19 Jun 2022 02:35:18
Cleveland receives: Russell Westbrook, 1st round swap (Cavs choice), '27 unprotected first
Los Angeles receives: Caris LeVert and Kevin Love

Cleveland moves on from Love. They get two firsts for him.
Los Angeles gets two quality players without giving up all their firsts.

1.) 19 Jun 2022
19 Jun 2022 02:39:38
Russell Westbrook probably gets waived by Cleveland. They do it for the picks.

2.) 19 Jun 2022
19 Jun 2022 03:23:16
This is terrible for the Cavs. No team that is looking to contend is going to trade for Westbrook.

Plus, you said the Cavs get 2 first to take on Westbrook. How? A pick swap is not another pick.

3.) 19 Jun 2022
19 Jun 2022 05:13:08
Pick swap is valuable if the Lakers suck that year. You do know how pick swaps work right?

4.) 19 Jun 2022
19 Jun 2022 06:22:33
@JJ_PR I think what he is saying is that while you said the Cavs are getting 2 first to take on Westbrook, they are getting one first and a swap, not two picks.