04 Dec 2022 08:44:38

NYK get Derozan & Caruso
- get a star to pair with Brunson, Barrett & Randle
- sign Carmelo Anthony

Pg Brunson/Quickley
Sg Derozan/Caruso/Grimes
Sf Barrett/Reddish
Pf Randle/Sims/Anthony
Ce Robinson/Hartenstein

CHI get Toppin, Fournier, Rose, 1st round pick & 2nd round pick
- get a young PF and pick. Then have DRose back in the city

Pg Dosunmu/Rose/Dragic (Ball)
Sg Lavine/White
Sf Fournier/Terry/Green
Pf Toppin/Williams/Jones
Ce Vucevic/Drummond

1.) 04 Dec 2022
04 Dec 2022 09:39:42
The Knicks shouldn't trade for an aging player
But it would be a typical Knicks move.

2.) 05 Dec 2022
05 Dec 2022 02:39:23
forget age what about fit. not a balanced lineup after adding derozan.