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09 Feb 2021 21:07:22
lakers get jj redick
pels get kuzma

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09 Feb 2021 21:37:30
Lakers are hard capped and can't do this. kuzma's extension only counts for the team trading for him, so he's 3.5M off Lakers cap, and 10.6 added to NO. fine for the Pelicans, but Reddicks 13M is way too much for Lakers to take on with only 3.5M going out.

09 Feb 2021 22:19:51
jj is an expiring contract, 13million off the books. Kuzma will make 13 mill a year for the next 3 years following this season. that's a terrible contract for an average one dimensional player. don't see Pels going for this deal, even though at this point in their careers, Kuz has more upside.

10 Feb 2021 00:32:18
Pels say no. Kuz about to be overpaid for 3 years. I think they will get expiring deal and a pick.

10 Feb 2021 07:00:00
How is kuz one dimensional when he top twenty in defense pure hateness. Kuz averages 10 points and play defense with averaging 24 minutes that’s not overpaid.

10 Feb 2021 07:25:45
Yup. Kuz is top 20 in def rating.

10 Feb 2021 12:40:44
Wow. I'll be sure not to offend the Kuzma fan club ever again on this site. It wasn't "pure hateness", just saw the Lakers as a team have had a better defensive rating with Kuzma off the floor then when he is on the floor. But have also seen his D is getting better. The kyle fanboys sure luv them some kuuuuz. I forgot, Lakers great cannot criticize, every other team should just be there to help the lakers. my bad.

10 Feb 2021 12:46:49
To add more context, he is top 20 in def rating guarding 2nd unit players.

10 Feb 2021 13:15:26
So it's not ok to be a fan of a certain player no matter how "bad" he is? Fred, so what if he's defending bench players?

10 Feb 2021 16:26:22
Thanks 76 I just feel you wrote how you feel about kuz and not what’s really happening. I’m proud of kuz the way he changing his game to be more complete even as a sixth man. A lot of players start off on the bench and evolve. Harden and butler are examples who got the chance and put up numbers and became stars. Kuzma showed he can be a second option to LeBron in James first year till james got hurt. Maybe not contending but they was like third seed before james got hurt. Kuzma will not get good as harden or butler but he can get better like they did by playing the game. He can get even better though by being traded because he play behind two superstars.



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