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04 May 2016 22:05:49
jazz hawks clips

jazz griffin teague


hawks favors exum 1st jazz

exum shroeder

clips millsap hood


04 May 2016 13:42:10

Chi give: butler

Utah give: hood, burkes, Lyles.

04 May 2016 03:00:29
Utah/ Min

Utah: Favors

Min: Lavine and #5.

04 May 2016 04:48:51
That's nice for both teams.

04 May 2016 11:56:57
Don't think Minnesota does this. While they can move Wiggins to SG, acquiring Favors would wreck any chance they would have to sign a FA.
So instead of having 4 starters with a top pick and cap space, they would have 4 starters with no top pick and no cap space.

03 May 2016 19:20:20
Bulls - Jazz

Bulls get Favors, Hood, Burke and pick


Jazz get Butler, Dunleavy


03 May 2016 21:38:00
Not enough for Butler, pick is too high in the draft. If it was 4-6, then it may be a bit more reasonable.

03 May 2016 23:29:35
If i change Burke with Exum, would it be more reasonable?

04 May 2016 00:42:37
no this is fine, someone is overvaluing butler.

04 May 2016 03:20:42
If we knew what Exum was it would help. Missing him for the year makes it more difficult to say yes.

03 May 2016 19:20:12
Boston Off-Season Move possibilities.

*DRAFT* (Only 2016 Rnd.1 picks mentioned)
2016 Rnd.2 and future to be
determined. )

#3 B. Hield
#23 A. J. Hammonds

*TRADE* (Quality for Quality)

Utah gets: K. Olynyk
A. Bradley
Maybe A. Johnson
2016 #16 pick

Boston gets: D. Favors

*FA* H. Whiteside -4yr. Near Max
J. Dudley -3yr.20M range

PG-Thomas/ Rozier
SG-Smart/ Hield/ Hunter
SF-Crowder/ Dudley/ Young
PF-Favors/ Jerebko/ Mickey
C -Whiteside/ Hammonds


03 May 2016 20:20:58
I think that letting go of Turner would be a huge loss. He is the only person who can facilitate on this team.

03 May 2016 20:32:21
right. need to resign turner and sullinger.

03 May 2016 20:48:37
I agree Larry. If Turner and the Celts can agree on a discount then I would be happy to see him come back.
If that be the case then I would put him starting at SG and move Smart into back to the 2nd team playing PG and SG with the hopes he will improve his long-range shooting. Even so, I do believe Smart will become trade bait sometime this year.

Overall, if the Celts can pull all those moves off, they can be a well blended/ much improved 55-60 win team. injury pending of course.

03 May 2016 21:03:12
I don't know if I agree with the Favors trade though. In that lineup he would be the number 1 scoring option. Because to me Thomas is much better suited as a number 2 or number 3, it showed in the playoffs that if defenses take him out of the game then he is kind of useless. So if we are going to move players it needs to be for someone that is better suited at being a number one option.

03 May 2016 21:18:37
What I am saying is that we need someone that we can give the ball to at the end of the game and trust that he will be able to give us a great shot at winning the close games. Like what Pierce did for all those years. And with that team you still have to count on Thomas which I don't think is a great idea.

Just imagine a team with an actual go to scorer and Brad Stevens' late game plays? That would be insanely hard to defend.

04 May 2016 01:13:32
The Jazz won't let Favors go for that. Three nickels for a quarter.

01 May 2016 22:56:17
The Celts most likely will continue their trend of not being able to land a Prime FA.
I believe the big fishes Durant and Horford will pay us a visit but end up saying No.
Durant will most likely return to OKC on a 1yr. deal to give it one last try with the Thunder and Horford either gets the big $$ to return to the Hawks or signs with the Spurs.

The only names left that draw interest to me in FA are H. Whiteside, J. Dudley, and/ or N. Batum as potential fits for the Celts. Wise choices in the draft and a smart trade or two should be the way to go to make Boston a 55 win team next season.

