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07 Sep 2020 15:17:30
Do not stop breath but Giannis will join Mavs, it is only to trade for him already this summer to get something back @ Bucks:

ORL: Brunson, Hardaway
DAL: Giannis
MIL: Gordon

NYK: Jackson, #31, free up 1st 2023
DAL: Ntilikina

Mavs draft Josh Green

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07 Sep 2020 16:34:15
What goes thru your mind when u say Giannis is equal to Gordon. This is now one of many utterly lopsided trades of yours where the Mavs get Giannis.

07 Sep 2020 16:52:48
I can’t imagine being this delusional.

07 Sep 2020 17:46:46
I wish I had more hands. because I’d give that proposal 4 thumbs down.

07 Sep 2020 18:46:20
IF Giannis wants to join Mavs, no other team will pay higher and for Bucks, Gordon is at least a good compensation and they can figure it out next 2y. Y need to understand Giannis has only 1y left and I do not think he will simply not stay at Bucks, because he is young and he wants to win it all, what will not happen at Bucks.

07 Sep 2020 19:24:26
Bucks would get about 3 times that return for a 1 year giannis rental, or something like the AD package. They'll look for deals including a young star like Tatum, Siakam, or Ayton, plus a handful of players and picks.

07 Sep 2020 19:37:19
They will let him walk before just taking Gordon.

07 Sep 2020 20:07:06
Trade or Sign, sooner or later, be aware, there will be a dynasty for a century of big three Luca, Giannis and KP.

07 Sep 2020 23:09:14
“IF Giannis wants to join Mavs, no other team will pay higher“

This ignores history. Paul George wanted to go to the Lakers. OKC still paid a high price and got him. Kawhi didn’t want to go to Toronto. They still got him and won a championship. AD wanted to go to the Lakers and the Lakers PAID for him.

Teams don’t care about what a players preferred Destination is. It still costs if you trade for them. You’re not getting them for free.

07 Sep 2020 23:48:39
No, you mean a dynasty of Brunson, Jackson, and the 2020 1st, since those have the most value.

Besides, you are RIPPING OFF the mavs.

08 Sep 2020 00:43:25

08 Sep 2020 05:12:54
Luka for Giannis he is the only 1.



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