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18 Apr 2014 00:37:05
OKC Thunder Offseason

Amnesty Perkins


JAZZ get Jackson, Lamb, Roberson, both Picks
OKC get Hayward and Burke

OKC Roster:






14 Apr 2014 00:44:27
All hope isn't lost for a high pick. Assuming lakers loose tonight and Cs loose out, the celtics are assured a top 5 ping pong ball position

Lakers and jazz play each other, meaning
(Assuming Cs loose out once more)

A: they end in 3 way tie (equivalent to 3 5 spots (balls from 4, 5, 6) if lakers loose out, jazz loose game 82

B: Cs get 4th pick (jazz win both games, lakers win 82)

C: tied with jazz for 4 (jazz beat lakers, loose 82, lakers win 82

D: celtics tied with lakers for 4th (lakers loose both games, jazz win both

E:lakers and Cs tie for 5/6 If both win/loose same amount of games

F: celtics get 6 (Win out)

So many possiblilities for team in draft position. If only spots determined by playoff tie braker, jazz and lakers swept the green

Now ether Cs have t-4th if they loose and jazz win

5th if the Cs loose/jazz loose/ both win

T-5th if Cs win, lakers loose

So we are in better shape than thought





13 Apr 2014 04:37:14
Ok I think I have a good idea here.

Jazz get Lakers pick (only if 4-6) and Steve Nash

Lakers get Enes Kanter and Trey Burke

Jazz draft Julius Randle and Dante Exum with their picks

Pf. J. Randle
Sf. G. Hayward
C. D. Favors
Sg. A. Burcs
Pg. D. Exum

Lakers sign Greg Monroe and Evan Turner

Pf. G. Monroe
Sf. E. Turner
C. E. Kanter
Sg. K. Bryant
Pg. T. Burke

With that pick they can get a better pg than Burke and they can get better guys from free agency than a little bit overrated and surely overpaid (in future) Monroe and Turner. Don't get me wrong those guys are good players but with Kobe contract they should go for solid role players and add just one bigger contract and that shouldn't be Monroe who is not the best defender in his position.

Why would the lakers do that miserable trade?

Jazz fan, if I tell you to do this :

send us your pick
you will have Jordan Hill and Kendall Marshall

@Why would the lakers do that miserable trade?

What part of taking Steve Nash (current form) is a good trade? Plus getting Trey Burke and Kanter --- this is a VERY good trade. I am neither a Jazz or Lakers fan.

You kids get crazy over early draft picks vs. known players who are good.

have you seen how many early or top 5 picks failed in the last 10 years?

And you want to reject a offer of 2 decent players who will get better plus a bad contract for a top 5 pick?

not a jazz fan.



10 Apr 2014 22:47:18

JAZZ get Westbrook, Lamb and Perkins
OKC get Hayward and Kanter

JAZZ Lineup:

G- Westbrook/Burke
G- Alec Burks/Lamb
F- Jefferson/Rush
F- Marvin Williams/Evans
C- Derrick Favors/Perkins

OKC Lineup:

G- Jackson/Fisher
G- Hayward/Butler
F- KD/Jones
F- Ibaka/Collison
C- Kanter/Adams

I like it. Jazz also will likely be able to draft either Embiid or Randle to upgrade at pf or center. maybe Jabari Parker and try him as a Carmelo type pf

Jazz will likely not be able to draft Embiid or Parker, mayyyybe Randle but who knows. And of course the jazz like this trade, Hayward is one of the most over rated players in the league and you get a stud for him. What a surprise, in his contract year, he plays like Wally Szerbiak. lame



10 Apr 2014 22:41:57

JAZZ get Westbrook, lanb and Perk
OKC get Hayward and Enes Kanter

JAZZ Lineup:

G- Westbrook
G- Alec Burks
F- Richard Jefferson
F- Marvin Williams
C- Derrick Favors

OKC Lineup:



06 Apr 2014 16:49:59
Thunder get Derrick Favors

Jazz get 2 1st round picks, Perry Jones III, Nick Collison

Too much for Favors



06 Apr 2014 15:00:08
BOS get Gordon Hayward

UTAH get Avery Bradley and Nets' pick



06 Apr 2014 14:45:12

BOS get Gordon Hayward via sign and trade, Kendrick Perkins expiring

OKC get Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass

UTAH get BOS pick 1st round #18, OKC pick via DAL #22, Perry Jones III, rights to Switch the other 1st round pick with boston or Boston add another future 1st

