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09 Aug 2019 05:02:29
The Bulls get Gordon Hayward & 1st round pick own (lottery protected)

Yes, Hayward's contract looks really horrible only because of his injury, but if he will play in a less pressured condition where he can pick himself up, he could fit in fairly well. He can just shoot corner threes with Bulls and be a locker room leader on this young squad. Bulls receive a pick along with him.

Coby White/Dunn/Arcidiacono
Zach LaVine/Satoransky
Gordon Hayward/Hutchinson
Thad Young/Carter/Kornet
Lauri Markannen/Felicio/Gafford

The Celtics get Otto Porter Jr & Denzel Valentine

On the other hand, the Bulls need some PF help. Porter Jr is more capable of playing that position than any of Tatum, Hayward or Brown. The pick they gave up don't have that much of a value for them as they already have bunch of youngsters.

Kemba Walker/Smart/Edwards
Jaylen Brown/Langford
Jayson Tatum/Valentine/Ojeleye
Otto Porter/Theis/Poirier
Enes Kanter/Williams/Fall

What do you think is needed for this trade to be better?

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09 Aug 2019 05:22:08
Bulls get robbed. To get Porter you need alone more than one 1st rounder. To unload Hayward you have to add at least two more. Bulls will never do this. Maybe the Bulls say yes if you add the Memphis Pick together with Langford.

I believe the Celtics won't trade Hayward as he has negative value.

09 Aug 2019 07:37:39
For the next three seasons, Otto Porter is paid $26,011,913, $27,250,576, and $28,489,239. I do not think that is a “more than one 1st rounder, ” deal. He has never lived up to the max.

Last year at this time, I would have said that BOS needed to make a deal like this, where they remove the injury risk of Hayward, since they are a top Eastern Conference team, if they simply get adequate production from Hayward’s $30 mil of payroll. This year though, I think they need Hayward’s upside to truly be competitive with MIL and PHI.

It’s not a bad trade though, and I'll be curious to see other people’s thoughts on this one.

09 Aug 2019 09:54:16
@Shrink: Otto Porter just has 2 years left on his deal. He played way better last year than Hayward, I think we all can agree on that. Maybe he's a little overpaid and about 20 million would be fair. But Hayward is awefully overpaid. He's still going to be a bench player and maybe 10 million a year would be fair. In addition, he has no value to the Bulls considering his age. To get rid of 25 million in overpay (Hayward- Porter) other teams had to pay way more than a first round pick.

09 Aug 2019 11:59:57
Sorry, you’re right about the two years. I am surprised that basketball reference is still listing 2018-19 salaries, six weeks after they expired.

09 Aug 2019 12:04:34
Hayward has value to the Bulls as an asset play. They could buy low on Hayward, and play him hoping he improves, and sell high at the Trade Deadline. They can handle the risk better than other teams, because they aren’t a contender,

09 Aug 2019 14:00:47
@Shrink: I think you are wrong here. I can't remember any player with 28-30 having an injury like Hayward and a bad season afterwards like him (with playing the whole season) and getting back to his old level the years after. Do you? Also the example of Cousins shows that all teams are scared to take a risk on these players. Furthermore I don't see any contender who could have assets and good contracts to trade before the Deadline for Hayward?! Don't you think trading a player like Porter who is several years younger and 7 million cheaper is much easier to trade and could provide a better return?

09 Aug 2019 14:38:37
Trying to remember what 2 firsts Chicago gave up to get Porter?



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