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24 Aug 2019 19:11:05
An idea that really fits for all the three parties!

Orlando needs a dominate PG. Since Pistons have Rose they could Profit by a good young PG and a good young center but first of all they need backcourt scoring. Mavs need a strong two way player & Rebounder in the paint on both sides of the court. Voila:

- R.Jackson

- Drummond
- Snell (take his 2y 22m contract via Trade Exception)
- K.Thomas
- W.Iwundu

- Bamba
- J.Jackson
- Hardaway
- Brunson
- Augustin

Drummond, Powell
KPorzee, Maxi
Roby/Finney, Snell
Doncic, Curry,
Wright, Barea

Vucevic, Birch
Gordon, Okeke
Isaac, Aminue
Fournier, Ross
Jackson, Fultz

Bamba, Maker
Griffin, Morris
Doumbouya, Jackson
Hardaway, Kennard
Rose, Brunson

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24 Aug 2019 20:48:25
You really think Magic are going to trade Bamba for Reggie Jackson.

24 Aug 2019 21:54:54
Isnt Augustin the same as R. Jackson?

So why trade him and Bamba (and Iwundu) for the exact same player?

Oh because some homer wants Dallas to get the best talent in the trade thst fills a hole in Dallas's roster without giving up a thing.

25 Aug 2019 00:18:20
Ok magic give alternative trade idea that works for everyone.

Magic get doncic

Mavs get iwundu, okeke, and birch

Magic get a good player that might help them win

Dallas gets lots of young talent and a center which they desperately need.

25 Aug 2019 00:20:59
Oh forgot to add the lineup like that makes it better

Big man Birch

Fultz/ doncic

25 Aug 2019 03:01:26
Feeling some kind of way FootballFather?

25 Aug 2019 14:42:14
I mean everyone always caters to their own benefit, but you have to at least try. No one gets something for nothing.

25 Aug 2019 14:45:41
When has Jackson ever been dominate? In okc? Backing up Westbrook?

26 Aug 2019 09:58:18
Maybe you should focus on Football?

Some NBA Knowledge:
- Detroit is stack in the middle - they will make a low play off spot but not content with the roster they have.
- To extend Drummond and Jackson will eat all their CAP. This is way their are a lot Drummond rumors.
- Drummond is a old school center. Not much teams need him for 30m but Mavs could set 4 shooters arround him to create space for him in the paint and to have is rebounding or bench him on small ball.
- Brunson, Jackson, Hardaway are good players, that may help Detoit.
- Bamba is a young play that may improve and could space the floor more then Drummond with Griffin and he is on a rookie contract.
- But Bamba has never played more than 20 min and need to improve his game, skills and first of all his physics to become a good one.
- Orlando has Vucevic and a Birch backup.
- Orlando has a full CAP.
- Orlando is missing a PG.
- Orlando needs to win - now or to rebuild in next years.
- Jackson is a good player that can score and make plays if he has not to take all the load! He may fit well with them!

Sry gentleman. This is one of the better porposals posted by me, it help every team immediatelly!

26 Aug 2019 10:40:32
Just because its "one of the better posts by me" doesn't make it a good post.

My point that giving up Augustin for Jackson is not an upgrade at the PG position and thus makes it pointless for Orlando to do. It makes more sense to just trade Bamba by himself if Orlando is looking to move him because they have Birch.

26 Aug 2019 10:46:40
Stop. Bamba has real value and Jackson isn’t good. He’s a chucker that can’t play d and has a chronic knee problem. This is an awful trade for Orlando. Like reallly really bad. Bamba was always going to be a project last year, but the guys upside is off the charts. I can’t see them trading Bamba unless they’re getting a ton back.

26 Aug 2019 13:26:53
Ok, I though Jackson would be valueable upgrade in at Orlandos backcourt since I have seen him dynamically running a lot 20++ PPG nights that would also create space for the Magic frountcourt.

So close the idea.

26 Aug 2019 16:17:37
Do you know what a 15 PPG, 4 ASG and 42% shooting is? A PG who doesn't make his teammates better and takes quite a lot of shots to get 15 points.

Dude, Jackson ranked 40th in the league for assists per game. And there are only 30 starting PGs in the league. Marc Gasol averaged more assists than Jackson.

Orlando has scorers. Orlando needs someone who makes scoring easier for their scorers.

26 Aug 2019 20:18:46
Oh yeah like there's never been a bad starting pg with 20 points. Your list of crap is 90 percent about Dallas which doesn't answer any of the questions. The rest was just bs about what teams need and how Dallas crap fits well with it.

And furthermore just because my name says the word football in it doesn't mean anything. That's like saying why don't you worry about drains. All I'm asking is that you at least try and be realistic with Dallas assets. I'm a magic fan I have to do the same.

26 Aug 2019 22:28:47
Here is being "realistic" about Dallas's assets. They have 2 (Doncic and Porzingis) that teams would be intetrsted in. Everybody else is "meh" at best. "Meh" meaning you might get a 2nd rounder or two for those assets.
Additionally, Mavs don't really have any first round picks that they can trade at the moment. So unless you are taking on a "bad" deal like C. Paul or Wiggins, the Mavs roster is pretty set.



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