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07 Jul 2015 02:16:15
Cavs get plumlee kaman mayo butler (s&t) Burke
Blazers get verajao
Bucks get Haywood
Jazz get a first and second rounder

Irving dellevedova
Smith shumpert miller
James mayo butler
Love Thompson jones
Mozgov plumlee kaman

07 Jul 2015 06:30:13
Not trading plumlee for verajao. Portland is rebuilding, they don't want an aging center coming off a major injury.

06 Jul 2015 18:57:49
76ers / OKC

Sixers need a point guard. OKC needs to sign Kanter and are already at 77Million towards the cap, and have maybe the best young pg in the game in westbrook. How about a trade.

Sixers get Cameron Payne, Novak, and p.jones(Novak and jones salary dump of $6 million).

OKC gets there #1 pick back next year and rights to Micic(21 year old, 6'5" talented Serbian pg).

OKC is a vet club, win now mode. Clearing some $$ gives them more flexibility to sign a vet or make a trade deadline deal midway in the season. Payne will see 0 time with westbrook there. Also, OKC is without there #1 next year(philly has it), and there #1 in 2018(Utah has it). So getting a #1 back makes some sense as well.

Sixers get a promising young pg.

06 Jul 2015 21:25:18
Sixer pass. We can get a Cameron Payne anywhere.

06 Jul 2015 22:50:54
They made a promise to Payne for a reason or they wouldn't drafted a sam dekker or someone like that

07 Jul 2015 01:18:20
C Payne got drafed 14. Philly pick next year will be top 3. Bad trade

07 Jul 2015 01:44:21
No actually he only plays in Philly

07 Jul 2015 12:50:09
Boogeeny, I think the draft pick leaving the Sixers is the OKC protected pick they currently possess. The trade is to send OKC back their own pick.

Either way, this trade won't happen. The trend in salary dumps is that the team disposing of contracts does not get anything of value back except for the cap space they opened up.

The trade would much more likely be the Sixers get the salaries dumped plus Payne and the Thunder get back a bucket of used Spaldings.

Expecting to dump salaries and get back anything of value is not realistic. unless you're dealing with the Lakers, who just traded for Hibbert plus his trade kicker. Pacers fans are calling this the "Biggest Win of the Pacers Offseason."

07 Jul 2015 14:56:49
The pacers paid the trade kicker and it might be a highly protected pick. The Suns only got a second round pick for there salary dump so point invalid

05 Jul 2015 21:46:07
Utah receives - Jonas Valanciunas

Toronto relieves - Trey Lyles, Trey Burke, and 2 future second round picks

What do you guys think?

05 Jul 2015 22:57:18
This doesn't make sense for either team.

06 Jul 2015 00:49:43
Why would Utah want him when they have Gobert?

06 Jul 2015 01:39:43
Utah doesn't need a center and Toronto doesn't need a point guard

06 Jul 2015 12:58:33
The Jazz need a good backup big that can play on both ends of the court. He could backup both Favors and Gobert. The person who asked why the Jazz need a center when they already have Gobert, it's called depth. Who is going to come in and play if the stifle tower or favors get injured? Booker? Lyles? No they just won't cut it

03 Jul 2015 16:57:31
Jazz and Nuggets

Uta gets Lawson and Chandler

Den get Burks Burke Trey Lyle's future 2nd Round pick

02 Jul 2015 16:36:32

Nuggets get Burke, Burks, Hood, and 2 2nd rd picks

Jazz get Lawson and Chandler

01 Jul 2015 14:39:38


Suns get Okafor and J-Rich (waived)

76ers get Bledsoe


Suns get Lyles and Booker

Jazz get Morris twins

Suns re-sign Knight and wright


PG Knight/Goodwin
SG Booker/Bullock
SF Warren/Tucker/Granger
PF Okafor/Lyles/Leuer
C Len/Wright/Okafor

