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05 Feb 2021 10:38:44
Think Mavs should try some muscles, they may be able to adjust to a real Center that can roll and maybe shoot open 3s - especially if his contracts end after the season it is worth a try.

When Mavs offer Cavs 2nd they will immediatelly agree and Mavs can send Powell, Cavs can keep him or trade him maybe for another 2nd.

Cavs Powell, Johnson, 2x2nd
Mavs Drummond

Then Mavs sign Lee as another 3&D backup for the rest of the season, he can defend and score two 3s a game when he spend 8min a game. Afterwards Mavs have THJ, Green and 2x1st to go after Beal or Oladipo.

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05 Feb 2021 12:25:01
This is more resonable than Hardaway for Drummond. I think the Cavs might ask for Brunson though.

05 Feb 2021 12:47:22
I think the Cavs would need slightly more with the Powell contract involved.

05 Feb 2021 13:18:06
cavs need a bit more.

05 Feb 2021 13:46:25
Yeah a first.

05 Feb 2021 14:38:46
Drummond defense is like number two behind Davis. Drummond has lots of value and playing like the third best center behind embiid and joker and yeah he playing better then bam.

05 Feb 2021 17:17:33
Nobody would compare Drummond with Embiid or Bam - he can simply not shoot and hence he is an dino in the modern NBA - against small ball you cannot use him - but in the Mavs setup - having 4 shooters arount him he could screen and roll and play 25m a night could fit very well - for him - and the Mavs - but needs to become proven. Powell is a good player and an excellent backup he is worth a 2nd! But Cavs would add CAP this is why they get 2x2nd - only that.

If the Mavs do a Drummond try - Cavs would immeditally agree.

05 Feb 2021 19:07:19
Cavs get Hardaway Johnson Porzingis
Mavs get Drummond Osman Griffin
Pistons get Love Bucks 1st via cavs.

05 Feb 2021 21:37:37
overall play joker and embiid the only center better then Drummond at this point. Even if he was number 5 how would the Cavs not get a first when the thunder just got a first for oubre. Cavs only going to take a first for him other then that they going to play the best they can then resign Allen. Look at gobert he got a max for averaging 15 and 14 prolly less points because he going to protect the rim, able to get put backs and rebound the ball.

06 Feb 2021 00:56:32
I will agree to ringing trade idea, if he admits Porzingis is a bust at 35 mil per yr.

06 Feb 2021 01:02:09
forgot about KAT, Gobert, Turner, Bam, Vucevic, Wood, Ayton some better some just as good. pathetic cave fans if drummon is good why trade. imagine a potential allstar being bought after they great trade to get Allen Prince. even cavs think their backup is better than Drummond.

06 Feb 2021 16:43:37
Wow, a competitive chat of shizzee - surprise . : )

Drummond may worth a try at Dallas, maybe they could figure it out like Utah, since they miss muscles - also KP - Mavs need to hope, KP get back some of his athletics - if not, he is only an expensive scorer - but at least, if health he can put 20 / 10 a night .

06 Feb 2021 23:50:40
All those you named Drummond is playing better then all them at this point. Maybe not scoring more but there two sides to basketball and he doing good at both.



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