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14 Nov 2019 18:26:52
Block the buster!

NYK: Ferrell, 3x 2nd Mavs

OKC: Doumbouya, K.Thomas

Detroit: Adams, Hardaway, Brunson, Giles III, 1st Mavs

Dallas: Drummond, Bogdanovic, Ntilkina

SAC: Galloway, Mykhailiuk, Jackson, Thon Maker

NYK have to develop Smith and have backups and will get some asset in addition before let Ntilkina go in 2 years for nothing.

OKC: Wants to dump salary and to go away from luxury, they will save 23m! A young player with Thomas and a 1st pick in Doumbouya, he can better growth in OKC since in Detroit.

Detroit has two forces in the middle. One to much. Rebuild arround the next year 27years old Drummond? Maybe Drummond will be in his prime now. With Adams and Hardaway Detroit will have the better starting grid! Jackson/Rose, Hardaway, Snall, Griffin, Adams! So they can try to attack in the play offs the next 2 years. With Brunson, Brown, Kennard, Wood, Giles III and the future 1st they have a nice bench and already a young grid for the future.

Dallas get a Force in the middle, by all the shooters, also Porzee Drummond could work well since he is quick and can pass beside his "force" in the middle. Bogdanovic replace Hardaway he can develop himself in a 3&D guy that make plays with the second unit, Ntilikina will not growth in NYK to a starter PG but in the Dallas he could run the strong second unit with Curry an give him protection in defense.

Kings will not make the playoffs but get another six man that can create and score in Galloway and 3 young players with cheaper salary the next years.

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14 Nov 2019 18:40:54
This is only good for Dallas once again.

14 Nov 2019 19:52:11
- NYK get out a player they will not use much and get a backup and 3 2nd picks?
- OKC get away from tax and dump 23m get a 1st pick 19y old in Doumbouya and a talent in Thomas?
- Detoit send Drummond and his expiring contract and Doumbouya that does not play and get back Adams, wing scorer Hardaway, Brunson and Giles III great young players AND a future 1st?
SAC will not / can not pay Bogdanovic the 17/ 18m a year he will demand but get back a 6th man in Galloway and 3 young players with Jackson, Mykhailiuk and Maker - btw all 1st round picks?
MAVS get a great center that they have to pay great a replacement for Hardaway and a bench PG? They have to sing both with big contracts 32m for Drummond, 20m for Bogdanovic long term and hence they are booked with CAP. But yes if it works as it could work they fill their needs to get a very good team - but they take also a risk and they give value away.
I think in the detailed look, that is a very nice trade proposal that could work well for each and every team!

14 Nov 2019 20:17:03
Kings use to have Galloway and then let him go. Kings only letting Bogdanovich go for a first (and after he played against Portland, the price may go up) .

14 Nov 2019 20:29:58
Signing Hield and Barnes for approx. 100m each, they will not have the money to sign Bogdanovic for 70 or 80m since they have also Fox and Bagley. And consider, they are not a winning team right know and will propably also not make the play offs, so why to use their CAP 4y and block you for any change? If they would have a lot money, clear, they would keep Bogdanovic but again, the value they get is HIGH! Galloway is only the replacement shortterm. They have Mykhailiuk, Jackson, Thon Maker (SG, SF, C) all young 1st picks that will be on contract 2 or 3 years for low money. I do not think a first round pick is worth more, because a 1st that they would receive would be at least top 10 protected so they would not get the #1 or something return. I see a very good trade for SAC! .

14 Nov 2019 21:50:22
Take the 1st away from Detroit and give it to Sac.

14 Nov 2019 22:13:02
5 way deal rarely happens.

15 Nov 2019 00:50:12
Kings have a max offer on the table currently for Bogdanovich, so what are you talking about? Bogi hasn't signed it to see what starting position teams will offer him in the off season.

18 Nov 2019 15:30:08
Mavs fan here and I can agree here if Dallas gets Ferrell and keeps the 3x2nd picks. Nitlakina is a waste and Ferrell was GREAT with Mavs when he was there. He would be a great return to 2nd line and scoring off the bench. Also if Dallas gets Drummond and Bogdonovich, they can afford to resign both and lock up a long term contender/ championship team. Second line of Bogs/ Ferrell/ Powell would be great.

07 Dec 2019 04:36:39
Dumbest lopsided trade I’ve seen yet. Here I’ll give you a dime bag of weed for a Ferrari. Wake up bro.



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