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19 Oct 2019 12:54:47
Since the natural trade Brown for Sabonis will not happen, since neither Boston nor Indiana will MAX out Brown or Sabonis, I see a nice play with OKC and Mavs : ) since OKC can max Sabonis out to have a modern and nice 1 - 5 punch and they will have immediatelly nice shooting on the wing and are out of luxary! Indiana gets a lot of asset and Mavs the force in the middle (and train Adams to take some open looks behind the arc) and a young 3&D that can become a mentor in Lee for some time!

OKC: Sabonis, Hardaway

Indiana: Jackson, 2 x 1 (OKC, Mavs)

Dallas: Adams, Ferguson

A really nice one!

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19 Oct 2019 13:23:01
Lmao. Porzingis is 7'4" should be the center.

19 Oct 2019 17:10:00
He is 7'4". But its a soft 7'4". How many season has he averaged 10 rebounds per game?

19 Oct 2019 19:18:12
Only 10 centers averaged 10 boards per game last year, not sure that’s the “is he good enough to play center? ” test.

19 Oct 2019 21:57:17
Is it a metric of what a top 10 center should be?

19 Oct 2019 23:13:59
Whiteside was one of them, Kanter another, so no?

I think a defensive cornerstone is the necessary part of being an effective starting center. Porzingis is definitely an effective defender and rim protector.

20 Oct 2019 01:51:10
So is Whiteside.

20 Oct 2019 17:30:30
Look KPorzee playing. He can be a good defender and block shots, since he is athletic and large. But he is a uniquehorn but neither a post nor a boxout player, since he need a strong force beside, like Nowitzki did - then he can become great - if he stays health.



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