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10 Sep 2019 15:46:28
Some ultimative proposals beyond all the shidd that becomes posted. ; )

76 have a lot of young guards like Z.Smith or Thybulle and may agree to get a skilled scoring wing Rookie instead. At Mavs Smith or Thybulle can share the SG spot with Curry more minded on defense:

- J.Jackson
- Thybulle or Z.Smith

Hardaway is a skilled scrorer above average and also an above averarge Defender, the only thing is his large contract. I would immediatelly Keep him but his contract has volume and value to trade it!

- Hardaway
- Ibaka

Memphis want you player to rebuild and there is no no 1 pick in the offer:

- Lee and 3x 2nd round pick
- Iguodala

Finally there is the thing arround Drummond and Detroits CAP. They may fight for an play off spot but not and never more. On the other hand, not much Teams will have a MAX spot for Drummond, each team would take him but for less money. For Dallas he could a missing peace a strong guy in the middle that dominates the paint and let the main scorer on Porzee and Magic and will still get a lot of 2nd Chance points or alley oop passes. With some Young guards that can shoot and defend Mavs have the money to spend for:

- Ibaka
(- Iguodala or a future 1st)
- Drummond
(- Snell if they choose Iggy over a 1st)

Drummond, Powell, Boban
KPorzee, Maxi, Roby
Doncic, FinneyS, Broekhoff
Curry, Z.Smith/Thybulle, Snell
Wright, Brunson, Barea

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10 Sep 2019 17:01:56
All homer deals for Dallas.

10 Sep 2019 17:28:59
Refresh my memory. What was Hardway Jrs FG% last year? 38% with Knicks, 40% with Mavs? His FG% has significantly dropped the last 2 seasons. So calling him an "above average, skilled scorer", may not be exactly accurate. And at $20 mil a year, his trade value is probably pretty low.

11 Sep 2019 00:58:27
Sixers aren’t trading either of those guys any time soon especially not for josh Jackson.



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