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02 Jan 2020 01:00:07
Discussions progress - think Mavs will try to perform out others:

OKC: Marjanovic, Lee, J.Jackson, unprotected 1st 2023 (via NYK) and 2025 of Mavs
NYK: Brunson, 2nd 2020 (GS) and 2nd 2020 (Utha) from Mavs
DAL: Adams, Nader, Ferguson, Ntilikina

OKC gets two other 1st and Jackson and 25m CAP.
NYK gets a starting caliber PG and a replacement for the 2023 1st with 2020 GS + Utah pick
DAL go all in for 1,5y when Adams and Hardaway will expire (if it work they extend their contracts) and young 3&D players with upsite beside the rock in the middle Adams - what could be the missing pieces.


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02 Jan 2020 03:15:53
Knicks get shaken down.

02 Jan 2020 05:48:51
Dallas trades Porzingis and doncic for cp3. Thunder get you talent for rebuild, and dallas get the point guard they've been searching for since kidd retired. As long as you keep posting one sided crap trades, we can do the same.

02 Jan 2020 11:10:19
Why do you have "Skills" in your nickname?

Brunson is not a potential starting PG? Jackson is not a potential starting forward? Two unprotected 1st picks and the GS 2nd in 2020 are no value?

Ntilikina and Portis are happy and fit well in NYK? Are they not bench players with limited role? They are not offered already by the Knicks?

OKC basically has a run but they are not in a strong rebuild mode? Ferguson is not a bench player with low minutes and more low soring? Like Adamas Ferguson is a special role player with good defense but both need a lot of scoring and playmaking around. Are they a perfect match for a rubuilding OKC. And do TWO 1st picks not have the value they are looking for? To get a bunch of 1st picks to trade for a young wing and forward/ center player?

02 Jan 2020 12:08:53
One and only, I think it’s just unlikely for okc to break up their team bc they are doing so well and have dynamite chemistry. Adams will have more suitors next season for trades anyways. If they move him, they want to squeeze as much value as possible. I do like the idea of that last first mentioned. But most likely those are late picks. Okc has plenty of those.

02 Jan 2020 12:16:17
Why do you have ddrainer in your name. This person who was on espn msg board was a respectable poster with good ideas for 20 yrs.

02 Jan 2020 16:18:33
Why do you keep posting the same trades every day? You know as well as everyone else dallas has nothing to offer anyone for anything. No one wants a draft pick 3 or 4 years down the line, especially for the players you think yur going to get back. Brunson is a bench player plain and simple. Jackson is not a starting player at any position. Dallas has 2 valuable pieces no salary cap or draft picks.



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