My idea of Celtics Off-Season Moves:

(Rnd.1 players only mentioned)

-#3 B. Hield
-#16 D. Valentine
-#23 A. J. Hammonds

Utah gets: K. Olynyk, A. Bradley, A, Johnson
2016 2nd. Rnd. Cleveland pick

Boston gets: D. Favors

FREE AGENCY- Hassan Whiteside

PG-Thomas/ Rozier
SG-Smart/ Hield/ Hunter
SF-Crowder/ Valentine/ Young
PF-Favors/ Jerebko/ Mickey
C -Whiteside/ Hammonds


03 May 2016 12:28:36
I would rather keep Bradley and not get Favors.

03 May 2016 18:24:54
Could you explain to your reasons why?

01 May 2016 17:01:12
philly: Hayward+ B Knight
Utah: Okafor+ Ish Smith
Phoe: T Burke+ 1rnd pic LA+ 1rnd pic Sac 2018.

01 May 2016 17:26:27
Why would the Jazz do that? They already have Gobert and Favors no need to deal their leader.

01 May 2016 20:26:24
Jazz wouldn't do it. They already have a bunch of bigs.

28 Apr 2016 21:58:32
suns plans

suns jazz

suns knight
jazz burks

suns sign marvin williams
sign eric gordon

draft bender

bledsoe goodwin
booker gordon
warren tucker
williams bender mirza
chandler len.

28 Apr 2016 16:39:34


ORL get Jeff Teague

ATL get Trey Burke, Andrew Nicholson, ORL 2nd round pick and UTA 1st round pick

UTA get Elfrid Payton

sign Chandler Parsons 4yr/ 80mil
sign Dwight Howard 4yr/ 85mil

resign Brandon Jennings 3yr/ 25mil
pick up option of Ilyasova

sign Jared Dudley 2yr/ 10mil

Pg Teague/ Watson/ Napier
Sg Oladipo/ Jennings
Sf Parsons/ Dudley/ Marble
Pf Gordon/ Ilyasova
Ce Howard/ Smith/ Dedmon

BENSIMMONS how about this?

29 Apr 2016 12:46:24
I like it but where is vucevic.

28 Apr 2016 02:37:05
Try this Knicks move
Suns get Griffin Calderon-exp
Clippers get Melo Grant
Jazz get Knight
Knicks get Burke Burks W. Johnson Chandler 13th 28th 33rd 34th

Chandler to Lakers for cap space
Burks Burke 13th for Teague 43rd 54th

Hawks get good value for Teague
Suns take risk with Griffin and keep top pick
Clippers get a healthier star than Griffin
Lakers get a defense center for nothing
Knicks create cap space, get picks and their best pg since Frazier.

Knicks pay Durant 111mil 4yr Batum 4yr 92mil

78mil payroll
Teague/ Ulis-34th/ PaytonII-54th
Batum/ Brogdon-43rd/ Wroten
Durant/ W. Johnson/ Antetokounmpo
Porzingis/ O'Quinn/ T. Maker-25th
Lopez/ Hernangomez/ Hammons-33rd.

28 Apr 2016 13:09:57
You honestly think Durant will sign with the Knicks without Melo? Why not just try to trade Melo for Griffin straight up?

28 Apr 2016 23:39:55
Knicks set at center pf, Griffin does not fit, Durant with Batum Teague Porzingis and Lopez starting Hella Yeah Durant will join and not take paycut. Dangerous young deep bench.

27 Apr 2016 17:26:18
jazz clippers hawks

jazz cp3 horford st
clippers teague exum burks 2 1st utah
hawks burke favors wes johnson


teague/ exum
redick/ burks


26 Apr 2016 18:09:31
I like one of the trades i read earlier involving CHI and UTA centering around Butler and Gobert i think both teams will benefit from that. A Hayward-Butler combo would be a defensive nightmare for opposing teams and adding a very good PG will make them a serious contender. I'll make my version of that.


UTA get Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson

Pg Teague
Sg Butler
Sf Hayward
Pf Gibson
Ce Favors

CHI get Alec Burks, Rudy Gobert and 1st round pick from UTA and ATL

Pg Rose
Sg Burks
Sf McDermott
Pf Portis
Ce Gobert

ATL get Rodney Hood and Trey Burke

Pg Shroeder
Sg Hood
Sf Korver
Pf Millsap
Ce Horford.

26 Apr 2016 19:02:15
I just don't see the Jazz giving up Gobert. He is turning into one of the best and more reliable defensive centers in the league. I could see them trading Favors before they trade Gobert because of the emergence of Lyles this season.

I understand that Butler is a great player and a star and exactly what the Jazz need to get over the hump but I think they could do that without giving up Gobert and one of Hood or Burkes.