01 Jul 2015 15:26:58
No one wants Bledsoe

01 Jul 2015 15:31:43
No way Sixers trade okafor for bledsoe

01 Jul 2015 16:32:31
Don't need Bledsoe bad contract. Maybe Noel for him. That's all I'd do.

29 Jun 2015 16:10:22

PHX get: Kenneth Faried, Dante Exum, & Wilson Chandler

pg. knight
sg. exum/booker
sf. chandler
pf. faried
c. len

UTAH get: Ty Lawson & Morris Bruhs

pg. lawson/burke
sg. burks/exum
sf. hayward/morris
pf. morris/lyles
c. gobert

DEN get: Derrick Favors & Eric Bledsoe

pg. bledsoe
sg. mudiay
sf. gallonari
pf. favors
c. nurkic

29 Jun 2015 15:44:28
Jazz - Suns

Phoenix get Trey Lyles and Dante Exum

Utah get Eric Bledsoe

29 Jun 2015 19:04:58
Why would the suns trade bledsoe for another pg

29 Jun 2015 19:17:51
Utah would probably prefer to give up t Burke than exum

29 Jun 2015 00:10:49
Den rebuild


POR get: Kenneth Faried & Wilson Chandler

DEN get: Wesley Matthews (s&t) & Meyers Leonard



UTAH get: Ty Lawson

DEN get: Derrick Favors



DET get: Danilo Gallonari & Randy Foye

DEN get: Brandon Jennings

Sign: Demarre Carroll

Pg. Jennings/Mudiay
sg. Matthews
sf. Carroll
pf. Favors
c. Nurkic

29 Jun 2015 07:08:45
Ty is not worth Derrick

29 Jun 2015 08:49:46
Why bring Jennings in when they have mudiay

28 Jun 2015 03:55:30

76ers get Burke and a 2nd rd pick

Jazz get OKC's 2016 1st and rights to Arturas Gudaitis

28 Jun 2015 17:32:04
Reasonable trade for both teams. Jazz have moved on from Burke.

26 Jun 2015 11:21:13
Jazz have nearly everything to be a playoff contender for years. But they need a real PG, so.

Jazz trade Burke, Jerrett, 2016 1st round pick (top10 protected), 2016 2nd round pick
Nuggets trade Lawson

- young, talented and athletic roster. strong starting 5 + still talent on the bench to develop (Exum, Lyles)

25 Jun 2015 19:56:58
Jazz-Nuggets-Raptors trade

Jazz trade Favors, Burke, Jerrett, 12th pick, 42th pick, 54th pick
Jazz get Lawson, Hickson, 7th pick Nuggets

Nuggets trade Lawson, Faried, Hickson, 7th pick
Nuggets get Favors, Burke, Ross, Jerrett, 12th pick Jazz, 20th pick Raptors

Raptors trade Ross, 20th pick
Raptors get Faried, 42th pick Jazz, 54th pick Jazz

- sign P.Milsap 3y 50m
- #7 pick draft best avaible talent: Winslow, Porzingis, Hezonja, Lyles

- add 3 young talents Favors, Ross and Burke
- also add 12th and 20th pick to select best avaible PG (Payne, Grant, Wright) and PF/C (Cauley-Stein, Turner, Lyles, Kaminsky, Looney)

- Faried is needed upgrade at PF
- with 42th and 54th pick go after PG and SG/SF(wing)

25 Jun 2015 16:39:07
Utah Minnesota

Trey Burke goes to Minnesota
Utah gets Shabazz and #31
Then mn trade rubio for someone or something

25 Jun 2015 18:27:21
Minnesota passes.

25 Jun 2015 18:29:16
Rubio is one of the best pg in the nba Burke a ok backup and shabazz a lot better than burke add a high first minn says ok

25 Jun 2015 20:12:49
^ Rubio isn't even a top 10 PG

25 Jun 2015 20:32:19
HA!! Rubio is an average PG at best, I agree Burke isn't an upgrade but don't kid yourself that Rubio is a top 10 PG, he can't shoot and in super injury prone.

