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07 Aug 2019 01:48:12
I honestly think Paul ends up on the Heat by December when newly signed deals can be moved as that opens up more options and can broaden available third teams to facilitate.

A third team that makes the most sense to me: Boston. They should keep Brown and WILL keep Tatum. That won't be cheap. Moving Hayward for role players, controllable contracts, and/or expiring deals that will open up money for extending their core.


Boston gets Dragic, Olynyk, Burton
***Dragic can be the Rozier replacement. If he works out, great. If not, there's your Brown extension money. Olynyk played well in Boston, spaces the floor, and is on a decent contract. Burton has potential. Not a bad asset to get on the backend of the deal.

Miami gets Paul, Williams, Ojeleye, Nader, Their 2021 first back
***Paul and Miami seem meant to be. They get a first that they want, and it's one of theirs back. The three other guys are inexpensive and young. Should be helpful with such an expensive, win-now core.

Okc gets Hayward, Waiters, Okpala
***OKC want to cut salary and hoard picks. This deal does neither. But this deal balances the team, and it could make them a playoff team with scary potential. They also are committed for fewer years. Hayward could be huge for the Thunder. Then I see them doing another deal.

Deal 2 for okc

Hawks get Roberson, 2020 Denver 1st
***Atlanta is all about acquiring firsts just like the Thunder are. They did similar deals previously adding big contracts with firsts attached that all expire next summer. Those guys all seem to be offense first. This deal is also expiring next summer, but nets them defense and a first instead. Dre could be a nice wing defender for a team lacking a true ace there. The first is the sweetener.

Okc gets Parker
***Okc has lacked bench scoring like crazy in the past. If their one or two guys don't come through, the starters are tasked with pulling 30-40 point games to get wins. They also have a hole at the backup 4 and a plethora of wings. Enter Parker. He fits well next to Noel off the bench. He gives a scoring punch. He can fill it up. Pressure is off for him in okc. They still have lots of picks. More importantly, this deal gets them under the tax for the year and makes them better.

Shai, Schröder
Ferguson, Waiters, Diallo
Hayward, Parker
Gallinari, Bazley, Muscala
Adams, Noel

Is this a playoff team? And if so, what seed? And if so, how far could they go?

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07 Aug 2019 05:34:27
To answer the end, that’s not a playoff team. That team competes with Minny and Dallas for 10th place in the west.

07 Aug 2019 05:34:55
Not in the west.

07 Aug 2019 05:35:35
Not a playoff team in the West.

07 Aug 2019 09:05:46
I don't think that OKC wants to make the playoffs this season. If they did, they don't move Westbrook orGeorge. They are in full blown rebuild mode.
I think it's hilarious that most everyone thinks Hayward's a stiff and is an albatross with his contract, yet he seems to be in any and almost every Boston trade rumor on tbis site. They are either Boston fans or are closet Hayward lovers trying to get him on the cheap.
Boston is NOT trying to trade him.

07 Aug 2019 12:39:40
JoeB has the Hayward thing nailed. Yes, he makes huge money and has not earned it, but he is not going to be traded -- especially not for role players. The chances of him getting back to 90 percent of what he was in Utah are maybe 50/ 50, but if he does produce again it's going to be in Boston, not somewhere else. If he has another off year, then 12 months from now he becomes valuable as an expiring contact and the Celtics can consider moving him. But there is no way he's not on the roster on Opening Night.

07 Aug 2019 14:36:36
Just not seeing Boston willing to "help" Miami get Paul unless Boston was getting a good return. Dragic and Olynk is not a good return.

07 Aug 2019 16:50:03
Too many moving pieces to pick the whole thing apart.

But that is not a playoff team.
They have a better chance (if they were really trying to) to make the playoffs with the team as it sits currently.

Also, Okc is already and will remain under the LUXERY cap, but will not make it under the SALARY cap this year. That would take jettisoning about 25 mil more off their salary, which actually will happen with expiring contracts next year.



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