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25 Feb 2021 08:18:57
three team trade

boston: vucevic, rubio

wolves: aminu, tristan thompson, 2021 second round pick from celtics.

magic: kemba, robert williams, 2021 boston first round pick,2025 memphis second round pick from boston.

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25 Feb 2021 09:23:09
Magic say no they want young players and two first round picks and expiring contracts for Nikola Vucevic Kemba Walker is injury prone he not the same player like he was with Hornets Kemba Walker is most expensive contract for Orlando Magic they already have Cole Anthony and Markelle Fultz it’s doesn’t make sense for Orlando Magic to take Kemba Walker who doesn’t fit their timeline he getting older not younger Most Likely They’re going to decline the deal sorry.

25 Feb 2021 12:04:03
you want young players and picks for vucevic not magic.

25 Feb 2021 14:55:22
Kemba gets any team a first just for taking his contract.

25 Feb 2021 15:46:47
@MD. Asking price for Vuc will not be met by others. Consider this.

Last year, 26 year old, 2 time All-Star Center making $27 mil while averaging 17.5 points per game, 11 rebounds per game, and nearly 2 blocks per game was traded for expiring deals and a future second rounder. That is what the market said that this player was worth in a trade.

This year, Vucevic is a 30 year old, 2 time All-Star Center making $26 mil while averaging 24 points per game, 12 rebounds per game and . The 6 points in scoring difference (while giving up a block on defense) is not worth young (talented) players and 2 first round picks for an older player.

The best offer that Orlando will receive for Vucevic is 1 young (average) player, 1 first round pick and expiring deals. That's about it. For example, Kings would probably offer Bagley, Joseph and a lottery protected 2021 first. Or Warriors offering Wiggins and Minny pick. Not getting much more than that in offers for Vucevic.

25 Feb 2021 18:13:17
Orlando would jump on Bagley, Joesph, and a lottery prot 1st lol.

25 Feb 2021 19:22:01
Darry. So you think magic want three pfs? Issac AG and bagley with Joseph, fultz and Anthony. So six guys that all play sane position.

25 Feb 2021 20:44:47
Shiller everyone here says Bagley can play the 5. LOL.

25 Feb 2021 20:49:33
I really don’t think stats tell the full story. Drummond is not respected among NBA coaches and execs, he’s looked at the same as Whiteside. Vucivec is a more respected player who bring more to the table for a team.

26 Feb 2021 01:56:02
But stats quantify a story. "Respect" doesn't get you 2 firsts and a young player. It can get you 1 first and 1 young player which is an improvement over a second and expiring.

Which is why I said before. Not seeing teams offering what MD is asking for to trade Vucevic.

26 Feb 2021 03:06:20
Vucevic is way better than Drummond. It isn't even close. Vucevic could easily fetch a nice haul if Orlando decides to trade him.



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