25 Jun 2015 12:16:38

JAZZ get 7th pick, Ty Lawson and Tim Hardaway

KNICKS get 12th pick, Wilson Chandler and Derrick Favors

NUGGETS get 4th pick, Trey Burke and Jose Calderon

draft with the 7th pick Mario Hezonja
sign Paul Millsap

PG Ty Lawson / Dante Exum
SG Alec Burks / Tim Hardaway Jr / Elijah Millsap
SF Gordon Hayward / Mario Hezonja /Joe Ingles
PF Paul Millsap / Trevor Booker
CE Rudy Gobert / Emeka Okafor (FA)


draft Cameron Payne sign Greg Monroe

PG Cameron Payne
SG Wilson Chandler
SF Carmelo Anthony
PF Derrick Favors
CE Greg Monroe

DEN draft Justise Winslow

PG Trey Burke
SG Justise Winslow
SF Danilo Gallinari
PF Kenneth Faried
CE Jusuf Nurkic

25 Jun 2015 13:08:50
Jazz aren't giving up Favors to go from 12 to 7.

23 Jun 2015 22:29:29
Kings Get: Alec Burks, Rudy Gobert, 12th pick, 19th pick

Utah Get: Boogie

Wizards Get: Nik Stauskas

24 Jun 2015 14:56:04
Not enough.

25 Jun 2015 05:12:38
Not enough and take stauskas out

21 Jun 2015 00:39:57
All trades aren't salary cap compliant but you can check that out for yourself

Boston Celtics

TOR - Tyler Zeller, 16th OA
BOS - Valanciunas (12p, 9r, 21per)

UTAH - Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, 15-30 protected pick
BOS - Gordon Hayward

FA - Brook Lopez

28. Montrezl Harrell

Waive Jonas Jerebko

PG Marcus Smart/Isaiah Thomas
SG Avery Bradley/Evan Turner
SF Gordon Hayward/Jae Crowder
PF Brook Lopez/Montrezl Harrell
C Jonas Valanciunas/Kelly Olynyk

21 Jun 2015 13:19:46
How long have you been a Celtics fan?

13 Jun 2015 16:05:42

Cha get: favors & Burks

Pg. kemba
Sg. Burks
Sf. Mkg
Pf. Favors
C. Jefferson

Utah get: Stephenson, Vonleh, & #9
Draft: Devin Booker & Trey Lyles

Pg. Burke
Sg. Booker/Stephenson
Sf. Hayward
Pf lyles/Vonleh
C. Gobert

13 Jun 2015 21:58:03
Utah would probably say no. Vonleh is very unproven, Lance is inconsistent and with the ninth pick they are not going to get anyone better than Favors.

13 Jun 2015 00:08:02

PHX get Derrick Favors and Tim Hardaway Jr


UTAH get PJ Tucker and #4 pick


NYK get Alec Burks, #12 pick and #13 pick


13 Jun 2015 07:07:38
Usa has good pattern of screwing ny.

13 Jun 2015 11:47:38
It all depends who can we choose. If Payne and maybe not Lyles but Kaminsky is there I would do it if I were Knicks.

14 Jun 2015 19:16:25
Ny got to dump Calderon in this deal somewhere. Whether to Utah or phnx and get one of the pgs exum. Burke. Knight. Gordon. Ny would include a future 2nd or clearly

12 Jun 2015 23:31:39
UTAH JAZZ try to compete for playoff spot


UTA get Ty Lawson

DEN get Trey Burke, Joe Ingles and future 1st round pick


UTA get #16 pick, Tyler Zeler and Kevin Martin

BOS get Derrick Favors and future 2nd from Wolves

MIN get #28 pick and Jeremy Evans

#12 pick Myles Turner
#16 pick Frank Kaminsky


sign Paul Millsap back 4yr/60mil

Ty Lawson/Dante Exum
Alec Burks/Kevin Martin(6th man)
Gordon Hayward/Rodney Hood/Elijah Millsap
Paul Millsap/Trevor Booker/Myles Turner
Rudy Gobert/Tyler Zeller/Frank Kaminsky

11 Jun 2015 15:37:13
Lakers Gobert 12th pick

Jazz Hill Black 2nd 27th 34th pick

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