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31 Oct 2019 02:13:27

MIN gets:
D'Angelo Russell

GSW gets:
Jeff Teague
Robert Covington
1st round pick

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31 Oct 2019 09:01:34
That woould be a bargain for Minny, but those are also perfect pieces for Goldenstate, so i like this for both teams.

31 Oct 2019 11:48:48
Golden State would need more.

31 Oct 2019 13:01:56
Rather see Russell for gamba and AG.

31 Oct 2019 21:52:15
Covington is a better overall player on a much, much better contract than Russell. Minnesota passed every day.

01 Nov 2019 02:55:45
That’s a joke right Carl? Covington isn’t very close to Russell.

01 Nov 2019 09:31:38
Covington is what every team wants. A two way player. He was an all NBA defensive player 2 years ago.

Talk to me when Russell starts playing both sides of the court and is not just a one year wonder.

01 Nov 2019 11:43:20
Covington is a one way player as much as Russell is. Talk to me when Covington can take a game over and win it.

Stars are what every team needs. Russell is one. Covington is a great role player. But he’s also very replaceable.

01 Nov 2019 15:06:44
Who do you get to replace Covington? There are not many players like him in the league.

The Wolves already have a player like Russell on the team. His name is Wiggins. Wolves can't afford to have 3 max players on the roster at the same time while loosing draft picks, expiring contracts, and all nba defenders.



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