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10 Nov 2020 21:18:29
Timberwolves trade;

1st pick 2020, Jacob Evans

Magic trade;

Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, 15th pick 2020

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10 Nov 2020 21:54:48
Does money no longer matter?

10 Nov 2020 21:56:48
And how does Minnesota fit 30+ million into their already tight cap?

10 Nov 2020 23:01:09
Really bad for Minnesota.

10 Nov 2020 23:49:53
Not enough for the 1st pick and the money doesn't work.

11 Nov 2020 00:01:29
This doesn’t work salary wise. It also doesn’t work talent wise. Gordon was average or below on every advanced stat for last year and his career. He also makes well above average. Fournier has also been below average from an advanced stat perspective for his career, though he did manage to be slightly above average last year. He too is paid above average. He also has a player option next year. There is no way the two of them + 15 get you the #1 pick.

11 Nov 2020 00:09:37
This would be fair if it weren't for Evans. He has negative value! Orlando says HELL NO!

11 Nov 2020 01:14:57
I love it for both teams. Magic get a shot at star, opens up minutes for young guys. If magic toss in Ross can they keep their pick?

11 Nov 2020 05:04:04
Shiller, no matter how many Magic players you add, they are not getting the 1st pick for them. The only player worth a high pick is maybe Vooch (not much though) but the Wolves already have Towns so no chance.

11 Nov 2020 07:36:55
ORL has little value on their team. Their good vets are fairly paid, Aaron Gordon too, Fultz is a question mark, and sadly, Isaac is hurt and about to be paid.

There is no headliner for a deal that a team would give up the #1, even in this draft.

12 Nov 2020 05:20:14
If kat and dLo are stars like I keep hearing adding AG Fournier maybe Ross fills needs around two stars. Wolves still get a decent prospect at 15 and 17 or combine them to move up. Wolves could be a playoff team.



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