26 Apr 2016 20:00:03
I agree with Larry. There's only MAYBE a hand full of players the Jazz would trade Gobert for.

26 Apr 2016 15:13:10
bulls jazz

bulls gobert hood burke 1st rd pick
jazz butler gibson

resign noah - mentor of gobert
draft thon maker and valentine
lure nic batum with those french guys

rose burke moore
hood dunleavy snell
batum mcdermott valentine
portis mirotic
gobert noah maker

sign matt barnes and luis scola

exum mack neto
butler burks
hayward barnes ingles
gibson booker scola
favors lyles.

26 Apr 2016 15:40:20
like the foundation. bulls with a quick rebuild while jazz becomes legit having them sign better fa's who can help.

25 Apr 2016 20:42:40
Knicks Kings Jazz

Knicks - Collison, McLemore

Kings - Burke, Oquinn

Jazz - 2nd from Knicks, Vujacic.

25 Apr 2016 22:06:06
No one want Vujacic.

25 Apr 2016 17:25:38
If Lakers get #3 pick this year:

LAL: Gobert, Exum or Hood, #12 pick

UTAH: Russell, Randle, #3 pick.

25 Apr 2016 17:58:57
as much as i would love it for the Lakers, Jazz might say no.

25 Apr 2016 18:15:36
I don't think that the Jazz are going to look into trading parts of their core. They are all still young and growing.

25 Apr 2016 18:54:58
Value seems about right. Just don't see a reason for Utah to give up gobert, who is established, and exum, who they waited all year for. Especially for the baggage that comes with Russell and Randle. Unfortunately those two lost a lot of value around the league this year.

25 Apr 2016 19:12:24
I should keep Russell.

25 Apr 2016 19:13:41
Y would the Jazz trade a cornerstone of their team in Gobert.

25 Apr 2016 19:26:11
Gobert is Tempting but lakers say no.

25 Apr 2016 19:48:40
Just curious in the feedback. Only reason I can see Utah doing his is the pick this year (if they want to gamble on Bender or Heild or Brown), the potential of Russell (if they're not convinced of Exum after blowing out his knee), and Gobert being a RFA in 2017 and not wanting to pay him near max if another team extends him a max offer.

23 Apr 2016 04:26:38
Lakers Offseason if they get #2 pick
Trade #2 and young to bucks for #10 and Middleton
Draft potel from Utah

Sign Noah, resign huertas, black, clarkson
Fire Scott, hire Jackson or Walton

Pg Russell/ huertas
SG clarkson/ Williams
SF middelton/ brown
PF Randle/ nance
C Noah/ potel/ black.

23 Apr 2016 13:56:09
Lakers would have to get #10 and Jabari. Middleton is not enough to jump from 10.

23 Apr 2016 14:21:03
Middleton has performed better than Parker and consistently improved. I'd take Middleton.

23 Apr 2016 14:46:00
I picked middelton because he's a good three point shooter, has 3 more years on his contract, and most of all, plays solid defense. Exactly who the lakers want at the small forward position,

23 Apr 2016 15:04:33
No way you get Middleton and parker for the #2, let alone the #10 too.

23 Apr 2016 15:57:43
Don't give up the two pick unless you get a star.

22 Apr 2016 19:35:40
CHI: L Williams, Brown, and '16 2nd rd pick (via LAL #32)

UTAH: Russell and Randle

LAL: D Rose and R Gobert.

22 Apr 2016 19:50:49
Gobert>>>Russell and Randle. Utah passes without a second thought.

22 Apr 2016 20:03:07
Really? Without even thinking about it Ben? This is pretty much the same package offered to SAC for Cousins (still not sure if Clarkson was involved or not) . Is Gobert >>> Cousins?

I'd love to have Rudy on the Lakers to solidify that defensive big man position.

22 Apr 2016 20:11:08
Seems like a steep price for the lakers but Gobert is a foundation. Jazz are nothing without him right now.

22 Apr 2016 20:24:03
What if Lakers get the #3 pick.

LAL: Gobert, Exum or Hood, #12 pick

UTAH: Russell, Randle, #3 pick.

22 Apr 2016 21:15:15
That Cousins package was declined. And since, a year has passed showing the flaws in randle. Russell has shown some flaws in his game and serious maturity issues. IDK who brown even is. You don't get a stud center for that. But on top, you want rose, who has been great the second half. Benmiller is right, don't even think about it, kings hang up.

