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26 Jul 2014 15:46:28

Atl get: Enes Kanter & MKG

Pg. Teague/schroeder
Sg. Korver/thabo
Sf. Mkg/carrol
Pf. Milsap/payne
C. Kanter/antic

Cha get: Horford & Novak

Pg. Kemba/pargo
Sg. Stephenson/hairston
Sf. Williams/novak
Pf. Horford/white
C. Jefferson/biyombo

Utah get: Henderson, Zeller, & Vonleh

Pg. Burke/burks
Sg. Exum/henderson
Sf. Hayward/evans
Pf. Vonleh/booker
C. Favors/zeller/gobert


Horford and Jefferson are too much alike, change it to Millsap


Take out vonleh






21 Jul 2014 16:44:51

NYK Receives- Trade Exception

Utah Receives- JR Smith


Utah doesn't make that trade, but if they were willing to, Knicks should take it and run.

SAS Champs 2014





18 Jul 2014 17:52:48
Cavs Jazz trade

Cavs get Favors and Burks

Jazz get Waiters, Varejao, Dellavedova and Miami's first round pick

Cavs then sign Ray Allen

Kevin Love goes to the warriors

Cavs lineup




14 Jul 2014 22:42:51
Jazz Monroe 16 mil for 4 year

the young squad

Buke/ burks / John Lucas III
Exum/ Novak / Clark
Hayward/ Hood
Favors/ Evans / Thomas
Monroe/ Kanter/ Golbert

Yes I am a Jazz Fan, But is not imposible


It's not impossible, you're correct, but even at those dollars, I think the Pistons match and work out a sign and trade.

SAS Champs 2014

The Jazz didn't match Hayward what makes you think they would offer that for Monroe when they have a ton of big men on their current rost and Detroit will match.


Is that 16M a year or 16M total?


If Monroe leave for a 4 year 16mill I'll go crazy. but I think u mean 16 a year so maybe.




11 Jul 2014 05:32:52
Warriors clear cap space for Love next yr while getting a younger and healthy center.
jazz take on more experience and salary to gain better talent. Put Australian duo together. Knicks clear Amarespace at the cost of Shumpert.

Warriors get Amare-exp Kantar Shumpert
Utah get Bogut Iggy
Knicks get Armstrong

Now Knicks package Bargnani Hardaway Larkins to Sixers for cap relief. All 3 players cost the same as Jeremy Lin but worth more talent than lin and late 1st.

Now lebron & Melo in NY is realastic


The 4 player that the warriors aren't trading: Steph, Iggy, Bogut, and Klay Thompson. You just traded two of them for stuff they don't want. They would do way better just trading for love, and a tons better with what they already have.




09 Jul 2014 10:35:19

Utah get: Mkg & shumpert

Pg. Burke/burks
Sg. Exum/shumpert
Sf. Mkg/
Pf. Favors
C. Kanter

Cha get: Hayward (s&t) & stat

Pg. Walker
Sg. Neal/hairston
Sf. Hayward
Pf. Vonleh/stat
C. Jefferson

Nyk get: Henderson & biyombo


Hayward has little value at a max contract. I offer Hendo and Zeller at the most if I'm Charlotte.


Phil wants to use Shump to get draft picks since Knicks pretty much have none for the next few years.




09 Jul 2014 08:49:40
Jazz and Bucks

Jazz get Knight and 2nd rounder

Bucks get Burke

Jazz do it to have a lineup of Exum, Hood, Hayward, Favors, Kanter and have a scoring pg off the bench in Knight and a future 2nd rounder for giving up a younger more talent rookie.

Bucks do it to get a decent floor general who knows how to make his teammates better and will be a better fit for this team they give up a 2nd rounder but they have their pg of the future.

Galaxy Gordon

Burke's career trajectory and potential are well ahead of Knight's.




07 Jul 2014 22:50:41
Jazz receive Roy Hibbert

Pacers receive Enes Kanter, unprotected first-round pick


Saw this posted by Bleacher Report. Not a terrible idea but not really a great one either.