BOS select Julius Randle #4 overall pick

Rondo / Bayless / Pressey
Johnson / Bayless / FA
Hayward / Wallace
Randle / Olynyk / FA
Sullinger / Perkins / Anthony

OKC select Cauley-Stein #28

Westbrook / Jackson
Bradley / Lamb
Durant / Sefolosha / Roberson
Ibaka / Bass / Collison
Adams / Cauley-Stein / Thabeet

JAZZ select Dante Exum #4, Elfrid Payton #18, TJ Warren #22 and Clint Capela #23

Burke / Payton / Lucas
Exum / Burks
Warren / FA / Evans
Favors / Williams / Capela
Kanter / Gobert

Cauley-stein will be a lottery pick

Not tgat late, true, but not lottery.
Maybe 12 (late lottery) - 20 pivk



05 Apr 2014 16:12:06
Nuggets Warriors Jazz

Nuggets receive Klay Thompson
Warriors receive Gordon Hayward via sign and trade, Derrick Favors
Jazz receive the Nuggets pick, David Lee, Wilson Chandler and Tim Mozgov



Exum (4 or 5)/Burks
McDermott (10-12)/Chandler



04 Apr 2014 14:34:37
Bulls - Cats - Hawks

Bulls trade Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy and future 2nd round pick
Bulls get Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo and Bobcats pick via Blazers (#24 projected)

Cats trade Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo and # 24 pick
Cats get Paul Milsap and John Jenkins

Hawks trade Paul Milsap and John Jenkins
Hawks get Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy + Bulls' future 2nd round pick

Chicago Bulls then
resign DJ Augustine
resign Kirk Hinrich to vet min
sign Nikola Mirotic
draft picks : Stauskas, Harrell, Cauley-Stein

D. Rose / D. Augustine / K. Hinrich
G. Henderson / N. Stauskas
J. Butler / T. Snell / M. Harrell
C. Boozer / N. Mirotic / M. Harrell
J. Noah / B. Biyombo / W. Cauley-Stein
-or they can Amnesty Boozer and start Nikola Mirotic
Bulls do this to add pick and get a shooting guard they need, they also got depth up front

Bobcats then
Make a sign and trade deal with Cavs involving Deng and MKG maybe picks and other players involve here
- they do this to add veteran stability to be more competitive

K. Walker / L. Ridnour / J. Pargo
G. Neal / C. Douglas-Roberts
L. Deng / J. Taylor
P. Milsap / J. McRoberts
A. Jefferson / T. Zeller

- remember the Milsap-Jefferson connection in Utah + with Walker as the facilitator and Deng as the stabilizer, with a shooter on the Wing.

Hawks get a bruiser who can play PF or C to play alongside Horford + Dunleavy who can play the role of Korver when out

Teague / Shoeder / Mack
Korver / Williams
Carroll / Dunleavy
Gibson / Scott / Brand
Horford / Noguierra / Antic

No way Bulls trade Gibson for that package.

^ how about MKG to Bulls as well?



03 Apr 2014 19:11:28

Let the ff. players walk :
1. Richard Jefferson
2. Andris Biedrins
3. Marvin Williams
4. Brandon Rush

Resign Gordon Hayward
#5 Dante Exum
#23 Willey Cauley-Stein
#35 CJ Fair

1. Aaron Brooks (back-up PG)
2. Dante Cunningham (back-up PF)
3. CJ Miles (bring back former Jazz)

T. Burke / A. Brooks / J. Lucas
D. Exum / A. Burks
G. Hayward / C. Miles / C. Fair
D. Favors / D. Cunningham / J. Evans
E. Kanter / W. Cauley-Stein

Cauley stein will be picked far ahead of there. and probably fair as well. keep dreaming.



29 Mar 2014 03:32:48
Utah - Philadelphia

Utah get 11th pick and Thad Young

Philly get 23rd pick and Derrick Favors

Sixers would probably go for that trade. Its close but I think they would say yes.

^ Ha. Philly passes.



