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18 Aug 2017 15:42:15

New York gets- Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, Shawn Long, Isiah Taylor, 1st rd pick (HOU)

Houston gets- Carmelo Anthony

Utah gets- Ryan Anderson

18 Aug 2017 17:03:08
Ryan Anderson has negative value. You'd probably have to give up a first to get rid of him.

18 Aug 2017 14:27:15

NYK - D. Favors & A. Burks

Hou - Melo

Utah - R. Anderson, T. Ariza, Hou 2018 & 2019 1st rd pick

18 Aug 2017 22:47:29
You can't trade two consecutive firsts.

18 Aug 2017 02:44:08
LA Lakers X UTA Jazz

LAL take J.Johnson (exp) & D.Favors (exp)

UTA take J.Clarkson , L.Deng & 1st round pick

18 Aug 2017 09:30:20
Why should the JAZZ spend 30 million a year for deng and clarkson?
The pick is in 2020 and won't be top 10. So the pick hasn't much value.
And do they even have enough cap space for the deal?

16 Aug 2017 11:11:13

Pacers get Favors


Hornets get Thad Young , Alec Burks & 1st from Jazz (protected)


Jazz get Batum


16 Aug 2017 04:53:18

Knicks get Favors & Neto


Jazz get C.Lee , Oquinn & 2nd


16 Aug 2017 07:02:03
Favors plays the four and Zinger the five, Willie is not a four.

16 Aug 2017 04:40:36
Memphis-Utah Jazz

Memphis acquire Derrick Favors

Utah Jazz receive Jamychal Green (st)

15 Aug 2017 16:39:16
Rockets get Melo
Jazz get Anderson Lee Thomas Houston future 1st
Knicks get Dieng Johnson Burks Favors Aldrich
Wolves get Noah OQuinn Ariza

Burks and Favors are injury prone. Lee and Anderson is just better Thomas future 1st is fair trade Johnson.ny cares about years remaining as they are rebuilding.


15 Aug 2017 17:08:15
You should probably add 2 unprotected 1st rounders to Minnesota, nobody is taking Noah without it.

15 Aug 2017 17:20:47
No doubt that Noah is the worst deal in this trade, but Aldrich would be second. Based on having once less year and less AAV, I do agree the Wolves get additional compensation, but I don't see more than one first going there way.

15 Aug 2017 21:29:18
The Jazz wouldn't trade Favors who when healthy is a top 40 player who defends, rebounds, and scores on the inside for Anderson and Burks for basically an older version in Courtney Lee. In all reality the Jazz don't need Anderson as they have a pretty complete roster at this point. The Wolves would need at least two 1st Round picks if they were to take on Noah. The Rockets won't do a Nelo deal unless all they have to give up is Anderson and a first round pick and frankly they shouldn't become they need to keep depth. Trading Ariza or Capela or an extra first rounder would only be to the Rockets' detriment.

15 Aug 2017 23:08:44
I don't know much of a difference , with Dieng and Noah except age and health from what I know O'Quinn and Ariza bring to the bench more value then anybody they have no picks needed. Ariza is coming over for Melo.

15 Aug 2017 06:50:51

SAS get Favors , Bellineli & T.Young

UTA get Aldridge

ATL get Parker (buy-out) & 2nd from Spurs

IND get 1st from UTA & Alec Burks

16 Aug 2017 02:37:58
Don't really understand the need for Indiana in this deal. Spurs don't really need Thad Young.

14 Aug 2017 23:37:57
Utah: M Conley

Memphis: Rubio+ Favors

11 Aug 2017 06:30:42
Three team deal:

To NYK - Favors, Ariza, Troy Williams, HOU 2020 1st

To UTA - Anderson, 2019 2nd from Knicks (via one of three teams)

To HOU - Melo, Kuzminskas

Melo saga finally ends in NY. Favors and Ariza are expiring deals, Williams, the pick and future cap flexibility are the wins here for NY.

Favors struggled last year, and Anderson gives them an upgrade. At $82M of team salary for the upcoming seasonthey can take on the.

12 Aug 2017 03:39:00
Give Utah that first and take out the 2nd. Favors has value. Andersons contract is just to high to be an asset.

