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02 Dec 2020 00:56:44
Magic/Thunder During NBA Season or Trade Deadline

Magic get AL Horford 2021 first round pick.via Warriors & 2021 first round pick.via Heat swap Rockets 2021 second round pick.via Nuggets & 2023 second round pick.via Thunder

Thunder get Nikola Vucevic

Al Horford can come off the bench behind Mo Bamba at Center

Give me y'all opinion Be honest

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02 Dec 2020 03:37:26
The Thunder aren’t looking to compete, and Vuc isn’t the level of star that changes that opinion.

02 Dec 2020 03:56:28
No chance on that. Thunder are committed to rebuild and Vuch is too old. Plus, I can't see Presti giving up picks unless it's to grab a player he covets like he did with Poku. Basically, from what I've heard here, the plan is to play the young guys as much as possible to see who can play, keep drafting any high ceiling rookies because they can more than afford to miss on some potential stars that other teams pass on, and to continue trading all the older players, if possible. Out of 15 first rounders in the next few years, they really only need to hit on about 25% of their picks to have an all-star team for ten+ years.

02 Dec 2020 04:46:52
Thunder can flip Nikola Vucevic another trade to get more young assets and picks and expiring contract players in return Nikola Vucevic has more Value than AL Horford

Teams will would want Nikola Vucevic.

02 Dec 2020 07:29:12
I am more interested that you think Bamba may be healthy enough to start in the NBA. Heard the C.V. has been kicking his butt.

02 Dec 2020 13:34:17
But why trade picks for Vuc just to flip him for picks? Make this a 3 team with him going somewhere else.

02 Dec 2020 23:28:43
dont know why, but I keep seeing a Walker-Vucevic trade Bos-Orl's future.



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