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02 Aug 2019 09:41:58
OKC: KAT+D booker+covington+saric

Phoe: Gallinari+ Ferguson+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021 and 2023+ 1rnd pick Denver 2020+ 1rnd pick Clippers 2026

Minny: Schroder+Adams+1rnd pick Clippers 2022+ 1rnd pick Clippers 2024+ 1rnd pick Hou 2024+ 1rnd pick Hou 2026+ 1rnd pick OKC 2026

PF: Saric
Sixth: SGA

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02 Aug 2019 11:04:42
No way does the Wolves do that.

02 Aug 2019 13:01:46
While that team looks competitive for Okc, I don’t think that’s the team Presti is trying to put together. I don’t think he’s looking to spend heavily this year for players with large contracts. He’s probably looking for players on their upswing to build a nucleus around, rather than transplant players and tell them they have a nucleus and to go figure it out. Plus Okc is not in a win now mode. They’re looking to become competitive in about 2-3 years. Most of those guys are in their prime.

I haven’t lived in purgatory and followed the Suns or T-wolves much to know if this would help them a lot this year, but it seems like it’s clearing out some cap space and setting them up for some more future rebuilding. Remember, these are 3 smaller markets that don’t always attract many of the free agents, so most come through draft or trades.

02 Aug 2019 13:32:25
PHX hangs up on this one. Better or worse, Booker has been indentified, by the Suns Mgt, as their "face of the franchise" so, no, he's not getting moved right now.

02 Aug 2019 14:46:54
Both KAT and Booker are on five year deals, and both are in franchises that are unlikely to draw top free agents. I don’t think either will be traded, nor able to even have the leverage to demand a trade, for three years. Random future picks won’t get them.

03 Aug 2019 00:20:30
Why would Minny trade their future star? Just stop.

03 Aug 2019 04:11:11
Future star? How much longer does KAT need to become a star?

04 Aug 2019 14:04:03
All NBA at age 22 is not good enough to be called a “future star? ”

Tough crowd.



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