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15 Sep 2020 00:33:20
IF Giannis doesn't request a trade...

Bucks get Chris Paul

Thunder get Brook Lopez (sign-and-trade 1 year $19 million), Eric Bledsoe, and two future unprotected first round picks

The Bucks get a true leader and playmaker to take pressure off of Giannis. They could hire D'Antoni as the new coach, play Giannis at the 5, and run a "small" lineup. Without many young assets, the Bucks have to gamble and trade two (potentially very valuable) first round picks.

The Thunder get the cap space they want with the expiring contract of Lopez, and an asset in Bledsoe. Both players can be dealt at the deadline for even more assets if they're playing good. The two first rounders are like a very sweet icing on the cake.

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15 Sep 2020 11:53:45
brook lopez already has a contract. signed last year. and signed and trades have to be at least 3 years long. 2 first is too much for paul. take out one first and put some salary to match salaries. ilyasova, robin lopez.

15 Sep 2020 17:37:58
the Bucks don’t have a 1st Rnd to give until 2024, unless your talking about this years 24th Rnd pick in a a VERY shallow draft.

I assume you meant sign and trade Robin Lopez for 19 mil. That guy has never played well enough to justify anything close to that even in his prime.

The only deal the Bucks can offer for CP3 that the Thunder would even consider would be Bledsoe, Ilyasova, Lopez at his current contract of 5 mil, Washington, DiVencenzo... & maybe this years 24th draft pick

Just know that Philly & the Knicks are going to be making offers for CP3 and they do have draft picks & young assets to offer for him

Presti has no need for a 30 + year old players(Bledsoe, Ilyasova, Lopez) if he decides to trade CP3 and start a re-Build. Otherwise CP3 is so much more valuable to the Thunder as a mentor & coach, as was evident this past season. Plus the Thunder Can afford to keep him. They don’t need to cut salary. They currently sit at $105 mil with CP3 & only 2 vacant roster spots to fill.

15 Sep 2020 23:24:45
Agree. Paul will have several teams vying for him this off-season. Highest bidder wins.

16 Sep 2020 00:10:43
alot of people don't understand its not how much the player is actually worth, its how much people are willing to pay. And with how many teams that are going to be making offers + how badly the bucks need him= they are going to overpay for him. It will all be worth it tho if giannis stays.



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