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01 Feb 2020 00:05:06
Sexton and love for Wiggins plus two top seven protected first.
Expiring contracts plus garland for wall and two top ten protected first.

Cavs tank and stock pile on first so in 2024 they can draft James jr and wade.

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01 Feb 2020 00:16:51
Cavs will take like 7 guys to match contracts. Cavs aren’t getting 4 firsts.

01 Feb 2020 00:46:48
Wade isn’t even a top 100 recruit. The dude likely never plays in the nba. Also, these trades suck for the Cavs. In particular that Washington one is next level bad. They’d need more than that to take wall or give up Garland. The wizards are going to be rebuilding for a long time.

01 Feb 2020 01:03:10
Cavs would be ok trading sexton and exp Henson and Delly for Wiggins.

01 Feb 2020 01:04:48
No just 3. There basically taking on wiggins and wall plus getting 4 first to rebuild team around the hope to draft james jr most importantly they can get wade if they want. About then wiggins and wall contracts will be up.

01 Feb 2020 02:12:46
Cavs will be getting to picks cars 21. Wiggins contract bad.

01 Feb 2020 02:45:55
Those Wizard picks will never convey. Wall has hands down the worst contract in the league. We don’t even know if Bronny will be an nba player and the Cavs in general need an identity outside of Lebron.

01 Feb 2020 02:48:50
Cards, why would the Cavs trade Sexton for Wiggins? They have similar offensive impacts, Sexton actually seems to care unlike Wiggins, makes 25 million less and is 5 years younger.

01 Feb 2020 03:18:41
Then sexton for Wiggins is done deal. Cavs Porter is the SG that will change the future path of Cavs . Sexton is an nba elite 6th man. Cavs have Garland, Porter, Wiggins, Love and top 7 pick in next draft. Gilbert does not care about money with Wiggins. He approved $5mm for Porter. Took on $19mm this year to get future 1st from mil.



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