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11 sep 2019 07:25:45
pacers - towns
wolves - turner mcdermott leaf and 1/2 first(s)



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12 Sep 2019 02:56:44
MIN has Towns locked in for five years. They can’t afford to deal him.

12 Sep 2019 16:12:27
Minny is tied to Towns and Wiggins as their two highest paid players for the next few years, can they afford the status quo?

13 Sep 2019 06:29:44
LOL! Linking Towns to Wiggins is bad enough, but the trade unlink them and trades Towns!

13 Sep 2019 15:20:38
Well, you have to give up assets on an already bad team to trade Wiggins. That doesn't feel successful short or long term. Find me a way to improve the team to be a solid playoff team while trading Wiggins and I'll buy into that as a possibility. I just don't see it.

By trading Towns, yes, you're admitting you're basically tanking. But isn't that better than wallowing in the mid-late lottery with a bunch of ok pieces around a second tier star?

13 Sep 2019 17:26:53
Bmiller- doing and their pg coming off books wolves can add next summer.

13 Sep 2019 18:13:33
Add what? What is Minny luring to play with Towns and Wiggins? Even if they have a full max amount open, they're not pulling Steph Curry or Harden to come and be their #1 option. Maybe they can get a guy like Aaron Gordon when his deal is up. They couldn't land Russell (who probably doesn't even cement them as a playoff team) .

I just think Minnesota's short term outlook isn't great. They're too old with too few assets and too many big contracts to be building, but they're not good enough to not build.

13 Sep 2019 19:30:41
Betcha ATL would give a treasure trove for KAT.

14 Sep 2019 03:16:36
MIN’s future is KAT. Finding a potential superstar is the hardest step towards relevance, and they have one in KAT.

I agree they need to add talent, but don’t think it’s coming from free agency. MIN is not a free agent destination, so using assets to clear Wiggins’ contract doesn’t necessarily mean they can replace that payroll with a star. They need to hold onto their young assets and picks, and hope that they can develop complimentary talent to KAT.

14 Sep 2019 03:25:45
BTW, if you think MIN is “too old, ” you need to check out MIN’s current roster.

This summer, Rosas got rid of Taj Gibson, Jerry’s Bayless, Anthony Tolliver, and Derek Rose. They still have Teague 30 (expires this season), Dieng 29 (expires next season), Napier 28 (expiring, they got him free), and they love the 28 year old Covington.

The entire rest of their roster is between the ages of 20-25. Rosas made an effort to focus on adding players that were Towns’ age. They are younger than most teams, but they are less talented and more shallow. Next season is not win-now, with questions on the bench throughout the line up.

14 Sep 2019 05:59:50
But KAT isn’t a superstar. He’s a secondary star. No way he can be the best player on a top 4 seed. You’re not looking for a compliment, you’re looking for a #1.

“Too old” was probably the wrong term. Too many guys on big contracts. Very few rookie contracts. And almost no assets.



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