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08 Sep 2019 12:52:03

Aaron Gordon, Melvin Frazier


Kent Bazemore, Anfernee Simons

Portland wouldn't have to use Zach Collins at the 4. Plus Gordon doesn't need to ball in his hands and is a versatile defender.

Orlando gets backcourt depth and upside with Simons in case Fultz experiment doesn't come to fruition. Bazemore's expiring also offers cap relief.

Portland gets best player, Orlando gets better balance and cap flexibility.

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08 Sep 2019 13:46:07
Not enough from pirtland.

08 Sep 2019 14:16:20
You’d need to add a first and probably more.

08 Sep 2019 15:18:10
Aaron gordon is not worth what you are asking for. not only that . portland would hang up the phone laughing at you. besides we got Collins who is on the rise. another dumb fan that doesn't know basketball having a wet dream.

08 Sep 2019 15:52:00
and something that we don't need from Orlando.

08 Sep 2019 17:12:36
David Cone, really? Gordon is a 24 year old borderline allstar that can defend, pass and score off ball. He’s also locked up for 3 more years on a team friendly deal and plays a position that position of need. Not to mention that he has the size and athleticism to guard guys like Lebron and Kawhi. If 5 years from now Simons was half as good as Gordon, the Blazers would be thrilled and you’d still have to make a choice between him and McCollum. Bazemore is just a solid role player.

08 Sep 2019 18:14:47
Portland values Simons incredibly high right now. I think maybe something like Little and a first probably makes more sense. I don’t think they’d include more if they had to include Simons.

09 Sep 2019 15:56:39
That said, Davidcone is ridiculous. Gordon is exactly what Portland needs. Collins isn't doing what Gordon can do. Heck, they'd probably make a great pair at 4 and 5. And the offer isn't ridiculous (unless you want Simons, Collins, and a first for Gordon) .

10 Sep 2019 17:36:22
What are you talking about BMiller? Gordon scored more point on the set of Uncle Drew than he has in the NBA.

13 Sep 2019 20:17:11
Gordon already looks as if he's close to his peak. He's a good player and I think he would be a good fit on Portland but I think Portland is too in love with Simons to give him up for a guy who is not going to make the team significantly better this season.



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