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18 Oct 2019 16:44:43
Cavs get beal and wall

Washington get Garland or Sexton, porter plus 3 first picks and expiring contracts

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18 Oct 2019 16:59:11
Way too much for Beal and Wall. I think that's too much for Beal, and Wall is a negative value contract.

18 Oct 2019 21:49:12
I think i read that since Beal just signed his 2 year extension, that he can't be traded until after the season is over.

19 Oct 2019 14:36:13
Technically not true JoeB. Beal's trade hold expires between the trade deadline and the end of the season. During this window, only players whose deals are not expiring or have upcoming player/ team options can be traded for one another. Usually doesn't happen because it is harder to make salaries match when teams don't have cap space.

19 Oct 2019 15:27:25
Fredman, all i know is, that it was in a comment by one of the NBA insiders. Can't remember which one, because i read a lot of them lol. I just can't seem to find it. But, I'm guessing they probably know a lot more than you and i combined.
That said, i guess we will see.

19 Oct 2019 16:56:45
He’s right, it can’t happen until after the season. It’s a 6 month span he can’t be traded, which is after the trade deadline. So he can’t be traded until Washington is done playing, but could be traded before the next league season starts (July 1).

Likely the earliest would be at or around the draft. But more likely after July 1.

20 Oct 2019 02:07:17
Correct BMiller. I guess I wasnt specific that once the regular season was over and the Cavs and Wizards are not in the playoffs than Beal could be traded (but not for expiring deals and rookie options would have to be picked up) .



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