28 Mar 2014 19:46:28

Memphis gets Battier, Lewis, Wallace, Avery Bradley, and John Lucas III
and 2nd rd pick from Celtics

Heat get Courtney Lee

Celtics get Z. Randolph and Gordon hayward

Utah get Sullinger and Bogans and 2015 1st rd pick from Celtics




Jabari Parker/J. Evans
Sullinger/M. williams


Why do Cs trAde sully and Bradley and pick
for z-Bo?

2, why not sign Hayward, said he wants
To play for Stevens



27 Mar 2014 10:05:08
Celtics trade Rondo, Green, Wallace, 2014 first round pick via Brooklyn (#16-20), 2015 first round pick via Clippers
Celtics get Love, Jennings, Brewer

Wolves trade Love, Brewer
Wolves get Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Hayward (s&t, 4y 44m), 2014 first round pick via Brooklyn (#16-20)

Pistons trade Monroe, Jennings
Pistons get Rondo, Wallace

Jazz trade Hayward
Jazz get Green, 2015 first round pick via Clippers

- get future franchise player Love, get ride of Wallace's and Green's huge contracts. still have enough picks especially their own one.
- select Exum or Smart in draft
- sign Pierce 2y 10m, able to sign another major FA 2015.

- 2 young all-star potential player in Monroe and Hayward
- add a more than solid 2014 first round pick

- Wallace's contract ends with Drummond's = sign another major FA at SF and resign Drummond = Rondo-KCP-FA-Smith-Drummond

- Green isn't that downgrade to Hayward and Jazz don't want to overpay in account of their rebuilding plans
- add another pick. Utah have multiple future picks, maybe they can trade up 1-2 spots
- go after Exum or Smart (if possible Wiggins or Parker)
- very good cap situation = able to sign at least 1 major FA in 2015 = rebuild done, playoff contender

Another one of those moments where here in minny. We sigh. We know love leaving is a real reality. And I know trading him is best. Preferably to the east. But no where on this planet and twice in Wisconsin, will twolves trade all star and best defender same deal. U want love. Switch this around to take chase buddinger, LMAM, or JJ barea.
And wolves will want another pick and to get away from that these teams could take a combo of chase and LMaM so we lose a like 2-3 million on cap in this trade. lmam is expiring so not a huge hit on team.
So put chase in brewers spot. And I isn't sure who takes LMAM. Probably Boston.

Pistons will want a pick from Boston also. A second rounder? Maybe from minny.

^ Why should Minnesota give up more when are not getting enough to begin with.

Boston isn't giving enough for what they're getting. If they expect KLove, they fork over 4 of Rondo, Sullinger, Olynyk, Bradley, 2014 first unprotected, and at least two more firsts. Also please note that I didn't include Wallace, because he wouldn't be included in ANY trade that involves KLove.



22 Mar 2014 06:29:45
Orlando Magics Off-season

With how the season i'd looking to end, I think the magic will get the 2nd pick behind philly, then after the magic I think it will go Bucks, Lakers, Celtics, Jazz, Cavs, Kings, Nuggets, and then philly from the Pelicans. And magics other pick will be at 13

So heres what they should do at the draft

2- Joel Embiid

Then the Magic do a 3 team trade


Orlando gets: 8th pick-PG Marcus Smart, PF Josh Smith and his salary

Cleveland gets: 13th pick-SF Rodney Hood, SG Aaron Afflalo, C Nikola Vucevics, Detroit's 2015 1st rnd pick

(With the team already having Irving, they can move back and get a lot of good talent. They get Hood who can fill the void once Deng leaves. Plus they get another pick and two good players. )

Detroit gets: SF Tobias Harris, Orlando's 2nd rnd pick

(They dump Smith's contract to resign Monroe, plus they get Harris to play the 3 and they have a more balanced team)

Orlando has a good young core together, so they take this year to build chemistry and get another top pick and player and start contending for the playoffs next year

If the Magic can get the 1st pick in 2015 and Parker returns to Duke. This could be a very good lineup in 2015

Potential 2015 Orlando Magic (*2014 team lineup)

PG: Marcus Smart

SG: Victor Oladipo

SF: Jabari Parker (*Moe Harkless)

PF: Josh Smith

C: Joel Embiid

I know the Parker part is pushing it. But the 2014 draft plan can honestly happen with the Magic going to have a high pick and Smarts draft stock is up and down and if their is a right position to do it, they can and will

