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16 Dec 2014 17:24:34
I've seen Reggie Jackson in several trade rumors this season. And honestly, he should be. He pushed his trade value during the start of the season with Durant and Westbrook out. His averages all went up, but now he is back to being a bench player and has Harden 2.0 written all over him. He may not be quite the player Harden is, mind you, but he has a similar way about him this season.

Several teams could use a Reggie Jackson on their team. If I'm the Thunder, there are two things I want back in the way of players in a RJ trade: a capable backup point and an athletic young big. If I could have both and both be on rookie deals, all the better.

My dream scenario would be to target Trey Burke and Nerlens Noel. If there was a deal that could be had to send Jackson to the Jazz, Alec Burks to the Sixers, Burke and Noel to the Thunder, I'd pull the trigger. It'd cost the Thunder pick(s), a few other guys (Lamb, Jones, Collison, etc.) but I feel like it is well worth it.

Westbrook, Burke, Smith
Roberson, Morrow
Durant, Thomas
Ibaka, Noel, McGary
Adams, Perkins


No from Sixers


Hahah Westbrook could get that return but not jackson


If like that too as a thunder fan. I am very high on Reggie Jackson. I believe in his own team he will be a 20/5/8 guy atleast. but we won't be able to get those two pieces from 2 different teams.I think the best deal is something to do with New York and Tim Hardaway Jr. Especially since him and Melo aren't getting along. I'll post the trade now






16 Dec 2014 11:53:10
Nets Trade:
Deron Williams

Jazz Trade:
Trey Burke, Enes Kanter, Trevor Booker, Steve Novak


Put out Kanter and put the 1 rd 2017




15 Dec 2014 00:59:29
Celtics Get:
-Dante Exum
-Rudy Gobert
-Jeremy Evans
-Steve Novak

Jazz Get:
-Marcus Smart
-Jeff Green
-Vitor Faverani

Celtics Draft Kevon Looney
Jazz Draft Caris LeVert

Jazz 2016 Roster
Burke - Smart
Burks - LeVert - Hood
Hayword - Green
Favors - Booker
Kantar - Faverani

Celtics 2016 Roster
Rondo - Turner
Exum - Bradley - Young
Looney - Novak - Wallace
Sullinger - Olynyk
Gobert - Zeller

Jazz get a good dominant Bench squad of Smart, Green, Booker, LeVert, and someone who can give them a good defensive guard in Smart, he could be there 2 guard of the future, he and Burke could be like Goron and Bledsoe, and then Burks could be like Isaiah Thomas, and they also get a great scorer off the bench in Jeff Green, and Caris plays a lot like Lamb or Jamal and he can put the ball in the basket too

Celtics are getting the high potential Dante Exum, Exum can play alongside Rondo better than Smart, and he will be there PG of future if Rondo was not to resign or be traded, they also get an amazing rim protector in Rudy Gobert, and they are in desperate need of a rim protector, they also might be able to draft Looney if they get a better pick, he draws comparisons to Kevin Durant, he is a great scorer, he can defend, he can rebound, and he can play the 3 or 4 for Boston, the Celtics also get a sharp shooter in Novak and Steve would be in a good position to get his points if he is playing alongside 2 great passers in Rondo and Exum

NBA Easy Breezy





14 Dec 2014 18:32:08

Thunder get Kanter and Burke

Jazz get Jackson, Perkins, and a 1st rd pick




11 Dec 2014 06:08:28
Utah next year and mid season

Trade burke. novak, gobert Booker and 1 rd for 2016 D wil

Sing wes Mathew fro 10 M

Sing Milsap for 12 M

Resing Kanter

Draft Towns


Also sign Carlos Boozer in the offseason make a trade for Kosta Koufos and Kyle Korver, not enough? take CJ Miles and Ronnie Price from IND and LAL , send Alec Burks and Dante Exum for them and then sign their leader AK47





11 Dec 2014 06:02:04
Utah next year and mid season

Trade burke. novak, gobert Booker and 1 rd for 2016 D wil

Sing wes Mathew fro 10 M

Sing Milsap for 12 M

Resing Kanter




11 Dec 2014 02:54:25

Jazz trade: Kanter, Novak, T Burke
Jazz get: Mirotic, Olynik, Young

Chi trades: Mirotic, Dunleavy
Chi gets: Burke and Green

Bos trade: Young, Green, Olynik
Bos gets: Kanter, Dunleavy, Novak

Jazz moves Burke so Exum can start and Kanter moves so Rudy can minutes. Jazz is young so they get more young players to their core as they get better in the future

chi gives up a good prospect and get a upgrade at the 3 and a PG so they are not relying on rose

