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23 Jun 2016 01:55:16
Hawks/ Jazz

Hawks get: Trey Burke

Jazz Get: #21 pick.

23 Jun 2016 03:09:57
Would've happened in 3 team deal from earlier.

23 Jun 2016 03:11:03
If #12 gets you Teague then Burke shouldn't be able to get you #21. Jazz should've included this in their trade. I'm not sure why they elected to get Teague instead of Hill and why they didn't get more compensation from Pacers.

23 Jun 2016 00:33:02
I think Trey Burke could've gotten utah George Hill. They should've kept that pick.

23 Jun 2016 03:33:34
I don't agree Burke could've gotten Hill or they should've kept their pick but I don't think Hill is much of an upgrade on Burke let alone Mack and definitely not worth the #12. I'm not sure why they include Pacers at all and didn't just get Teague who I think is younger and better player than Hill for themselves.

23 Jun 2016 00:19:57
Tor: T. Lyle, Alex Burks

Uta: Ross, 9th Pick.

23 Jun 2016 01:58:16
Jazz say no.

23 Jun 2016 03:35:44
I don't think there is anyone Utah would be interested at #9 so I don't see them doing this deal. Prospects drop off after 8 where top 8 prospects to be drafted are widely agreed on its just a question of what order.

22 Jun 2016 21:11:00
What is in the water in NY?
Reports of hill to Utah for the #12
Haywood to Boston for Bradley smart and the #3
And Rose to NY for Lopez Calderon and? .
Hold on to your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy ride.

22 Jun 2016 21:58:59
haven't heard of that Boston rumor yet. where did you see/ hear it?

22 Jun 2016 22:33:03
The Hayward deal was a hoax. I'll be in the corner thinking about what I've done for a while.

22 Jun 2016 20:13:44
Teague to Indy
George hill to Utah
#12 to Atlanta
Being reported.
We have movement ladies and probably mostly gentleman.

22 Jun 2016 23:49:30
For the life of me I don't understand why Jazz chose to include Pacers and get Hill instead of Teague. In my opinion they are very similar style players but Teague is younger and better player and they have similar contract situations.

22 Jun 2016 19:43:37
Boston trades 3 and Smart
Jazz trade Hayward and Mack

Thomas/ Mack
Bradley/ Turner
Hayward/ Crowder
Crowder/ Johnson
Sullinger/ Olynyk

Smart/ Burke/ Exum
Hill/ Burks
Hood/ Ingles
Favors/ Lyles
Gobert/ Pleiss.

22 Jun 2016 20:09:49
Not a Cs fan but I would pass, maybe if you threw in 12 and Exum.

22 Jun 2016 20:12:13
Well 12 can't get traded anymore so nvm.

22 Jun 2016 19:38:18
Trade that is agreed upon
Pacers trade Hill and get Teague

Jazz trade #12 pick and get Hill

Hawks trade Teague and get #12

Love it for the Pacers and Hawks. Not so much for the Jazz.

22 Jun 2016 19:44:53
Hill > point guard they'd get at 12.

22 Jun 2016 19:45:07
Jazz should've just traded #12 for Teague. No need for Pacers to get involved.

22 Jun 2016 20:08:39
Hawks win.

22 Jun 2016 20:13:55
George Hill is kind of bad on offense for a team that's not got great scoring.

22 Jun 2016 20:16:58
Didn't see this and just posted it. I guess that's why they call him THEKING!

22 Jun 2016 20:20:02
Utah should be getting teague. If not, they're better off keeping their pick.

22 Jun 2016 22:43:32
Maybe jazz think they can keep hill long term and not teague.

22 Jun 2016 16:23:57

Boston - G. Haywood

Utah - #3 pick, M. Smart, rj hunter.

22 Jun 2016 16:52:00
That's a good trade for Boston, but in my opinion they better draft Bender. I think he can become the new D Nowitzki.

Who should Utah draft with the #3 pick? They're almost there, becoming a good playoff team. Why trade their leader for young assets? The value is fair, maybe even to much, but i would keep G Hayward if i was Utah.

22 Jun 2016 17:37:34
Gasupo -- Hayward can walk after next year, so if the Jazz keep him, it will be for only 2016-17.

22 Jun 2016 18:04:24
Hayward could walk after next season, but I think Utah is fairly confident they could resign him with their young core. I think Utah would have a better chance to resign him than Boston would since he's been with Utah so long.

22 Jun 2016 20:23:39
@Gasupo you are right the jazz are almost their to being a playoff team but by time they can atleast get to the 2nd rd haywood would probably be out of his prime.