That would be a magic fans dream come true! All they would need is SVG back



18 Mar 2014 18:22:58
I see a lot of Lakers trades/rumors on here that don't sound reasonable due to cap space and just bad reasoning by fans. I am going to try to be as reasonable as possible. If something doesn't WORK, or isn't "Believable", let me know. (Hint: I said WORK, not if you do not LIKE it)

Problems With the Lakers:
1. Coaching. Injuries happen to every team, the Bulls are a great example. Derrick Rose hasn't played much in his last two seasons, but Tom Thibs is coaching the team and they are still a great team. You sometimes forget who Derrick Rose is on this team. Why are they so good? Because despite the hard hitting injuries, the players are disciplined and rely on their DEFENSE.
Solution: Hire the ex 2x defensive team player, LIONEL HOLLINS
2. Rebounding/Toughness. Lakers consistently get out rebounded each game, and teams run a mock in the Lakers paint every night. There is zero resistance/toughness.
Solution: Sign good rebounding/tougher players. Do not always look for the best offensive guy, that's not what the team needs right now.
3. Point guards. Point guards have consistently killed the Lakers and picked apart the defensive. Example dates back to the 2011 first round when Chris Paul went absolutely crazy on Derek Fisher and the team. He was too hard to handle. Russell Westbrook, each time he plays the Lakers, runs them out of the Chesapeake or Staples. It's no secret, and Kobe (with all of his injuries) cannot keep guarding the point guards anymore. Kendall Marshall is not our future. Doesn't defend one bit nor can he finish a layup/knock down a consistent open shot.
Solution: Draft a point guard. Not Wiggins or Parker. Lakers are guaranteed a top 10 pick, but they are too good (compared to Boston, Philly, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Utah) to be top 5.
4. Steve Nash.
Solution: Stretch Provision

Draft day:
With what I said about the Lakers not being a Top 5 pick and them drafting a point guard, MARCUS SMART is perfect for the Lakers. He has zero injury history, he is a defender, he is athletic (not a super athletic freak like some of the prospects, but better than what the Lakers have ever had), and he is passionate. He hates losing as much as Kobe, he is quick and has great hands, and did I mention he is a great defender? He has great play making abilities and he is a nice size for a point guard and can sometimes play the two. I don't see him going top 5 or top 6 because of Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Randle, Vonleh, Exum, Gordon (possibly). Lakers should end up with the 6th or 7th pick anyhow.

Free Agents:
LA and fans should look at UNRESTRICTED free agents. Los Angeles has their eye on Kevin Love in 2015. We get it. And if they want to keep him on the radar, they should stay away from any restricted FAs because most GMs hate the Lakers (we know this because of the CP3 veto) and they will probably match any offer and over pay a player to keep him off the Lakers.

Unrestricted agents the Lakers NEED and have a chance at:
-Emeka Okafor (injured, but if he recovers 100%, he's a high ceiling center the Lakers need. He shouldn't be too expensive because he hasn't played and needs to build up his stock again)-most expensive off season signing **worth it**
-Jerryd Bayless (played his best under Lionel Hollins)-pricy signing **worth it**
-Jordan Hill (a spark off the bench, he will resign for good money/good rebounder on both ends)-pricy signing
-DeJuan Blair (he will sign for the right price and the opportunity/good offensive game and a rebounder)-cheap signing
-Al-Farouq Aminu (good rebounder/defender, but not the best shooter)-cheap signing
-Caron Butler (good friends with Kobe/great leadership)-veteran signing
-Brandon Rush (third string player, in case of injury he can provide a lot at a low cost/he won't be offered much because of his injury history)-cheap signing

Restricted FA the Lakers have a chance at/should sign:
-Kent Bazemore (spark off the bench/high ceiling/defender, good locker room guy)-cheap signing
-Ryan Kelly (third string PF/in case of injury SF)-cheap signing

Although I criticized him earlier, the Lakers should pick up Kendall's team opt to give them more depth in the backcourt.

