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29 May 2020 03:26:05
Blazers are at cross road about Damian. Is Portland better as a deeper team for their future vs keeping super star Lillard. For Knicks, its a no brainer, they need star power at all cost to attract other free agents. For suns this also a no brainer, no scenario is booker going to get 6 1st and barrett even ifv1st are not lotto.

Blazers get Booker Robinson Okongwu-6 Ntilikina Smithjr Diallo

Suns get Barrett Randle Ellington 2 dal 2 NY 2 blazers 1st -6 future 1st

Knicks get Lillard Trentjr Okobo 44

55 wins top 3 for 5-10 yrs deepest team in the west hayward 4yr 100mil

Blazers Roster 55 win

Suns 50 wins Harrell 4yr 80mil

Knox to sixers for 35 50
Marcus and C.Woods 4yr 80 mil
Noel & Markieff 4yr 50 mil

45 win Knicks Roster

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29 May 2020 05:11:59
That is horrible for the Blazers. They don't need to give a pick.

29 May 2020 09:00:52
Psiphon, the blazers 1st are late 1st. My blazer roster way better current blazer roster with depth and youth front court. Hayward booker Way better Trentjr Lilliard. Please tell me your not a blazer fan.

29 May 2020 09:03:17
Blazers are set at every position for 4 years, those late 1st bare no value to what great balance and depth they have. So disappointed in you not seeing this as good trade for blazers.

29 May 2020 13:53:01
If lillard is on the table Portland can find better deals than those. They will never trade him.

29 May 2020 14:55:30
Portland wouldn’t have cap space to sign Hayward I don’t believe. Especially with the cap likely to decrease.

And I just hate it. It locks Portland into being a worse team than they are now without much upside. Superstars win in the NBA.

If anything, I’d just take the Knicks haul. Give me 5 firsts and Barret over Booker. If they’re moving Lillard (they’re not) it’s for a full rebuild.

And one last thing. When healthy, Nurkic starts over Robinson. And it’s not that close.

29 May 2020 23:54:18
Laughing that you think that is a 50 win team in Phoenix.

30 May 2020 15:45:55
Yeah, his win expectancy is way off. That Portland team isn’t winning 55 games. Maybe 45. And that Phoenix team is winning 35.



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