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20 Nov 2019 14:10:50
Stay young and keep CAP flex. Their are three nice potential good 3&D players that have only bench spots that could start for the Mavs, still having a great bench in place:

DEN: J.Jackson

NYK: MCW, 2x2nd Mavs

DAL: Bamba, Beasley, Ntilikina

ORL: Brunson, Marjanovic, 1st Mavs

DEN has less usage for Beasley, when Harris is health but could need a scoring Forward insted.

NYK plays Payton and develops Smith, they create some CAP and get 2nd picks. Ntilikina will not develop to a starting playmaker.

MAVS do not get a 3rd star and scroer but goes young with 20 to 24 years in the starting line up and everybody can shoot the three, Ntilikina could become a nice sidekick to MagicLuca as a 3&D, Beasley a 3rd scorer and may develop his defense, like Powell, Bamba could train for another 20 pounds of muscles, so he can protect the rim and score inside and outside and he has a lot upsite to growth with the team:
- Bamba(26min), Porzee(30), Magic(32), Beasley(24), Ntilikina(18)
- Powell(20), Maxi(20), Finney(14), Hardaway(20), Wright(26) and the super 6 Curry(6).

ORL: May battle for a playoff, Fultz is more a kind of scorer, Brunson could become their missing young playmaker, Maja is a good backup at Center that could provide defense and can also shoot and they get a 1st pick to look for another big trade to become better.

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20 Nov 2019 15:51:27
So the MAVS give up 3 players and 3 picks, for three players who can barely get off the bench for their current teams. BAMBA for Jackson is the only part of this trade the Mavs should consider. BAMBA doesn't play because Vic is starting and just signed long term. Jackson isn't in rotation. Could benefit both players.

20 Nov 2019 17:53:29
Orlando passes easily. No way they give up Bamba for that garbage return.

20 Nov 2019 18:00:06
Marjanovic would help immediatelly of the bench, all other players are young and have upsite. But Mavs asking for the trade, so you have to offer something to your trade partner. Maybe neither Bamba, Beasley or Ntilikina will become all stars but with their specific skills, defense and 3point skills and in addition scoring by Beasley would specifily help Mavs a lot. Bamba is a ligth version of Marjanovic to protect the rim and score inside and outside, not so strong but faster. Ntilikina could be a protecting wing man for Magic Luca and Beasley is a athletic scorer that may able to become a fast and hard defender, if this is his first focus. So for thm Mavs Bamba may overcome Maja, Beasley can help on guard position instead of forward Jackson and Ntilikina give defense and can hit open 3s. Very young but good starting lineup and maybe the best bench you can ask for!

I think that is a good investment. That may payout very good.

20 Nov 2019 20:14:07
"I think that is a good investment. That may payout very good. "

The first two words in the statement above is wherw you went wrong IMO.

20 Nov 2019 20:34:10
It is one.
And it will be feasible to become approved, if Mavs ask for such trades.

20 Nov 2019 20:42:45
LOL@ Fredman. Bamba at this point is a bust. Even his own TEAM signed a their own starter rather than give him a shot at less money. Nitilkina is a bust. And Beasley isn't that good.

Dallas needs are rebounding and third scoring option. They need a score first point guard who can dish an assist when Doncic is on the bench (i. e. Lowry) and a center who plays like RODMAN (rebound everything and defense) . 1st choice is Drummond and 2nd is Thompson in MHO.

20 Nov 2019 21:36:12
Ntilikina finally breaks out and you want him traded for poorer version of himself who is older.

Dennis SMith Jr for Brunson 2 dal 2nds.

21 Nov 2019 05:55:23
Shizzee, do you actually watch basketball or are you into bowling. Dallas traded Smith to NYK because he didn't work with Doncic. Why would they trade Brunson and 2 picks to get him back.



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