07 Jul 2014 12:49:27
Rockets offseason

--> rockets want to add another all-star player to their roster and bosh is a player that they would like to have. he can be great fit near howard. here is my offseason plan for rockets:

- opt in p.beverley
- opt out t.daniels, r.covington and o.casspi
- trade lin, matiejunas, i.canaan and 2015 1st round pick for 2015 2nd round pick (via grizzlies) of Jazz

Salary cap: 63.2m
Players under contract: d.howard (21.4m), j.harden (14.7m), t.jones (1.6m), p.beverley (0.9m) and r.covington (0.2m - waived)
Cap space: 23.9m

- sign c.bosh (4-year, 90m: annual salary increase is 4.5%, first year salary is 21m)
- sign k.hinrich (2-year, 6m)
- match any offers for c.parsons
- sign c.butler (2-year, 6m) via MLE
- sign j.o'neal, r.jefferson, m.brooks, t.daniels and d.gooden (min.)

Beverley - hinrich - daniels
Harden - butler
Parsons - jefferson - brooks
Bosh - jones
Howard - o'neal - gooden



You forgot to add the cap hold on Parsons, Capela . Bosh is not worth 22.5 million a year


4 years 90 mill seem like a stretch he a 15 mill a season player


If he goes to the west he will never see another All Star game




04 Jul 2014 18:28:18
Attention everyone who has been using the Utah Jazz in dumb trades. Let me give you some info. before you waste more time. The Jazz will never be able to use cap space. Big name free agents will not sign there. They have to build through trades or the draft. The Jazz will be selling their cap space just like they did last year.


Anyone that needs a salary dump to go after a big name can use the Jazz.

Now, the Jazz will not take your teams crap for free. They will expect assets in return. They will not give up any player unless they get a better player in return.

Also, Gordan Hayward will be playing for the Jazz next year. Like I said, they cannot use their cap space. They will, therefore, match any offer to Hayward.

Here is an example of a trade that would work.

Jazz get:

Carlos Boozer
Nikola Mirotic
Mike Dunleavy

Bulls get:

Carmelo Anthony

Bulls use Jazz as a salary dump in order to pick up Carmelo. the Jazz get a young European prospect and a veteran backup in Dunleavy. Bulls may have to throw in a pick.

That may not be a perfect deal, but you get the point. Only trades like those will have any chance of actually happening.

True Jazz Fan


04 Jul 2014 19:30:21
Good job buddy. Lol


It might sound simple, but you would be surprised to read some of the proposed deals on this site. Read some older posts.

I don't know every team, but I would love to read some proposals that would actually benefit both teams and work.


Can you explain how the jazz can sign and trade Melo? You have to send something to the knicks since they are the only ones who can sign and trade Melo


Melo is a free agent. A sign and trade isn't necessary. The Jazz simply give the Bulls the cap space to sign him.




03 Jul 2014 14:19:30
OKC Thunder' offseason

- in a 3-team deal:

Thunder trades j.lamb, p.jones, j.huestis, k.perkins and 2015 2nd round pick
Thunder gets p.gasol (2-year, 16m) and j.lucas

Lakers trade p.gasol
Lakers get j.lamb

Jazz trade j.lucas
Jazz get p.jones, j.huestis, k.perkins and 2015 2nd round pick (from OKC)

- sign m.miller (2-year, 5m) via MLE
- resign c.butler (2-year, 5m) via MLE
- sign r.jefferson (min.)

Westbrook - jackson - lucas
Butler - miller
Durant - jefferson - roberson
Ibaka - collison
Gasol - adams - mcgray



03 jul 2014 15:27:11
lakers say no




03 Jul 2014 08:31:07
utah jazz offseason.

current lineup:
Burke / Watson / Lucas lll
Hayward / Burks / Rush
Williams / Jefferson
Favors / Evans / Murphy
Kanter / Gobert

>let Hayward go

sign -
~ Trevor Ariza ' 4y 44m
~ Dante Exum ' 5y 20m
~ Rodney Hood ' 4y 3m

new lineup:
Burke / Lucas lll
Exum / A. Burks
Ariza / Hood
Favors / Evans
Kanter / Gobert

Promising young team in years to come. When Favors develops a jumpshot game and when Enes Kanter develops a post up game.


I thinking Jazz try Sing Monroe and Keep Hayward


Why wouldn't the jazz sign Hayward? They have all the cap space in the world and no real free agents will go to Salt Lake. They will probably be the recipient of a salary dump like they were last year.




