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08 Sep 2020 18:23:08
This one oughtta stir up a conversation.If Giannis wanted out of Mil

Pels Giannis, R Lopez

Bucks Zion, Holiday, 2021 1st from L.A.

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08 Sep 2020 18:29:40
No chance you give up Zion And more for a one year rental of Giannis no matter how good he is.

08 Sep 2020 18:51:10
Pelicans are NEVER trading Zion! For ANYONE!

08 Sep 2020 18:57:23
Teams won’t give up their best players for Giannis. The only way to retain him is to pair him with a great player.

I do think NO has the assets. Holiday, Hayes, Ball, and a load of firsts isn’t a bad return.

08 Sep 2020 19:10:24
Whoever disagreed - find one trade that includes Zion that BOTH GM's would sign off on!

08 Sep 2020 20:03:52
There isn’t one Tom. NO won’t trade Zion. Period.

I guess if Giannis agreed to the supermax extension while agreeing to this trade, then maybe this trade would work.

08 Sep 2020 20:14:43
I disagreed.

08 Sep 2020 23:56:44
Zion has to prove he can drop significant weight and stay healthy for a season.

09 Sep 2020 00:36:05
I don’t understand who wouldn’t trade for Zion for Giannis especially if he signed an extension. If he signs extension when if the trade is agreed its a no brained. He’s a multi-mvp and will most likely when more. He’s super young and he will age better than Zion since he has that length and defense compared to Zion who only relies on athleticism.

09 Sep 2020 03:48:19
Because he likely wouldn’t extend at the time of the trade NBA16. And trading a guy in his second year and likely has a superstar future for an MVP on an expiring contract is a bad idea.

09 Sep 2020 04:57:21
if he agree to sign an extension I would do it. zion can be the best player but he has some health problems. but I would keep holiday.

09 Sep 2020 18:33:06
I still wouldn't trade Zion for Giannis straight up!

I agree that Giannis is currently the better player by alot, especially on the defensive side.

However, Zion is 5 years younger to start with. Giannis's supermax deal would put him near/ over 50mil/ yr making it extremely difficult to build around. Zion had a freak injury while at Duke but otherwise has never been injured. While his weight is a lot for his frame, all the long term worries are speculation at this point! Also, he now has access to an extensive medical and training staff to manage his fitness and durability.

Yes, I'm a die-hard Duke and Pelicans fan!

10 Sep 2020 01:43:57
Sorry, but I have a rule that's been established over 30 years and that's to never draft a Duke player. They very, very, very rarely pan out. Hurley doesn't count as he had that horrific car accident. I do think he would have been a productive pro.



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