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02 Jan 2020 05:49:52

Ayton, Johnson and 3 firsts



Is this enough for KAT or will this be a bad deal for both teams?

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02 Jan 2020 10:59:24
Ayton is a No 1 pick as well! It may be a little bit too much.

02 Jan 2020 12:51:29
Ayton, Oubre, PHX '20 1st (top 10 pick? ), PHX '22 1st.

Matches salaries, minor tweaks can still be made. I would expect the offers to change based on how the bidding war goes though.

02 Jan 2020 13:32:53
I am not that impressed with Ayton for today’s NBA, so I don’t think mid-round picks makes up that gap.

Funny that this doesn’t include Bridges too - he should not be a deal-breaker for the chance to get a player like KAT.

02 Jan 2020 16:12:29
Ayton is the best prospect be thrown around in rumors. Yes he's been out almost all season but the guy is a stud big. Wolves won't get a better prospect, nor the salary relief from another team. Ayton, johnson, bridges, 2020 first and 2023 first. there's not a team out there that can match that.

02 Jan 2020 18:35:38
Skill85 - Knicks offer Barrett, Robinson, and multiple 1st round picks (including a potential top 5 pick) beats what Phoenix can offer.

03 Jan 2020 04:58:31
Neither barrett or robinson have the potential of ayton, plus 5 picks over 10 years don't help a team who hasn't made the playoffs in forever. Plus no guarantee any of those players they draft pan out. Also salaries don't match up, and no one wants to play for Knicks train wreck. Shall I keep going on?

03 Jan 2020 05:04:43
Also what would the Knicks have left even if Minnesota had any interest in a trade with them. Randle and towns? Knox can't even crack the starting lineup over morris on a team who wants to play youth.



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