16 Oct 2019 11:47:49
Grizzlies - Trail Blazers

Grizzlies gets:
Bazemore (expiring)
Labissiere (expiring)
2020 1st rd pick (Lottery protected)

Trail Blazers gets:
Iguodala (expiring)
Crowder (expiring)

1.) 16 Oct 2019
16 Oct 2019 14:44:23
As a blazer fan I would love this, but to get both Crowder and iguodala you might need to throw in a bit more.

2.) 16 Oct 2019
16 Oct 2019 17:33:44
I definitely wouldn't include more than this for Iggy and Crowder. Crowder and Bazemore are a push. Iggy is maybe worth a first (though I'm not sure about that) .

I might be able to get on board with this -if- there were a trade involving a star along with it. If this is the only trade Portland makes this season, it's a waste of a pick.

3.) 16 Oct 2019
16 Oct 2019 20:25:24
One of the best trades recently. I like it.