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29 Jan 2015 04:11:24

OKC trades: Jackson, Perkins, Unprotected 2015 1st
OKC gets: Hibbert and Stuckey

OKC gets a big man

Ind trades: Hibbert, West, Stuckey, 2015 Unproteced 1st
Ind gets: Staukas, Jackson, Kanter, Williams

Ind lock up RFA Jackson and Kanter long term and have a killer trio when PG13 is back

Sac trades: Williams, Staukas
Sac gets: West

Sac gets frontcourt help

Utah trades: Kanter
Utah gets: Perkins, Ind and OKC unprotected 1st

Rudy is showing real skill and needs more time. 3 1st round picks in another deep draft.

succeed and proceed





28 Jan 2015 03:34:59
Jazz - Pistons

Jazz trade Burke, Kanter

Pistons trade Anthony, Martin, Datome, 2015 first round pick (top 14 protected till 2017 then pick becomes 2017 and 2018 second round picks)

Jazz are bound for the lottery and clearly Exum and Gobert are their future at point guard and center. So moving out both their understudies in Burke and Kanter for a future first round pick will help the rebuilding process.

Pistons are still trying to make the playoffs despite losing Jennings for the year. While Burke (hometown Michigan kid) won't be a great upgrade over Augustin, he is a better player than Dinwiddie. Kanter also provides an upgrade behind Drummond and is a much better free throw shooter (Kanter 82% verse Drummond 42%).


Jazz want to build around burke so they don't want to trade him

go 76ers

If they wanted to build around Burke why did they draft Exum? Why did they start Exum over Burke? The answer is Burke isn't the franchise center piece. Exum is that's why they drafted him.




25 Jan 2015 20:02:51
76er plan:

76ers / Jazz

76ers trade: MCW and orlandos #2(34-38)
Jazz trade: Dante Exum

Sixers draft DeAngelo Russell if picking #4 or #5(worst case scenario for pick, but the best guy for philly in the draft is Russell). Russell can shoot the lights out and an handle the ball. Exum and Russell would be an awesome backcourt of the future. If pick falls between 1-3, trade down a few spots, collect another pick or quality player, and still take Russell at #4 or 5. Even if jazz say no to the trade, I would use the same plan and stick with MCW(although I like exum more for philly). Package Miami pick and assets gained from moving down in draft to move back into 8-12 range and take myles turner, sharp shooting big man from texas.

PG: Exum or MCW
SG: Russell, McDaniels, McRae
SF: Saric, Covington, Grant
PF: Noel, Turner, Aldemir, Saric
C: Embiid, Noel, Sims



Makes no sense for Philly. Why would they trade the rookie of the year and Then a 2nd rd for a player who hasn't lived up to expectations


Feel like a lot to give up for a bust. He's proven nothing so far in his career. Mcw at least showed he can be a rookie of the year. In fact looking at his "rookie" numbers. He'd be rookie of this year too so far. His numbers were way better then wiggins so far through the first full year of each of their careers. Just saying.


I may have undervalued MCW and overvalued Exum, but I would still take DeAngelo Russell with the #4 or #5 pick, and pair him with MCW. Also take myles Turner if possible with the asset acquired by moving down to 4 or 5 combined with the Miami pick. Also, Exum is only 18 and is finally getting playing time. Scored 15 and 12 in his last 2 games.


I hope sixers never draft anyone from ohio st ever again.

go 76ers





24 Jan 2015 20:02:52
Cavs and Jazz trade

Since Love might leave.

Cavs trade Love, Jones and Harris

Jazz trade Favors, Hood and Gobert

Sign Farmar

PG Irving/Farmar/Dellavedova

SG Smith/Shumpert/Miller

SF James/Hood/Marion

PF Favors/Thompson/Marion

C Mozgov/Gobert/Haywood


So he just leaves the Jazz then?

succeed and proceed



23 Jan 2015 07:37:40
Sac - Utah

Kings get: Favors, Burke
Jazz get: McLemore, Collison, Thompson

then Kings trade Williams + future 2nd for Kevin Martin for Minny to dumb his contract

Burke / McCallum / Sessions
Martin / Stuaskas
Gay / Casspi / Miller
Favors / Landry / Evans / Moreland
Cousins / Hollins

Collison / Exum / Clark
McLemore / Hood / Williams / Burks (inj.)
Hayward / Ingles / Evans
Kanter / Booker / Novak
Gobert / Thompson

(Waive Millsap or include in trade for the Kings to keep and waive Moreland?)

