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29 Jul 2020 20:47:29
Trade 1: GS-Knicks
Knicks: 1# GS

GS:6# Knicks+ M Robinson

Trade 2: Knicks-Wolves

Knicks: J Johnson+3#

Wolves:Randle+F Ntilikina+1rnd pick Clippers 2020+ 1rnd pick Knicks 2021+ 1rnd pick Dallas 2021 and 2023

Draft: Wiseman and Ball


Knicks sign Giannis and LBJ

PG:L Ball

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29 Jul 2020 21:14:22
And how does that trade help Minnesota?

29 Jul 2020 21:22:14
Giannis and dipo. Ball should have enough strength then to run point but guard a small forward. Barrett and dipo guard the guards.

29 Jul 2020 21:44:03
If the Knicks are in love with someone at the top of the draft, I think they first trade makes sense. I could see GS doing it.

The second one isn’t good for Minny. They need to draft BPA or trade for a legitimate starter. Not pick up a bunch of mediocre assets.

29 Jul 2020 21:58:10
Robonson not enough to jump from #6 to #1.

29 Jul 2020 22:22:28
I trade Barrett before Robinson to move up to land Ball with trading pick. Robinson better than any big in this draft. Robinson just broke Wilt Chamberlain single season field goal %. Making 2 mil for 2 more years after this yr. Robinson has better value per dollar that 95% of league. Without injury in 1-2 years he will be top 5 center in the league when learns to avoid fouling so much. Fredman he is better than all Kings bigs hands down.

29 Jul 2020 22:33:34
Knicks not getting Giannis and lebron

CP3/ Ball-4/ Porter
Pope/ Vassell-6/ Dotson
Marcus/ Melo/ Brazdeikas
Wood/ Markieff/ Wooten
Robinson/ Oturu-27/ Richards-38.

29 Jul 2020 23:07:13
I just don’t see it out of Robinson. He’s Deandre Jordan, not AD. He’s got the potential to be a great role player, but never a star.

He’s probably not quite enough to jump from 6 to 1, but it’s not outside the realm of reality. GS would be getting the slightly worse side of the trade. But they’d get a useful player at a position of need and stay in the top 10. Maybe throw in the Clippers pick and it’s about even.

29 Jul 2020 23:47:52
Shizee I agree I trade Barrett before Robinson. But I don’t think wisemen or ball be there at six.

30 Jul 2020 01:31:46
Shizzee, none of the Kings bigs would move #6 up to #1 either. (Which is really the point)

30 Jul 2020 02:46:38
the thing is even one spot trade up is very pricy in the draft. robinson is good player but not that good.

30 Jul 2020 02:50:00
This may not be the popular opinion but it seems most people on this website have way too much value in high picks this year. This draft is one of the weakest ever so the difference between 1 and 6 is not super large.

30 Jul 2020 10:15:41
If there isn't much difference between 1 and 6 spot, knicks can stay at 6.

30 Jul 2020 17:17:29
High picks have huge value in every draft. Period. The #1 pick sometimes has no much value that it literally can’t be traded (Lebron, AD type years) . But there has never been a time that a top 5 pick didn’t have huge value. Because even in “down years” there has been an all star in the top 5 of EVERY draft. There’s no exceptions that I could find.

And if you want to move up in the draft, it’s because you really like someone in the draft. So that means you pay to move up. If you think moving up is a bad idea isn’t the question. It’s “what would be the value needed to move up if the Knicks decided they wanted to”.



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