21 Jun 2016 00:31:29
Hornets: Raul Neto Alec Burks Dante Exum
Jazz: Spencer Hawes Michael Kidd Gilchrist Aaron Harrison.

21 Jun 2016 01:26:27
I think Hornets win this trade.

21 Jun 2016 02:57:58
Don't think its an awful deal but I can only see Jazz doing something like this if they can sign Conley or get Teague, Knight/ Bledsoe in another trade. I'd probably agree Hornets are winning this trade since I don't think there is a huge drop off from MKG to Burks especially since he is more versatile player and then they are also dumping Hawes' contract and gaining a solid guard in Neto and promising player in Exum.

20 Jun 2016 07:41:38
Pelicans Offseason

Trade #1

Pelicans - #12 Pick (Skal Labissere)

Jazz - Tyreke Evans

Trade #2

Pelicans - Rudy Gay

Kings - Jrue Holiday

Draft Kris Dunn PG #6

Sign Kent Brazemore SG 3 yr 40 mil


PG - Dunn
SG - Brazemore
SF - Gay
PF - Davis
C - Labissere.

20 Jun 2016 17:21:41
Neither trade will happen. Gay has more value than holliday and the number 12 pick has so much more value than Tyreke Evans.

19 Jun 2016 17:37:30
Jazz - Raptors

Jazz- 9 (Poetl), 27 pick
Raptors - 12, 42, (52 maybe) pick, Withey

Not sure how much interest Utah has in Poetl, but if it is substantial and they would be willing to give up Withey I think a deal could be reached, Raptors will need a backup centre with Bismack gone and might be able to get the guy they want at 12 anyways.

17 Jun 2016 01:22:49
Jazz trade 2016 #12 pick and a future Rd 1 pick (1-15 protected) Trey Burke, Tibor Pliess and the draft rights to the center they have stashed in Europe to the Pelicans for
Jrue Holiday and Alexis Ajinca

This will gets rid of some deadweight and give them a big PG for Exum be an understudy from. They only have Holiday for a year, but he can provide a proven PG and take pressure off Exum.

Alexis gives the Jazz a solid back-up center to relieve Rudy. Rudy plays with great emotion and having a fellow Frenchman backing him would be very positive for the Jazz.

This gives the Jazz 4 PG's and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out between Mack and Neto, so I say keep them both and have 4 PG's. Besides bothe Holiday and Exum can play the 2 spot.

The Jazz need to trade up in 2016 draft to acquire the 31st pick from Boston and draft European stash player by the name of Rade Zagora 6'8" SF. Insurance SF to play behind Hayward.

As far as free agents go they need to resign Brooker and bring back Marvin Williams.

There a lot here which means it will have many unbelievable so, but much food for thought.

Hayward, Ingles (? Williams)
Favors, Lyles (? Booker)
Gorbet, Ajinca, Wright
Hood, Burks
Holiday, Exum, Neto, Mack


17 Jun 2016 04:48:44
That's cute. You have a signature phrase. Impressive.

15 Jun 2016 16:25:16
After reading so many everyone gets better than the Jazz. I've decided to favor the Jazz in some trades and make sure other NBA teams get ripped.

Let's say the Jazz trade Exum, Burke and Pliess to the 76'ers for the #1 pick.

or same three from the Jazz to the Lakers for #2 pick.

or the same three to Boston for #3 picks.

or the same three to Golden State for Curry.

or the same three to OKC for Westbrook.


15 Jun 2016 16:45:20
I think the Jazz are getting ripped in all of these except the Westbrook deal.

15 Jun 2016 16:58:53
76ers would have to throw in Okafor, Saric, and sign and trade Kevin Durant to make this work.

15 Jun 2016 17:02:09
You'll never get the time it took to type that back.

15 Jun 2016 19:29:25
Exum and Burks Pliess to sixes fir the number 1 pick which and still have the 12th
Exum hasn't done anything ( hurt) Burks be the loss
So heck ya
Sixers do it.

15 Jun 2016 22:32:39
Can you people even read. I said Exum, BURKE and Pliess;
Read the offer over. EXUM.

How did BURKE become Burks

There is also no mention of including the #12 pick in this deal.

READ the damn trade!