Favors' value may not get much higher for the Jazz, but he is a perfect fit with the Kings - this also opens up minutes for Kanter to raise his value. I think Collison can play better off the ball than Burke, and he complements a passing forward like Hayward better. The Jazz can wait and pick 3 out of Collison / McLemore / Burks / Exum for a great 3-guard rotation - McLemore is the only one who doesn't play any PG. The contracts of Martin and Collison (each with 2 years after this one) give Exum and Stauskas appropriate time to develop.

The Kings roll the dice a little bit with Burke, but solidify their frontcourt for years to come. The Jazz solidify their backcourt in anticipation of a draft loaded with bigs, and should see Ben McLemore reach a higher ceiling than he would have playing with higher-scoring players.

The Williams-Martin trade is the most awkward part, but the Kings could always do a different deal for a stopgap SG. The Wolves shouldn't take any time away from their prospects, and I don't see too many realistic contenders going after Martin with the length left on his deal.




21 Jan 2015 05:52:31

Sacramento get Rudy Gobert
D. Collison/B. McLemore/R. Gay/R. Gobert/D. Cousins

Utah get Nik Stauskas
T. Burke/N. Stauskas/G. Hayward/D. Favors/E. Kanter


Sacramento get Trevor Booker
D. Collison/B. McLemore/R. Gay/T. Booker/D. Cousins

Utah get Nik Stauskas + trade exceptions
T. Burke/N. Stauskas/G. Hayward/D. Favors/E. Kanter

Sacramento get front court help
Utah get young talent on SG (Burke�s teammates in Michigan)


Utah says hell no. Gobert is averaging 2.3 blocks while playing less than 22 minutes per game. Also, he holds his opponents at 37% around the rim.
I believe he will be a DPOF one day.




20 Jan 2015 16:33:45

OKC Gets:
C:Joel Anthony
PF:Trevor Booker
SF:Kyle Singler

Utah Gets:
PF:Mitch McGary
SF:Perry Jones III
Det 2nd 2015

DET Gets:
C:Enes Kanter
C:Kendrick Perkins-release unless he's helpful in a way

Gets everyone better.
OKC more perimeter shoting and shot blocking
UTAH more youth and prospects
DET an actual back up center


Your joking right? This trade makes NO SENSE for ANYONE


DET needs a SF more than a backup C. No way they do this.


Do you watch Detroit. Drummond is no good in the 4th because he can't shoot. If SVG was smart he would use a larger lineup of JJ Moose and Dre. Jerebko can shoot the 3 just as well as Singler!! If they get Kanter he helps against bigger teams, plus you could even play him as the 4 with Drummond because he can knock down the 17 footer.


Oh boy, you went there. I'll try and keep this mild but don't question my pistons. About the only thing you said correctly is Drummond can't shoot. But guess what? We bring in Monroe to play the 5. Simple fix. Monroe is actually more of a 5 than a 4 anyway. He's not a rim protector but he's too slow to defend a lot of the stretch/athletic 4's and he's a better post defender than AD. He also has a 50x better post game on off than AD. SVG should absolutely not be going bigger. He's building what he did in ORL with the 1 in 4 out and it's working bigtime. 3 bigs doesn't work in today's nba. JJ, GM and AD all on the court together would be a defensive nightmare. JJ can't guard the 3, GM can't guard the 4, and as slow as those guys are, AD would probably foul out in 9 minutes cause guys would be flying into the paint at will. JJ can hit the 3 pretty good for a 6'10" guy but he's not in Singler's league. Singler is 42% this year. And in case you haven't noticed, JJ isn't even the next guy in anymore, Tolliver gets more action because he drills 3's and defends much better than JJ.


This trade makes no sense and the more you talk the more it makes no sense. Detroit doesn't need a center that's not where they have been hurting. SF upgrade which at this time doesn't seem thier is a player available is the first spot to upgrade.




20 Jan 2015 14:23:23

Jazz get R Jackson , K Olynyk and 1st from Celtics , Jeremy Lamb

Celtics get D Exum , D Favors

Thunder get J Sullinger




19 Jan 2015 18:40:29
Trying to fit DET and OKC's need for a solid 3 swing man and back up/starting 5.

OKC Gets:
C:Nikola Peckovic-MIN
SF:Caron Butler-DET
C:Joel Anthony-DET

MIN Gets:
C:Steven Adams-OKC
C:Kendrick Perkins-OKC
SG:Spencer Dinwiddie-DET
PG:Trey Burke-Utah
2nd round pick-DET

UTH Gets:
PF:Mitch McGary-OKC
SF:Perry Jones-OKC
SF:Kyle Singler-DET
PG:Ricky Rubio-MIN

DET Gets:
C:Enes Kanter-UTAH
SF:Thaddeus Young-MIN

Fair value everywhere?
Im thinking it pushes OKC and DET towards the playoffs!


