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24 Aug 2020 11:51:46
Mu embiid trade

Bulls - embiid, Harris, scott, Richardson

Sixers- satoransky, Porter, lavine, markkanen, 4th pick

Bulls get star they wanted.

Sixers get expiring contract, young player and a scorer. They save 15 million money this year and 175 million money next years. And they save tax money.

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24 Aug 2020 11:58:58
"My embiid trade" stupid autocorrect.

24 Aug 2020 12:51:46
3 starters for a playoff team for 3 starters of a lottery team?

24 Aug 2020 14:44:05
Seriously you said starter from play-off team. We are not talking about champion team. We are talking about sixers that can't win a game in swept by Boston. Harris has negative value with that 148 million contract. Scott has negative value. Richardson is not bad. Embiid can't stay on the court. He has very big mental problem. If u put bulls against Boston they could win a game. At least try which sixer couldn't even do that. İt is a very good package. Embiid is good player when he is healty and when he wants to play. Playing 10 good games a year doesn't make u top 5 center.

24 Aug 2020 15:24:33
25pts, 12 reb, 3.5 asst, 2 blcoks per game. that makes you a top 5 center lol

Scott doesn't have negative value. A rotation player for under 5 mill a year?

Richardson is "not bad" Harris is a negative? Harris performs like a 2nd option to a team, and is paid in line with most second options. Richardson is a solid 4th option.

I love when people present trades on here that highly favor their team. Then when others identify those trades, they get all defensive and claim everyones negative value and awful.

You literally wrote in your post, the Bulls get their star in embiid. and then comment he isn't good and isn't top 5. You do see the flaws there, no?

Oh, and i'm not even a sixers fan.

24 Aug 2020 16:02:46
Take Richardson out and replace Harris with Horford.

24 Aug 2020 16:23:17
Scott is over 5 million for next year. He played 20 minutes in 4 games and couldn't even score in 3 of them. I like Richardson . He is on the trade block because sixer should cut some salary. Harris is way overpayed and he is not playing like second option.

I am a sixers fan I watch embiid everytime. He has skills but not using it. He has body but not using it. He always hurt. Sometimes he didn't even care when we are losing. He don't have any work ethic. He is toxic. I am really sick of seeing him on court. He can't be a champion because he doesn't have a heart of a champion.

24 Aug 2020 18:39:40
@delidolu. You still aren't seeing it. You want to trade Embiid because he is not using his skills, he has no body, he is always hurt and he is toxic, yet expect to get a trade package in return as if these "traits" were not true. You can't diminish a player and then expect top dollar in trade for that player.

But if you ate willing to take that package can I interest you in Hield + pick #12 instead?

24 Aug 2020 19:01:38
İf I were gm I would accept. I am sick of him that much.

24 Aug 2020 21:19:58
that's how GMs get fired. Coach is already out the door.

25 Aug 2020 03:32:01
Fredman is correct on that. Philly has babied both players. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's so true. If you don't play half the time, after 4+ years in the league, you only have half the value. I would never take a chance on either player based on the simple fact that they only play half the time. And that's in the East. The West is gladiator games bc of the talent in the West. I see both players playing even less than they do now if they were traded to a Western team. Any trade would be based on that, and that's not even including the intangibles Fredman mentioned above.



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