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05 Oct 2019 13:25:38
Adams may be one of the best defenders of the paint.
Hardaway in NY was playmaker and 1 scoring option, when he was overhelmed. But as a 6th man or a 3rd scoring option, when he gets got looks from his teammates he may be able to hit the numbers, that he had in Atlanta with 45++ shooting - and hense a quite good SG in this league since he has the physics to be a good defender. OKC asking high but in this trade it may fit for each Team!

- Adams
- Hardaway
- Burton
- 2nd Mavs

- Lee
- Galloway
- J.Jackson
- 1st Mavs

- Drummond
- Snell
- K.Thomnas

With Hardaway and Adams Detroit will be a better Team offense and defense!

OKC gets a prosect wing a 1st.

Mavs get a strong 2way force in the middle and with Snell / Thomas 3$D players, when Thomas will have time to develop.

Win - Win - Win

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05 Oct 2019 14:27:16
Another 1 sided Dallas trade. That’s surprising.

05 Oct 2019 15:20:41
This is wonderful.

05 Oct 2019 15:56:32
No clue that Porzingis and Drummond is too slow for today nba especially with Doncic on the wing. Fouling would be their only def.

05 Oct 2019 21:51:57
Y are right, it is the question if it would work well and it is a risk for Dallas. Basically it is a risk to have Drummond when everybody goes small.
But I see a big chance it may work in Dallas because Drummond is not only big he is quite mobil. He brings rebound, he may able to improve defense, when the Porzee is beside him, he is good in catch and roll and have a soft hand to score inside, beside dunkings but he can also pass the ball. To be quick I think Thomas could develop himself to start with Wright in the backcourt and then you have 4 shooters around Drummond and that may be a great fit.

A differnt way, risky but I would enjoy the vision how it could work! The good thing is, it could become proven for one season and Mavs could extent Drummond max if it works out this year! Because they would have a young team overall - if it works well. Detroit would not, Jackson and Griffin are already in their prime or at the end of it, this is why I think they would not invest a max. But with Adams and Hardaway they would have midterm the better team! OKC Jackson and the 1st pick and expiring contracts, exactly what they ask for. So this may be one of the better and realistic trade proposales of mine! : )



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