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20 Feb 2015 09:02:49
That's for you guys


Celtics & Suns

Celtics get I.Thomas
Suns get M.Thornton and CLE's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-10)

Pistons & Celtics

Pistons get T.Prince
Celtics get J.Jerebko and L.Datome

Suns & Bucks

Suns get B.Knight and K.Marshall (waived)
Bucks get M.Carter-Williams, M.Plumlee and T.Ennis
76ers LAL's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-5)

Rockets & 76ers

Rockets get K.J.McDaniels
76ers get I.Canaan and DEN's 2015 2nd round pick

Rockets & Knicks

Rockets get P.Prigioni
Knicks get A.Shved, HOU's 2017 and 2019 2nd round picks

Timberwolves & Nets

Timberwolves get K.Garnett
Nets get T.Young

Heat & Suns & Pelicans

Heat gets G.Dragic and Z.Dragic
Suns get D.Granger, J.Salmons and MIA's 2017 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-7), MIA's 2021 1st round pick (unprotected) and cash considerations
Pelicans get N.Cole, J.Hamilton and S.Williams (waived)

Nuggets & 76ers

Nuggets get rights to C.Akyol
76ers get J.McGee, OKC's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-18) and rights to

Thunder & Pelicans

Pelicans get I.Smith, rights to L.Williams, OKC's protected 2015 2nd round pick and cash considerations
Thunder gets NOLA's protected 2016 2nd round pick

Thunder & Jazz & Pistons

Thunder gets E.Kanter, D.J.Augustine, K.Singler, S.Novak and DET's 2019 2nd round pick
Jazz get K.Perkins (buyout), G.Jarrett, rights to T.Pleiss, OKC's protected 2017 1st round pick and DET's 2017 2nd round pick

Kings & Wizards

Kings get A.Miller
Wizards get R.Sessions

Trail Blazers & Nuggets

Trail Blazers get A.Afflalo and A.Gee
Nuggets get T.Robinson (buyout), W.Barton, V.Claver, POR's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-14) and 2nd round pick


I'm still baffled by the return the 76ers got for MCW


Im shocked about the return we got for mcw. But I think its obvious now that sixers r going to draft emmanuel mudiay.

go 76ers

Wish pistons could have traded for Mo Harkless instead of Prince.


^It was a great return, but Mudiay's stock is falling. Expect Russell to be the pick.

Boy Howdie

I don't expect russell to be a sixer and never will. Sixers want mudiay and they will get him period. Its just going to happen.

go 76ers

What is the 76ers actual plan? I am so lost by these moves.






18 Feb 2015 22:09:00
Milwaukee - Utah

Milwaukee get Kanter
Utah get Pachulia, a future first draft pick




18 Feb 2015 20:40:10

Toronto gets Ersan (scoring stretch 4)

Milwaukee gets Kanter (a new big with sanders gone)

Utah gets Ross, Hayes, Toronto 1st, Bucks 2nd (exp deal, young player and picks)

succeed and proceed

Ross and first round pick for Ersan? Your kidding right?






18 Feb 2015 16:31:59
Bucks get Enes Kanter, Rodney Hood, and option to swap 1st round picks (top 3 protected for jazz which would lead for a 2016 swap option)

Jazz get Greak Freak, John Henson, and Jared Dudley


How fast can the Bucks hang up?




18 Feb 2015 03:52:19
Since Dragic does not want to resign

Hou gets Dragic Bros (backcourt strength)
PHX gets Terry and Kanter (young big man who is a RFA so they can lock him down long term)
Utah: Capela, Popanikolaou, and NOP 1st. (Start Rudy and get prospects)

succeed and proceed

Dragic wouldn't resign with Houston




17 Feb 2015 21:08:16

Suns get Kanter and a 2nd rd pick

Jazz get Thomas and Plumlee




17 Feb 2015 17:13:09

UTAH get: Ty Lawson

pg. lawson
sg. exum
sf. hayward
pf. favors
c. gobert

DEN get: Kendrick Perkins (exp), Trey Burke, & Reggie Jackson

pg. burke
sg. jackson
sf. gallo
pf. hickson
c. nurkic

OKC get: Enes Kanter & Wilson Chandler

pg. westbrook
sg. waiters
sf. durant/chandler
pf. ibaka
c. kanter/adams


Jazz don't want Lawson, Exum is the future at PG. Better off sending Lawson to a fourth team for a draft pick, like. Houston.