02 Jul 2014 21:22:24
cleveland gets Gordan Hayward s&t 5 yrs 60 million and Rudy Gobert

utah gets Dion Waiters and Andy Varejao

cleveland lands a great sg who is unselfish and a good team player. I think he would be to this Cavs team what Peja Stojakovic was to the Kings

pf. T. Thompson/ A. Bennett/ D. Powell
sf. A. Wiggins/ A. Gee/ C. Felix
c. T. Zeller/ R. Gobert
sg. G. Hayward/ S. Karasev/ J. Harris
pg. K. irving/ J. Jack/ M. Delladova
-Still has cap space to sign Greg Monroe or an upgrade at starting center

Utah gets a dangerous 3 guard line up of Burke, Exum, and Waiters. also gets insurance at center with Varejao since we still don't know what Kanter will or can do

pf. D. Favors/ E. Murphy
sf. R. Hood/ J. Evans/ M. Thomas
c. E. Kanter/ A. Varejao
sg. D. Exum/ D. Waiters/ D. Garrett
pg. T. Burke/ A. Burcs/ J. Lucas
-This leaves the Jazz with cap space to try and go after a Luel Deng or Trevor Ariza type of free agent SF


Idk if Utah is willing to give Gobert as well. He's young and on his rookie contract while Kanter will be expiring and may not be there next season and same with Vareajo.


Every year I see stuff like this. They Jazz actually want to build a team. They are not here to be a pawn for everyone else. I can end the trade above right now. The Jazz sign Hayward and keep him. Gobert is the back up center. That is better and cheaper than what you suggest they do with Cleveland. Oh, and by the way, the 2nd round pick is worthless to them. They have 7 players under 23 years old and they were all were all 1st round picks. Why would they trade their best young player and the massive 2nd year center for a player that is not as good as Hayward, an old man with little left, and a 2nd round pick. They trades have to work both ways people.




02 Jul 2014 17:47:22
What Lakers should be doing instead of waiting for Carmelo/Lebron:

Steve Nash will retire if traded away from Lakers. Lakers should trade him to a team with cap space and who are well under the cap in exchange for a future 2nd round pick or a role player. A team with such cap room would be Utah. Nash would most likely retire from there, or keep him to mentor Exum or Burke.
Lakers salary includes: Kobe (23.5) + Robert Sacre (900k) + Julius Randle (2.4) + Jordan Clarkson (n/a) = 26.8M

-Make Eric Bledsoe an offer of 4 years, 62 million
(commentary) Hopefully Phoenix doesn't match due to the fact that they already have two point guards in Dragic and Ennis, and they can save that money to make an offer for Greg Monroe, a center of which they're weak at the position.

-Sign Loul Deng to a 4 year, 48 million deal

salary: 53.9M
-the rookie exception will take place once the Lakers go over the cap, which they will, and it will exclude Julius Randle's contract
-Lakers have Gasol's bird rights. If they sign him, it will allow them to go over the salary cap.
-Lakers have 2.8M trade exception from Steve Blake.

Role players:
-Emeka Okafor to MLE (1 year, around 5 mil)
-Nick Young to a 3 year, 12 million deal
-Jordan Farmar to a 2 year, 4 million deal (using trade exception)
-Ryan Kelly to a 2 year, 2 million deal
-DeJuan Blair to a 1 year, 1.5 million
-Caron Butler to a 1 year, 1.1 million deal (vets mini)
salary around 62M

-Sign Pau Gasol to a 2 year, 16.5 million deal
salary at 70M

Summer League players that Lakers should sign:
-LaQuinton Ross (800k) - non guaranteed

Hire either Jeff Van Gundy or B. Scott

PG: Eric Bledsoe/Jordan Farmar/Jordan Clarkson
SG: Kobe Bryant/Nick Young
SF: Loul Deng/Caron Butler/LaQuinton Ross
PF: Julius Randle/DeJuan Blair/Ryan Kelly
C: Pau Gasol/Emeka Okafor/Robert Sacre

50+ win team IF all consistently healthy, depth and rookie-vet balance good enough to make a deep playoff run but all depends on the coach and what he preaches.