Teams Starting Lineup:
PG: Marcus Smart
SG: Kobe Bryant
SF: Al-Farouq Aminu
PF: DeJuan Blair
C: Emeka Okafor

6th Man: Kent Bazemore (behind Kobe)
Caron Butler
Jerryd Bayless
Jordan Hill
Robert Sacre
Ryan Kelly
Brandon Rush
Kendall Marshall

I'm not going to calculate all of the numbers, but the Lakers should have some room to sign Kevin Love in 2015 if they do not overpay the free agents. Okafor needs to build up his stock again so the most I would offer is 35-40 million, or even less.
The Lakers are linked to Loul Deng in so many ways with them supposedly wanting to pursue him and Kobe wanting to play with Deng, but unless he is willing to take a pay cut, I don't see it happening. I would love for that, but I am not familiar with Deng's thinking, so I cannot even hypothesize what he is going to do. He will have multiple offers. But believe me, I want him. just not sure if he wants the Lakers.
Thanks in advance for your feedback


That team sucks still



15 Mar 2014 15:08:58

Trade #1:

Jazz get Adams, 1st rounder
OKC get Kanter

Trade #2:

Suns get Lamb, Thabo, 1st rounder
OKC get Bledsoe

Amnesty Perkins.

OKC 2014-2015 Season:

G- Westbrook/Jackson
G- Bledsoe/Butler/Roberson
F- KD/Jones
F- Ibaka/Collison
C- Kanter/Adams/Thabeet

Championship Contender

Are you joking? Lantern is not a good center. OKC would be stupid to do this trade!

Suns are not trading Bledsoe!

That was Kanter not Lantern. Thanks speller checker.



11 Mar 2014 17:24:32
Rockets Jazz Hawks off season trade here

Rockets receive Paul Milsap and John Lucas III

Jazz receive Kyle Korver, Rockets 1st round pick, Hawks 2nd round pick and Terrence Jones

Hawks receive Omer Asik and Marvin Williams

Houston passes - and Houston can not trade there first round pick this year



11 Mar 2014 17:21:37
Suns get Gordon Hayward via sign and trade
Jazz get Gerald Green, Wizards and Pacers pick 2014

Suns can sign Hayward if they need if Jazz do not match. NO need to do a S&T

Gerald Green > Hayward

^ Really, how many teams had Green been on? A few years ago, he was out of the year. His production seems kind of like a fluke to me.



09 Mar 2014 01:19:40
Celtics Roster Moves in Offseason

1. Hayward (4yr/56mil doesn't get matched by the Jazz)
2. Avery Bradley (4yr/28mil)

1. Trade for: Kevin Love (Draft night trade: Sullinger, Green, Phi '15 pick (1-14 protected until '16 then get a 2nd rounder), LAC '15 pick, rights to swap in '16, rights to swap '17)

1. Joel Embiid falls to #4 because of his injury issues and because Wiggins and Jabari are on fire (MIL and PHI get them), and because the Magic don't need a Center (take Exum).
2. They get Nik Stauskis at #15-18, plays the Ray Allen role of shooting the ball, might play more than Bradley on some nights


PG - Rondo
SG - Bradley
SF - Hayward
PF - Love
C - Embiid

6th man - Stauskis
7th man - Bass
8th man - Olynyk


Minnesota says no every time.

Nothing about this seems right. Not nearly enough for love. Embiid won't fall to #4 and that's way to early to take stauskis who might end up in the second round



05 Mar 2014 20:19:31
Chandler will leave NY this season. He got 60m and will try to contend again!

Dallas have the CAP to sign Chandler and Deng for talent or some picks.

Afterwards Cuban should try to get Rondo if there is a possibility.
If it is possible send Ellis to Jazz, Hayward + Larkin + 1st pick to Celtics and get Rondo. In this case Dallas have in addition 10-12m CAP to sign Stephenson

Harris, Carter, Marion, Nowitzki can be signed by brid-rights over the cap.

Chandler, Dalembert
Nowitzki, Wright
Deng, Marion
Ellis (Stephenson), Carter
Calderon (Rondo), Harris

With the Veterans and Chandler off the books Dallas have over 15m CAP in 2015 to sign Love and add Harris, Carter, Marion, Nowitzki, Chandler by bird-rights again.

= Contender.

Ellis is playing great basketball, no need to replace him

Chandler is not fa but if you want him,

Calderon Ellis Wright Crowder (s&t)
Chandler Felton JRSMith Shumpert

or else your beat!

^ Talk about overpaing for bad Knick players.

Honestly i'd take calderon & dalembert for felton and chandler at this point.

-knicks fan

^ & ^^^^
Chandler is under contract. you said
Chandler for Talent and Picks. With the players who are under contract in 2014, they still remain with the mavs roster. with no picks how do get Chandler.