Lawson for Terry, Shved (both expiring) and Pelicans lottery pick


Have Utah and OKC send a pick to Den




17 Feb 2015 16:11:34
Celtics - Jazz

Celtics trade Thornton (waived), Olynyk, Cavs 2016 first round pick

Jazz trade Kanter, Evans (waived)

Celtics use one of their ten first round picks (not counting the 76ers and Wolves 2015 picks likely to become a pair of second round picks each) in the next four draft to land the former number three overall player to finally solve a ongoing problem at center.

Jazz are looking for a first round pick and a young player in return for Kanter. Olynyk can play along side either Gobert or Favors giving the Jazz options and a player still on his rookie contract for two more seasons after this one.




17 Feb 2015 11:58:50

BOS get: Cousins & Trey Burke
Draft: Kevon Looney

pg. burke
sg. Bradley
sf. young/looney
pf. olynyk/looney
c. cousins

SAC get: Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger, Enes Kanter, & MIA 2015 1st (via BOS)
Draft: Justice Winslow

pg. smart
sg. mclemore/winslow
sf. gay/winslow
pf. sullinger
c. kanter

UTAH get: Marcus Thorton (exp), Nik Stauskus, & DAL & LAC 1st DP (via BOS)
Draft: Kristnaps Porzingis

pg. exum
sg. stauskus
sf. Hayward
pf. favors/porzingis
c. gobert




16 Feb 2015 21:43:24
I believe this trade helps all teams

To Utah
Plumlee 1.4
J. Jack 6.3 (experienced PG for Exum to learn from)
R. Jackson 2.3 (FA)

(plus 1.4 in salary cap

Kevin Garnett 12.0 (FA (one last ride)
(.5M in salary cap)

To Brooklyn
Kanter 6.0 FA
Burke 2.6 (young guard for D. Williams to guide)
(I know Utah likes this guy; but to inconsistent for me and not enough assists for the number of shots he takes.)
Perkins 9.2 FA
(Brooklyn down 1.9 in Salary cap and only 2.6 carry over into next year)




16 Feb 2015 15:11:15
Offseason trade:

Hornets get Hayward

Jazz get Stephenson, Henderson, and a protected 1st rd pick




16 Feb 2015 10:06:43

MIL get Goran Dragic

pg : Knight , Bayless , Dragic
sg : Dragic , Mayo
sf : Giannis , Middleton , Parker
pf : Henson , O'Bryant
ce : Pachulia , Sanders

PHX get Jared Dudley , Enes Kanter + Bucks 2nd round pick

pg : Thomas , Bledsoe , Ennis
sg : Bledsoe , Green , Dudley
sf : Tucker , Marcus , Warren
pf : Markieff , Marcus , Randolph
ce : Kanter , Len , Wright

UTAH get Miles Plumlee and Ersan Ilyasova

pg : Burke , Burks , Exum
sg : Exum , Hayward , Millsap
sf : Hayward , Ingles , Evans
pf : Favors , Ilyasova , Booker
ce : Gobert , Plumlee




15 Feb 2015 22:28:24
Utah/ Bos

Kanter for Prince (buyout) 1st from Dallas, 1st from Clippers

succeed and proceed

Yeah right


Prince and maybe 1 draft pick. Trading two 1st round draft picks for a free agent to-be disgruntled center is too much.


Since when is kanter worth two first?? Need to watch more jazz basketball


17 Feb 2015 01:02:55
Now we need mffl go mavs
Buyout,free agency

Thats only 12,11?
Cut smith,ledo,james,rj
Or if we can't get allen
Try to trade ledo,smith,rj
an 1st 2016 an 2nd 2015
For kevin Martin,or? Reply
Leaves 1 spot left keep Powell
Let him go

tru mavs



15 Feb 2015 16:58:47
Sixers-Jazz Trade

Sixers Trade:
2015 First Round Pick
SF Robert Covington

Jazz Trade:
SF Gordon Hayward


Gordan making too much.


Wait you want the Sixers first rounder!!!!??? For gordan heywoodd. Insane trade for the Sixers.


I would be mad if sixers traded their heat pick for him. Horrible trade

go 76ers

Hinkie wouldn't even think for a second on this one, NO from philly.


Way to make sixers fans angry

go 76ers

Angry Sixer fans? Oh my! So scary!




