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26 Feb 2020 13:01:50
How about this?

Philly/ Brooklyn

Brooklyn receive: Embid

Philly receive: Irving+ Allen?

who is winning this trade?

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26 Feb 2020 15:34:50

26 Feb 2020 15:36:50
definitely not Philly. bad fits in both cases. if they trade Embiid they will move Horford to the 5 where he belongs, making Allen superfluous. and Irving alongside Simmons just leaves 2 guys who have to have the ball in their hands to be effective.

26 Feb 2020 18:48:37
Eastern conference trade with Embid seems unlikely but not impossible, for the right price.

I don't think Brooklyn would be as effective as a team trading the pieces they would need to give up in an Embid trade also. (D. Jordan riding the pine? ) Levert would be in there, Dinwiddie, or Prince too. Allen is having another growth season, and D. Jordan has been their most effective player in the middle, culling Allens value by a fair margin as of late.

Plus, the NBA has taken another significant step in the war on non shooting big men, and the market spoke to this with the Drummond Cavs deal. To doubt Drummond opting in to nearly 30 million next season is as laughable as Kanter not opting in to the 20million he received in the final year of his deal. The likelihood is doubtful in the least. Even Gobert will find his next deal not as sweet as he'd like is my guess going by the current trend.

26 Feb 2020 19:47:12
I think Gobert is the outlier because his defense is just that good. Guys like Drummond, Jordan, Nurkic, Adams play good defense, but Gobert is on another level. I'd bet he gets a max extension from Utah this offseason (especially if Utah makes some noise in the playoffs) .

Gobert is a lot closer to Draymond, who got a 4 year 100m extension.

26 Feb 2020 22:49:15
Funny, Whiteside is nearly the same player 3 inches shorter, and less disciplined in the screen/ pick offense and you think Nurkic is superior to Whiteside, yet Gobert is an exception and going to get a big deal? We really see players from a different perspective, that is for sure.

We'll have to wait to see. Favors didn't bail out Utah in last seasons' playoffs, but he was undoubtedly more effective than Gobert in their losing series Vs HOU.

I predict Utah struggling until they get another player like Favors who can maybe shoot better than Gobert, and sub for the Ingles, Gobert, Bojan, Niang platoon. Clarkson alleviated and exposed another issue for the Jazz in their guard/ SF rotation. Rendered Conley useless. This isn't all on Gobert slowing down the offense in Utah, but it's a factor, and that usually affects $, and grabs a few headlines. Ingles, Oneale needs attention as well, which maybe causes a switch off of Bojan, I really can't speak for the accumen of Utahs' GM, and its hard to guess.

I'd hope Utah let's him walk or trades him if he wants more than overpaid, lard-butt, can't shoot, Green in GSW. (Not making the similar OKC mistake with R. WestB would obviously be beneficial) .

It's smart for the small market Jazz to keep building around Mitchell, and not overspending long term $ on Gobert is important at this stage for Utah if they are intent on competing with Mitchell in his prime.

27 Feb 2020 01:28:32
Favors was the better player in the playoffs for Utah last season. They still lost in the 1st round. He's gone, they're losing a little right now, stagnant offense. Guard play is better than ever without Conley, and by adding Clarkson? Surprised me a little. The SF could use work but Ingles/ Bojan at the 3/ 4 is OK.

There was even a stat line posted all over the screen about Adams, Gobert, Drummond, Vucevic and their perimeter defense being awful during the 1st rounds last season. Some stat about all teams losing in the 1st round had big men with poor perimeter D %, and only Vucevic was a decent shooter of the group, but his shooting % was atrocious in the 1st round Vs TOR.

I think that is the intention of LAC going forward with Morris. Or the plan Vs HOU and others in the playoffs. Harrell, and Zubac will have a hard time seeing meaningful minutes in the playoffs unless the matchup is favorable. Definitely will be bodies to throw at Giannis. But I see teams trying to cauterize the Bucks with the 3 most of the time, for better or worse. Clippers and Toronto can slow down the Bucks inside but nobody else looks close. Not yet anyway. Lakers have the D, but lack the 3.