Ellis > JRSMith very close
Shumpert > Crowder very close
Chandler > Dalembert huge dif
Calderon > Felton huge dif

how is that overpaying.

^ You missed the part where Ellis and Smith are close. They are not even close. Ellis is a borderline all star while Smith is a cancer. Plus, with Chandler's bad contact, sketchy play, and injury history make him equal to Dalembert. Same goes for Shumpert with his injury issues and Crowder.

-Two 2nd picks for Chandler or Calderon for Chandler
-Larkin, 1st 2015 for Rondo and Wallace
-Resign the veterans by bird-rights.



05 Mar 2014 01:19:22
Nets offseason:

Trade Pierce to Celtics for Olynyk and Bogans

Trade Olynyk, Plumlee and Brook Lopez to The Kings for Cousins and Gay

Trade D-Will, Teletovic and M-Teague to Jazz for Burke, Kanter and 7th pick in Draft.

C) Garnett, Kanter
PF) Cousins, Blatche
SF) Gay, AK47
SG) Johnson, Anderson
PG) Burke, Livingston
+ Reserves: 7th pick, Collins, Thornton and Bogans
+ Leave one spot open.

Now there we have a championship contender.


Not one of those teams would do those trades. Only the Nets benefit from them.

I'm just going to assume this was a joke.

Unbelievable. why won't you trade all nets roster?

anong pogi



04 Mar 2014 03:45:35
Offseason blockbuster nyk lac Utah det

Nyk receive Monroe, Alec burks, D. jordan, M. williams

LAC receive melo, chandler, j. smith, w. bynum

Utah receive, reddick, Jennings, Dudley

Det receive griffin, collison, Crawford, barns

Works financially. Who says no?

Ny says no, marv is fa

I posted this trade last week. I love it for all teams.

- knicks fan.

Actually doesn't work financially. Clippers and Jazz take on too much salary.

Clips don't lose Blake and Jordan for a player who won't play defense



28 Feb 2014 22:06:39
Hot summer in Dallas:

Move 1:
Utah: Ellis
Boston: Hayward, Larkin
Dallas: Rondo

Move 2:
Sign FA Deng, Sign FA Stephenson

Move 3:
Bucks: Wright, Crowder, Ledo, 2nd 2014, 1st 2015
Dallas: Sanders, Middleton

Resign the Harris, Carter, Marion, Nowitzki by one year deals. Trade Calderon for a future pick.

Mavs roster 2014:

Sanders, Dalembert
Nowitzki, Middleton
Deng, Marion
Stephenson, Carter
Rondo, Harris

Try to add Love by sign and trade Love for Middleton in 2015 ; )

Unless Dirk resign for 1 mil you wont' sign Stephenson less than without Pacers matching 4yr 60 mil and Deng 4yr 40mil. on top Sanders and Rondo contracts lmao good buddy

Stephenson is UFA to comment above.

To OP I see Dallas giving Dirk at least 2-3 years. I don't see them having the money to get both Deng and Steph. Deng is more like able IMO.

Maybe Stephenson and Ariza?



28 Feb 2014 13:37:27
Off-Season Trade

Magic trade Afflalo, 2014 first round pick via Denver
Magic get Rondo

Celtics trade Rondo, Green
Celtics get Hayward (s&t, 4y 42m), 2014 first round pick via Denver, 2nd round pick 2014 Jazz

Jazz trade Hayward (s&t, 4y 42m), own 2nd round pick 2014
Jazz get Afflalo, Green

- Magic get needed floor general for this young promising team: Oladipo, Harris, Vucevic and Harkless + 2014 draft (pick 1-5): Rondo-Oladipo-Wiggins-Harris-Vucevic, 6th Harkless at SG/SF

- Celtics get cap relief, all-star potential Hayward and 2 good additional picks in 2014 draft. try to get Smart at 2014 draft

- Jazz get a future backcourt partner for Burke and good 6th man Green (Jazz need to fill their roster!, 5 expiring contracts). Hayward + 2nd rounder isn't that much. Jazz need veterans. Try to get Parker at 2014 Draft: Burke-Afflalo-Parker-Favors-Kanter + 6th man Green

Rondo is overrated. now that he doesn't have pierce, garnett and allen, his team is loosing



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