19 Jan 2015 19:55:23
Absolutely terrible for the Timberwolves
Young> dinwiddie and Perkins
Pek>Adams and second rounder


Minnesota passes. They traded Burke and gave Rubio a big contract.


Rubio doesn't to be there. Min isn't going anywhere anytime soon and they need to build around Dieng,wiggins,Lavine




18 Jan 2015 13:22:49

Uta get Roy Hibbert and Jeremy Lamb

Okc get Enes Kanter

Ind get Kendrick Perkins and Reggie Jackson


Other than Utah why does anyone else do this trade?


Add Watson to OKC




15 Jan 2015 23:37:05
Utah Jazz
Enes Kanter
Jeremy Evans

Sacramento Kings
Nik Stauskas
Jason Thompson
2015 1st




15 Jan 2015 11:20:40

UTA get Carmelo Anthony and Jose Calderon

NYK get Alec Burks , Dante Exum , Steve Novak and Enes Kanter and 2 2nd rd picks

Utah Jazz will try to contend to playoffs next season
sign Jamaal Crawford (SG) and Brandon Bass (PF)

Knicks get youngt high potential players to complete a rebuild

T. Burke / J. Calderon
G. Hayward / J. Crawford
C. Anthony / R. Hood / J. Ingles
D. Favors / B. Bass / J. Evans
R. Gobert / T. Booker / Pick

D. Exum / L. Galloway / S. Larkin
A. Burks / T. Hardaway Jr
C. Early / T. Antetokounmpo
K. Towns (draft) / Q. Acy / S. Novak
E. Kanter / J. Smith


Three problems with your trade here bud

1) the Knicks are really going to trade Melo without getting two first round picks back?

2) why would the Knicks want all that trash besides Exum?

3) Melo is really going to waive his no trade clause so he can go play in the small market of Utah? Don't you know that's why he wanted out of Denver? To small of a market.




14 Jan 2015 14:31:08

Thunder get Kanter and Novak

Jazz get Perkins, Lamb, and 2 2nd rd picks




13 Jan 2015 08:50:21
Knicks get Rudy Gobert

Jazz get Langston Galloway and Quincy Acy + 2nd rd pick


Im sorry but the way Gobert has been playing, why would the jazz take a 10 day contract player and acy?




12 Jan 2015 17:17:26

Knicks send Jose, Thj, Quincy Acy 2019 clev 2nd
Knicks get Dante exum, Joel freeland

Portland sends 2015 2nd, Freeland, Dorrel Wright
Portland gets Jose and Quincy Acy

Utah sends Dante exum
Utah gets Thj, wright, 2019 clev 2nd, 2015 Por 2nd

Portland desperately needs a backup pg Jose would be real solid Acy can play 3-4 back lamarcus or batum over the cap next offseason won't be able to improve team through FA make a playoff run

Utah has two real good young pg in the burks, exum needs a lot of work too reach potential also has no good sf behind Haywood wright fills that hole and Thj is a good scorer off the bench

Knicks get a 6'6 pg (great for triangle) with a ton of potential and half a season to play him 36 mpg to develop him and expiring contract

Knicks offseason draft okafor or mudiay

If okafor sign wes Mathews or dragic (10-12 mil) , Dante exum 10 mil

If mudiay sign milsap and robin Lopez run a two 6'6 pg triangle offense


That's meant to be enes kanter at 10mil not exum


12 Jan 2015 17:45:21
I like it but feel like Utah should be throwing a couple first round picks to the Knicks as well /sarcasm/.


Portland doesn't 'desperately' need a back up PG. Steve Blake has been doing what's expected of him. If anything, the Blazers are looking for back ups at the wing.


12 Jan 2015 18:10:35
I don't think calderon is any better than steve Blake, who has been very good for Portland this year. Also, acy is worse than Freeland, so he wouldn't see any minutes. I'd keep my second and use it to trade for a wing that is desperately needed.


Yeah a top five draft pick with a per of 7 is def worth more then a couple decent prospects and two second round picks /sarcasm/


What's Blake average like 4pts 3 ass 34% shooting in the last month in 22 mpg I think they could do better


12 Jan 2015 19:10:17
You can't seriously be defending Exum for THJ and two second round picks. I mean c'mon, tell me this is a joke.


12 Jan 2015 19:46:25
Blake also has played really good defense this year and fits the system and culture of Portland GREAT. He's also brings toughness that doesn't show up on the stat sheet.