15 Feb 2015 15:59:41

Suns get Kanter and Jeremy Evans

Lakers get Isaiah Thomas

Jazz get Nash, Plumlee, and a 2017 lottery protected 1st from Lakers


2017 first round pick goes to Magic




15 Feb 2015 13:43:57

nyk trade thj and jason smith for enes kanter

utah wants a backuo sg due to burks injury smith has a similar game to kanter, knicks get themselves a good big for the triangle can shoot more importantly can go over the cap to resign him next season which allows them more space to fill out the rest of starting lineup




15 Feb 2015 04:53:33
Kings - Jazz

Kings trade future second round (pick top 55 protected)

Jazz trade Novak

Kings send out a pick due to league rules that both teams must trade something but being too 55 protected it's not likely to ever be sent. Instead they get a floor spacer who can give Cousins more room to work in the post.

Jazz aren't giving Novak any PT as the team is rebuilding and playing the young guys so sending him out and creating a trade exception is a nice move to make.


I just made a trade like this. Sac Utah okc

Sac gets Novak and Reggie Jackson

Okc gets kanter booker sessions

Utah gets Nik stalkus Perkins Jermery lamb




15 Feb 2015 00:55:53
Lakers - Portland - Utah

Lakers get Kanter (Utah), Claver (Por) and first draft pick Por

Portland get Hill and Kelly (LAL)

Utah get Young (LAL) and Robinson (Por)


Jazz don't want Young, send Blazer pick to Jazz instead


Lakers don't want Kanter. He is overrated and there is Okafor a and Towns available in the draft




14 Feb 2015 22:56:12
Utah/ Lakers

Kanter and Burke
Nash / Randle

Utah features Rudy and can slowly being Randle into meaningful minutes next year.


Lakers get a big man

succeed and proceed

Jazz get a steal if they get Randle for that package.


Or Lakers can just keep randle and sign a big men at fa or draft




14 Feb 2015 12:56:21

Cleveland get Goran Dragic and Miles Plumlee

Phoenix get Enes Kanter and Tristan Thompson

Utah get Iman Shumpert , Brendan Haywood and future 1st from Cavs

Cavs get a backcourt combo guard to pair with Irving , James and Love

Irving / Dragic / Dellavedova
Dragic / Smith
James / Miller / Jones
Love / Marion / Plumlee
Mozgov / Plumlee

Suns get 2 inside presence that they lack

Bledsoe / Thomas / Ennis
Green / Tucker / Goodwin
Marcus / Warren
Markieff / Thompson / Wright
Kanter / Len

Jazz meanwhile get a future 1st for Kanter (who wants out) , additional wing help and unguaranteed contract

Exum / Burke
Shumpert / Burks
Hayward / Millsap
Favors / Booker / Evans




14 Feb 2015 12:47:53

Nets get Enes Kanter , Wilson Chandler and Trevor Booker

Jazz get JJ Hickson and 1st from Denver (future)

Nuggets get Brook Lopez and 2nd from Nets

Nets roster

Jazz roster

Nuggets roster




14 Feb 2015 12:42:33
Lakers get Enes Kanter

Jazz get Jordan Hill expiring


Just a heads up, the Jazz could just hold onto enes and his expiring contract for millions less than hill. So besides lakers wanting it, I fail to see why jazz do this.


One he Jazz would want more then just Hill because they overrate kanter and two this helps the lakers none. Hill is just as good as kanter and they will be in position to draft Okafor or Towns in this years draft




14 Feb 2015 05:55:00

POR sends Wesley Mathews and their 2015 and 2017 1st rd to SAC; Lamarcus Aldridge and a future 2nd to Utah

POR receives Nik Stauskas and Enes Kanter

Seems like some guys may believe this one.


Kanter is GOAT




13 Feb 2015 17:11:24

Hou gets: Dragic bros
PHX gets: Kanter
Jazz get: Terry (buyout) T Jones, NOP 1st, Phx 1st

Hou gets their G
PHX get their big man
Jazz opens up time for Rudy and 3 1st Rd picks

succeed and proceed

Jazz getting too much

i love Disney

Kanter is not worth that lol. If anything PHX should get the picks. Suns have Len for the future and the Suns wouldn't give Dragic for just Kanter who imo wouldn't be resigned. I think PHX wants a pick.


Phoniex already has a lot of good big guys


Len > Kanter


Phoenix does not have a bunch of good big men, nor is Len better than Kanter.

That said, this still is not a good deal for Phoenix unless a pick is added to their haul.

SAS Champs 2014

Len is absolutely better then kanter


^absolutely a biased Suns fan




13 Feb 2015 14:04:17

Spurs get ends kanter

Jazz get Joseph,ayres,Anderson and 2 rnd pick


Is kanter that good for four players?? Honestly haven't heard him being any good maybe I should watch more jazz games idk.




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