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11 Aug 2019 11:33:00
The Heat get Paul, Noel, Brunson,J Jackson, and a lottery protected Mavs 1st (Save 2 million)

The Thunder get Hardaway, Lee, J Johnson, Waiters and 2 Mavs 2nds (save 3 million)

The Mavs get Dragic and Gallinari.

The Heat get better in the short term and get some assets for taking on Paul. They also give themselves some breathing room with the cap

The Thunder get rid of Paul without giving up any future assets. It sets them up to have a ton of cap space in two years, when there are a ton of players available. They also get some cap help.

The Mavs get the players that they need to compete right away. If they're fairly healthy and KP is close to 100 percent, they would make the playoffs. It also gives them cap next summer and there are going to be some interesting young players. They'd have the capspace to potentially steal a restricted free agency. A guy like Jaylen Brown would be a great fit next to Doncic and KP.

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11 Aug 2019 13:23:26
Never been a big fan of giving up a pick that may not convey until 2025-2027 for 2 expiring contracts.

11 Aug 2019 13:41:22
I get what you’re saying, but if they’re not in the lottery at that point, Doncic and likely KP are still around and playing well.

Also, I don’t think it’s all about the expiring contracts. Both of those guys could help them get to the playoffs and fit fairly well around their guys. The Nets and Clippers have kind of proven the value of showing players you can do it.

Also, this gives them 2 summers to go out and get a guy before Doncic’s extension will likely kick in. If they can’t go out and get some guys in the next two years, it’s a huge wasted opportunity.

11 Aug 2019 18:36:55
Okc is better off keeping Paul and seeking better compensation for Gallinaei &/ or Noel elsewhere, or not.
They’re a combined 24 mil in expiring contracts.

11 Aug 2019 20:19:56
OKC. The "flaw" in your thinking is that there is only one team right now projected to be over the luxury cap next year (Golden State) . Add to that the extremely poor free agent class for next off season. Add to that the abundance of big $$ expiring deals that may be on the trade market (Whiteside, M. Gasol, Ibaka just for example) . These factors greatly diminish the demand for expiring contracts. Thus, getting the return you are expecting for Gallo is extremely unlikely.

11 Aug 2019 20:33:19
Rk, stop having that Knicks mind set. What young talent is the Mavs signing in the next 2 summers? Most young talent is going to be RFAs with teams going to match whatever offer the Mavs make.

Brown? Okay. Well he would have to have another bad season for the Celtics not to match. Are the Mavs still making a huge offer then?

There is one guy that I can see, but not sure how well he matches playing next to Doncic.

11 Aug 2019 23:13:41
Fredman, just because you have expiring contracts does not mean you have to spend that money when they expire. That’s not a “flaw” to an owner that just spent the most ever in luxery tax the past 2 years. He’d probably love to even get below the salary cap for one year.

But am I really over valuing Gallinari or is it you that really overvalues Dragic?
The only value I put on Dragic is that he will pull a better player, draft pick or salary reduction than Dragic will.

I believe Okc would be much happier trading Gallinari for Jackson, Brunson and a draft pick, than trading him for Lee and Hardaway which is essentially what Dallas did in this trade.
By the way, all while still happily keeping Paul on our team.

Simply put, take Okc out of this and see what you think Dallas wants to trade you for Dragic.

12 Aug 2019 18:26:10
Fredman, I only think there’s a flaw in the logic, if you’re trying to get all of your stars in free agency, you have Other ways to add significant talent and/ or you have to go out and get your best player that way.

The Mavs have their future mvp candidate, 1st option and primary ball handler in Doncic. They have KP, who last we saw was playing at near all nba level. He can be the quarter back of their d, a great 2nd option and a player that fits great next to Doncic on offense.

They have their big 2. Obviously, If they can make it a big 3, they will, but they can a lot of different things around what they have in place. They just don’t have any other way to do it other than through free agency. They don’t have much of value to trade and they’re not likely to get many shots in the draft, of this goes right. They’d be lucky to get more than some competent rotation guys that way. Free agency the next two years is likely where we’ll find out what the Mavs will be able to put around those guys. They need to bring in some talent.



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