Capella, Whiteside, Allen, Jordan, Robinson, Gobert do the block shot/ lob game thing. No stepping out beyond the arc, back to the basket drop step fade-aways, or even a lot of assists generated through these guys in the offense. They also typically suck in the perimeter D department too.

You like Nurkic, and he and Favors are similar, with the edge going to Favors in my opinion. Pre-injury Nurkic anyway. Nurkic with a laser accurate 3 game would be really good if he had shooters, and defenders at the other forward positions. Portland would be playing for something then.

27 Feb 2020 09:49:34
Ringer, iWhiteside isn’t anything like Gobert on the defensive. You’re talking about one of the most active defenders and intelligent defenders in the league to a lazy one that just chased blocks and rebounds. Athletically maybe they’re some what similar, but Gobert is just a significantly smarter player.

27 Feb 2020 13:08:04
I wasn't ever suggesting Gobert and Whiteside are the same mirror image player, or Whiteside deserves 27 million. Gobert doesn't deserve north of 22 million (which is high) and his perimeter D stinks, and there was a point made about it for a couple games during the playoffs last season, is what I stand behind.

Similar in play style, and skill set of Whitside, Capella, Turner, Robinson, Allen. None shoot jumpers, or have much of a post game beyond lobs and putbacks. All block shots and rebound at a high rate.

I covered the offense screen/ pick, IQ that Whiteside doesn't have Vs that of Nurkic somewhere recently. I also think not having any help defense in Portland makes Whiteside look "dumber" this season while defending. He has no one screening off guys to set him up for ball switches in the post on defense. Ingles is good at that, Favors was even better.

I also think the league isn't valuing non-shooting C's, and another 1st round exit with Gobert getting sat in the 4th against HOU could and should likely affect Goberts' next contract. I think Gobert expires next season, looking for an extension this summer?

He makes 26million now, and I think that is overpaid @ the C position currently unless your name is Embid, Jokic, Porzingis, and bring that type of or similar type of skill set at C.

Gobert was probably hoping he'd get 35 for 5? Maybe higher this off season? I can't see paying him more than Turner received. I'd rather have Turner because he at least shows an ability to shoot 3's. Add a 3 to his already stellar defense, and Gobert who? Right?

27 Feb 2020 15:53:07
Ringer I feel you but add towns to that list too.

27 Feb 2020 16:41:36
Wrong, just wrong. That's a massive wall of text. I'll keep something simple:

Gobert is the best defensive center in the NBA. And by a lot. Turner is an ok defender. Favors is an ok defender. Gobert is game changing. That's why you pay him.

Not sure why you talk so much about the Blazers, why bring them up so much in a conversation that doesn't involve them?

27 Feb 2020 17:47:14
Gobert could go down, and Utah still wins games/ makes playoffs. Mitchell goes down, and Utah loses games.

Gobert is a game changing Defensive center doesn't explain away sitting in the fourth quarter in the final minutes of playoff games in the 1st round. Those guys typically don't get paid elite salaries. You're repeating a sports media narrative that is familiar, but isn't backed factually with example.

What is the point with the rude contradictory phrasing?

I'm open minded. Why do you have to put me down? Was I as rude and disrespectful to you as you are being? If I was I apologize, and wasn't looking for a fight. I really dislike folks who put others down to make themselves feel better, and would be very apologetic if you feel that is what I was doing.

I honestly thought this was fun, basketball banter, and I didn't know territorial pissings were part of this. That is the last thing I want. If you like, just say you don't like what I said and give me a chance before the disrespectful snipe starts. I'm honest, and I'll stop as long as your not crying victim, when really you are the attacker.

Wrong, just wrong

Massive wall of text

I'll keep something simple

Not sure why you talk so much about the blazers, why bring them up so much in a conversation

Was any of this really necessary? Did I address you in this manner? Passive aggressiveness is pouring off of some these snits.



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