13 Aug 2017 13:09:51
I like this trade, but i think Utah should get a little more in this trade.

08 Aug 2017 14:47:15

New York gets- Solomon Hill, Al Jefferson,E'Tuwan Moore, Alexis Ajinca

New Orleans gets- Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah

Indana gets- Derrick Favors, Omer Aisk, Quincy Pondexter

Utah gets- Thaddeus Young

All salaries work, what's your thoughts?

08 Aug 2017 15:18:47
Love it for the Knicks, Pacers and Jazz.
Not so much for the Pelicans.

08 Aug 2017 15:38:52
My thoughts are the Pelicans would do this in a second but it will not happen.

08 Aug 2017 15:52:19
Do OQuinn to the Pacers instead of trading Noah everything else stays the same tho.

08 Aug 2017 17:00:39
Ran it through trade machine. Trade was successful.

08 Aug 2017 21:10:04
Seems good for all. Let's see if it gets done.

07 Aug 2017 02:38:06

•Pacers get Alec Burks, Davis Bertans, and a 2nd rd pick from Spurs
PG: Collison, Joseph, Sumner
SG: Oladipo, Burks, Young
SF: Bogdanovic, Stephenson, Robinson
PF: Sabonis, Leaf, Bertans
C: Turner, Jefferson, Anigbogu

•Spurs get Thad Young, Derrick Favors, and right to swap 2018 1st rd picks with Jazz
-Sign Nikola Milutinov
PG: Mills, Murray, Parker
SG: Green, Ginobli, White
SF: Leonard, Anderson, Paul
PF: Young, Gay, Lauvergne
C: Favors, Gasol, Milutinov

•Jazz get Lamarcus Aldridge and lesser of its own and Spurs 2018 1st
-Sign Deandre Liggins
PG: Rubio, Exum, Neto
SG: Hood, Mitchell, Liggins
SF: Ingles, Johnson, Sefolosha
PF: Aldridge, Jerebko, Bolomboy
C: Gobert, Udoh, Bradley.

07 Aug 2017 04:46:17
love the move for SAS.

07 Aug 2017 06:37:38
I love the move for Spurs and Jazz I think its exactly what both need. I think Pacers would want more however to depart with Young. They probably would want the Spurs 1st.

07 Aug 2017 08:46:33
i don't dislike this trade for Indy (as an Indyfan)

Love this for the Spurs.

It's a good move for Utah. LMA would give them a shot for the eight spot. But i think they should trade Favors for draft picks and trade for younger players.

03 Aug 2017 02:21:10
For Mr. Pugh

OKC get Melo O'Quinn Favors Teletovic

In case George Melo Westbrook bolt, OKC has all the cap space to retool or all cap space to keep them together.


NY get Adams Henson Korver

Building a frontcourt depth that will haunt smaller teams with shot blocking, rebounding and defense.


Utah get Kanter Singler

Utah twin towers look will give Jazz different offensive option beyond Hayward with a creative pg like Rubio.


Bucks get Burks Kuzminkas
Bucks improve future cap space to decide on who to resign or bring 1 more star FA for Giannis


03 Aug 2017 04:54:44
Dellavedova for Leonard
Blazers are overload at pf only have 1 backup unreliable backup. Bucks will need bigs who can shoo t and run.

Brogdon/ Burks/ Lewis
Middleton/ Payton/ Vaughn
Giannis/ Snell/ Kuzminkas
Maker/ Parker/ Wilson
Monroe/ Leonard/ Hawes.

03 Aug 2017 05:14:28
I could understand Thunder trying to get Melo but not that big a fan of them dealing Adams to do so (O'quinn is a solid backup and Favors is good but he hasn't been healthy in awhile) . If they did I think they should minimally getting more back (you forgot about Patrick Patterson who is their incumbent starting pf and a very solid stretch 4 that can defend some) .

Although Knicks would probably prefer a perimeter player adding Adams would be a great return for the Knicks and Henson although a little redundant wouldn't be a terrible addition. Isn't Korver still on Cavs?

Utah is currently employing the twin towers approach and has done so for past few years with guys like Okur, Millsap, Jefferson, Favors, Gobert and even Kanter. They traded Kanter away and I doubt they want him back since he was very unhappy and basically requested a trade. Favors is a better player than him and paid less so I don't understand why they'd give him and a solid role player in Burks up for two inferior players.

Bucks are in the luxury so I could understand them making this move from that perspective but it isn't going to clear enough cap space to make a significant difference. If they waived rights of their FA they could have close to 20 mill but I doubt they let Parker go without seeing his market first in RFA so that would lower them to about 10 mill if they kept his rights. Not really enough to add another star unless they worked out some funky sign and trade offer.

