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20 Feb 2021 20:06:08
Do y'all think John Wall can still be a 3rd option on championship team?

Options (with fillers from either side)

Celtics for Walker

Mavs for THJ(exp) Johnson(exp) and Kleber

Heat + Boogie for Dragic(team option) Iggy(exp) and Olynk (exp)

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20 Feb 2021 20:13:18
Walls contract is prohibitive. 38+ this year then 41,44 and 48 plus or minus the next 3. Boston would never do that unless he was in his prime. He's not.

20 Feb 2021 20:45:13
As a hater of both contracts and skeptic of both players, I have more faith in Kemba adapting and being a guy with a high end jumper than I do with Wall.

As for John Wall, could he have played the role of third best player on say a team like the Lakers last year, maybe. I don’t think he should be considered a member of a big 3 though.

20 Feb 2021 22:50:01
Kemba is a horrible defender who teams attack in the playoffs, Wall won’t be a liability on that end and will give the Celtics pass first PG as well. Walls been improving as a jump shooter and is respectable from there 35% on 5 attempts a game. Maybe not a 3rd “star” but can still be a 3rd option on a team.

21 Feb 2021 00:32:25
Cant pay $40 mil to your 3rd option. Option 1 and 2 usually cost just as much.

21 Feb 2021 03:45:12
No reason at all for Boston to do that.

21 Feb 2021 04:55:25
Luka is on rookie contract still so mavs could afford it.



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