major pieces going to each team involved and major needs being met.! NICE WORK.

23 Aug 2016 14:49:32
Philly would not be included in this trade. It is insane that they get an all star pg, signed to an INCREDIBLE contract, for a pick that is top-3 protected. Just nuts.

22 Aug 2016 17:46:20
Sac: Russell+ Young
LA: WCS+ Labissierre+ Collison+ 1rnd pick Sac+ swap option for the 2017 and 2018 pick.

22 Aug 2016 18:43:00
Sixers have 2017 and 18 already.

22 Aug 2016 21:55:23
Sac getting robbed.

22 Aug 2016 23:40:05
Have to admit this is too much for Russell.

23 Aug 2016 16:24:20
That really really one sided. Russell for the world. Lol.

21 Aug 2016 18:22:49
Bulls trade
Lopez, Portis, Mirotic, Future first rounder
Kings trade
Cousins, Patterson
Rondo/ Dinwiddie
Wade/ Snell
Butler/ McDermott
Gibson/ Felicio
Cousins/ Felicio
Collison/ Richardson
Temple/ McLemore/ Afflalo
Gay/ Casspi/ Barnes
Portis/ Mirotic
Cauley Stein/ Papaganis.

21 Aug 2016 18:39:22
The Bulls should also trow in Grant.

22 Aug 2016 02:16:11
Bulls should also throw in Butler take out Portis. MUCH CLOSER

21 Aug 2016 04:35:01
Sac gets - Denzel valantine, tag Gibson, Doug McDermott, 2019 Chicago 1st rounder
Chicago gets - cousins

Cousins is leaving Sacramento. To who? I think it will be either Boston, Chicago, or New York.

21 Aug 2016 04:58:51
That is an absolute terrible return for Cousins. Trade talks between Chicago and Sacramento for Cousins has to include Jimmy Butler.

21 Aug 2016 05:09:13
Well that isn't happening. I guess Chicago won't get cousins.

21 Aug 2016 06:42:14
That's my point.

21 Aug 2016 13:13:34
Lmao @ Bulls fans.

20 Aug 2016 22:20:05

Phx - WCS, Parker. MCW

Mil - Bledsoe, Afflalo, 2 2nds.

Sac - Knight, Goodwin, Suns 2019 1st.


Phx - Vasquez

Bkn - Chandler, 2nd round pick.

MCW/ Ulis
Booker/ Barbosa
Warren/ Bender
Parker/ Chriss
WCS/ Len

Bledsoe/ Dellavadova
Afflalo/ Vaughn
Middleton/ Teletovic
Ginnias/ Maker
Henson/ Monroe

Knight/ Collison
McLemore/ Goodwin
Gay/ Casspi
Cousins/ Barnes
Papa Johns/ Koufos.

21 Aug 2016 00:58:21
Don't think Papa Johns is ready to start yet.

21 Aug 2016 03:08:36
I don't think any of these teams do this trade.

21 Aug 2016 11:17:09
Bucks say no.

21 Aug 2016 15:48:08
Suns clean up in this deal.

20 Aug 2016 14:26:15
receive: WC-Stein+ Gay
trade: C Anthony

receive: Payn+ Kanter
trade: WCS+ Gay

receive: C Anthony
trade: K Love

trade: Payn+ Kanter
receive: K Love.

20 Aug 2016 14:52:59
Horrific for the Knicks.

20 Aug 2016 15:30:29
Knicks say hell no.

20 Aug 2016 15:44:33
WCS/ Porzingis would dominate. Maybe NY needs a 1st?

20 Aug 2016 16:11:46
I think OKC loses the most.

20 Aug 2016 16:53:56
comme on
the Knicks trade an aging star for a young talent
WCS+ Porzingis would be a great combo in a few years and Gay is a good replacement.

The Thunder give up a lot, but they should gamble.
K Love is a great shooter, so he could become a good offensive combo with Westbrook.

20 Aug 2016 17:03:15
wait. first off gay is a horrible downgrade from anthony. WCS has proven nothing thus far. Prospect. absolutely. Young talent, or as thunderfan said. domination? Get out of here.

I think people can appreciate that anthony has a couple very good years left at least. This is a terrible TERRIBLE trade for the knicks.

20 Aug 2016 17:40:04
Kanter and Love have about the same value, both of them are good rebounders and offensive players but terrible at defense. Kanter is also on a better contract and he is younger so he has potential to be better than Love. Adding Payne just makes it worse for OKC.

20 Aug 2016 21:51:22
Kanter has no where near the value of love. Love is a considerably better scorer, a better rebounder, and somehow a better defender. Love can also stretch the floor, which Kanter can't do.

20 Aug 2016 23:51:20
Bad for Kings too

21 Aug 2016 03:58:40
Though I'm a Knicks fan, I live in Toronto (fan before the Raptors joined the L) . Trust me when I say, like hamburger said, Gay is a horrible downgrade from Anthony.

The Knicks wouldn't start WCS either, they did just overspend $72M on Noah. I like WCS, but the add/ subtract of Gay/ Anthony is definitely not worth it.

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