Bos ends up with an amazing upcoming center and as an RFA they can control him in the future

succeed and proceed



27 Nov 2014 15:01:44
Jazz - Cavs - Griz Trade

Grizzlies send - Tony Allen and John Leuer to the Cavs
Cavs Send - Tristan Thompson, Dellavedova and future 2nd rounder

Jazz Send - Rudy Gobert and Alec Burks to the Cavs
Cavs send - Dion Waiters and Memphis's protected 1st rd pick


Memphis say no, they need Tony Allen




26 Nov 2014 22:53:54

Thunder get Burke, Kanter, and right to swap 2nd rd picks

Jazz get Perkins, Jackson




24 Nov 2014 21:17:54

Thunder get Martin, Reggie Evans, Trey Burke

TWolves get Perkins, 1st rd pick from OKC, and a 2nd rd pick from Jazz

Jazz get Jackson

Kings get Roberson




24 Nov 2014 15:49:29

ATL get: Wallace, Green, & Sullinger

pg. teague
sg. thabo
sf. green
pf. milsap
c. sullinger

BOS get: Horford, Kanter, & Evans

pg. rondo
sg. bradley
sf. evans
pf. horford
c. kanter

UTAH get: Smart & Korver

pg. smart
sg. exum
sf. hayward
pf. favors
c. gobert




11 Nov 2014 14:44:54
NBA Trade Rumors game. I'm going to post the teams involved and you come up with believable trades involving those teams

TRADE 1- Charlotte and Sacramento

TRADE 2- OKC and Utah

TRADE 3- Golden State, New York, and Portland

TRADE 4- Milwaukee and Lakers

TRADE 5- Cleveland, Boston, and Atlanta

Come up with just 1 or all 5


Lakers send Nic Young and Jordan Clarkson

Bucks send Ersan Illysova and Nate Wolters


Trade One:

CHA get: Derrick Williams

SAC get: Gerald Henderson

Trade Two:

No idea

Trade Three:

No idea

Trade Four:

LAL get: Larry Sanders

MIL get: Steve Nash (exp) & Hou 2015 1st DP

Trade Five:

CLE get: Kyle Korver

BOS get: Dion Waiters

ATL get: Jeff Green



OKC trades Jeremy Lamb, Mitch McGary, future pick.

Utah trades Alec Burks


That's a whole lot for Alec Burcs lol


Knickerbocker that trade 5 is pretty good. Maybe add a couple salary fillers and 2nd round picks but the bones of the trade are very solid


He's a bid upgrade over lamb


Idk about big lol. That's 3 young solid players. if the future pick is like a 2018 2nd rounder then I might. But McGary has actually gotten in great shape


For Trade 3
GS: Samuel Dalembert
Allen Crabbe

POR: Harrison Barnes
Ognjen Kuzmic

NY: Joel Freeeland
Will Barton


^why would the warriors do that trade




02 Nov 2014 03:29:57
BOS send Rajon Rondo Jared Sullinger Even Turner to
Jazz for Trey Burke Gordon Hayward
Enes Kanter and Rodney Hood


Utah doesn't do this even if Rondo agrees to extend with them which he wont




21 Oct 2014 01:07:14

ATL get: Kanter, MKG, & 2015 1st UTAH

pg. Teague
sg. korver
sf. mkg
pf. milsap
c. kanter

CHA get: Horford

pg. walker
sg. Stephenson
sf. Williams
pf. horford
c. jefferson

UTAH get: Vonleh

pg. burke
sg. exum
sf. Hayward
pf. vonleh
c. favors


No way Utah trades both Kanter and a 2015 1st round pick for Vonleh. That 1st round pick is looking like it could be top 5 next year.


PG: Jeff Teague / Shelvin Mack
SG: Kyle Korver / Thabo Sefolosha
SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / DeMarre Carroll
PF: Paul Millsap / Mike Scott
C: Enes Kanter / Pero Antic
PG: Kemba Walker / Brian Roberts
SG: Lance Stephenson / Gerald Henderson
SF: Marvin Williams / P.J. Hairston
PF: Al Horford / Cody Zeller
C: Al Jefferson / Bismack Biyombo
PG: Trey Burke / Dante Exum
SG: Alec Burks / Rodney Hood
SF: Gordon Hayward / Jeremy Evans
PF: Trevor Booker / Steve Novak
C: Derrick Favors / Rudy Gobert


^ forgot vonleh in jazz line up




18 Oct 2014 13:30:20

UTAH get: Iguodla & Illaysova

pg. burke
sg. exum
sf. iguodal
pf. illaysova
c. kanter

GSW get: Favors, Knight, & Novak

pg. curry
sg. Thompson/knight
sf. barnes/green/novak
pf. favors
c. bogut/speights

MIL get: David Lee

pg. giannis
sg. mayo
sf. parker
pf. lee
c. sanders


I thought there was an article that the Bucks wanted to extend Knight.

succeed and proceed

Warriors wouldn't do that they're trying to contend for a title, not get younger.



