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26 Mar 2021 12:18:00
I think Kings start Haliburton next year. Wright and Davis gives them a good backcourt bench. Can resign Davis pretty easily.

Tell me what you think Fredman

Kings - Turner
Knicks - Hield
Pacers - Toppin Ntilikina Ramsey and Dallas 2021 1st

- Kings get their center
- Knicks get the perfect shooter for RJ & Randle
- Pacers get last years top 10 pick and another 1sts

Kings draft Jalen Johnson F


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26 Mar 2021 13:04:41
I don't think Indy does it. Hield added to a Brogdon-Lavert backcourt doesn't really work either.

Perhaps Hield for Capella makes a little more sense as I could see Atlanta interested in Hield if they resogn Collins and last years pick from USC develops (blankong on the name at the moment) .

26 Mar 2021 13:25:56
Sorry misread. Guess I am not fully awake. I don't think Toppin fits in Indy either (as well as the other pieces) .

26 Mar 2021 14:51:58
There is a reason why kings are winning with Haliburton in starting lineup. Hield is garbage when you newbie emphasis defense instead stats, you would know HIeld is overpaid by 15 mil. I rather have Burks and Bullock for a 3rd of the price than Hield. both equal shooters and but way better defenders. Ntilikina is fa. I rather trade Toppin for late 1st early 2nd than to trade him for Hield and his buck teeth.

26 Mar 2021 15:01:05
You think they will want a Trae/ Hield backcourt defensively?

26 Mar 2021 15:35:40
I switch Turner for Sabonis, if we can get a the kings 2021 pick.

26 Mar 2021 16:30:07
shizzee. It is not like Hield is not still in the starting lineup while the Kings have been winning. If anything, Kings winning is more of an indictment on Bagley (who is out with an injury) than Hield.

Also, Kings are playing a much easier schedule the second half of the season. Kings played the 2nd hardest first half of the season while they have the 3rd easiest second half. So there is still hope. Currently only 2 games out of the play-in games.

Also, kinda like the moves the Kings made at the trade deadline. Didn't blow anything up but traded away most of their "dead weight" and made the second unit much better. Kinda curious to see if Mo Harkless pushes Halliburton back to the bench once he learns the Kings plays/ defenses.

26 Mar 2021 16:55:12
Rather trade Toppin for a late 1st or early 2nd? Geez shizzee do you know value? Toppin can definitely be in a package to upgrade a position.

26 Mar 2021 18:37:06
@NBA16. Atlanta signed Gallinari and Bogdanovich on the off season. Does it sound like they are thinking about defense?



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