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29 Nov 2019 01:46:56
I don't think they should, as a Thunder fan i think they should for sure trade Gallo and Paul and Schroder if possible, and some what tank. However they could keep the current team together and add a piece to push for the playoffs. This is if they decide to go for playoffs which again i don't think they will or should. They could make 7 or 8 seed and still keep their pick its top 20 protected.


OKC get DeRozan player option
SAS get Schroder, Roberson exp, 2020 Den pick

SAS won't get any good offers for Derozan. They get a 1st out of this and Roberson guarenteed exp contract. Derozan could accept PO. Schroder will be expiring next season and with a weak FA this offseason i'm sure spurs would b able to move him once his contract becomes expiring in the off-season.

OKC would add a piece to make the playoff push their starting 5 would be Paul/ SGA/ Derozan/ Gallinari/ Adams that starting 5 could make the 7 or 8 seed if playoffs is the goal.

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29 Nov 2019 12:11:42
Shroeder+Roberson+late 1st is essentially a salary dump by OKC. going to have to give up more/ better picks to compensate for Derozen's minimal value.

29 Nov 2019 14:10:02
Fredman how is it a salary dump when they are bringing in more salary than they are sending out and if Derozan accepts his player option then they will have more salary to pay next year than they would if they didn't make this trade. This is essentialy a salary dump for spurs while getting a 1st. They don't have to worry bout offering Derozan a big contract or losing him for nothing. They can move schroder in the offseason once he becomes expiring. Derozans value is not that high right now. He doesn't fit on spurs every one knows they don't want him, he can't shoot 3's and he isn't a great defender. I don't see them getting a much better offer than this.
What kind of offer do you expect them to get for Derozan?

29 Nov 2019 14:40:27
Love the idea of adding Derozan but I think the bigger goal for okc over anything else is to duck the luxury tax. They’ll aim for deals to trim salary and add picks/ assets. I assume they keep CP3 another year. Gallo is the bigger priority to move. And I’d argue they need to move Adams soon too. Maybe this summer.

29 Nov 2019 15:23:13
If you take Derozen out of this deal, it becomes a OKC salary dump. A first round pick for no-value having players, yes? However, Derozen does have a "minor level" value and San Antonio should receive more compensation. Now the question really becomes how much more? Either a better 1st rounder than Denver's pick (OKC'S 2021 lottery protected? ) or add the Clippers 2022 pick to Denver's pick (both should be a very late firsts) .

02 Dec 2019 06:54:08
I don’t want Derozan i'd rather serve okc tank completely and hope we get off gallo and Paul and Adams and Schroeder and I think Terrence Ferguson as well but that’s me and hope we end up in like 14 I need the west to get a chance at a 1 to atleast 3 pick cause I wants Anthony Edward James wiseman or cold Anthony but want Anthony Edwards the most so I wanted to fully tank

04 Dec 2019 01:46:12
You have lost your damn mind if you think okc is giving up Miami’s 2021 pick or that 2022 they 2021 has swap rights on it to and the 2022 draft class is Gunna be a class you can get a good player coming right out of high school in 2022 Derozan is not gunna get u no pick u can hang that up the only team I see that would trade for him might be Orlando but they would be stupid to just cause they want a star type player he’ll orlando would be better off taking Chris Paul over Derozan u are gunna get maybe a few good role players but you aren’t getting much more



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