15 Jun 2016 06:54:18
Just fooling around on Trade Machine

Raptors get Lyles from Jazz, Snell from Bulls

Bulls get Gallinari, Nurkic from Nuggets, Burke from Jazz

Nuggets get Burks from Jazz, Ross from Raptors, McDermott from Bulls

Jazz get Rose from Bulls

Know it wouldn't happen, but think it fills holes for everyone involved

Raptors get promising young big with stretch 4 potential, solid defensive 3 that's still young, save money

Bulls get good scorer with size at a weak position for them, get a good young 5 with room to grow, young pg prospect, keep Butler

Nuggets get shooters at the 2/ 3, more balance

Jazz get veteran pg on short term contract, that if healthy could allow them to take a huge step, it's a risk but it may be worth taking.

15 Jun 2016 13:15:43
Horrible for Jazz.

15 Jun 2016 16:03:26
Jazz give up 3 former 1st round picks for oft injured Rose. HOGWASH.

15 Jun 2016 16:47:51
Congrats hunts. You've used a ridiculous term like hogwash on this message board multiple times.

15 Jun 2016 17:55:42
That line of reasoning is pure POPPYCOCK, every player involved in the posted trade, as well as the vast majority of nba players are "former 1st round picks", including Rose who is a former 1st overall and former MVP. Utah are giving up bench/ role players with potential for someone who could act as a veteran leader at a position of weakness and possibly allow them to take a big step forward, worst case scenario they take a slight step back and enter next year with a good pick and 20 million of additional cap space, I understand you love your young players and think they are going to be the bestest in the whole world, we all do, and I hate to break it to you, but odds are, they are not, they are assets, to be moved at the right time to attempt to move your team forward, acquiring a player of Rose's pedigree and potential impact could do that, or you can sit and keep waiting for Burke to turn into Chris Paul, or Burks into Klay Thompson, or Lyles into Paul Milsap but at the end of the day they are much more likely to remain Burke, Burks and Lyles.

12 Jun 2016 23:30:57
Hawks - Mavs - Jazz

Hawks gets - Parsons (s&t) and Burke

Mavs gets - Exum and THJ

Jazz gets - Teague

Hawks resign Horford and Bazemore
Draft Damian Jones

Mavs offer Harrison Barnes Max
Resign Pachuila and Lee

Jazz draft Denzel Valentine

Schreoder - Bazemore - Parsons - Milsap - Horford
Burke - Korver - Sefolosha - Scott - Jones

Exum - Matthews - Barnes - Dirk - Pachuila
Williams - Anderson - THJ - Lee - Powell

Teague - Hood - Hayward - Favors - Gobert
Mack - Burks - Valentine - Lyles - Pleisis.

13 Jun 2016 18:46:09
Jazz will not trade both Burks and Exum for a 1 year rental of Teage. HOWASH.

14 Jun 2016 01:42:37
Exum isn't going anywhere he is Utah's guy at PG.

12 Jun 2016 02:14:26
Utah/ Dallas/ Sac
Sac gets Burke and Utah 2nd round pick
Utah gets Powell/ McLemore
Dallas gets Ingles Utah's other 2 2nd rounders.

10 Jun 2016 04:09:36

Utah - E. Bledsoe

Pho - D. Favors.

10 Jun 2016 18:24:56
A big for a pg. Jazz say HOGWASH.

12 Jun 2016 07:41:58
Jazz have 4 point guards, and Favors is top 5-7 in the league at his position. This doesn't happen.

09 Jun 2016 07:03:32
Clearing the deck for the Pacers, get tons of youth and potential, go for top 5 pick next year, in what is supposed to be a really good draft, trying to help other teams involved get what they need as well

First trade:


Pacers get Joseph, Nogueria, Cabolclo, 9th pick this year, future 1st 2017/ 18/ 19 (Pacers choice) from Raptors, Vonleh, Crabbe (s&t) from Blazers

Blazers get Carroll from Raptors, Allen, Stuckey from Pacers

Raptors get Aminu from Blazers, George from Pacers

Pacers give up their star SF, a solid backup big and a vet pg for youth/ upside at every position (valuable assets) as well as a top 10 pick and a future 1st

Blazers give up a starting PF/ SF as well as 2 younger players (1 unsigned) to get a starting 3/ 4 as well as veteran bench depth at the 1 and 4/ 5 all under contract for at least 3 years, allowing them to build on what they did this season

Raptors give up really good young pg (with a history of winning), 2 high upside prospects, a top ten pick and a future 1st for a star SF and good SF/ PF to try to take the next step while they still have Lowry



