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03 Oct 2020 10:14:34
Wolves and Celtics

Big meow to Boston

Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Daniel theis + 2 first round picks.

Thought this would be too sweet for the wolves however Boston area reporters are the Originators of the rumor...


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03 Oct 2020 11:02:26
That's about what it would take, I'm afraid.
Just don't think Boston would move both Brown and Smart. If Ainge could figure out a way to do one or the other, he would.

03 Oct 2020 11:44:48
It's a good start, but I think the Wolves would want more picks or Tatum instead of Smart or Brown since KAT is signed for four years.

03 Oct 2020 12:28:55
I won't give Tatum for KAT straight up let alone adding picks. If there's anything they need to pair them up.

03 Oct 2020 13:43:19
As I said, Tatum or more picks. I did not say Tatum and more picks.

I would give up Tatum for KAT in a heartbeat if it was straight up as wings are much easier to replace then seven footers who can create offense from anywhere on the floor like KAT.

03 Oct 2020 15:08:16
We have different opinions, for me i'd choose the skill of Tatum on both ends of the floor, he is a superstar in the making from what i saw.

03 Oct 2020 16:09:25
Tatum isn't being traded. I might even value him more than KAT.

03 Oct 2020 16:40:19

Elite wings are the hardest player to get, and they are almost required to win a championship.

Also, Tatum has led his team to more conference finals than KAT has been to the playoffs at all.

03 Oct 2020 16:43:11
Also, if Smart is the hang up to get KAT, then Smart is being vastly overrated. If that’s all it came down to, and Boston said no, they’d be idiots.

03 Oct 2020 18:17:52
I'ma timberwolves fan and I think I take the deal. Maybe try a trade with orlando after this trade for gordon and bamba for russell.

03 Oct 2020 18:22:13
I take the trade and move russell for Aaron gordon and bamba.

03 Oct 2020 19:58:25
Wrong Bmiller. Elite centers like Davis and KAT are much harder to find than elite wings. It's not even close. Very few seven foot centers with KAT and Davis' skill level. Silly statement to make.

03 Oct 2020 20:05:17
Wow Bmiller, I just reread your post and you're beyond wrong.
KAT is much more valuable than Tatum and your conference comparison is a joke as Boston would be an average team in the West, if that.

03 Oct 2020 20:07:18
I'd trade Smart and whatever other fodder for KAT, in a heartbeat.

03 Oct 2020 22:02:41
2 of the last 16 finals MVPs have been bigs (Duncan and Dirk) . The guys that have won championships in recent memory are Lebron, Kawhi, Durant, Kobe, Wade.

Ignoring position, Tatum is simply a better and more impactful player too. But the idea that teams need a dominant big is not based on modern reality. Teams need an elite wing to win.

04 Oct 2020 00:49:30
As the league transitions to nonofficial positions, centers are hard to find, no matter the skillset. So, I'm going to have to side with Postal on this one.

05 Oct 2020 07:45:06
Boston would/ should NOT give up Tatum regardless of what type of player is more vital or more or less common in the league. The only reason they would be going for Meow is too pair with Tatum and Kemba.



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