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08 Jul 2020 09:15:17
Best deal i see for each team


SAC get Myles Turner

Pg Fox
Sg Hield
Sf Bogdanovic
Pf Bagley
Ce Turner

IND get Aaron Gordon & 2nd from SAC

Pg Brogdon
Sg Dipo
Sf Warren
Pf Gordon
Ce Sabonis

ORL get Harrison Barnes & 2nd from SAC

Pg Fultz
Sg Fournier
Sf Barnes
Pf Isaac
Ce Vucevic

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08 Jul 2020 11:30:14
Sac not getting Turner for Barnes and two 2nd's.

08 Jul 2020 12:42:58
Why not MCHammee? These 3 all seem to have pretty similar value. And all 3 of these guys are better fits in their new teams.

I like it.

08 Jul 2020 15:49:08
Outside of maybe Toronto, who is going to "outbid" Sac for Turner?

08 Jul 2020 15:53:53
Barnes isn't a better fit. He averages mid 30s in minutes and has progressively gotten worse at scoring the past 2 years averaging less points and rebounds with more min and 4 years older.

08 Jul 2020 17:35:26
Barnes is actually a better fit in Indy who need a stretch-4, small ball forward. Deal would probably be done without Orlando.

08 Jul 2020 20:52:36
Pacers don't have to worry about some other team "outbidding" the kings for Turner. There's no NEED to trade him. He's under contract for 3 more years. Dallas received Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph for Barnes a year ago and y'all think you can flip him for Turner now? No way Pacers are that stupid.

08 Jul 2020 22:23:40
And if Turner keeps stunting Sabonis development? Going to move Turner to the bench?

And we got Barnes "cheap" because he was not going to resign in Dallas. He wanted to come back to Northern California. And Randolph was an expiring contract when KP's extension was gping to kick in. So Dallas was just looking to scrap salary not necessarily getting full value.

09 Jul 2020 00:02:49
I don't think Harrison Barnes is what Orlando is looking for. They can do much better for Gordon.

09 Jul 2020 01:50:04
"full value" of Barnes is half of what turner is. kings can keep their garbage and Pacers and keep theirs and Pacers would better off.

09 Jul 2020 02:40:25
Northern California can keep Barnes if that's where he wants to be. If Barnes is that great, go get Allen from the Nets or Bamba from Magic for him. Good luck.



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