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09 Oct 2019 15:58:08
The Warriors get Ball, Favors, Hart, and the Pelicans' 20 1st lottery protected

The Pelicans get Russell.

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09 Oct 2019 18:06:02
Why would Pelicans do that?

09 Oct 2019 18:22:40
Go out and get a 23 year old allstar pg that can shoot?

09 Oct 2019 22:24:00
All star replacement from the weak east, who can’t get to the basket or defend?

I think Russell has a lot to prove before anyone would pay that much. I think the Warriors really gambled on him, rather than lose Durant for nothing.

10 Oct 2019 01:01:34
He’s a subpar defender, but he isn’t awful and given his size and solid athleticism, you would think he’ll continue to get better. The not getting tot he rim is concerning, but he’s a legitimate shooter off the dribble, he can play on and off the ball, he’s a good passer, he’s shown the ability to hit difficult shots, he’s gotten better over time, he’s still only 23 and he’s shown the ability to be the guy on offense on a decent team. I get if you just don’t like him as a player, but that didn’t seem to me like a ridiculous package for him. Ball is a decent player with upside, but he’s a weird fit on that team. Favors seems like a stop gap for Hayes. Hart might be a 3 and d player at some point and if things don’t go well the first doesn’t convey.

10 Oct 2019 14:48:29
Not sure Russell is THAT much better than Ball. A first and 2 other players?

10 Oct 2019 16:26:29
Ball was the 4th best player in a bad team last year. Russell was the best player on a good team. Not to mention Ball hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Not to mention that he’s a guard that can’t shoot in a league where shooting is the most important skill on a team that doesn’t have a plus shooter in their starting line up.

11 Oct 2019 00:30:53
It is a stretch to say Russell was on a good team, at 42-40, playing the bulk of their games against the horrible East.

Also, keep in mind that even the Nets didn’t want to feature him initially. They were forced to after that horrible injury to LeVert, then Dinwiddie went down.

Finally, he did not get better every year. The season before he actually did a little worse. I am suspicious of a player who only succeeded when an entire team was built to help him succeed. He won’t be seeing any other team do that for the rest of his career.



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