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30 Jul 2020 08:33:53
Not sure you can do a S&T with 3 teams, but this could benefit all of them.

Indy: Ingram

NO: Barrett+ Randle

Knicks: Oladipo+ 2 rnd pick Miami 2025 and 26 (from Indy)

Indy get a replacement star for Oladipo

Zion gets his friend Barrett

Knicks get a star

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30 Jul 2020 10:05:41
Ingram is way better than Barrett. Randle doesn't have much value.

30 Jul 2020 11:46:53
True, but Ingram is a free agent. Barrett is on a rookie contract for a few years.
Is NO prepared to give a player with an injury history a big contract?

30 Jul 2020 12:18:55
Ingram has to want to sign with Indy. Not seeing it

NO has to want what they are getting back. Again, not seeing it.

30 Jul 2020 12:39:53
Giving ıngram big contract is better than taking Barrett and randle. They will give ıngram around 27 million. Barrett and randle are taking same money.

30 Jul 2020 13:13:42
There is no way Pels even conside this remotely. NOLA will be maxxing him. Pels need to keep players around Zipon, and Barrett is just a project at this point

30 Jul 2020 13:50:37
Ingram is an all star in the West i don't think Barrett or Randle will be. Echoing all the comments above, Pelicans say hard no.

30 Jul 2020 19:15:10
ingram is much better then everyone on that list. thia makes no sense for them to trade him unless it's a first round pick and a young talent.

30 Jul 2020 20:01:11
Indy and Knicks owe pelicans a first.

30 Jul 2020 23:36:54
Indy could deliver a pick, they dit it for Brogdon.
But Barrett is like a good pick.

It's a good price for a S&T. I Think they let Ingram walk, so Barret is a good young return. Randle is only on a one year deal so NO saves money.

01 Jul 2020 09:51:46
Are people forgetting that rj and Zion were teammates at duke? The Knicks would need to add one more pick but rj had a better season than one might think. This would make zion happy and if rj develops correctly, the 2 of them plus a playmaker in Lonzo could make a dynasty for years to come. Ingram is great but I think he may be maxing out.

Here is my proposal that would work better for everyone. It would just make more sense all around.

Pelicans get: rj, 2020 first, Randle
Who knows, Randle could be good again on NO and he wouldn’t be nearly as ball dominant

Knicks get: Dipo

Give up more but still get a star. Fas would be more inclined to sign.

Pacers get: Ingram, dal 2023 first
Get an offensive specialist who fits well and has a bit more room to grow.



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