18 Oct 2014 17:39:46
I don't think the jazz would start Exum over Hayward


Oh ya forgot about hayward




16 Oct 2014 09:26:16
TRADE # Knicks - Jazz

NYK gets A. Burks / J. Evans

UTA gets I. Shumpert / T. Outlaw




13 Oct 2014 05:54:09
Jazz Hornets trade

Jazz get MKG, Gary Neal and Marvin Williams

Hornets get Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks

Jazz starting lineup

Hornets starting lineup




11 Oct 2014 19:22:08
KINGS: Jeremy Evans, ROCKETS 2015 1st round pick (from LAKERS) and LAKERS 2015 2nd round pick

JAZZ: Ryan Kelly (JAZZ have shown interest)

LAKERS: Reggie Evans (expiring) and KINGS 2015 1st round pick


Kings 1rst round pick could be going to the bulls if its not top 10


Highly doubt Kings would trade, unless the pick was protected




09 Oct 2014 04:55:04
Okc gets Alec Burcs

Utah gets Mitch McGary


Mitch isn't going anywhere at this time. I think he stays because of his upside.


^Burks is a big help for OKC




20 Sep 2014 11:38:07

Utah get Taj Gibson , Corey Brewer


Chicago get Alec Burks , Ronnie Turiaf


Minnesota get Rodney Hood , Utah 2nd rd pick





19 Sep 2014 17:33:29

BOS get: Derrick Favors, Steve Novak, UTAH 2015 1st

pg. smart
sg. bradley
sf. green
pf. sullinger
c. favors

IND get: Enes Kanter & Trey Burke

pg. burke
sg. stuckey
sf. singleton (george)
pf. west
c. kanter

UTAH get: Roy Hibbert, Rajon Rondo, & Kelly Olynyk

pg. rondo
sg. exum
sf. hayward
pf. olynyk
c. hibbert


Utah gets screwed, they get Rondo who is a FA after this year and Hibbert who can opt out. If they would agree to play there past this year maybe, but I never heard many people say they WANT to play in Utah

succeed and proceed

I like it but Utah is giving a lot for 2 guys who are on a decline. and I don't know if playing in Utah would give them the motivation to be as good as they were a year ago




16 Sep 2014 09:27:18
# TRADE # Knicks - Jazz

NYK gets A. Burcs / R. Gobert

UTA gets I. Shumpert / T. Outlaw




15 Sep 2014 04:04:01
Cavs - Jazz

Jazz get 2015 1st round pick (via Grizzlies), any filler contract from Cavs
Cavs get R Gobert




13 Sep 2014 17:34:59
Looking for a more realistic way of the Cavs getting a shot blocking center.

Cleveland to Milwaukee:
Brendan Haywood, John Lucas, and Erik Murphys Contracts and a 2nd rd pick (might need another player thrown in)

Milwaukee to Cleveland:
John Henson and Kendall Marshall


Cleveland to Utah:
2nd rd pick

Utah to Cleveland:
Rudy Gobert

Would like to see Henson starting at center with the ability to play some at the 4 if needed. I still believe there needs to be a back up to Kyrie other than waiters. Gobert is more of a project but he doesn't need to contribute much offensively. If both trades were able to happen then Gobert could spend some more time in the D-League. But I would be happy with either one of these.


Cavs get Serge Ibaka

Thunder get Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiter, and 2015 pick


Both those trades are horrible. Gobert has potential to be something special. He outplayed both Marc and Pau Gasol in Fiba semi game. Also bucks ain't trading Henson for that trash


I would love Serge Ibaka but I would rather have a decent defensive center that doesn't eat up much of the cap space.




12 Sep 2014 11:39:50

UTA get A. Horford , C. Brewer

ATL get N. Pekovic , C. Budinger , 1st from Utah

MIN get D. Favors


MIN doesn't need favors, they have Dieng


Favors is Power foward and dieng is a center


^ Last time I checked, Minnesota just acquired 2 PF in the Love trade, so they have no use for Favors.


You mean they wouldn't take Favors and then have Young come off the bench at the 3 and 4 positions, like he did successfully for years in Philly??

Just because you have a decent starting PF doesn't mean you can't add another one who's got more potential.

Also, Favors can play the 5 in a smaller lineup, which he would need to do with Pek gone and Dieng the only true 5 on the roster. This would also allow for Bennett, who can play the 3 and the 4 to get minutes.

SAS Champs 2014



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