Sounds awesome and believable to me. the only unbelievables this should get will be from Lakers fans that are only happy with Lebron or Carmelo. I like Nate McMillain as a coach however


Oh and Dejuan Blair will be in the 3 to 4 million per year range. he won't take 1.5


Suns will match any offer to Bledsoe.

Daniel of Phoenix



02 Jul 2014 05:57:52
Utah jazz
PG: Burke,Garret,Neto
SG: Exum, Burks
SF: Hayward, Hood
PF: Kantar,Williams, Murphy
C: Favors,Gobert, Thomas
The Jazz need an all star on our roster and more depth with our bigs what do you think the jazz should do?


First Jazz not sing again to Marv Williams, Second need a score in the paint me bay is posible sing a Max Contract For Monroe




01 Jul 2014 06:40:19
How the Bulls can offer Melo 17.4 mil outright:
1. Bulls trade Taj for future 1st to either Utah, Orlando, Phoenix
2. In separate trades: Trade Dunleavy and that future 1st to team that can absorb Dunleavy's contract for future 2nd, and Randolph + $2mil for a future 2nd (these 2 trades must be separate)
3. Bulls amnesty Boozer
4. Sign Mirotic for 5mil
So Melo tells the Knicks that he'll take that 17.4 mil unless they do a S&T (which would allow Bulls to keep Gibson)
---Knicks/Bulls trade---
Knicks receive: Boozer, 3 unguaranteed contracts worth 4mil, Bulls 2015 1st, Bulls 2017 1st, Kings 2015 1st
Bulls Receive: Carmelo Anthony at 17.4, JR Smith


01 Jul 2014 17:45:22
when you understand leverage you will understand any suitor for 1st will ask for 1st to land Gibson so bulls can sign Melo. while you think you can sign Melo for 17 per season, he said he will only give discount to sign him at 20 mil per season. when you think that you also know Bulls missing 1 hit to know the truth about your owner, he cheap and won't amnesty Boozer




30 Jun 2014 09:24:28
Utah - Mil

Utah get Jabari Parker and Irsan Ilyasova


Mil get Derrick Favors , Gordon Hayward and Trey Burke



Utah may want Parker but that utah team is very poor defensively and that bucks is poor offensively don't see this as a good trade.

Galaxy Gordon

Bucks can sign Hayward




30 Jun 2014 03:06:16
Bulls and Rockets fans think team are lining up to take Boozer or Lin so they can sign Melo or Lebron. Bulls owner is to cheap to amnesty Boozer. Knicks have an equal chance to sign both Melo and Lebron than any others teams have a chance to sign one of those two.

Orlando needs quality PG and one not as injuried as Nelson to mentor Payton, while adding local interior scoring star. This works because Magic are 30 mil under cap.

1st trade
Orlando get Calderon Amare
Knicks get Maxiell Lamb E.Moore (s&t)3yr 2mil

Magic Roster 60 mil payroll
Harris/Harkless/CJ Fair

Sixers need scorers until Micic and Saric come in 2016. Jazz need to balance lineup

2nd trade
Sixers get Bargnani JRSmith Jazz 1st lotto protected
Jazz get J-Rich Hardaway Shumpert
Knicks get Moultrie Anderson Mullen

Sixers Roster Micic & Saric won't join 2015-16
Bargnani/Sims/Embiid-out 3-4 months

Jazz Roster 50 win Heyward J-Rich for Boozer Mirotic

55 wins Bulls Roster

With Artest retire and the 2 trades bring payroll to 17 mil. Melo and Lebron sign 4yr 96 mil. 20 in 2014 leaving space to sign Hawes for 4yr 36 mil. THey get their money. payroll 68mil after picks are signed

Melo/Earl/Ante K

Lebron and Odom plays Point Forward with Melo and Earl in post and shooters around in the triangle offense would be very difficult for teams to deal with. Jackson is a genious


30 Jun 2014 11:25:12
Stopped after 1st trade. Why would orlando do that just to help the knicks.


30 Jun 2014 15:19:45
When you figure out how good of PG Calderon is and how unhealthy D-Rose is than you Bulls fans might consider swapping PG




25 Jun 2014 23:57:46
Bucks trade knight henson wolters 31st pick
Bucks get 5th pick and take richard jeffersons bad contract
From jazz

Bucks tade sanders illysova and mayo
Bucks get 14 pick and bad contracts
From sons



Wat u guys think?




