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14 Oct 2020 15:26:35
It's not often that you see two contenders in the same division make a deal with each other, but this makes sense to me.

Warriors get Paul George

Clippers get Andrew Wiggins and the 2nd overall pick (LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman)

The Warriors get a guy who can basically be a less ball dominant (albeit less talented) version of Durant. PG has never had great shooters around him and is at his best when he has a good playmaker: this situation provides both. The Warriors get back to being a ball-moving Splash family. Curry/Klay/PG/Draymond/Looney

The Clippers downgrade from PG to Wiggins, but I would say that Wiggins is a more natural fit at shooting guard. Kawhi and Wigs is an incredibly athletic wing to have, while Ball/Wiseman can serve as the missing piece. The Clips either get the playmaker they need or the big man they need. Ball/Wiggins/Kawhi/Morris/Zubac or Beverly/Wiggins/Kawhi/Morris/Wiseman.

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14 Oct 2020 16:08:49
I don't think the value is there for the Clippers. Also, George doesn't come close to Durant in terms of impact offensively.

14 Oct 2020 16:56:37
I think this trade pushed Kawhi out the door after next season when he’s a free agent unless Ball or Wiseman are superstars in year 1. That’s putting a lot on a rookie.

14 Oct 2020 17:27:37
I think Kawhi would say no to this. but if it were to happen I think they'd have to add the 21 Minny 1st rounder to sweeten the pot.

14 Oct 2020 17:41:13
Bmiller66 I think that the only thing that matters to Kawhi is winning a chip in LA. If they do this trade and come up short then he’s a goner, but if they win then he’s not going anywhere. I feel like this trade prepares the Clippers for the future with or without Kawhi, but I agree it’s a lot of pressure for the rookie they draft.

14 Oct 2020 17:42:32
Rapsfan I almost included that pick but I wasn’t sure. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about how much PG is worth nowadays lol.

14 Oct 2020 23:08:09
Can't see the Clippers not running it back another year. They gave up too much not to give it another year. If they do trade George and Kawhi bails, all those picks the Thunder received are starting to look really, really good.



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