12 Jan 2015 09:00:18

Jazz get R Jackson with extension
- Jackson , Hayward and Favors will be the face of this franchise and can be built around their young guns


Pacers get T Burke , K Perkins and J Evans
-rebuild mode, could land some fa come offseason


Thunder get D West and R Stuckey
-need some veteran presence to compete for the title





11 Jan 2015 18:02:29

Thunder get Kanter
Sign Francisco Garcia

Jazz get Perkins, Lamb, and 2 2nd rd picks




11 Jan 2015 17:30:10

Thunder get Kanter and Burke

Jazz get Jackson and Perkins




11 Jan 2015 15:38:22
Seems like jennings will be the next out the door if any trades are going to be made. Heard that Jennings was pulled to the office and was told if things don't change he's out the door, which Jennings has been playing better but let's try a trade

Pistons & Jazz

Jennings for booker and burke




10 Jan 2015 20:12:14
OKC gets:
Trey Burke
Trevor Booker

Jazz get:
Reggie Jackson (with extension)
Nick Collison

Sixers get:
Jeremy Lamb

OKC gets a capable, above average backup point (controlled under contract for 2 more years after this one) and a big to provide a lift in the second unit. A deep team just got deeper.

Jazz get a starting-caliber point on the rise, a true vet in Collison, and Kirilenko. AK47 spent much of his career in Utah and either could finish out the year there, or the Jazz could waive him and get immediate cap relief.

Sixers get a decent return for a guy who's not playing for them anyways. A change of scenery could be great for the streaky but talented Lamb who isn't going to play with Waiters in the already crowded backcourt.


Sixers agree. Lambs worth a shot. Probably just a bench guy at best though.




09 Jan 2015 02:27:40
Pistons - Rockets - Jazz

Pistons trade Jennings

Pistons get Papanikolaou, Burke

Rockets trade Terry, Johnson, Papanikolaou, Pelicans 2015 first round pick (reprotected picks #1-7 and #20-30 for 2015 and 2016, otherwise Rockets will give 2017 and 2018 second round picks)

Rockets get Jennings, Kanter

Jazz trade Burke, Kanter

Jazz get Terry, Johnson, Pelicans 2015 first round pick (from Rockets)

Pistons are looking to move on from Jennings and if it can bring back former Michigan Wolverine (Burke) and another young prospect (Papanikolaou) it's a win win for the Pistons

Rockets are in win now mode more than any other team in the NBA. Adding Jennings provides a scorer off the bench and more shooting around Harden and Howard. Kanter is a free agent after the year so this move is probably only a rental but he provides a legit center behind Howard who can use his 6 fouls if needed against the physical bigs in the west.

How the protections on the pick works as followed
If pick is #1-3 the Pelicans keep it
If pick is #4-7 the Rockets get it
If pick is #8-20 the Pistons get it
If pick is #21-30 the Pelicans keep it

Jazz move Burke and Kanter (two players not a core of their future) for a likely lottery pick. While Burke is a solid player the Jazz want to give more minutes at the point guard spot to Exum. Kanter is likely leaving as a free agent as Gobert looks like the future at center for the Jazz so to grab a pick for both players is a smart move.


The Pistons are on a hot streak. Jennings has been a big part of it. Burke has struggled in his second year. Granted Papanilolaou is a young player but he has shown no signs of becoming a full time NBA player at this point. Pistons say no and stay on the hot streak.


09 Jan 2015 18:29:05
The Rockets don't need any more ball hogs so no on Jennings - second the first round pick can not be reprotected


The Pistons are not now but how long will it really last? Do the Pistons wanna barely make the playoffs in the weak east and be knocked out quick or collect pieces to build a young strong team down the road? Yes the Rockets have a lot of ball hogs but in the west the more scoring and fire power a team has the better they are.


And the pick can be reprotected. It's just a rarity.




08 Jan 2015 18:58:26
Thunder get Enes Kanter

Jazz get Steven Adams and Jeremy Lamb




02 Jan 2015 17:16:27


Felton to Cavs or Jazz for something.


Felton to cavs or jazz WITH* something




31 Dec 2014 09:43:41
It works! : )

Offensive works! An Rondo makes every player defensive better.

Tough a bit, Rudy Gobert is most similar to Tyson Chandler. Jazz have lost the starting PG and Felton can still play as we see.





Um, Trey Burke is the Jazz starting PG with Dante Exum is the backup. Alec Burks is their starting SG. Nice try but pay attention.


Jazz say no


Gentleman Burks sits till summer. Felton is a good backup in the time of Burks injury.




30 Dec 2014 09:36:36
cavs-canter &exum
jazz-waiters & 2 1st rnd picks (via cle &mem)




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