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10 Aug 2019 22:43:56
There's a report that Miami may be willing to take both Wall and Beal in a deal. They think they could turn Wall's career around. But what if they called the Thunder about rekindling a Paul deal in a three way trade?

Heat get Beal and Paul

Washington gets Dragic, Winslow, Olynyk, Johnson, 2020 Denver 1st

Okc gets Wall, Herro, Miami 2025 1st

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11 Aug 2019 00:32:36
So basically the thunder give up Paul and a first round pick just to get the worst contract in the league, a young player and a much later first round pick. The wizards give up a great player but a terrible return, and the heat give up the rest of their long term future and get a great player but also a 34 year old player on a monster contract. I think not.

11 Aug 2019 01:35:26
So how is Miami taking on $76 mil in salary when they are already up against the hard cap AND are only shipping out $64 mil in salary?

Also not sure Paul is worth Wall and 2 first round picks (Herro + draft pick)? Especially if one believes that Paul will miss the same amount of games to injury over the length of his contract as Wall will miss for the Achilles.

11 Aug 2019 04:57:27
I thought you were implying the Heat were going to turn Wall’s career around.

Please for all things that are merciful, please keep Wall off the Thunder’s roster.
Do whatever you want in this 3 team trade, just keep him off the roster.

I’ll put it simply, name me 4 NBA players that have come back from an Achilles injury and been 90% the player they were before. I’ll start the list, I know of one, Dominique Wilkins. I’ll even mention possibly a 2nd in Rudy Gay (jury is still out on that one) .
Truth is some come back at best 80% the player they were before, and most others come back even less than 80%.
80% or less John Wall and his contract for the next 4 years (one year in which he won’t play at all), easily spells out the worst NBA contract in the league. A young prospect and another Miami pick does not make his contract any sweeter.
If the Heat want Beal so bad, let them do it and carry around Wall’s contract. I hope they can “turn his career around”.

11 Aug 2019 13:39:38
Wall's Achilles versus Paul's hamstrings is a push.

11 Aug 2019 17:29:01
If Wall’s Achilles is a push for Paul’s hamstring, then I say it should be a done deal for Miami and a no brainer for Riley.
I genuinely hope that the deal gets done and I really will be rooting for Wall’s recovery from it. I think it’s worth the roll of the dice for Miami.
As for Okc, I like Paul and can’t wait to see what he does with the Thunder, and if he needs to miss some games due to a Hammi, so be it. Okc has some young guys that can use some more playing time. They aren’t trying for the playoffs, just to playing good enough to barely miss it.

But in the meantime, please, please, please no more deals that hint at Wall going to Okc, he’s not worth that risk for THEM.

11 Aug 2019 20:40:28
The trade is not a push if Miami also have to give up Herro and an additional first rounder. Miami probably hangs up on this offer.

LOL. You think Chris Paul is going to be cool with "just missing the playoffs"? I suggest you revisit why he wanted to leave New Orleans many years ago.

11 Aug 2019 23:57:44
I wouldn’t blame Miami for hanging up at all.
“Okc doesn’t want Wall”

I personally think Miami should approach Washington on their own and ask them how many of Miami’s bad contracts they want to take on so that Miami can kindly take Beal and Wall’s contract off their hands. I’m pretty sure 2 of their 3 young prospects will be required in those trade talks.

That is 65 mil in trade you will need to offer them, plus you’ll have that 2025 1st Rnd pick to dangle at them as well.
“Okc doesn’t want Wall”

As far as Paul’s discontent on a non playoff team, that could probably be shortened if he declined his player option, which he will never do. Either way, he signed the contract. His attractiveness to other teams totally depends on how he looks playing on this non playoff team.
Presti didn’t trade for him so they could take on worse contracts like Wall’s. He knew that Okc had the time to wait through the season for a decent trade for him, unlike Houston.

“Okc doesn’t want Wall”, that was my point in the very 1st post on this trade scenario LOL and I don’t care what Paul thinks if it requires us taking on Wall’s much worse contract.

12 Aug 2019 05:48:02
Well, don't be surprised if OKC is paying Paul $42 mil to sit at home in a couple of years.

12 Aug 2019 17:07:50
Noted and I will keep my shock at bay if that happens in a couple of years.

Although It would be a shame if he didn’t play well enough during those couple of years that someone wanted him on their team.

I guess there are way worse ways to kick off a retirement than cashing a check for $45 mil, while sitting around hanging with your Banana Boat friends Melo and D-wade watching their final friend finish off playing out his career.
Who could blame them.



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