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08 Apr 2021 03:39:48
How do the Knicks sell Kawhi Leonard a 2nd time to NY. After finishing 32-40 10th seed.

Trade Toppin for Pelicans 34th 37th

Orlando get Knox NY 22 23 2nd
Detriot get Randle Barrett Bamba Quickley
Knicks get Plumlee Grant Bey

88 mil cap space
Lowry 2 50mil DeRozan 4yr 110mil Leonard 4yr 140mil

Portis mle


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08 Apr 2021 13:12:07
Knicks having 88 mil in cap space is unbelievable.

Think you are forgetting about the $6 mil in dead cap money for Noah as well as the cap holds for the 2 first round picks. Sportrac is showing them at a projected $74 mil after this trade.

Also Spotrac is showing that the Knicks do not get an MLE in 2021-2022 to sign Portis. Just the room exception.

Also really curious to see how the Leonard-DeRozen chemistry develops.

08 Apr 2021 14:50:58
Will Leonard want to come to the Knicks?
Also not seeing DeRozan playing without a floor-stretching C.

08 Apr 2021 15:47:08
Why pull the plug so quick on Toppin?

08 Apr 2021 20:01:42
Haters, soft cap is 122mil. Knicks salary 48 mil with Noah next. That's 74. Toppin trade 5 mil. Detriot trade save 5mil. 84mil to DeRozan Lowry and Leonard. Still works.

08 Apr 2021 21:49:23
Check again, shizzee. Soft cap AKA salary cap for next year is $112 mil, not $122. Also, Knicks are at $44 mil because they are picking up the club option on Robinson and $6 for Noah and that puts them at $50-ish. Subtract that from $112 and Knicks have $62 for Lowry, Kawhi and DeRozen with Kawhi's max starting at $39 mil in first year. So that leaves $23 for Derozen and Lowry.

Was nice and left out the cap hold for the first round pick as well.

08 Apr 2021 21:59:59
Also, Kawhi opting out of $36 mil to sign and play for $35 ($140/ 4) mil when his max is $39 mil for next year? Yea, definitely not seeing that happening.

10 Apr 2021 04:30:55
So Knicks finally have a good rebuild going and blow it all up? If they develop Quickly, Barrett and Toppin they will have a decent core for years to come and can add talent as they go.

10 Apr 2021 04:44:21
Playing in Miami he will make that up cost of living and taxes way cheaper.

10 Apr 2021 16:41:24
I think bey do good at the 2 so they don't need DeRozan.

How about not do the trades could ny sign Leonard and Lowry. Do they have about 65 mil in cap space. Yeah they do. plus have a little extra
Or they can trade randle and whatever picks to get better.

10 Apr 2021 19:51:52
SMH. School bell rings. Sit down II and shizzee and take notes. There will be a test after this lesson.

Using next years salaries and assuming that the Knicks guarantee Randle's salary as well as pick up the option on Robinson, these would be the salaries that the Knicks would have on the book for next year.

Randle (20.7), Barrett (8.6), Knox (5.8), Toppin (5.1), Quickly (2.2) and Robinson (1.8) for a total of $44.2.

Add to that the $6.4 mil in dead money for Noah and the number rises to $50.6. Now assuming that the Knicks waive all their cap holds on last years players, then there are only two other cap holds that still have to be added before determining the Knicks available cap space. The first is for the 6 vacant roster spots that the Knicks are projected to have which comes to $5.5 mil. The second is for the 2 first round picks that the Knicks currently have unless they are traded away before the start of next season (or Euro hide and stash selections) . That salary cap hold will be around $5.8 mil. So add $11.3 (5.8+5.5) to the $50.6 mentioned early puts the Knicks at $61.9 mil.

Now subtact $61.9 from $112.4 (next years salary cap) and the Knicks are left with 50.5 mil in available cap to sign free agents. Hell, let's just round it to $51 to make it easier. And there is no "little extra" unless you are talking about the exemptions which do not apply to signing Lowry and Leonard and can only be used after the Knicks are over the salary cap.

Kawhi will be eligible for a max contract starting at around $40 mil so unless you believe he is signing for less than the max, the Knicks will only have around $11 mil to sign Lowry which is only slightly more than the MLE ($9.5) for next season.

I don't see Kawhi signing for less than max and I don't see Lowry signing for $11 mil when he would probably get a better offer from Miami once they waive all their players like Iggy and Dragic and probably the cap hold on Oladipo with his new knee injury on the same leg that had the previous quad injury.

what are your questions before I hand out the test?

10 Apr 2021 21:43:26
51 then waive randle so add like 15 more mil that's like 66. so they can sign Leonard and lowry. plus trade whoever and whatever picks they have too but barrett and get a real good player to pair with Leonard lowry and barrett or trade everyone and all picks to get a superstar player to pair with lowry and leonard.



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