22 Apr 2016 23:07:02
From what I read Mike, and please show me the source if you find this to be wrong, the Lakers pulled out of the deal to trade Randle, #2, and Clarkson (again, I read another article that he wasn't involved) for Cousins last summer.

So given the "flaws" in 2 rookies' games, wouldn't it be reasonable to believe that Randle and Rusell would be fair value for Gobert who isn't a star player like Cousins? I'm not saying Utah agrees, but to say they hang up laughing or without a second thought is ignorant.

Brown is their rookie SF they drafted in the 2nd rd last year. So essentially, Bulls dump Rose's salary for a former 6th man of the year and 2 2nd rd picks. If you don't see Rose as a salary dump I can understand that, but I do. He's got no future with CHI and is at best like a mediocre PG for a fringe playoff team or a backup for a title contender.

23 Apr 2016 00:30:08
Honestly, I think gobert is more valuable than cousins (I'm sure people will disagree with that, but whatever) . Gobert is a game changing defender, he's a top 5 defender, and he's a future all star/ all NBA guy.

Russell has quite a bit less value than last year's #2 pick. Russell didn't show he is one of the two (or maybe even 5) best players in the draft. Randle looks more and more like a backup big. If the lakers get a top 2 pick this year, then Russell and the pick for Gobert is probably fair value, but I still think Utah passes.

23 Apr 2016 05:00:54
It depends on the situation. All things being equal, i'd rather have Gobert than Cousins because of his leadership and maturity issues. But there's no doubt Cousins has a bigger impact on the game than Gobert. But for team chemistry, athleticism and defensive purposes, I'd rather have Gobert. You can put a lot of different kinds of players around him and be successful. It's going to take a certain small group of guys to play with Cousins who can humble him and mentor him to mature and become a leader.

20 Apr 2016 05:21:02

Suns - Favors
-draft Jaylen Brown and Labbisere

Knight/ Goodwin
Booker/ Brown
Warren/ Brown/ Teletovic
Favors/ Skal/ Leuer
Chandler/ Len

Jazz - Bledsoe, Gibson

Bledsoe/ Exum/ Neto
Hood/ Burks
Hayward/ Ingles
Gibson/ Lyles
Gobert/ Booker

Bulls - Tucker, Burke, 2nd from Suns

Rose/ Burke
Butler/ Dunleavy/ Valentine
Tucker/ McDermott/ Snell
Mirotic/ Portis
Noah/ Felicio.

18 Apr 2016 21:14:47
My Knicks Summer Plan
Convience Ginnie Buss to fire brother and bring Phil
Hire Walt Frazier President Ewing as VP and Allan Houston as GM. Tom Thibodeau as Coach

Clippers get Melo Grant O'Quinn
Lakers get Chandler
Suns get Griffin Calderon-stretch pro sign Barnes
Knicks get Knight W. Johnson Tucker 4th 13th 32nd

Jazz get Knight
Pelicans get Lopez 32nd
Mavs get Okur Jazz 2nd
Knicks get 6th 12th

Sign Durant 4yr 136mil 34mil per season
sign Whiteside 4yr 90mil
sign Rondo 4yr 60mil

Rondo/ Murray-4th/ Wroten
Johnson/ Beasley-12th/ Thanasis
Durant/ Tucker/ Early
Porzingis/ Bender-4th/ Devin Thomas
Whiteside/ T. Maker-13th/ Hernandez.

21 Apr 2016 15:24:22
Trade the 6th pick for Lopez and the 32nd? c'mon Man.

18 Apr 2016 03:44:27
My Knicks offseason should be retool cut ties with Jackson, Walt Frazier President, Allen Houston as GM bring Tom Thibodeau to coach hire Patrick Ewing as an assistant

Clippers get Melo Grant
Knicks get W. Johnson Knight 4th 13th 32nd
Suns get Griffin Calderon-Stretch sign Barnes
Lakers get T. Chandler

Knicks get 6th 12th
Jazz get Knight
Pelicans get Lopez 32nd
Mavs get Okur

1st Kevin Durant 4yr 132mil 33 mil per yr out pay him per season more than any team
2nd Hassan Whiteside 4yr 90mil
3rd Rajon Rondo 4yr 60mil

C. Whiteside V. Maker-13th O'Quinn
PF Porzingis Bender-4th Hernangomez
SF Durant Johnson Early
SG J. Brown-6th Beasley Thanasis
PG Rondo Wroten Freddette

Athletic long deep fast with shot blockers finishers and playmakers.

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