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27 Mar 2021 11:25:06
I fear Drummond goes Boston.

He wants money first. NY can offer a lot, Boston can offer him 11m.

At Mavs he could get money next year and he could win - but also in Boston.

But Mavs could say, look, in theory y are a good fit - if y show to be able to defend the perimeter as well and to shoot open 3s - we will give y 72m 4y - much better of than Boston can provide. AND Mavs can say - we will be able in february 2022 to sign another star by trading for Beal. Hence Drummond could make money and win - IF he fits as described - would y say I am a dreamer?

Feb 2022:
Wiz THJ, Brunson, Green, 3x1st
Mavs Beal

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27 Mar 2021 13:02:24
Dreamer? Nope. Delusional? Yes

27 Mar 2021 14:14:55
Wrong again. Boston can only offer the Biannual exception of $3.6 mil.

27 Mar 2021 14:22:26
Also THJ is untradable after the deadline.

And Dallas does not have 3 firsts to trade even if they drop the protections on the 2023 pick to NY on Feb 2022 because they cannot trade the 2022 first until draft day (June) 2022.

So dreamer? No. Ignorant? Perhaps.

27 Mar 2021 17:51:41
Fredman, I can't believe you actually try to have an intellectual chat with ringring. Not only you have to give up Porzingis, you have to take on Westbrook to get Beal

Porzingis Richardson Burke
Beal Westbrook Hutchinson

Westbrook/ Brunson/ Terry
Beal/ Green/ Hinton
Doncic/ Bey/ Hutchinson
Smith/ Kleber/ Melli
Powell/ Stein/ Marjonovic.

27 Mar 2021 18:46:27
Guys. Bosten has still a 11 Mio Trade Exception to sign free agents.

If Mavs want to trade THJ in Febraur 2022, what do y think how? The have to resign him that summer. And yes Mavs will have 2025, 2027 and 2029 1st pick available in Feb. 2022.

But ey, let`s start to explain intellectual .

27 Mar 2021 20:18:43
Ringring, you can not SIGN unrestricted free agents with a TRADE exception. That is why it is called a TRADE exception. Teams can only use them in TRADES!

You can only SIGN with cap space, MidLevel exception, BiAnnual exception or for a minimum salary contract.

2029 draft picks will not be available to trade in 2022. You only get 7 years worth so 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028. 2029 draft picks become available in at the start of the 2022-2023 (July 2022) season, not Feb 2022.

What kind of deal is Dallas resigning THJ to? Just want to see if deal creates a "no trade" situation for THJ.

thinking about upgrading that previous Ignorant evaluation.

27 Mar 2021 20:20:33
You can't use a TPE to sign a free agent and Boston isn't going into the luxury tax anyway. That's why they traded Theis.

28 Mar 2021 02:04:07
you cannot use a TPE to sign a free agent.

28 Mar 2021 02:45:26
11 Million TRADE exception. Key word TRADE. Can't be used to sign free agents. Freeman is right about the biannual exception of 3.6 Million.

28 Mar 2021 08:40:46
Even better - means TE cannot be used to sign FA - fine - so Boston has no advantage von the money site. If Drummor do not sign in LA - Mavs can more or less offer the same than Boston (2 or 4m is not a big difference) . And Drummor could be a fit in Dallas - and could have a bigger future their to start to win - instead to become an not well know part at the champion.

Next year Mavs could sign THJ at 30m with a Team Option for a second year. He is not a bad player and would be a good trade chip in the winter, having only 1y guaranteed. With THJ and Powell Mavs will have matching money to trade for the third start.

Unfortunatelly y are right, the 2029 is only available for the overnext season.

But with only 3 month left on Beals contract in 2020 Februar, Brunson, Green and 2x1st will be enough to get him traded.

RingRing at Texas.

28 Mar 2021 11:57:55
Man, ringring, you really don't even know your own team. Dallas only has about $900K in exemptions available to sign FAs right now so that means they could only sign Drummond to the vet min deal. Boston and a bunch of other teamscould beat that easily. Sacramento could offer him nearly $5 mil and still be under the salary cap.

But with the Knicks Robinson injuring his foot last night, I bet Knicks make a sizeable offer for hom to join them.

28 Mar 2021 13:14:24
I don't want Drummond coming to Boston. A big clunky center clogging the lane and needing to get his is not what they need.

28 Mar 2021 14:50:09
The Mavs are going to have to blow it up sooner than later

28 Mar 2021 15:48:36
@DAC813. This is what happens when a team is made up of 2 stars and not much else. When one of the stars is injured or can't play, then there is too large of a vacuum for the bench players to fill.

Teams are basically gambling not on a players ability but more on a players health. And can you really expect them to remain healthy for a season if they have to play 40 mins every other day?

28 Mar 2021 18:23:23
So if Dallas gets the protection taken off from ny I believe they can offer there 25 27 29 first. It’s going to be 2022 when u do the trade. So 7 years from 22 is, 23 24 25 26 27 28 29. example if Dallas had all there picks prior to this year trade deadline they could offered thj Brunson green and 4 first 22 24 26 28.

28 Mar 2021 20:41:32
7 years still includes 2022 if its BEFORE the 2022 draft.

1 2022
3 2024
4 2025
5 2026
6 2027
7 2028

So 2029 draft picks are not available until the day of the 2022 draft (June) which is days before the start of the 2022-23 season (July) . At that time Dallas will have 2022, 2025, 2027 and 2029. But prior to that draft day, Mavs only have 2025 and 2027 or 2026 and 2028.



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