25 Jun 2014 19:56:56
Cavs want immediat upgrade
76ers want Wiggins
Jazz want Parker
Bucks want to upgrade their roster at nearly every position and get new look/image

Bucks trade #2 pick, Sanders, Ilyasova, Mayo
Bucks get #3 pick, Favors

76ers trade #3 pick, #10 pick, T.Young
76ers get #2 pick, Waiters, Ilyasova, Mayo

Cavs trade #1 pick, Waiters, Jack
Cavs get #5 pick, #10 pick, Sanders, T.Young

Jazz trade #5 pick, Favors
Jazz get #1 pick, Jack

- draft #3 Embiid, #31 PG/SG Dinwiddie/Micic/Hairston
- get ride off bad contracts, new look for new franchise, very promising talents

Wiggins/T.Young/#39 pick
- get franchise player, more scoring punch, more athletic, stretch-4, add experience
- future looks bright

- immediat upgrades with Sanders and Young + rookie's Exum/Smart and McDermott
- immediat contender though this team is still young and has room for improvements

- get franchise player Parker, resign Hayward what needed, continue rebuild around Parker


The bucks wouldn't do that. The Jazz want wiggins not Parker




25 Jun 2014 14:53:34

SAC get: Jrue Holiday & Alec Burks

pg. holiday
sg. mclemore
sf. gay
pf. thompson
c. cousins

NOLA get: Isiah Thomas, Enes Kanter, & Carl Landry

pg. thomas
sg. gordon
sf. aminu
pf. davis
c. kanter

UTAH get: Tyreke Evans & 8th Pick (SAC)
Draft: Smart or Exum & Randle

pg. burke
sg. smart or exum
sf. evans
pf. randle
c. favors


Take out 8th pick


Can't combine S&T with picks.


Why do the pelicans do this?




25 Jun 2014 11:30:27
Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls in the finals

trade 5th pick to Orlando for Afflalo , 12th and 2nd round pick

sign Mike Miller , Jermaine Oneal

draft #12 Elfrid Payton

trade Rudy Gobert , Marvin Williams and 24th pick for Ryan Anderson and future 2nd

then sign LBJ to MAX

Trey Burke / Elfrid Payton / John Lucas
Aaron Afflalo / Alec Burks / Mike Miller
LeBron James / Mike Miller / Jeremy Evans
Ryan Anderson / Derrick Favors
Derrick Favors / Enes Kanter / Jermaine Oneal


amnesty boozer
trade Mike Dunleavy for future 2nd rd pick

sign Carmelo Anthony and Nikola Mirotic
sign Ray Allen

draft Adriean Payne #16 and Tyler Ennis #19

Derrick Rose / Tyler Ennis
Jimmy Butler / Ray Allen
Carmelo Anthony / Tony Snell
Taj Gibson / Nikola Mirotic
Joakim Noah / Adriean Payne / Greg Smith

LOL. while i'm thinking that these are very unlikely , I just want to see Bulls and Jazz rematch just like LA BOS finals series.

Not sure if they are for finals , But I think there's a chance


Orlando would do this if they got exum at 4 and then Vonleah at 5 as they don't really like smart after two bad workouts.

Galaxy Gordon



25 Jun 2014 06:08:52
Cavs trade: 1st, 33rd, Dion Waiters, and Tristan Thompson
Cavs get: 5th, 9th, 23rd, and Derrick Favors

- Draft Noah Vonleh, Nik Stauskas, and Shabazz Napier
- Resign Spencer Hawes
- Trade for Afflao somehow giving Vareajo and picks
- Sign LeBron James and Jodie Meeks

Kyrie Irving - Jarrett Jack - Matt Delladova
Aaron Afflao - Nik Stauskas - Sergey Karasev
Lebron James - Alonzo Gee
Noah Vonleh - Anthony Bennett - Dante Zcunningham
Derrick Favors - Spencer Hawes - Tyler Zeller

- Wow! This team is scary. If LeBon wants to win now and the future this is the team. You have tons of young proven guys, I believe Bron playing with Bennett will bring the beast he is out. He has Guys who can stretch and hit the 3 in which he loves because he loves to go ISO. If these guys grow to their potential this is easily a dynasty.
( Prediction 1st in East )

