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25 Jun 2020 01:29:20
Hi huys, newbie here. I'm a Cavaliers fan trying to give my proposed moves for them

K.Love+ A.Drummond pairing seems really good but i think if we get #2 or #3 in the draft, Toppin would be the best choice (he's a PF). Guards are set with Garland and Sexton and Porter. Very young and talented. So i will try to set a trade for Kevin Love and get a starting caliber wing (SF)

To Cavs: Oubre (PHX) + F.Kaminsky + Chiek Diallo

To Suns: K.Love + swap rights in '21 draft + 2 2nd round picks

K.Oubre is young athletic wing that will be perfect for the Cavs need. Kevin Love meanwhile gives Phoenix a veteran PF who can stretch the floor for them. The '21 draft is said to be deep so a bigger chance for Phoenix to get higher pick maybe.

Cavs release F.Kaminsky

We give Yogi Ferrell the MLE

Cavaliers line up

SG- C.Sexton-Y.Ferrell
SG- D.Garland-K.Porter-D.Windler
SF- K.Oubre-C.Osman-A.McKinnie
PF- O.Toppin-L.Nance Jr
CE- A.Drummond-C.Diallo-A.Zizic

Not expecting much from this team but this is a young squad that has potential. If Kevin Porter develops into a rising star, we can deal one of Garland or Sexton for pick. Drummond sticks around and probably hang on to him to get the rebounds for these guys. Then try to offer him not that expensive extension i think most teams will not give him much.

First post. What do i need to improve?

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25 Jun 2020 12:02:51
Not bad for a first post.

Only issue that I see is the roughly $10 mil difference in salary. Since Phoenix does not currently have the cap space, this must be a 20-21 year trade which means picking up the team option on Kaminsky. Waiving him afterwards does not save Cleveland from the $5 mil salary. Also, you are assuming that Phoenix will still have the $10 mil cap space in 20-21. Pretty sure the salary cap next year will be dropped significantly because of all the lost revenue from this year.

25 Jun 2020 12:17:51
I just don’t see why Phoenix does this. Love doesn’t fit their timeline. Better off trying to get wiggins from GSW.

25 Jun 2020 14:56:42
Don't listen to them kabalyero, you maybe a newbie, but fredman is the 1 who's wrong. Trade works bc suns payroll is 85 mil next year. As far not fitting Love's timeline, he goes into playing a better winning situation with suns vs Cavs. warriors is bad unless your talking about Green. Older Green can't defend SFs regularly and love can't defend centers. Loves best trading partner brooklyn Love Garland for Prince Dinwiddie.

25 Jun 2020 16:16:43
Phoenix is at 85 mil only if Kaminisky and Diallo's team options are not picked up for next year. Which is fine take them out of the trade. Love makes $17 mil more than Oubre. $85 + $17 = $102. Now I could just stop there as I believe next years cap will drop below that considering the NBA has lost about $5 mil per team salary cap just on lost revenue on China (let alone the virus revenue losses) .

Is Phoenix drafting a player at #10? Cam Reddish made $4+ last year so there is probably another $3 mil in guarenteed salary for next year. Also add $2 mil roster cap hold for empty roster spots. Phoenix will be at $107 mil. Seriously doubt next years salary cap will revised to that level.

25 Jun 2020 16:54:50
Fredman no hard cap. You sign your drafted picks after trade. 102 is still under cap, no changes as far lowering the cap has happen yet. Just admit your wrong. No biggy for you.

25 Jun 2020 17:46:35
If you are under the cap, a cap hold for the drafted player projected salary is placed after the pick has been made. If you are over the cap, then there us no cap hold (because it serves no purpose obviously) .

This is one of the reasons teams trade out of the first round. They would rather have the cap space and 2nd rounders are not guarenteed, thus no cap hold while unsigned.

As for changes to the cap, NBA head offices have to see what this years final total revenue is in order to determine next years cap. Since the season is not over, they can not compute the new salary cap level (which is one of the motivations to complete the season for the additional revenue so next years cap will be lowered less) .

There is more than just a ring riding on this season being finished.

25 Jun 2020 22:31:37
Thank you for your insights. I have this idea of sending Ricky Rubio to Detroit and Suns get Rose back.

What do you think, will something like this work better?

To Cavs: K. Oubre + C. Diallo + T. Snell (waive)

To Suns: K. Love + D. Rose + swap rights with Cavs '21 1st + 2nd round picks from Cavs

To Pistons: R. Rubio + 2nd round pick Cavs

I think Pistons would want more but i think Rubio fits their point guard need. Just my thought. Does salaries work better?

26 Jun 2020 04:04:16
Fredman you my friend just mixed up NFL and NBA.



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