Pacers get Faried, Nurkic from Nuggets, Burks, Burke and 12th pick from Jazz

Jazz get Hill from Pacers, Chandler and 15th pick from Nuggets

Nuggets get Ellis, Miles and the 20th pick from Pacers, Lyles and the 42nd pick from Jazz

Pacers take back some money in this trade, continue collecting young assets and depth (from both trades they save about 12 mil next season)

Jazz move back slightly in draft and give up a 2nd and some younger potentially good players to get the solid vet pg they need to run the team while they wait on Exum and a good veteran SF to lead off the bench

Nuggets get potentially good stretch 4, veteran shooter, and bench depth at the 3 to replace Chandler

Pacers: 5 Nurkic/ Turner/ Nogueria
4 Faried/ Turner/ Vonleh
3 Hill/ Cabolclo/ Crabbe
2 Burks/ Crabbe/ GR3
1 Joseph/ Burke/ Young
Picks 9/ 12, future 1st and 12 million to put toward free agents or trades.

09 Jun 2016 07:59:31
No way Pacers do that first deal. Raptors are robbing both Blazers and Pacers in that deal. They can easily get more for George who is a top 10 player in the league. Conversely don't think they get that much for what they are giving up in the second deal. Ultimately I think the final roster is fairly underwhelming since if I'm dealing George I want another potential superstar (either a young guy or top 2 pick in this years draft) and some other quality pieces.

08 Jun 2016 03:21:47

Hawks get #12, Lyles, Mack
Jazz get Teague, Hardaway, Better of Atl and Min 2018 pick


Trade Splitter, #44, and #54 to LA for #32
Trade #12, #21 to Sacremento for #8

#8 Jaylen Brown
#32 Malcolm Brogdon

Resign: Horford, Bazemore
Sign: Augustine, Pachulia

Schroder/ Augustine/ Mack
Bazemore/ Korver/ Brohdon
Brown/ Sefolosha/ Patterson
Millsap/ Lyles/ Muscala
Horford/ Pachulia/ Tavares


Teague/ Exum/ Burke
Hayward/ Hardaway
Hood/ Burks/ Johnson
Favors/ Booker
Gobert/ Withey.

10 Jun 2016 18:00:02
Jazz basically give up last years #12 and this years #12 for a 1 year rental for Teague. Jazz nation says HOGWASH.

07 Jun 2016 18:43:17
Going off Dlb731's trade idea:

Hawks Retool

Hawks get Valanchunas, Burke, #9, #12, #27
Jazz get Teague, Ross, #21
Raptors get Millsap, Burks

Trade #9, #12 to Denver for #7, #19
Trade Splitter to Lakers for a future 2nd

#7 Jaylen Brown
#19 Wade Baldwin
#27 Thon Maker

Resign: Horford, Bazemore
Sign: Marvin Williams

Schroder/ Burke/ Baldwin
Bazemore/ Korver/ Hardaway
Brown/ Sefolosha/ Patterson
Horford/ Williams/ Maker
Valanchunas/ Muscala/ Tavares.

07 Jun 2016 22:01:51
Toronto giving up too much. Millsap would be a near perfect fit in Toronto if he were alongside Valanciunas. Don't think they deal Valanciunas to get him especially including #9, #27 too (I guess Biyombo makes Valanciunas expendable but him and both draft picks is too much in my book) I think they should offer a deal centered around draft picks and try and send Carroll back to Atlanta for Millsap. They could also include Patterson for salary and he could replace signing Marvin Williams as a younger probably cheaper option. They may need to throw in Ross in that sort of deal and use free agency to replace him. I think Raptors having to downgrade from Ross to Burks hurts them even more (I think they are kinda similar talent wise but Burks can't seem to stay healthy) . The Jazz and Hawks part is fine with Jazz giving #12 and Burke for Teague and #21 and I'd love to see that happen for the Jazz.

07 Jun 2016 23:56:44
If that trade were to ever happen, Toronto would be getting robbed in pure day light. Valanciunas took huge strides in the playoffs to the point where one can argue Val > Millsap next season. And plus Valanciunas is young and still has not entered his prime. Why would we give up Val and our picks for that awful return.

08 Jun 2016 01:44:09
Yeah... The picks are a bit much..

08 Jun 2016 00:07:47
The reason atl won't accept Burke in a deal is because he is in the same boat as Schroeder, in he is a restricted free agent next year, meaning the hawks will have to pay him to keep him to stay. They are not going to give Schroeder AND Burke a deal next year.

10 Jun 2016 18:02:16
Hawks retool, which means they get better and the other teams don't. This is just crap. Jazz say no.

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