03 Aug 2017 05:48:59
Jaw meant McDermott not korver. did drop the ball on Patterson no need for teletovic. Kanter being healthier is a big edge over Favors and a Post scorer something neither favors or gobert is. Thunders sight on being able to keep Westbrook, value more than keeping either big. Keeping him is based on keeping George Melo adding 4th big name could make difference. Cap is 104. Currently 2018 is at 71mil with my trade 64 mil. Now dump Burks Dellavedova with Parker for expiring of Wade. Bulls consider taking a chance to fill their void at SF with Parker. Kidd is equally good in front office as coach as he was as player. Wish I say the same for players. ISIAH.

03 Aug 2017 14:16:28
Appreciate the shoutout! Just can't see us moving Adams unless it's a younger, more locked in star. He's very valuable.

03 Aug 2017 14:55:37
It's moot, since Anthony is refusing to go to any team except Houston.

03 Aug 2017 22:23:08
decent but swap out adams for abrines fergason 1 pick and okc don't get favors.

09 Aug 2017 00:14:47
Take out Adams and McDermott and add Grant and some other small things and that's a good deal.

02 Aug 2017 07:11:20

•Spurs get Dwyane Wade, Robin Lopez, and Thad Young
-Sign Gerald Green
PG: Mills, Murray, White
SG: Wade, Ginobli, Forbes
SF: Leonard, Anderson, Green
PF: Young, Gay, Bertans
C: Lopez, Gasol, Lauvergne

•Jazz get LaMarcus Aldridge
-Sign Gerald Henderson
PG: Rubio, Exum, Neto
SG: Hood, Mitchell, Henderson
SF: Ingles, Johnson, Sefolosha
PF: Aldridge, Jerebko, Bolomboy
C: Gobert, Udoh, Bradley

•Bulls get Derrick Favors, Danny Green, and Tony Parker
(Team could buyout Parker and likely trade Green mid season to a contender)
PG: Dunn, Grant, Payne
SG: LaVine, Holiday, Nwaba
SF: Green, Valentine, Zipser
PF: Portis, Mirotic, Markannen
C: Favors, Felicio

•Pacers get Alec Burks and 2018 Jazz top 5 protected 1st
PG: Collison, Joseph, Sumner
SG: Oladipo, Burks, Young
SF: Bogdanovic, Stephenson, Robinson
PF: Sabonis, Leaf
C: Turner, Jefferson, Anigbogu.

01 Aug 2017 17:38:46
Rockets get Melo
Hawks get Favors Exum Ariza Randle Onuaka HOU & NY future 1st Jazz 2nd
Knicks get Schroder Bazemore Burks
Jazz get Anderson Lee

Jazz get better players


Rockets get their guy

Hawks rebuild

Knicks get their pg Burks for Henson

01 Aug 2017 18:23:02
Knicks won't get anywhere near that for Anthony.
Low rotation player is all he's worth.

01 Aug 2017 18:43:09
Then IT should work in a deal then Super.

01 Aug 2017 17:27:43

New York gets- Reggie Jackson, Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, Shawn Long, Isiah Taylor, Chinanu Onuaku

Houston gets- Carmelo Anthony

Utah gets- Ryan Anderson

Detroit gets- Courtney Lee

What's your thoughts?

01 Aug 2017 18:08:07
Why again would Utah do this? Seeing as the biggest problem is taking on Anderson and the Jazz would have no interest this trade as a whole won't work.

03 Aug 2017 08:23:54
Reggie Jackson for Courtney Lee?? No thanks

31 Jul 2017 20:32:59

UTAH get: Damien Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic

pg. Lillard
sg. Hood
sf. Johnson
pf. Favors
c. Nurkic

POR get: Rudy Gobert and Ricky Rubio

pg. Rubio
sg. McCollum
sf. Turner
pf. Leonard
c. Gobert

31 Jul 2017 23:15:21
Don't like the move for Portland. It's a guards league so I rather have Lillard than Gobert. Additionally I rather have Nurkic than Rubio. Rubio is a solid point guard who would be a defensive upgrade over Lillard but his lack of shooting necessitates a very different offensive scheme to be effective. Nurkic gives you about the same stuff Gobert gives you, interior defense, intimidation, rebounding and a limited offensive skill set albeit at a lower level.