Jazz trade: 5th, 23rd, John Lucas III and Derrick Favors
Jazz get: 1st, 24th, Brandon Haywood, and Gerald Henderson

- Draft Jabari Parker, Jordan Adams, and Semaj Christon
- Sign Jordan Hill and Evan Turner
- Sign and Trade Gordan Hayward for Greg Monroe

Trey Burke - Dante Garrett - Semaj Christon
Alec Burks - Gerald Henderson - Jordan Adams
Jabari Parker - Evan Turner
Greg Monroe - Jordan Hill - Jeremy Evans
Enes Kanter - Rudy Gobert - Brandon Haywood

A nice young core that will get better and better. Monroe and Parker will grow to be a deadly duo that's if they grow to their potential. I don't see why this team couldn't contend for a playoff spot tbh.
(Prediction 10th in West)

Hornets trade: 9th, 24th, Brandon Haywood, and Gerald Henderson
Hornets get: Dion Waiters , Tristan Thompson, and John Lucas III

- Draft DeAndre Kane
- Sign Luol Deng, Vince Carter and Grevis Vasquez
- Resign Josh McRoberts

Kemba Walker - Grevis Vasquez - John Lucas III
Vince Carter - Dion Waiters - Gary Neal
Luol Deng - Michael Kidd Gilcrest - Jeff Taylor
Josh McRoberts - Tristan Thompson
Al Jefferson - Bismack Biyombo - Cody Zeller

I like the trade because they get rid off contracts allowing them to get veterans also they add help rebounding from Thompson ( they were last if I recall ) and add a legit scorer in Waiters off the bench which they also had trouble in. Deng brings perimeter D and O, he also can play a stretch 4 to give Al more room to operate. Vince Carter brings experience and clutch playmaking down the stretch. Hornets just get better all around, they improved everything they didn't have last season and that was rebounding, scoring, depth, and play makers. I do though think the Hornetts will be the surprise team next year.
(Prediction 5th in East)


No only because hornets get absolutely screws


No to the S&T with Monroe. Hayward is not a good long range shooter and Monroe is a Double Double Machine


Hayward has gotten better each year from distance and is actually a really good shooter. I expect this year to get better as well.




24 Jun 2014 23:55:57
Cavs Offseason

Trade #1 pick,Tristan Thompson and dion waiters to Jazz for Favors, Burks and #5 pick

Sign LeBron James and Thabo Sefalosha

Draft Noah Vonleh


Kyrie Irving/Jarret Jack
Thabo Sefalosha/Alec Burks
LeBron James/Alonzo Gee
Noah Vonleh/Anthony Bennett
Derrick Favors/Spencer Hawes




24 Jun 2014 22:21:37
Big deal 3-team trade


Cavs trade - 1st pick/Waiters/Thompson
Cavs get - Cousins/8th pick/Hayward

Jazz trade - Favors/Hayward/5th pick
Jazz get - 1st pick/Waiters/Thompson

Kings trade - Cousins and 8th pick
Kings get - Favors and 5th pick

Cavs draft Gordon

Jazz draft Parker

Kings draft Embiid

Cavs - Great all around team should win it all

Jazz - gets cheaper players & 1st pick(sign Monore or Gortat)
Burke/Lucas III
Monroe or Gortat/Kanter

Kings - Less drama with Favors plus top 5 pick
Landry(Embiid when healthy/J.Thompson


A Cleveland fan's wet dream. Nothing more.


Lol kings wouldn't even consider that


Best center in the nba and #8 for #5 and favors?

stop posting

^ Did you call Cousins the best center in the NBA? Did he make the all star team? Was he an all-nba player? Did he win defensive player of the year?


Anyone who thinks LeBron is going back to cleveland would be hallucinating. He's not going to an unproven coach and a medicore at best supporting cast. He wants to win championships. Something he'll never be able to do in Cleveland.


Kobe made the allstar team and played 5 games and scored like 10 ppg 4 tpg. Lol people like you vote the wrong people in every

stop posting

Cousins top 10 ppg top 5 rpg top 20 bpg top 20 spg top 10 apg for big men on a bad team that couldn't finish a assist. Name 1 center better.

stop posting



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