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05 May 2020 03:17:28
The Cavs get Thybulle and Anunoby

The 76ers get Lowry

The Raptors get Horford and the Cavs 2020 1st.

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05 May 2020 13:02:03
Cavs first probably not worth Thybulle and Anunoby.

05 May 2020 14:47:30
I wouldn’t give up a top 3 pick for two good role players. Cleveland isn’t close to competing, those guys aren’t putting them over the top. They need a star, and the top of the draft is generally where you get them.

05 May 2020 15:38:47
First, Anunoby is a budding star.
Second, We don't need Horford.
Third, we aren't trading lowry.

05 May 2020 16:48:17
OG has been in the league for 3 years and is averaging 10 and 5. He’s a great defender and shooter. But he’s not a star. He’s a high end role player. If he’s a top 3 option on a team, you’re probably not a great team.

He’s Ariza. He’s wing version of Ibaka. He’s not Paul George.

05 May 2020 18:51:29
He will be.

05 May 2020 19:43:31
If you make trades based on what players "will be", you are going to lose most of those deals.

05 May 2020 19:56:51
but even so, my other two reasons still stand.

05 May 2020 21:57:49
Maybe a first or second year guy you trade based on potential. I just don’t see much star potential in OG. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.

This trade would be the idea that Toronto wants to have a small rebuild around Siakam and a top 3 pick. It’s not a terrible idea. They might not want to do it, but the value isn’t bad. They’d have to be in love with someone in the top 3 for this to make sense.



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