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13 May 2020 03:14:46
greek freak to TO.

to gets Greek Freak

bucks get siakim Powell and two first rounds.

Raptors then keep gasol and Ibaka for 2 year contracts short term and try to win another championship. freddy lowry in the back court with OG GA and Ibaka

gasol davis Jefferson and others as the bench mob.

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13 May 2020 14:18:00
Not enough for the Freak and you know it.

13 May 2020 14:45:41
If Giannis declines an extension this offseason, and if the Bucks fear a full rebuild and want to try to stay competitive, this isn’t horrible. I doubt they could get an individual player as good as Siakam from anyone else. And Toronto has proven to be a team willing to make major gambles on moves like this.

13 May 2020 15:41:30
I would love this as a Raptors fan.

13 May 2020 16:44:53
No free agent will sign in Canada except maybe a Canadian or player who was already playing there.

13 May 2020 18:40:13
And that’s why they trade for him shizzee. Convince him that it’s a great situation, try to win it all, and convince him to resign to win again.

14 May 2020 21:09:02
GA isn't staying in Milwaukee we all know this. and he has ties to TO but Toronto can't afford to buy him unless they let the whole team go. so sign and trade is the only way siakim is much better then most people think and Milwaukee would still be a solid team with GA gone if they go siakim and Powell. but here's the problem both teams would be short talent once this happens and both are taking so that's the upside. raptors would have to convince Ibaka and gasol to come back for another year or two and hopefully davis and OG keep improving.



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