Utah would have to add more.

01 Aug 2017 00:14:06
Interesting trade

Even more if portland get Ryan Anderson in the melo to houston trade for something like :

Rubio - Mccollum - Harkless - Anderson - Gobert

but i think Lilliard and Gobert are so the figure of their franchise, they'll never be traded.

01 Aug 2017 06:47:27
I wouldn't do the trade either if I were Portland. But I disagree on one thing, it's not a guard driven league it's a wing driven league. You don't win championships because of point guards. You win championships with great wings.

29 Jul 2017 01:22:40
Jazz Cavs NY

Jazz get Irving and Shumpert

Cavs get Melo Favors and Rubio plus 1rd 2018 from Jazz

NY get Love Burks 2rd 2018 from Jazz

28 Jul 2017 16:28:08
More Realistic Kyrie Trades

1. DEN gets: G Kyrie Irving, G Iman Shumpert, F Channing Frye (expiring), F Richard Jefferson (expiring)
CLE gets: F Kenneth Faried, F Wilson Chandler, F Darrell Arthur, G Emmanuel Mudiay, G Jamal Murray,
2018' protected 1st (Nuggets)

2. CHA gets: G Kyrie Irving, G Iman Shumpert, F Channing Frye (expiring), F Richard Jefferson (expiring)
CLE gets: F Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, C Cody Zeller, G Kemba Walker, G Jeremy Lamb, F Frank Kaminsky, 2018' protected 1st (Hornets)

3. MIL gets: G Kyrie Irving, G Iman Shumpert, F Channing Frye (expiring), F Richard Jefferson (expiring)
CLE gets: C Greg Monroe, G Khris Middleton, G Matthew Dellavedova, F Thon Maker, G Malcolm Brogdan, 2018' protected 1st (Bucks)

4. UTA gets: G Kyrie Irving, G Iman Shumpert, F Channing Frye (expiring), F Richard Jefferson (expiring)
CLE gets: G Ricky Rubio, F Derrick Favors, G Alec Burks, G Dante Exum, F Rodney Hood, 2018' protected 1st (Jazz)

28 Jul 2017 17:15:24
That's too much from bucks.

28 Jul 2017 17:43:40
People aren't going to give up all their young assets for kyrie and a bunch of old bench players. Everyone is giving up way to much. Maybe the nuggets aren't because they have so many assets left over but everyone else is giving way to much.

28 Jul 2017 17:57:55
Only Nuggets would do this.

28 Jul 2017 22:07:26
I think even the Nuggets are giving up too much. I think a realistic offer would be closer to Chandler or Faried, Murray or Mudiay (if Mudiay slightly more would have to be added) and the 1st.

Charlotte shouldn't have to give up much more than Kemba

Bucks should only be giving up 2 of the 3 of Brogdon, Maker and Middleton and Monroe or Delly and a 1st.

Utah giving up too many players. Don't think Cavs would value Exum too much so should be something like Hood and 2 out of Rubio, Johnson and Favors and maybe heavily protected (like top 20) 1st.

27 Jul 2017 01:27:17

CLE get: Dwayne Wade, Robin Lopez, Ricky Rubio, and Denzel Valentine

Pg. Rubio/ Rose
Sg. Wade/ Korver
Sf. James/ Jefferson
Pf. Love/ Frye
C. Lopez/ Thompson

CHI get: JR Smith, Derrick Favors, Joe Johnson, and 2x Utah Future 1st

Pg. Dunn/ Payne
Sg. LaVine/ Smith
Sf. Mirotic/ Johnson
Pf. Portis/ Makkanen
C. Favors/ Felicio

UTAH get: Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert

Pg. Irving/ Exum
Sg. Hood/ Mitchell
Sf. Sefolosha/ Shumpert
Pf. Ingles/ Jerebko
C. Gobert/ Withey

27 Jul 2017 05:17:11
If I were Cavs I'd be more interested dealing directly with Jazz (Then hope Wade gets bought out although looking more unlikely) . I'd also really want Hood from Jazz involved as a solid 3 and D guy who is young. Maybe swap him in for one of the 3 they are giving up and take away the later 1st Jazz are giving up.

27 Jul 2017 15:33:39
Cavs won't be able to shoot at all which is kind of a necesity against the warriors.

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